The Algebra Teacher


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Colleen threw her long Auburn hair back and smiled. “Good Work Phillip.” Basking in the glow of the
praise of his favorite teacher Phillip managed a meek. “Than You Ms Ritzer”.
Collen handed Phillip his paper lightly brushing against him and smiled.

Collen turned to the other students. “Lisa, good Job!” Collen handed back assignments to Lisa and Kerri, the two other students in her Algebra study group. “Thank You Ms Ritzer.” Lisa and Kerri got up to leave as the hour was up. “See you in class tomorrow.” “See you girls. “

Lisa looked back to see Collen leaning over Pillip’s shoulder. She nudged Kerri,
and they both smiled. Quiet to their lockers, they quickly headed out the back door.
“OMG Lisa, can you believe it.” “The way they fawn over each other. “
“Yea and we hardly exist.” “Like nice job Lisa.”
“Now get the fuck out of her so we can do whatever.”

“EWE EWE EWE.” Laughed Kerri. “Double EWE.”
“Did you see her lean over him.” “Why didn’t she just stick her Tit in his mouth.”
“Well I don’t get it, Collen is hot, she could get laid every night.”
“Well Lisa, you know what they say about Black Cock.”
“Kerri, I know but maybe a football stud, you know some hung hunk but not Phillip.”

“I think Ms. Ritzer likes the sensitive kind, you know she is a romantic.”
“Romantic BULLSHIT. I want a big cock.” Laughed Kerri. “A BIG BLACK ONE.”
“Kerri, you are such a slut.” “Lisa you are a slut.” “You are a slut.”
The two friends traded barbs as they headed home.

Collen and Phillip continued the Algebra tutoring at school.
Collen knew it was all wrong bayan escort gaziantep but she couldn’t control herself. Phillip showed
her his solution to the latest problem. Collen put her hand on his arm, her
long hair brushed along his shoulder. Her white freckled skin contrasted
against Phillips deep ebony skin . Sitting together they did not make that unlikely a couple.

Collen a new teacher was not that removed from the high school age of her student.
Phillip was tall and lanky, a little taller than Colleen. Collen had a very robust figure,
one could say well endowed. She could certainly attract second looks backs as she passed by.

Colleen put her hand on Phillips. “That is great work Phillip!” Collen felt cold and clammy like the first time she held hands with a boy. The tingling sensation ran through her arm and over her whole body.

“Phillip, I think that’s it for the day.” “Thanks for all the Help.” “I’ll see you in class tomorrow.”
“Finish your work tonite.” “I’’ll get it done, see you.” Collen had to end the session, it was too
stressful. She felt this uncontrollable urge to get it on with Phillip. She want to kiss, hold him.
Collen left school in a hurry, she was so upset her stomach was churning.

Phillip didn’t know what to think. He had strong desires for Coleen also. He didn’t give
a fuck about Algebra but he was working harder than ever before in school to please Coleen.
He too felt overwhelmed by his urges, desires for Coleen but he thought he should be cool until the
time was right.

Next day at class Colleen kept looking for Phillip to arrive. She felt herself shaking when he finally arrived just before the bell. They exchanged looks, long looks. Lisa and Kerri looked at each other too and just rolled their eyes and smiled. Class was uneventful and Phillips signed up for tutoring. Lisa and Kerri signed up too, they just couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the pair.

Lisa and Kerri arrived for the tutoring session and found Colleen and Phillip hard at work. They sat down for several minutes before they were even noticed.
“Hi guys, glad you could make it. Phillip and I were going over tomorrow’s assignments.”
“Ok, we will get started too , we will let you know if we have any questions.” Lisa and Kerri worked and watched as Colleen helped Phillip. Kerri made funny faces and made a note for Lisa, scribbled
“Love Birds” Lisa kicked Kerri, and mouthed ”Cut it out.!”

After the 45 minute session, Lisa and Kerri got up to leave. “Guys you were quiet, did you have any questions?” Asked Colleen. “No, we’re good, we are OK.” “Good see you in class.”

As they walked out in the hallway Kerri whispered. “Yea, I have a question, you guys screwing yet?”
Lisa laughed. “You think. ?” “Well Yea!!” “Can they be more obvious, do they even care what we see.”
“You think they do it right in the room?” “No Way! That would be crazy.” “Maybe sneak off to a closet.” Kerri and Lisa kept talking about all the way home. “I am getting all wet thinking about it.”
“Yea would make a good movie.” Answered back Lisa. “Yea nice black dick in Colleen’s sweet little mouth. “How about in her tight white ass.” “Lisa you are a pig, watching too many of those videos.”
“Later Bitch.” Joked Lisa. “Later.”

Colleen and Phillip continued the tutoring session. Nothing had happened but they both knew that
could not go on long. They were both dancing around the inevitable. Finally Phillip decided it was time to make a move. They were sitting next to each other, Colleen leaning over toward Phillip.
Phillip put his hand on Collen’s thigh. He hesitated waiting for reaction but Collen just kept talking
about the assignment. His hand moved up and down her thigh then to the inside.

Collen quivered as she felt Phillips hand on the soft inside of her thigh.
Slowly Phillip moved his hand up her leg. Collen became quiet. She looked at the door and then leaned over and gave Phillip a kiss. It was just a short peck. Their eyes locked as Phillip continued with his hand
further toward her “V”. Colleen gave a slight sigh and a smile. She took Phillip’s hand in hers and moved it deep between her legs.

The class room door was still open as she put her hand on Phillip’s leg. This was crazy, right here in school but so exciting. Colleen had dreamed of this so many times of this moment. Now as she felt Phillips hand between her thighs , She squeezed tight and then let up. Her hand was already over his crotch. She could feel him pushing against his pants .

Colleen got up and closed the room door and moved over so she could not be seen from the hallway. Phillip joined her and he embraced her. They held each other tight. Hands moved up and down their bodies bonded together. Phillip kissed her neck, her long hair hung over her neck. This was everything
Colleen had dreamed off. It was more than anything Phillip had ever dreamed off.

To Be Continued

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