Arched Back

It was a friday night and i was home alone. My parents had gone out of town for work and my brother was at a friends house. I was tired from working during the day, so I did not feel like going out. I really wanted to relax in the living room and watch a scary movie but I did not want to be alone either. As i was i was sitting at my dinner table, just finishing off dinner and a thought entered my head. “Dakota”. She was a was a girl I had met a year ago, while hanging out at the mall. Dakota and I never got to hang out that much but we would talk to one another everyday.
I had a secret i was hiding from her. I was mind numbingly in love with her. She was on my mind every moment of everyday, she was the reason i wake up smiling in the morning. She was my whole world and she did not even know how i felt about her. Tonight was going to be the night i would tell her. It was very risky, i mean what if she did not feel the same way i felt, would she reject me? would she love me? Those were the thoughts that were swimming through my head. I finished my dinner and i decided i would risk everything and call her to see if she would come over tonight. I picked up my phone and dialed the number.
Ring….no answer…..ring….no answer. when it got to the fourth ring she picked up.


“hey Kota its me”

“oh hey Chris, i thought u would be in bed already”

“haha nahh…im not even sleepy tonight”

“well thats good to know…so whatcha doing”

“i just got done eating and im about to settle down on the couch and watch a scary movie”

“Oh my god… that sounds amazing right now”

“haha yea im home alone to”

“oh really gaziantep travesti …well thats fun”

“hehe yea… so hey i was wondering ….maybe if u did not have any plans tonight …maybe you could come over and watch the movie with me…if u want…..”

“umm…yea i would like that…just give me a few mins. and ill be right over ..okay”

“Ok!…wow…i mean…haha yea ill get everything ready and u can head on over when u are ready”

“haha Chris you are to funny …i love that about you.. *giggling in the background* ok so im on my way ill talk to you when i get there ….bye bye”

*see you soon bye”

i quickly hung up and ran around my house getting everything perfect for her arrival. 5 mins. later i heard the door bell ring. “wow that was fast” i muttered to myself. i ran over to the door and slowly pulled it open. There she was standing at my doorway looking breath taking. I stood there for what seemed like a long time just looking at her. i finally managed to spit out some words and we soon walked over to the couch and sat down. we started off just talking and we both were flirting and we did this for about 10 mins.
when we were done i got up to turn off the lights and start the movie. it was very dark as we sat closed togeather and watched. The air was getting then and i looked over at her.. i noticed that she had chill bumps running down her arm.

“hey are you cold” i said to her.

“yes actually i am very cold, would u mind getting me a blanket?”

i agreed and ran off to fetch one. In about 5 seconds i was back blanket in hand. we both were cold so i got under it with her, she smelled very good and i could not stop looking at her. we were not siting that close yet but just at the moment somthing from the movie scared her and made her jump and grab me. She held on tight and i was comforting her. a few moments later i put my hand on her leg and started rubbing it up and down very slow. And at that very moment i told her “Dakota i love you” before u said anything i rushed in and kissed you…it was a long slow kiss and to my suprise she was kissing me back. We released and she said “chris i love you to, i did not want to tell you cause i was afraid of what u might think.” we soon begain to kiss again and this time it was more heavyer. I put my hand on her back and start to run very gently. we released from the kiss and slid close togeather under the blankets. And then i whispered into her ear “hey can i do somthing, ur gonna love it”
u she “sure ok”. I slowly put my hand on her stomach and started to rub softly. My hand moved lower to the edge of her pants and i diped my fingers into her panties. I felt my way onto her smoothly shaven pussy. I could feel that she had already become wet and i then started to play with her clit. Rubbing it and messaging She moaned softly and thats when i stuck my fingers in. I was pumping my hand into her slow at first and then it got faster. A few seconds later she pulled my hand out and said “ok i cant handle it anymore, lets go to the bedroom” we both got into the room and she grabed me and pulled off my shirt. we both were taking each others clothes off. she got on her knees and slid my pants down. i had not worn anything underneather so..when she pulled them down my hard cock was sitting there infront of her face. quickly she grabed it and started to suck hard and fast. i began to gasp and moan slightly. As i could hear the sucking noise that she was making i began to fill up. and moments later i exploded with alot of cum into her mouth. As she looked up at me i knew it was my turn. She was already naked so i just sat her down on the bed. i moved her legs apart and rested my head gently between them. my wet tounge slid into her warm pussy as i felt her juices in my mouth. I sucked hard and my tounge flicked in and out. i also brought up my hand to help. She begain to cry out and moan very loud. My tounge was deep in her when i felt a jerk of her legs… i knew she was cuming on my mouth so i ramed and tounge deeper in her. i felt her warm cum spred all throughout my mouth and i swallowed it all. By this time i was already hard again and she looked at it wanting it. i said to her “baby u want to feel it inside of you” she said no words…only a nod. i pulled a condom on i gently bent her over the bed. First i teased her i wasent sticking it in all the way…just barley on the opening. and rubbing it there. she looked and around and grabed my hips and pulled me deep into her. not expecting it she cried out. and the i began to move into and out. pressing my hard cok deeper and deeper into her wet pussy. She screamed with excitment . i started thrusting very hard now …hared and harder wih every push.. FASTER FASTER!! she screamed i slamed my dick into her as hard and fast as i could.. sweating and moaning i bursted into her and came. we collapsed from being so tired
..i soon slowly began to kiss her again as we wraped up in the blankets and cuddled. holding each other as we drift off to sleep for the night.

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