Small, Tight and Ready part 1 (rewrite)


Chapter 1: Kimmy

Kimmy Pfile is 13 and stands around 4’9″ tall and weighs about 90 lbs. with brown eyes and brown hair with small but firm 30B tits.

She was getting packed to go over to her friends house for a sleep over, but all she could think about was her friends older step brother, Curtis, He’s 14 and stands 5’9, weighing around 120 lbs. with dark brown eyes and dark hair.

Then she thought to herself ‘maybe I can try and seduce him.’ With a wide eyed expression she quickly ran upstairs to her moms room, reached into her panty drawer, Hoping to find a condom or maybe even some lube.

“Kimmy, are you coming or what?” Yelled her older sister Christina, Christina is 16 years old standing about 5’6, weighing about 115 lbs. with light brown eyes and brown hair with nice 36C tits.

“Yeah, just a sec” said Kimmy as she found what she was looking for. A small bottle of KY lubricant.

She quickly ran down the stairs, hiding the bottle of lube and stuffing it into her bag. “Ready” she said excitedly.
She got into the car with a big smile on her face. “Why are you so happy?” Christina asked. “No reason” said Kimmy.

After Kimmy was dropped off at her friends house, she knocked on the door. “I’m coming.” And after a few moments Curtis answered the door wearing shorts and no shirt showing off his masculine upper body.

“Hi” Kimmy said shyly. “Coral! Your friends here” he said. Coral, is Curtis’ younger step sister, she 13 years old, standing about 5’0″ tall, weighing about 95 lbs. with hazel eyes and blonde hair with firm 48B tits.

Coral came running down the stairs saying “yay!” Over and over.

She grabbed Kimmy and pulled her into the house and into her room.

“Your bother’s cute” said Kimmy. “Step Brother” said Coral with a hint of anger in her voice. “Well fine, Step brother” said Kimmy. “Well I kinda guess he is, but he’s my step brother that’s a little wrong, don’t you think?” Said Coral. “Not at all, if he was my step brother, I’d be all over him” said Kimmy with a sexy tone of voice. “Ha! That’s brave talk for a virgin” said Coral. “Your a virgin too!” Said Kimmy almost yelling it out.

Curtis was laying on the couch listening to the two girls talk about him. Imagining how tight his step sister and her friend were.

His dick started to harden and make a tent in his shorts. He started rubbing it and it started to get harder.

He covered himself with his blanket so if the girls came out of the room and into the living room they wouldn’t notice.

The time was now 10:45, Curtis had sat there for an hour eavesdropping on the girls and thinking a out how sexy they would both look naked.

Eventually he put himself to sleep still hard.

The time was now 12:10, Kimmy woke up and was thirsty so she decided to go get a glass of water. A little scared that Curtis was bayan escort gaziantep still up and would see her in her underwear but then again he’s most likely sleeping in his room but just in case Kimmy quietly got up and slowly made her way to the kitchen.

She quietly walked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of water.

The TV was on and she decided to turn it off, so she sneakily walked into the living room and walked past the couch that Curtis was sleeping on and noticed he had a hard on through the blanket.

She decided to try and take a peak at it. So she gently pulled the blanket off of him and saw the bulge in his shorts.

“Holy shit, it’s huge” she mouthed.
After seeing how big the bulge was she really wanted to see it for herself.

So she decided to try and put her hand down his shorts. She managed to get her fingers in his shorts, his trimmed pubic hair tickling her fingers.

Curtis felt something pulling at his waistline and slowly opened his eyes.

He looked down his body to see Kimmy in a sports bra, and some tight panties that hugged her ass tightly.

She slipped her hand in until she could wrap it around his cock.

“What are you doing?” Curtis said slyly. “Oh my god!” Kimmy jumped. “Uh… Umm…” “It’s okay if you really wanna see it, you know” He said. “I was just a little curious, I mean, it looked so big and Ive never seen a penis before and- ” he cut her off “Shhh… If u wanna see it, just ask.” “Okay… Can I see it?” She said nervously.

He stood up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles and his dick came up and slapped him in the abdomen.

“Oh…my… God… It’s fucking huge” she said as she stared at his 8 inch long 3 inch in diameter dick.

“Can I touch it?” She said slyly. “Go for it” he said.

She got down on her knees, and wrapped her hand around it, the size of her hand looking small compared to the size of his dick.

She started slowly stroking it. “Hey? I thought you said you’ve never seen a dick before, let alone know what to do with one” he said. “It’s the first I’ve ever seen in person, I’ve seen enough porn to know what I’m doing” she said with a sexy grin.

She started kissing the tip, making Curtis groan for more, then she slowly started to wrap her lips around the head, then slowly started sliding her mouth down the shaft of his cock until it pressed against the back of her throat, but it didn’t stop there, she kept going until her lips pressed against his groin.

“Holy fuck, your good at sucking cock” he groaned. She pulled her mouth off, and a small line of spit going from his dick to her mouth. “Yeah? You like that huh?” She said with a puppy dog face, looking like she wanted to do a lot more that just suck his dick.

“Yeah, just like that baby” said Curtis. She put her mouth back on his cock and went to town on it. Sucking it down her throat over and over. Making Curtis groan uncontrollably.

She pulled her mouth off one more time and jammed her mouth down all the way on his cock. He grabbed hold of her hair and held started going moving her head up and down for a while longer.

Then finally he held her head down on his throbbing cock and Kimmy choked a little as he was about to cum.

She pulled her mouth off taking in a deep breath. “Oh my god, I might get choked out” she said gasping for air.

“I’m almost ready to cum” he said stroking his spit covered dick. “Just a little more and I want your cock in my pussy, please” she asked. “Yeah, whatever you want” he said with a groan.

She deep throated his cock a couple more times. Curtis could feel the cum boiling up in his balls. “I’m gunna cum!” He said as cum shot up the shaft of his dick and into Kimmy’s throat.

Kimmy sucked on his dick, cum shooting down her throat. Wanting all of the thick wads of cum shooting down her throat. About 6 thick lines of cum came out and into her mouth and she swallowed.

“Oh my god, that felt amazing” said Curtis. “It tasted amazing” Kimmy said with a grin.

“My turn, baby” he said pulling her up and giving her a deep kiss. He pushed her onto the couch and she laid on her back.

He gave her another deep kiss, while taking off her sports bra revealing her smooth firm tits, he started to kiss down her body and start to kiss and suck on her small but firm tits.

He sucked at them as if he was trying to get milk out of them.

Then he slowly started to kiss down her smooth body.

When he reached her panties and he started to play with her pussy through her panties, gently rubbing her tight pussy.

He grabbed her panties and slowly pulled them down and off her sexy legs.

He gently guided his hand up from her foot to her ass, giving it a nice squeeze before feasting like a wild animal on her cute little pussy. Moving his tongue up and down her tight slit, while using his thumb to gently rub her small clit.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” she repeated over and over almost yelling it out loud.

Curtis could feel the juices from her pussy invading his mouth, taking it all in.

“OH MY GOD! I’m fucking Cumming” She screamed not caring if Coral heard her or not.

Curtis’ mouth overflowed with with her juices, he couldn’t keep up, when he pulled his mouth off for a quick second, her juices squirted out and shot across his face and down his neck. Soaking the sofa cushion.

“Holy shit” he said as he waited for her to calm down from her orgasm.

Her orgasm slowly faded. “Holy shit, that was awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that before, not even when I masturbate” she said breathing heavily.

“Yeah, you squirted all over my face” he said with a small laugh while wiping his face off with his hand.

“Can you put it In my pussy?please” She asked letting out small breaths. “I think your to small for me, I might hurt you” he said. “Please?” She begged for it.

“Okay, but if it hurts just tell me and I’ll stop, okay?” He said. Kimmy quickly nodded her head.

Kimmy positioned herself upright on the couch giving him better access to her tight pussy.

Curtis slowly rubbed his cock on her pussy, watching her pussy lips spread apart for his thick cock head. Over her sensitive clit making her jump a little every time.

“Please, no more” she said “just stick it in already.” He did as she asked and slowly pushed forward, watching the head of his penis sink into her pussy.

Curtis let out a loud groan. “Your so tight” he said as he felt her pussy squeeze his cock.

He pushed in until he felt his dick press against her hymen. “You ready?” He asked. “Uh huh” she replied feeling her pussy adjust to his thick cock. “Ok” he said as he thrusted forward, tearing through her cherry.

Pushing all the way in until the head of his cock pushed against her cervix.

Kimmy almost screamed when he broke her hymen but was stopped by Curtis’ hand covering her mouth.

He slowly moved his hand away from her mouth. “Ouch, it hurts so much, pull it out… Please!” She said with a tear dropping out of her eye. Curtis just watched as she squirmed underneath him, trying to break free.

He slowly pulled his cock back until the head was just inside, then he thrusted forward again. This time Kimmy felt pure pleasure as he slammed back into her.

Her tight pussy squeezed at his huge cock. “Oh my god, that feels so fucking good” she said through clenched teeth.

He watched Kimmy’s small tits bounce as he fucked her good. “Oh my god, I think I’m gunna cum again” said Kimmy out loud. Curtis watched as Kimmy’s orgasm courses through her body. Setting off Curtis’ to.

As he was about to pull out Kimmy wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him back in.

His huge cock throbbed and his first thick wad of cum shot out into her small pussy. Kimmy was lost in her own world. “Oh… I feel it” she yelled wanting it all.

Kimmy unwrapped her legs from his waist and let Curtis pull out. His last two shots shot all the way from his dick up to her tits.

His cock was spent. He looked down at Kimmy’s gapping pussy as it oozed out his cum mixed with her juices and a hint of blood.

“Wow, you’re good” Kimmy said sitting up letting the juices flow out of her pussy. “So I’ve been told” Curtis said, panting heavily.

Curtis picked up and handed Kimmy her panties. “Here, clean yourself up” he said. She grabbed her panties and covered her pussy and ran to the bathroom.

Curtis sat in amazement, not believing the event that just happened.

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