Second Honeymoon_(2)


Second Honeymoon


Loving wives


Brian and Jenny had been married for 7 years and they loved each other very much. Due to an unexpected windfall on the lotto they had decided to have a second honeymoon at the same place as the original one.

They booked into the same hotel/pub and were able to secure the very same room.

When they got there they had the same views of the seaside and the long stretches of beach but the Pub was a little run down and the area had fallen on hard times with a number of the local shops now closed or out of business.

This late in the season they had no luck in getting anywhere else to stay so they went and made the best of it saying that they would be spending a good deal of there time on the beach and looking around the area and no so much staying in their room.

On there last night there they had a meal at the Pub and a few drinks. The locals all seamed to like the low sealing’s and dark alcoves of the main bar area and were always rowdy towards the end of the night. For some reason this got on Jenny’s nerves tonight and she ended up having a huge argument with Brian and walking out of the Pub and down to the beach.

Brian sat there ordering beer after beer and feeling sorry for himself he supposed he should have been more careful when booking the Hotel but he couldn’t have known of the condition of the place from the add in the paper so knowing that he could just walk upstairs to bed when he needed to he kept drinking.

Jenny walked along the hard sand near the waterline a little unsteady what with all the wine and the sudden effect of the cold night air on her small frame. She’d gone nearly to the far end of the beach when she stepped on a sharp shell and cried out with the pain. She sat down on the wet sand and tried to see how bad the cut was.

Suddenly there was a voice beside her. “Are you alright? I heard you cry out.” A young man knelt beside her and lifted her foot up to his face and peered at it. “I can’t see how bad the cut is but it’s bleeding quite a bit. Come with me and I’ll fix it for you.”

He picked her up and carried her effortlessly further up the beach. “My name is Pablo and I live here.” He kicked open the door and gently sat her down on a bed. The place was just a long room divided up into sections by folding screens. She peered around and saw that the other half of the home was a long boat shed.

Her skirt was wet from sitting on the sand and clung to her legs as Pablo lifted her foot up and held it towards the light beside the bed. “It’s not too bad; it probably hurts more from the salt and sand in it” He washed, cleaned and put a clean bandage on it. Her dress was heavy with the water and fell to her lap. Pablo could see her panties and admired her slim legs. He started to brush some sand off her leg and she didn’t stop him. His hands felt warm and his touch gentle. She felt herself getting wet and not from the sea.

She watched his eyes and saw where he is looking and slowly spreads her legs apart. She knew that he must see how bayan escort gaziantep wet she is now and she shuddered at his touch on her inner thigh.

He kissed her ankle and then her calf then her inner thigh and still she didn’t stop him. Now his head was between her thighs and she pulled his head to her hot pussy with both hands. With his head buried between her legs he sniffed her scent and that drove the young Spaniard wild he ripped off her soaked panties and devoured her young cunt.

He nibbled and licked her to two orgasms before she felt too sensitive to let him continue. She pulled his head up and they kissed passionately. He pulled the wet dress up and off her slim body and she did the same to his shirt. She loved his tanned skin and ran her small hands over his chest. She hadn’t worn a bra with that dress and was glad she didn’t when he lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked. He licked and caressed the other while sucking on its mate. She had never had an orgasm from just having her breasts sucked until now. It was so powerful that she was sure that she had gushed and flooded herself. She looked down and sure enough his shorts were very, very wet.

He stood and lowered his shorts and she gasped at the powerful cock that stood up and out from his muscular frame. It was bigger than Brian’s by at least two inches and was so wide she needed two hands to hold it and stroke it. She sat there and marvelled at the perfection in her hands. Never had she seen a more beautiful specimen. She kissed the end and opened her lips to taste this throbbing treat. She nursed on the end as she ran both of her hands up and around his abs. She moved to his glutes and held the firm flesh in her hands.

He pressed firmly on her lips and she willingly opened her mouth to enfold this lovely cock. She ran her tongue around the spongy head and sucked gently. He moaned and put a hand gently on the back of her head and pulled her head towards his groin.

She took as much as she could and he seemed to understand that she was unwilling to take his full length. She lovingly slurped and licked his cock as it leaked his Precum. He even tasted better than Brian the taste reminded her of Pineapples. She fondled his balls and felt the size. He was built like a young bull. She took out his cock and rubbed the shaft along her cheek and nose. She smelt his muskiness and sighed.

Pablo wanted nothing more than to sink his long hard shaft into this so willing young girl but was frightened of scaring her off. He saw her wedding ring and supposed the hesitation she showed at the start was due to this but he soon realised that she was just inexperienced and seemed more than willing to learn.

“Lie back on the bed and Pablo will teach you how to love.” Without even a thought of Brian she wriggled back up the bed and spread her legs. Pablo knelt between her thighs and slowly stroked his flesh. She licked her lips and looked longingly at his meat muscle. Pablo lowered himself till he was brushing his hairy chest along her engorged nipples which brought a long groan from deep within her. He kissed her lips and then her chin and moved down to her throat and collarbone. While he was busy doing this she had automatically spread and raised her legs and made herself ready for his cock. It slipped in easily; she was so wet, willing and relaxed from his kisses.

He didn’t stop pushing into her until she felt him nudge the spongy entrance to her cervix. She felt so full but still she spread her legs further apart to gain a much of the man as she could. He rested there and rotated his hips to give her a feeling of just where he was deep inside her. She held him tight feeling the taught muscles of his back and his strong arms.

He pulled out till he was nearly completely withdrawn then slowly moved back in. He kept up this slow pace for what felt like hours and it was driving her mad. She kept getting close only for the feeling to back off and then slowly build back up again.

“Oh Pablo give me your cum, fill me up I’m so close.” Hearing this Pablo started to pump faster and faster giving her his full length on every thrust and grinding down on her clit on every other thrust. She could feel the orgasm building up from deep inside her. He could sense how close she was from the build up of sound coming from her. She got louder and louder till she climaxed and held her hips up off the bed and squirted her cum over his cock. Her pussy clenched and sucked his stiff cock again and again till she finally lay quiet and sweaty below him.

Pablo lay still and she slowly recovered. “You’re still stiff? You didn’t cum?” she asked.

“No the night is young and so are we.” He ever so slowly pulled himself out and lay on his back. “Come, sit on me and enjoy yourself.”

Jenny marvelled at this handsome man and his stamina. She swung a leg over him and reached for his cock. She dropped down on his cock and dragged her breasts with their distended nipples over his chest loving how the hair felt against her sensitive flesh.

She quickened her pace and varied it by moving forward and back as well as up and down. She had more control and felt powerful. She was in charge of this cock and she could do with it as she wont. She moved till she got the head scraping along her inner nerves and coming into contact with her clit on every stroke. She came again and could feel the build up of another right on the heels of the last. And that is how it went till she was having one continuous orgasm.

It was at this point that Pablo felt he was at the point of no return. “I’m going to cum.” he said “are you safe?”

“Yes. Fill me.” She gasped out.

Pablo held her hips down on his and she could feel his lovely cock expand and shoot deep in her cunt filling it to overflowing with his spunk. She collapsed on his chest and they both panted until they had recovered enough to roll apart and lie on their backs.

They slept like that till the sun shone through the uncurtained window and fell across their naked bodies.

She sat up and watched his strong tanned chest slowly rise and fall. Her gaze went lower to his well muscled abs and his half hard cock lying across his leg. Looking at it she was amazed that it went inside of her little pussy and it wasn’t half hard yet. She couldn’t help herself she moved down the bed and took his flaccid member into her mouth savouring on their combined juices. It started to grow in her mouth till she had to let it out. It was big and beautiful. She was dripping weather from her cum filled cunt from last night or from being aroused now. She mounted him and slowly slid down his love muscle.

He groaned and slowly opened his eyes and smiled. She quickly put a finger to his lips. She didn’t want him to talk and spoil the moment. This time it was her chance to please him. She rode him till he yelled out and filled her again to overflowing. His pulsing and ejaculating so deep inside of her was enough to bring her to a wonderful cum.

They looked deep into each other’s eyes. “I have to go. I’ll never forget you Pablo and I’ll treasure the time we had together.” She got dressed in her still damp dress and headed for the door. He stood up and pulled her to him she could feel his cock pressing against the soft fabric of her dress. ”I’ll always remember you to” and kissed her.

She walked along the beach and tried with all her might not to look back at him standing naked in the doorway. As she neared the other end of the beach she could feel his cum running down her legs. She could still smell him and if she licked her lips, taste him. She walked across the road that separated the beach from the pub and walked to the back door. Climbing the stairs she wondered if Brian would be there. Maybe he discovered her gone and went home by himself.

She pushed on the door and it opened. Brian was in bed snoring lightly and smelled like a brewery. She moved to the shower and dropped her skirt to the floor. The shower felt wonderful on her skin and she took down the hand spray and held it against her abused pussy and watched as his cum drained away across the floor of the shower.

She didn’t feel particularly guilty she reasoned for her little indiscretion. She still loved Brian and would in all likelihood stay married to him but she knew what was out there, what was available to fill a girls needs.

She was downstairs in the meals area of the pubs kitchen when Brian came down looking non to happy with himself. He had brought two pills with him for his headache and swallowed them with his cup of tea.

“I’m sorry about last night it was wrong of me not to think that you might not like the pub. Sure it’s not the same as when we were here last time and the area has gone to pot as well but I didn’t know that when I booked it. I…..”

“Look don’t worry about it Brian. The place has its charms in fact I think I’d like to come back here next year and maybe stay for a bit longer.” Said Jenny

“Wonderful” said Brian “I’ll go and book us a room right now.”

“Oh don’t bother yourself honey, I’ve booked us a room already and I singed you up for a full week of golfing on the local course.”



The End or is it?


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