Nikki 2


The alarm blared at Nikki and she turned it off. She got up and redressed. Nikki went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up before going upstairs. She went into the kitchen and saw Drake sitting at the island with a bowl of cereal. Nikki’s heart raced. She was supposed to rise to wake everyone else at seven and have breakfast ready by then. “I have a meeting with the school counselor to discuss my classes for next year.” Drake said. “No I didn’t tell you so calm down. You better get started on breakfast. Mom went to bed with a headache so be sure to make some fresh tea.” Nikki nodded and got to work. “Just tell them you made me oatmeal after waking me at five because of this meeting.”
“Did you get something for lunch?” Nikki asked.
Drake shook his head and put his bowl in the sink. “Juliette and I have a half day today.” he said. “So try to finish our snack by one.” Nikki nodded.
Nikki finished the breakfast and roused the others. She served them their breakfast. “Where is Drake?” Joan asked.
“He had a school meeting for his classes next year.” Nikki said. “I woke him at five, like he asked.”
“Did you feed him?”
“Oatmeal, ma’am.”
“Good, today I want you to tidy up the studies. Oh, and around 10 ‘o’ clock I have a man coming to install a new television in the family room, so you’ll be downstairs.”
“Shit, that was today?” Richard asked. “I can’t do that. I’ve got a big meeting and if I don’t take it, we may as well cancel that television.”
“Well I’ve got a hair appointment and Juliette can’t miss school. I suppose the girl will have to, but if she looks like that, they may ask questions. Juliette, go get an old dress and make sure it’s clean.” Nikki continued her chores. After Nikki put the dishes away Joan pulled gaziantep travesti Nikki into the bathroom as Richard left for work and Juliette went to school. Joan practically ripped Nikki’s clothes off and threw her into the shower. The water burned Nikki’s skin and Joan scrubbed her hard.
When she was clean Joan made Nikki get dressed and brush her hair. “You’re to do you chores.” Joan said. “You only may stop when the delivery gets here. If anything is missing it’s on your head. Juliette is not going to be here until dinner so only Drake will need a snack. Understand?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Nikki said.
“Good,” Joan left.

At ten the man came and he made pleasant conversation with Nikki. He asked her why she wasn’t at school and she told him she was home schooled on the computers. The man left and Nikki returned to her work. She began to clean the studies of Drake and Juliette. As she dusted around Drake’s desk she saw a drawer was open. Inside was a book.
Thinking it was a school book Nikki picked it up. She wasn’t allowed to go to school, but she liked to learn. She opened the book and stared. It wasn’t a textbook, but a journal. Drake’s journal. It had opened to a page at random that was dated last week December 1st. She read;
Dear Journal,
I can’t get her out of my head. She’s too beautiful. Ever since October last year when I first pleasured myself thinking of her, I can’t seem to stop. It’s like an addiction. It feels so good in the process, but in the aftermath I feel worse than before. I wonder if mom will let her come again this Christmas. Maybe I can get her away from Juliette and tell her how I feel. I’ve been dreaming of running away with her. Living far from this hell.
Nikki stared at the page. She had never expected Drake to be one who needed to masturbate when he was very handsome. He could probably get whomever he wanted, except apparently the girl he spoke of. Nikki knew who it was. Juliette’s friend Sheryl. She was pretty, but only on the outside. She had gone with the family to the cabin in the mountains last Christmas and Nikki had gone for the first time to. She was to serve the two of them and remain in her room. Nikki had thought Drake would prefer someone nicer, but she wasn’t one to judge. She put the book back and shut the drawer the rest of the way.
Nikki went to the kitchen. She made a small pizza for Drake and was setting it to cool when the front door opened.
Nikki’s heart pounded. It was only 12:30. Richard entered the room and smiled. “You sure, look pretty.” He said.
“Thank you,” Nikki said.
“I decided to come home for lunch instead of buying the crap there.”
“I am sorry, I didn’t make anything. I forgot you were coming.”
“No you didn’t. I didn’t say anything. I just decided after my meeting I was hungry for something the office didn’t have.”
“What’s that sir?”
“You.” He began to kiss Nikki passionately and his hands roamed her body. He was rough as he ripped her panties from her body.
“Please, sir,” Nikki tried to protest. “We can’t. Drake ─ ”
“Shut up.” Richard ripped off her panties and rubbed her hard. He removed his penis which was already hard, from his pants and forced himself within Nikki. He moved vigorously.
“Sir,” Nikki tried again. “Drake will ─”
Richard slapped Nikki’s cheek and grabbed her ass. He squeezed her ass tightly arousing Nikki more. Nikki knew she couldn’t fight as Richard brought her ever closer to an orgasm. Richard came within her and pulled himself out of her body. He dropped Nikki onto the floor and replaced his pants. “Be good,” Richard said and left. Nikki sighed as she sat on the floor. Her shredded panties were on the floor beside her. She went to the bathroom and wiped the cum from her body.
She heard the front door open and she left the bathroom after tossing the underwear into the trash. She went to the kitchen and saw Drake in the doorway. “I made you pizza.” Nikki said going to the cupboard and grabbing a plate for him. “How many slices would you like?”
“Just cut it in half.” Drake said. “Care to join me?”
“I don’t like eating alone and I am sure you need something to eat. No one will know. I’ll say I ate the whole thing. Mom will believe it.”
Nikki grabbed a second plate and Drake got two sodas from the fridge. He gave one to Nikki and they ate in silence.
The phone rang. Nikki was not allowed to use the phone. Drake picked it up. “Hello?” he asked. “Oh hey mom,” He listened for awhile. “Yeah, a pizza. It was good.” He listened again. “I like pizza and I already had two.” He listened again. “No, the food was good, I downed half of one before I even started eating. I was thirsty so I just got another. No more today I promise.” He listened for a long time. “Alright,” he said. “I’ll let her know, bye. Love you too.” He hung up and Nikki put the dishes in the dishwasher.
“Mom wants you to make cookies for dessert tonight and then while they cool you’re to go to your room.”
Nikki nodded and got to work while Drake went to do his homework. Nikki returned to the basement and lay upon her bed. She could hear the family eating upstairs and assumed Joan had ordered dinner to be delivered. The half pizza Nikki had had at lunch had only made her more ravenous. She wished she could eat something.

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