Pool Party


Pool party

Two young girls, Emily and Alice were enjoying their summer vacation at Emily’s house while her parents were visiting their family. It was a hot day, and they decided to swim in their back-yard pool.

Alice: I’d love to go for a swim right now, but I don’t have a bathing suit!

Emily: I would let you borrow mine, but I only have one. It has a swim skirt on it though, maybe one of us could wear the bottoms, and the other the skirt!

Alice: Wow, that’s really risqué. It’s such a tiny skirt, it wont cover anything! I kinda wanna try it out.

Emily: I kinda wanted to try it out too but go ahead. Oh, what are we going to wear for our tops?

Alice: Maybe I can use your headband around my chest. That’ll cover the most important part, I guess.

Emily: Totally sexy. Go ahead and try it on, I want to see how it looks.

Alice goes into the bathroom to change and comes back out. The skirt only comes down on her left side, exposing her pussy from the side. Most of her right ass cheek is exposed.

Her tits showed a decent amount of cleavage and underboob, and she would expose herself if she wasn’t careful.

Emily: Wow, I can totally see your pussy when you walk.

Alice: Do you want to try it on?

Emily: No, but I am going to wear something similar. I bet I could get the same effect if I wear a bandana around my waste.

Emily goes into the bathroom and emerges with the bandana. She too, wears it to her left side, but her pussy is completely exposed from the front. Both the girls were getting wet.

Emily: Oops, I forgot to wear a top. Do you think I need one?

Alice: We wouldn’t want to expose ourselves, incase the neighbors saw us, do we? Try this.

Alice picks up a box of waterproof Band-Aids, hands her two small round ones, and places them on Emily’s nipples, the outer rim of her areolas visible.

Her nipples turning hard when touched, stretching the elastic on the Band-Aids. Alice turns around to head to the pool, and Emily smacks her butt.

Alice, turns around, and slaps Emily’s pussy like an underhanded high five. They both giggle and play like this as they head down.

Emily: I’m kind of scared of the neighbors seeing us, I can see their windows.

Alice: Well, it’s not like we’re naked or anything. It is a hot day after all. If they see us, they’ll probably understand.

They both tiptoe across the hot cement, and wade into their heated swimming pool, just cool enough to be refreshing.

Emily: Hey the pool cleaner is coming to visit.

Alice: Maybe it wants a threesome.

Alice picks up the car shaped pool cleaner, and aims the hose attached to it at Emily’s face. She shrieks and covers her face. Noting how warm the water is, coming out of the hose.

Alice aims it at Emily’s chest, knocking loose one of her Band-Aids, it remains gripped on the corner.

Emily: Oh my god, my Band-Aid, I’m naked!

Emily reattaches it, but the stickiness is gone.

Emily: Guess I’m gonna have to use your headband instead.

The girls fight over the headband, Emily, now using the pool cleaners’ hose as a weapon.

Alice: Ok, ok, you can have it. I will just keep the water above my chest to cover it.

Alice hands her the headband and takes the pool cleaner to a deeper area where she can stand. Feeling horny, aims the hose at her clit and labia, the jet making her lips vibrate.

She brings it closer to vagina and inserts it. Warm water floods her pussy and womb, making her belly expand.

Alice: Look Emily, I’m pregnant.

Emily: Oh my god, did you put the hose inside you?

Alice: Yeah, it feels really good.

Her vagina ripples from the jet stream, bringing her close to orgasm. She inserts it deeper, kissing her cervix, and feels the warm liquid touch the back of her womb, and shoot down her fallopian tubes.

She begins rubbing the hose in and out in a thrusting motion. Emily, stares in amazement. Alice begins to orgasm, when she sees an older teenage boy, shirtless and in swim trunks, with a towel around his neck.

Alice, is frightened, her head is shaken by fear, as the sight of the mans abs floods her brain with hormones, and she cums abruptly. Failing to contain her expression.

Jason: I’m sorry, I thought you guys had all left. You caught me, I sometimes come over and help myself to your swimming pool. My name’s Jason, by bayan escort gaziantep the way.

Emily: You can’t be here. You need to leave.

Jason: Please, just let me cool off my feet. I walked here barefoot.

Jason enters the pool without waiting for a response.

Jason: Wow, that’s really nice. Are you sure I can’t stay?

Alice turns to Emily, with a small smile.

Alice: I’m fine if he stays.

Emily, looking down, close enough to see Alice’s exposed breasts, as Alice loosely folds her arms over herself. Images of a threesome flash in her mind. Smiles at Alice. Then turning to Jason.

Emily: Ok, you can stay. But you have to wear something different. We’re doing makeshift swimsuits today. I want you to wear that inflatable pool donut. Just the donut.

Alice: Actually, I want you to add that broken pool noodle to your boy parts.

Jason: What has gotten into you girls? How am I going to swim like that?

Emily: Just put it on, go into the shed, it’s unlocked.

Jason disappears for a moment, wondering if these girls are being dirty or are trying to trick him, then sticks his head out.

Jason: Umm, I can’t get the noodle around myself like you wanted. It’s too small.

Emily: Just come on out, I can help you.

Jason: I’m rather exposed, not sure I should. You girls look really young.

Alice: We don’t mind, if you come out, we will show you what we are wearing.

Jason walks out, fully erect with the donut above his member. The donut sags over his butt. He walks over quickly, looking at the windows of his neighbors, and gets in. Sitting on the shallow steps.

Emily: Wow, you look really funny. Check out our outfits.

She stands up from the shallow end, and spins around. Revealing her headband top with her nipples poking through, and her exposed ass and completely bald pussy. Her bandana doing nothing for her privacy.

Emily: Come on Alice

Alice: Umm, ok.

Alice, nervous about her boobs showing stands up with her arms crossed. Remembers Jason’s erection, decides to match his level of exposure, and drops her arms. She then gives Jason a nervous smile.

Emily: Here, let me help you get that pool noodle on.

She takes the pool noodle, then reaches out and grabs Jason’s cock, as it already is leaking precum. Emily freezes, her mind going blank for a moment, and her pussy twitched.

Unable to breathe normally, she tries fitting the pool noodle over his cock, but it wont go. Jason winces in pain.

Emily: Maybe we should lubricate it.

Alice: Maybe you should use your spit.

Emily looks back at Alice and glares. Knowing what she is insinuating. Jason thinking this is his lucky day, slides the donut tube off, and sits up on the ledge, exposing his erection to the air.

Emily gets pulled forward, still gripping his cock, her face close enough to his member to smell it. She begins to salivate, and her lips part unconsciously.

She stays there, transfixed on his penis, as it slowly oozes precum. She leans closer, her breath can be felt by Jason. Then, unable to resist, takes the head into her mouth and sucks.

Alice: Oh my god. Guess you’re gonna be his swimsuit, huh Emily?

Jason gasps, as Alice stands next to them, her right-hand fingering herself. Emily bobs up and down, his penis reaching her throat then back to the tip of her tongue, over and over.

She is now in love. She rolls her eyes in the back of her head, closes her eyelids, and sucks. Hard. Then, holding her breath, she takes it deep into her throat, then back up.

Deeper the next time. Then finally, she gets it all the way down, her nose touching Jason’s stomach. She sticks her tongue out and licks Jason’s balls.

She is now sucking as hard as she can. Finding herself fingering herself with her right hand. Continuing the suction, she comes up for air, then back down several times.

Trying not to gag. She takes her left hand and plays with Jason’s balls. Jason tenses, and Emily feels his whole member convulse, taking her by surprise.

She feels his urethra expand from the tip of her tongue, all the way into her mouth and down her throat, then a warmth inches above the entrance to her stomach.

Emily was sucking harder than ever, feeling her stomach grow hotter. Emily and Alice finger themselves to orgasm shortly after.

Emily: Heh heh, how about that pool noodle?

She tries it on but Jason, swats it away.

Jason: I’m a bit sensitive now, maybe later.

Alice: Maybe it’s not slippery enough

Alice moves in front of Emily and puts one foot over Jason’s legs. Emily, getting a good view of Alice’s ass, reaches up and grabs it with both hands, then proceeds to gnaw on her exposed right cheek.

Alice standing over Jason’s still erect member, giving him a partial view of her pussy, her breasts completely exposed. Jason reaches out and grabs the back of her thighs rubbing them up and down, then a little further up.

Emily, grabs his hands and places them over Alice’s ass cheeks, and presses his hands to her butt.

Alice nearly falls forward. She stabilizes herself, turns her head and places Emily’s face square in the middle of her butt.

Emily couldn’t help but start licking Alice’s pussy lips. Jason, not wanting to be left out, leans forward and licks Alice’s clit and front of her vagina, occasionally touching tongues.

Alice sees Jason’s erection in full force, pushes him back, and mounts him. Her pussy tightly grips his head as she easily slides down due to the immense amount of lubricant.

Jason felt his cock getting crushed by her tight pussy, feeling both pain and pleasure. Emily, now sitting beside them, watching patiently.

Alice: It’s in as far as it can go, can you try moving?

Jason: Sure.

Jason, feeling her cervix touch the head of his penis, begins thrusting slowly, making ripples in the water.

The head of his penis compressed against her cervix stretched her pussy slightly deeper. Jason desperate to get the remainder of his cock enveloped, continues to push her insides.

Alice: It’s so deep! I think it’s behind my belly button.

Jason: I want to go even deeper.

Alice moans in pain, but the thought makes her even wetter. She takes a knee on her left, but his cock prods her up, and she can’t let her right knee down.

Determined to take him deeper, she balances herself on his cock, putting her body weight down on her cervix.

Emily: Maybe we can get more comfortable inside.

Jason and Alice agree. He stands up, still in penetration, and picks up Alice as she slides even deeper.

Alice: Agh! It hurts so much right now.

As Jason walks, the motion teases Alice as she twitches very slightly. Completely letting go of Alice, he holds Emily’s hand as she gets the door.

He lays down on the couch face up, getting it all wet from the pool water, as Alice falls on top of him. He starts thrusting his hips, gently touching her cervix, hitting it harder every time.

Alice is moaning and Emily straddles Jason’s face, he licks her every way he knows how, then buries his tongue in her pussy.

Alice: I’m coming! Cum inside me. Cum deep inside me. Flood me deep with your sperm. Fuck! Knock me up. Just cum. Just cum. Give me your fucking baby! I need it so bad! Ahhh!

Alice is convulsing extremely hard, tightening herself around Jason’s erection. Jason grabs her shoulders and slams his hips forward, getting the last little bit of his cock inside her.

She yells, and he feels his cock erupt inside her, convulsing quickly and many times over. The tip of his cock makes a vacuum seal around her cervix, and sperm shoots directly in.

Alice is reminded of the pool cleaner. But this was hotter, hotter to the touch and way sexier.

Alice: Oh my god, I can’t believe we just did that. I really might get pregnant. I don’t know what came over me.

Alice starts gyrating her hips forwards and back, as Jason’s cock starts to deflate. After a minute, she gets off, and Emily quickly hops on, not waiting any longer.

Jason yells as Emily penetrates herself on his semi hard cock, taking it comfortably down to her cervix.

Jason: Aghh! Can you get off? It is so sensitive right now.

Alice turns to watch, her jaw hinges open.

Emily: Oh, I’m gonna get off alright.

She starts bobbing herself on top of him, not caring how much pain it caused him. She was far too horny to care.

Jason gasps in pain, as Emily leans forward and French kisses him. She is riding him faster now, and the pain is going away.

His cock begins to inflate once again and they continue to fuck each other. He sits up, holding her back as she leans backwards, his cock applying pressure to her g-spot.

Jason: Do you want to be knocked up too? Just like your friend?

Emily: Uhh.

Jason: Do you want to feel my cock twitch inside of you?

Jason Kegels, to give her a taste. It was too much for her, she starts cumming, thinking he was having an orgasm.

Jason felt this, and Kegels several times to amuse her. Emily wasn’t sure if it was real or not, but her pussy didn’t care, it enjoyed the sensation just the same.

Emily: Did you cum?

Jason laughs, and starts thrusting faster.

Emily: Guess that’s a no. He he.

Jason turns her around and starts Frenching her, he is fucking her faster and deeper.

Emily: Deeper! Deeper! Oh god, yes, please!

Jason is now pounding her cervix in full force, determined to get as deep as possible. Emily relaxes herself, easing the pain. Jason holds his cock in deep, feeling her pussy stretch to accommodate.

Her cervix dilating. Jason can feel the tip of his penis getting squeezed super tight, as he continues to push further. It is now stuck. When he pulls out, her womb comes with it. Emily, now biting her hand.

Emily: Please stop! It hurts!

Jason pauses.

Jason: Didn’t I tell you the same thing earlier?

Jason picks back up slowly and presses forward. His cock sliding deeper into her womb. He presses deeper, increasing the pressure around her cervix, then they both felt a pop.

Her womb completely engulfed the head of his penis. She had a slight feeling of relief as her cervix was allowed to shrink, if only a little.

Jason kept pressing, widening her hole even further. Finally, he was buried to the hilt. Emily bites her bottom lip, in waves of pain and pleasure. She loved the feeling of him being deep inside of her, well beyond her belly button.

It stopped her from taking full breaths, but her poor bruised cervix was too much to bear. Jason wasn’t stopping his thrusts, she thought she brought this on herself when she hopped on Jason’s cock when it was sensitive.

She liked the feeling of being overpowered. A tool for Jason’s pleasure. She would endure the pain for his sake. This pain made her feel good.

Emily: Fuck me however you like. Don’t stop if I yell.

Jason starts taking long and deep thrusts, popping her cervix over and over, his head touching the back of her womb. He takes it out to the very end and slams it in, mashing pubic bones.

His balls slap her asshole. Over and over, faster and faster. Emily is grunting, yelling and thrashing, but Jason pins her down.

Jason: I’m gonna knock you up!

Emily: Oh fuck!

Emily wraps her legs around his back and squeezes him closer. Then one final time, he goes as deep as he can, the head of his cock swells, and his whole cock spasms uncontrollably.

The splash of warmth at the back of her womb triggers another orgasm. Her cervix tightens in conjunction, creating a vice around his shaft, her womb expanding with the massive torrent of cum now pooling inside of her.

Continuing to blast her insides, they both moan in pleasure. Finally, he spasms one last time and rests there for a minute, fully erect. Then relaxes to fill her womb with piss.

Without telling her, he lets himself go, as he empties his full bladder deep in her womb, they both watch her belly as she appears to get pregnant before their eyes.

Alice: Did you just pee in her?

Jason: Yeah.

Alice: That is so hot.

Emily coos, and Jason picks her up, still impaled, and heads towards the bathroom. Not a single drop escapes, but Emily’s juices get everywhere.

Alice: Wait, I have an idea. While you were at it, I managed to plug myself with my older sisters’ dildo. I tried to use it before, but it would never fit. I don’t want to let anything go to waste!

A soft hum could be heard, and her lower belly wiggles from the dildo’s rotations. She carries another one and follows Jason and Emily. Jason sets her down on the toilet and removes his cock.

Juices start shooting out, but before her belly deflates, Alice quickly plugs her hole, and shoves the dildo deep inside of her, her cervix grabs the tip and it sticks.

If she wanted the liquid out of her, she would have to absorb it then pee it out. Emily rubs her belly, imagining herself pregnant.

Alice: My parents will be gone for the next few days; can you stay over?

Jason: I think I can make the time.

Alice: Great! Because there are a few holes you still haven’t filled.

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