My Son’s Teammate


Chapter 1

The team had cleared out of our weekend house and I’d arrived to see what damage had been done. My son had been a bit sheepish when he asked us if he could use the place. Initially he had told us he didn’t want to bring his college friends up to the house but as the years went by, he seemed to find more occasions. First it was a weekend with his roommates to get some home cooking from his Mom. Then it was an inquiry if we were planning to use the place because if we weren’t, maybe he’d go up with his latest girlfriend. This time he said the track team was planning a bonding trip and he wondered if they could use our house. We weren’t sure what a bonding trip entailed but we said yes.

I’d driven up from the city Sunday afternoon to clean up what mess there might be and to be sure that everything was put back in place. As I looked around, things looked surprisingly fine. They had definitely tried to clean up after themselves and it wasn’t too bad. It wouldn’t have passed muster with my wife but she had stayed in the city and besides, the cleaning lady would be by before next weekend and so all would be cleaned up before the missus saw it again.

I was out on the patio moving the grill back to its normal place when I heard a car come up the driveway. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so I walked around the house to see who was arriving. I didn’t recognize the car but let out a bit of a gasp when I saw the driver. Benny was a sophomore on the team and I had definitely noticed him last spring during his freshmen season.

“Hey, Mr. Douglas, hope I didn’t surprise you,” Benny said as he got out of the car, looking a bit stiff. “I had gotten back to campus but realized I must have left my things here.”

“What a pain!” I exclaimed. “You should have called and I could have brought the bag back to you.”

“Well that would have been bright of me but I wouldn’t have wanted to make you go out of your way like that. Besides, it’s good to see you again.”

It was definitely good to see Benny again. He was about 5′ 10″ and slim. He ran middle distances for the team. He wasn’t a star but he looked like he would be a contributor this year, if he got over some nagging injuries that were slowing him down. But it wasn’t his running that I remembered best. It was how he looked in his uni. The unis were pretty tight and didn’t leave much to the imagination. It showed off his bubble butt perfectly and in the front – well, let’s just say that I didn’t have any doubts that he’d been circumcised. He was also one of those kids who liked to roll down the top of the uni to his waist and walk around showing off his upper body. And it was quite a sight, I have to say. He clearly worked on his six pack and his chest was perfect. The only hair in evidence were tufts appearing from his underarms.

“I thought Adam had thrown the bag in my car but he claimed he’d never said he had. I think it should be in the pool house since that’s where we were staying.”

It didn’t surprise me that Adam and Benny were together – they seemed thick as thieves. Although they both had girls hanging around them, I’d wondered if they had a thing for each other too.

“Let me go see if the bag’s there,” I said to Benny.

“No, I can get it,” Benny said, a bit anxiously, I thought.

“Well, we can go together then,” I responded as we walked up the path towards the pool and pool house. “The pool house should be locked up.”

Benny walked a little faster than me, looking like he’d like to get in first if he could. And I didn’t mind, enjoying the view of Benny’s broad shoulders and slim hips. He tried the door but sure enough it was locked. I unlocked it and let him lead the way to the bedrooms. but I was right behind him as he entered the room. As I looked around, I could see why he had wanted to get there first. The bed was a pretty basic H-frame and I could see straps tied to the legs at the foot of the bed. Similar straps showed among the pillows at the head as well. A little bondage action between the youngsters?

I decided to leave the straps unremarked upon and went into the bathroom to see what mess might have been left behind there. It wasn’t so bad but I did notice some opened condom packs in the waste basket. Meanwhile, I could hear some quick noises in the bedroom indicating that Benny was pulling the straps off of the bed legs and stuffing them into the canvas bag that Adam had conveniently left behind. I reentered the bedroom as Benny was straightening up from removing the last strap, with obvious discomfort.

“That back still giving you problems, Ben?” I asked as he grimaced while stuffing the last strap in his bag.

“It does on and off and now seems to be one of those gaziantep suriyeli escort on times,” he replied.

“Why don’t you let me see if I can help you out with that?” I offered. “We’ve got a massage table in the other bedroom here; let’s go there.”

“That would be really great,” Benny replied as we walked to the other bedroom. I pulled the massage table away from the wall and gave it a pat, indicating that Benny should hop on.

As he sat down on the bench, I suggested, “Pull off your shirt and take off your shoes and lie down for me.” Benny complied and I started in on his shoulders. While initially tight, Benny relaxed as I started to knead his shoulders and then his upper arms, appreciating his smooth, firm skin and well developed muscles. I worked my way down his back, feeling the tightness in his muscles as I worked down towards his waist.

“Take a deep breath in, Benny, and then slowly exhale,” I suggested, repeating what my regular masseur often suggested to me. “Do that again,” I instructed.

“That feels so good,” offered Benny as he finished a third deep breath in and out.

“Let me get some oil to make this feel even better,” I said as I reached for the bottle of oil on the table near the bench where our masseur leaves it. I poured some oil on my hands, rubbed them together and applied it to Benny’s shoulders and upper back, After I had worked in the oil towards the top of his back, I poured some on the small of his back towards the bottom and rubbed it in further. Benny seemed to give a brief, contented sigh.

“You know what has been bothering me lately is my piriformis on the left side,” Benny mentioned.

Really, I thought, thinking of Benny’s near perfect butt that contained that muscle. “I can give that some attention, if you’d like, Benny,” I offered. “Why don’t you lower your shorts.”

Benny got up on his knees and lowered his shorts and exposing his butt before lying back on the bench. As he repositioned himself, I pulled his shorts the rest of the way off, along with his socks, leaving him naked. He was breathtaking. I started in on the middle of his left piriformis, gentling working it to get it to relax. I gradually worked it all and then repeated it on the right side. I worked more of his glutes, pulling them apart from time to time, and catching a peak of his anus, although his crack contained some hair that obscured it slightly. I reached again for the oil and poured a small amount on each of his perfect mounds. The oil slowly dribbled down the mounds and into the crack that separated them. I rubbed the oil into his glutes and ran my hand down his crack, giving a quick back-and-forth over his anus. Benny pressed down on the bench, giving signs of an erection below.

“Ok, why don’t you flip over, Benny, so we can finish up on the front,” I suggested. Benny didn’t move at first, perhaps considering his position and what to do about the obvious hard-on. As he reluctantly turned over, his hands cupped his genitals and he gave me an embarrassed grin.

“Hey, it happens to the best of us,” I sympathized and pulled one of his arms over his head and rotated it, while kneading his upper arm and then forearm. I reached for the other arm and repeated the moves and noted his prick spring up when freed from restraint. I worked his upper chest and then worked down his stomach to his quads, lower legs and feet. As I rotated each foot in turn and pulled his legs apart at the same time, I enjoyed the view back up at his prick and balls and taint. I returned to his quads and inched towards his genitals, noting that his prick seemed to be slowly deflating from its six or seven inch maximum while the blood rushed into the quad muscles as a worked them. I wanted nothing more than to take hold of his penis and give it a good working over but I held back.

Perhaps sensing that I wasn’t prepared to initiate a next step, Benny sat up and looked at the clock sitting on the nearby table and exclaimed, “Wow, I didn’t realize it was so late. I’ve got to get back to campus.” He reached for his shorts on the floor and pulled them on, following with his shirt, socks and shoes. He returned to the other bedroom and closed the bag, taking a quick look around to confirm he had everything.

“Thanks again for hosting us all this weekend, Mr. Douglas,” he said. “And thanks especially for the rub down – it was awesome.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, Benny,” I responded. “Give me a yell if you’d like another.”

“If you’d be willing, I’d obviously be up for it,” Benny replied, making me wonder if the double entendre was intended.

“I think you’ve got my cell from last year’s team list, so call or text if you want a repeat,” I offered. We walked down the path to the house and driveway where Benny’s car awaited. We shook hands as he opened his car door and got in. I wasn’t sure what Benny thought of the experience but I know I enjoyed it and would enjoy remembering it more than a few times as I beat off. If Benny didn’t initiate another rubdown, I’d have to figure out a way to suggest it. And maybe find out what those straps were about. I reached down and adjusted my own prick which clearly had found the experience arousing.

Chapter 2

Several months had gone by since Benny’s visit to our country house. I occasionally thought of him while showering and more often than not that memory served as a great start to some fun by myself. But I also found myself wondering why I didn’t take further advantage of the situation. Ah well. A missed opportunity.

One evening when I returned from the office my wife mentioned that our son had texted her to ask if it was ok if Benny stayed with us in ten days, when he needed to be in the city for a family event. She had told our son she thought it would be fine but reminded him that she was due to be on her way to California that day for a visit with her sister. She said she’d need to check with me since I’d be the one whose routine would be upset. Uh, yeah, that would be ok. Hell yes.

The day came and I kissed my wife goodbye as I left for work. She asked me to take a spare set of keys down to the doorman to leave for Benny who was due to arrive in the afternoon before going off for the evening to have dinner with his parents who were visiting from out of state. She said Benny might not be back until after I went to sleep. We’ll see about that.

When I got home from work that evening, I checked my son’s bedroom and sure enough Benny’s familiar canvas bag was sitting on the bed. After a moment’s thought, I decided to nose about inside the bag. Inside were a change of clothing and a dop kit with a razor and toothbrush and such things. But it also contained a packet of six condoms and some lube. Interesting. And beneath the change of clothing were those straps. Really interesting! I would definitely stay up for young Benjamin’s return from dinner.

I changed into sweatpants and a tee shirt and went about my normal evening activities. Shortly after ten, the doorman buzzed up to say that Benny was there. I cleared him to come up and waited a few seconds after hearing a knock on the door before opening it.

“Hi, Mr. Douglas. I really appreciate you letting me use the place while the ‘rents are in town,” Benny said.

“Not a problem,” I replied. “I’ve been looking forward to seeing you and finding out what you’re up to and how you are doing.”

We spent some time talking about his parents who I had gotten to know slightly the previous Spring at track meets with his younger brothers who typically came along. He caught me up on his classes and his training and his hopes for the upcoming indoor season and the team’s expectations for both Winter and Spring seasons.

“I’ve been feeling really good these last few months,” Benny noted. “After your massage, I got the trainer to work on my piriformis from time to time when it gets sore and it’s been helping.”

“That’s great to hear, Benny. Glad I could help. We’re not set up here like we are in the country but I’d be glad to give you another rubdown this evening if that were something you’d like,” I volunteered. I had vowed not to be too passive this time.

“Wow, that would be great, if you would, Mr. Douglas.”

“I think my bedroom would be the best spot to give this a try, Benny. Let’s go in there.”

“Sounds good. Let me just grab my bag which has stuff I can change into when we’re done,” Benny said. And a few other things of interest, I thought.

After he picked up his bag, we walked down the hall to the master bedroom and I went to the walk-in closet and dug out an extra bedspread we sometimes used for picnics. I put the bedspread on top of our quilt and moved my wife’s extra pillows off to the floor.

“I think this should work pretty well although it’s not quite as good as the massage table we have in the country,” I noted. “I do have some of that massage oil.” I went into the master bathroom and came back with a small bottle.

Benny didn’t need any prompting to remove his clothes. He pulled off his sweater, unbuttoned his shirt, loosened his belt and removed his shoes and socks before pulling off his pants. At that point, he was down to his boxers which he kept on as he sat on the bed.

“Let’s get you in the middle of the bed – that way I’ll be able to move around you on both sides equally.” After Benny repositioned himself into the middle, I began the massage, again starting with his shoulders and arms and moving down to the upper back. I dribbled some oil onto his back and worked it in, moving down the back as I went. When I got to his waist, I looped my forefingers into his boxers and pulled them down and off. As I kneeled on the bed, stationed between his legs, I appreciated the beauty of this young man. His slim hips and bubble butt were, in a word, perfect. As he repositioned himself, he flexed his ass muscles. His butt was actually beyond perfect with two mounds of smooth, firm flesh. I adjusted my aroused prick and went back to work. I dribbled some oil across the two mounds and rubbed it in, making sure to take care of his crack where some oil had again dripped. I let a finger push in and out of his anus a few times, not too deep Benny again sighed as I kneaded his butt. I worked my way up his back, lowering myself onto his butt as I did, pressing my clothed hardness into his crack. As I worked his shoulders again, I dry humped him, almost involuntarily.

When I kneeled and moved back a bit, Benny turned over and made no effort to hide his erect prick. A drop of pre-cum shown in the light. I put a drop of oil in my right palm and reached forward and grabbed his penis, moving up and down, combining the oil and his per-cum into a nice lubricant. Benny sighed audibly. I moved off the bed and sat down next to him, grabbing his hardy prong with my left hand and pumping gently. Benny reached over and gave my groin a few gentle squeezes. This time I sighed audibly. While continuing the gentle pumping of his prick with my left hand, I reached up with my right and started rubbing his pecs. He grabbed the right hand and brought it to his mouth, sucking first the pinky and then, one by one, working his way over to my thumb. All the time, he continued rubbing my groin with his other hand.

I was ready to move this along, I stood up and shed my shirt, sweatpants and underwear and lay back down next to Benny, again grabbing his prick. He raised his head and approached me for a kiss. Our tongues met in the middle and soon we were French kissing. I pressed my prick against him while continuing to pump his. The kissing seemed to intensify. After continuing like this for a while, I started to make my way down his face to his neck and on to his chest. I gave each nipple a workout with my tongue and then continued down to his belly where I worked on his tight belly button for a while. My hand continued to pay attention to his penis which produced prodigious amount of pre-cum.

I finally decided to take the plunge and suck his cock. I flipped myself so that we were in a 69 position and put his prick in my mouth. This was new for me so I don’t know how well I was doing, but I didn’t hear any complaints I licked up the underside of his cut cock and paid special attention to the sensitive part under the head. After working it for a while, I mouthed his balls one at a time, noting that the peach fuzz on them might be improved upon. I licked his taint and gave a quick lick to his anus. As this was going on, I noticed that Benny had grabbed my cock himself and was giving it some loving attention with his mouth. It felt heavenly.

The mutual blowjobs continued for a while – believe me I completely lost track of time. I intensified the attention I paid to his cock, really going to town on it as I pumped with my hand and sucked with my mouth. At some point, Benny pulled away from my prick and said through heavy breathing, “I’m about to cum.”

I decided I was in for a penny, in for a pound and kept working his prick as hard as I could. Benny’s breathing got more labored and I sensed he was about to cum. Suddenly his body tensed and he started pumping hard into my mouth, holding the back of my head with one of his hands. I felt cum shoot into my mouth in repeated eruptions. It was more than I could swallow and some dripped out the side of my mouth. But I got almost all of it and I have to say the taste wasn’t bad. As his orgasm subsided, Benny renewed his efforts on me and I soon had that familiar feeling of an impending explosion. I started pumping my cock into Benny’s mouth as hard as I could, reaching down to his head much as he had. Soon wave after wave of cum shot out of my prick, some into Benny’s mouth but much of it on to his face as he directed my prick away from his mouth while pumping away with his hand. It was one of the most intense orgasms I could remember.

As it subsided, my racing heart started to slow and my hard-on to fade. I reversed position again and lay face to face with the young man. His face was covered with my cum and i started to lick it off. He reciprocated with the bit of his cum that had dripped out of my mouth. When we were reasonably clean, we pressed together, draped our arms over each other and drifted off to sleep in post-sex bliss.


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