ON ROYAL PALM ESATE Part One: Happenings between a man and a woman


On Royal Palm Estate PART ONE :
The Happenings between a man and a woman

Montego Bay, Jamaica.
April, 1821.

I was twelve years old when father had us all shipped out to Jamaica. He had given up his title of an Earl. He was a respected member of the ton back in England. Forced into an arranged marriage, early in his twenties, his wife, she had given him no children. My mamma, as I learned to understand, was his mistress. He loved her unconditionally, and when his wife learned of her and of me, her outrage, the humiliation, and the scandalous tirade from various members of his in-laws, had only serve to make him happier, that he was finally able to be solely with me and mamma.

I didn’t want to move to Jamaica, but, I was a quiet child and did as my mamma and papa told me.
Four years has passed now, and I cannot imagine my life anywhere else. I fell completely in love with everything, and rarely thought of anything or anyone back in England.

Papa was very wealthy; he owned several sugar plantations, and he exported sugar and molasses along with flour and rum so we lived lavishly; happy and in great comfort.

I was almost sixteen when I first saw it. I was confused, frighten and intrigued. I didn’t know what it was; I only knew that I wanted to know.
I didn’t know what sex was, I suppose that I was so caught up in my activities, that I had hardly noticed my body and its changes, and in turn neglected the discovery of that part of life all together.

It was in the middle of the afternoon when Babette and I had decided to go riding. We escort maslak raced our horses towards the pond, our special spot to cool off and talk of mischief. I always won our races. In the few years I have lived at Royal Palm, I had grown, a little more out-spoken, confident and daring.

“Beat you again”, I huffed, landing my feet steadily on the ground, I gazed up at her smirking and out of breath.
“Oh,” she whined, “I’m not as swift as you are or as skilled, at handling…”
“Oh come now Babette,” I chided her softly, cutting her off.
“We’ve both received the same training. We both know you hold yourself back, instead of giving me a real…”
“I am not like you Renee. You are headstrong and I am of a docile nature. Truly like a lady.” She added haughtily.
“Ha!” I laughed out. “A lady you say. Yes, yes, that’s what you are predictable and too yielding. A true bore.” I smiled widely, shaking my head.

Babette was not put out by what I had said. I have said it enough times and times again.
She did not push the argument. I would always win, so there was no point. But I knew she was content with the way she was.
She gracefully landed herself off her horse. Carefully smoothing out her dress.
We tied our horses and left them, then walked steadily, arm in arm, on the familiar path through the palm trees.

“Have you finished the book I loaned you” she questioned.
“No”, I said distastefully. “It is too much of knight rescuings with damsels in distress. I grew tired of it by the second page.”
“Hmph, well.” She said then.
“Come Babette,” I said beyoğlu escort cheerfully, “You know I cannot abide such nonsense”
“The happenings between a man and a woman are not nonsense, Renee.”
“The happenings between a man and a woman, what are you talking about”
She smiled knowingly and I was taken aback and suddenly disturbed that Babette knew something I did not. I did not press her, although I desired to know. I did not want her to be the one to appease my ignorance. Whatever it was it could not be of much importance, I told myself. So I forgot about it, and we passed the afternoon merrily. Enjoying the freedom of splashing in the pond completely naked.

It wasn’t until, about six weeks later that the thought came to my mind again.
I was within the stables that evening, brushing my horse contentedly, when I heard a curious sound. It came from nearby, inside a small boarded up space, a little room where we kept the tools.
I went to investigate. The door was slightly ajar making it very easy for me to see and not be seen from the angle from where I stood.

It was two of the slaves, Toni and Joe. The female, her dress was pulled up high and I could see her privates, she was bare. She had her legs wide open, with the male standing close between them.
I quickly took in the differences in their bodies. She small and soft and with a vagina. Something I knew all females had. Although, I did not know it could be invaded.
He, big and hard, and possessed with a different sort of body part, similar to that of what I’ve seen under my horse. What I now know escort nişantaşı to be his penis.

They were groping each others bodies and… and… kissing heatedly. He held up one slim leg over his muscular arm and I saw him use his bigger body pressing it so intimately into hers. The male was completely naked. He stood tall and strong, and I watched fascinated, as his taunt backside flexed. With each thrust, I heard a moan of ecstasy escape the female. I have never heard such a sensual sound before and it touched me to my core. I did not know why, but, I had suddenly reached for my nipples, the middle of my palms brushing them through my clothing. My eyelids grew heavy, my heart started to beat faster and my breathing became slightly labored. I felt an aching between my legs. A wonderful, alien feeling I did not yet know existed.

I watch as his pace increased. His body slamming into hers.
He was pounding her mercilessly and yet the female clung unto him, her slim fingers digging into his muscled flesh. Her eyes were shut tight. Her face a display of emotions I had yet to comprehend.
I heard the slapping of his balls between them, the slick wetness flowing from her puffy cunt.

He fucked deeper within her, and faster. Causing the boarded walls to shake soundly, with each hard thrust. Her moaning got loader and loader.
I watched as they both cried out, seeming to reach some high, a state of which I knew not. And like that it was over, and I quietly went back towards my horse.

I lay in bed that night trying to relive everything I’d seen. Trying to figure out my own reactions and their meaning.

As I finally drifted off to sleep, my last thought, before my dreams began were,
So this is what Babette knew, these happenings between a man and a woman…..

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