The Cherry Ceremony Pt. 02


*This is the second installment to my story, The Cherry Ceremony. Please read that first before proceeding with this story to get a better perspective of the characters. Thank you and hope you enjoy!






Matt didn’t give me a warning. He locked the door behind us and pushed me up against the wall. He bent down to tug at my sweatpants and I was so startled by his abrupt actions that I froze under his touch. His eyes fogged with a primal hunger that reminded me of how he looked during our first time together- if you could even call it that.

The night of my final initiation test went better than expected. I was assigned to fuck this beautiful woman, but I could only focus on the allure of my blond haired, hazel eyed, senior fraternity president. Matt must have felt the same about me too because we indulged in our impulsive desires pretty quickly.

I was prepared to give all of myself to this man, but before I could, we were interrupted by some other participants. Matt allowed me to stay over his place so we could finish what we started, but something went very wrong.

“What are you doing?” I stared at the senior who had successfully released my cock from my pants. Matt licked his lips and answered me in silence. I repeated my question in a more aggressive tone, but Matt fought against them. He eyed my length like it was his only meal that day. He was a starving man looking for fresh meat to consume. He didn’t care that I hadn’t showered from the work out we had earlier; he knew that my dick was drenched in sweat and heavy musk, but it didn’t bother him. He wanted this, desperately.

His mouth opened up, showing off just how much of my dick he could take in, which was all of it and then some. The view was incredible, and that was exactly why I needed to put an end to it.

My fist banged against the wall as I shouted, “STOP!”

Matt paused. He didn’t appear hurt by my outburst which was a relief. I knew my reaction was a little too harsh for something I would normally be excited about, but fear had kicked in.

“…Are we doing this again? Really?” Matt sighed. He stood up and strutted to the kitchen, “And here I was, ready to bring out the whipped cream tonight.”

“There’s no whipped cream and you know it,” I said while pulling up my pants.

He turned on his heel and exited the kitchen, lifting his arms in the air, “Yup, you’re right. You see right through my lies!”

This was the typical routine, crashing at the president’s apartment after a week of classes and extracurricular activities. Although we are both in the same fraternity, it’s hard to get close to Matt when he’s in leader mode. Appa Kappa Pi prides itself on giving back to the town, so oftentimes we’re doing community service and holding events on campus to raise money for charity. That means Matt must be in charge of setting up the event, time management, and promotions. All of it falls mostly on his shoulders.

There’s only so much I could do to lessen the load as a newcomer. I’ve posted flyers in my dorm building, but that’s merely 1 percent of the whole operation. I can’t help but feel bad for him, but Matt takes on these responsibilities beautifully. He never complains about the work, which explains his success as a leader in Greek Life. Still, when he’s free of that weight he tends to go a bit overboard with indulging himself. Sometimes that involves working out to the point of exhaustion, eating too much Chinese takeout, or more recently, trying to get into my pants.

The senior crossed his arms and frowned as we sat together on the couch. I turned on the television and browsed channels to ease the tension between us, but it wasn’t working. I knew Matt was feeling some kind of way from his rejection. I was acting like a jerk, but I preferred that over looking like a fool.

“Can I give you a hug at least?” Matt said.

How silly. He knew he could touch me, just not in ‘that way’. He really couldn’t hide his disappointment and it was so cute. It made me feel wanted. To reward my president, I settled on a random channel and opened my arms out to him, to which Matt chuckled and scooted closer. He rested his body against mine as we hugged. I kissed his cheek which pleasantly surprised him judging by the soft, “Oh?” he let slip past his lips.

“When will you be ready again?” Matt asked.


“Before Monday I hope.”

Matt and I were officially on winter break and Monday was when we would be traveling to a ski resort with his family. It had been several months since initiation week and the president got used to me being around him, so he felt the need to let his parents know about his new ‘friend’. What he did was very kind, but also made me feel a little guilty. I didn’t tell my family about Matt because I wasn’t sure what to even call our relationship.

We never put a label on anything and I was too afraid to ask. But, I was sure I was doing something right. I’d never been to a ski resort before, and Matt did sound very happy to invite me. I was happy too, thrilled beyond belief, but my gaziantep suriyeli escort only concern was how we’d fair in the bedroom. What use was it to bring me along if I couldn’t satisfy his needs?

“I feel sleepy,” Matt moaned. We had snuggled in place for over 20 minutes, “We should really shower before bed.”

I rubbed his arm gently, “You go first, you’re already drooling on my shirt.”

“Come with me…” the older student whined, tugging at my t-shirt. The idea was tempting, but I refused, saying, “Nu-uh, I go in there and we’ll never leave. I’ll walk you though.”

“No!” Matt stated, using his remaining energy to jump to his feet, “I can do it!”

Always the responsible leader that guy is. I admire that about him, but what I admired more was the way he moved his body. With his back facing me, he went on his tip toes and raised his arms up high groaning loudly. His sleeveless red shirt pulled up, showing off a bit of extra skin from his lower back. Then, he came down and rested his hands directly on that lower back, arching it ever so slightly.

His mouth opened to release this airy, feminine moan that sent a strike of lightning to my dick. I sucked in air through my teeth and clenched my ass as my dick was quickly growing hard. He knew what he was doing, the bastard.

“Go on already!” I ordered, half-jokingly.

The president followed my demand, but not without a snarky remark.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it…”

Matt and I left the apartment Monday morning to drive up to the ski resort. We were going to be staying in a fancy cabin that was way out of my budget, but Matt acted like we fitted right in. I guess it makes sense; his parents have been taking him to this resort every single year from the time he was nine. I know this because he told me.

Matt chronicled everything about his life during our two-hour long drive. I could recount his first time kissing a girl to the first time he crashed his father’s car. The president also boasted about all the fun activities we could do for the next five days, things that he was especially trained in like snowboarding and skiing.

“Don’t worry if you suck, because I did too at first,” Matt reassured, “You’ll have me by your side, and I won’t let you fall.”

Matt’s parents were kind enough to pay for an entire suite for the four of us: an apartment style living area with two beds and baths, a kitchen, fireplace, and a balcony overlooking the snowy mountains. All I knew about Matt’s parents were the stories he told me in the car; this was going to be my first time meeting them, so that was another worry to pile in the back of my mind.

As Matt drove into the parking lot, I checked my phone to see if I had gotten any new messages. Only one unopened message from a good friend. The text read, “Already meeting the parents? Happy for you. Good luck, Virgin.”

That nickname stung a little more than usual, but it’s fine. Only she’s allowed to call me that.

It took about an hour to check into our suite and clean out our luggage. When we were finished, we decided that we would take a nap before exploring the resort and having dinner. All of that time passed, and I didn’t see his parents anywhere in sight.

I was the first one to be fully awake. I sat up in bed and looked over to the blond man. His arm was over his head and lips parted while he rested. I could tell he was awake though from his breathing; it wasn’t as slow and peaceful as it would normally be when he’s passed out. So, now was the right time to ask him a question.

“Have you checked up on them recently?” I said, glancing at his phone on the nightstand.

“They’re fine,” Matt groaned, “They’ll be here by noon.”

“It’s way past noon, Matt!” I exclaimed, “You should call them. What if they’re in an accident?”

The blond rubbed his eyes and sat up, meeting my concerned gaze.

“Hey…why are you-? Oh…did I not tell you? Ah man, no wonder you’re bugging…They’re gonna be here by noon tomorrow. So tonight, we have the whole place all to ourselves.”

The president grabbed my hand and rubbed the top of it with his thumb, trying to pull off a confident smirk, but I could tell he felt bad for not bringing this up earlier. Ever the clever man, Matt asked, “You ready for dinner?” knowing that I can’t stay angry with the promise of a good meal.

Seafood was our choice for the night. Matt had long befriended the staff of the resort, so when they saw him enter the restaurant they knew exactly what he craved. We were served a sushi platter right away, but Matt insisted that I order more for myself. I got beef & broccoli on a bed of white rice.

“Beef & broccoli, a classic!” Matt raved with two California rolls stuffed in his cheeks.

This whole place was truly too extravagant to invite a friend to. I wondered if he really did do this type of outing with his parents every year. The resort was fancy on its own, but this restaurant was even more high class. The gold and red color scheme brought a sensual atmosphere to the place, and there were many young couples surrounding us.

“What you thinking about?” the president picked up the last sushi roll with chopsticks and pointed it towards me, “You want this one?”

“No, it’s not that. Just thinking…”

“About what?”


That line was so awkward, but I couldn’t help myself; it just fell out of my mouth. Thankfully, Matt took it well.

“Woah! If we’re getting philosophical then let’s see…,” Matt cleared his throat and began talking in a deeper voice, “Tomorrow on ‘Life,’ we’re going to be hitting the slopes with ma and pop and freeze our asses off! Coming up next, two guys won’t learn their lesson about getting frostbite as they order some delicious ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s!”

A smile creeped upon my lips, “You’re going to be a great reporter someday.”

“Of course I will, if I can get you blushing like that,” Matt grinned, “Seriously, your face is so red!”

“I-it’s just the lighting in here!”

Time flowed by faster with the president’s silly antics; it lifted my spirits up a lot but, there was still a ting of insecurity lurking from within. After dinner, I paced back and forth in the hallway of our suite while Matt took a shower before bed in an attempt to remove these toxic thoughts.

This was supposed to be a peaceful, winter getaway and already I was hurting myself with paranoia. I just needed to follow the advice my friend Lilly gave:

“It doesn’t matter if you fuck up again, just go for it or else you’ll lose him.”

Matt doesn’t understand how hard it’s been for me to hold back from fucking him all semester. I’ve been jerking off alone in my dorm room thinking about our first time being together, and what could’ve been.

Months ago, we were in his apartment making out after The Cherry Ceremony had ended. That’s all it was at first, but time passed by so quickly we went from kissing with our clothes on to sucking each other off. I was on my back and Matt was hovering on top, balancing his weight as he took my cock deeply down his throat. The gag reflex on this guy was nonexistent.

I had a harder time taking him in from my position, there were times where I coughed around his shaft when he would thrust too quickly down my throat. My cheeks were burning with embarrassment, but Matt told me not to worry.

“Take your time,” he moaned, “I can go all night”

I didn’t want to drag this on; I wasn’t a night owl. Once the clock strikes midnight, I get really grumpy. Besides, the buildup was going on for so long at this point that it was getting ridiculous and I was tired of prolonging things. But at the rate I was going, Matt would need more than my incompetent mouth to get him off. I had to find another way to please him.

I remembered that we didn’t have any lube on us. This was a spur of the moment experience; we didn’t plan to hook up this way and I knew no matter what Matt said, he would regret taking me in without preparation.

My hands reached up to grip at the blond’s ass and brought it down lower to my face. Pressing my face between his cheeks, my tongue scooped a glob of saliva from my mouth before tasting the senior’s tight hole.

I coated him with spit and swirled the tip of my tongue along each and every ridge of his puckered asshole. I tried holding my breath at first because the thought of eating a man out was still foreign to me. I was afraid the scent coming from a man’s ass would be more than unpleasant, but eventually I did have to breathe.

The cologne Matt was wearing helped make every single part of him smell delicious. It was rich, powerful, and addicting. The more I tasted the older student, the more I wanted to devour that lovely scent. A light moan passed Matt’s lips, “I didn’t know you wanted to do that…”

I pulled away from his ass to respond, “What did you expect me to do? Rip you open?”

Matt’s asshole clenched, “Mmh yeah…”


The senior licked at my leaking slit, “I don’t care. I want you to destroy me.”

“Don’t fuck with me, are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Matt replied, “Fuck me. I can take it. Punish me for almost making you fuck Lilly.”

I was seriously considering shoving my cock up in this guy’s ass. My impulses were screaming to flip us over so I’d be on top and ram myself between those juicy cheeks, but that’s not the kind of guy I am. I wasn’t ready to be rough with him just yet.

“I want you to feel good too,” I said, introducing a couple of fingers to his hole, “Just bear with me and I promise to give it to you good.” My fingers entered past Matt’s tight walls and pried him open. My fingers wiggled back and forth at a slow pace so the stretching wouldn’t be too sudden and lack any joyful sensations. I wanted the president to feel his asshole lose all tension, relax at my touch and trust that I would be gentle.

“You lied to me,” Matt thrusted his lower half against my hand, “You’ve done this before.”

“I really haven’t. I’m just trying new things”

Matt was getting easier to finger bang after a couple of minutes, and I could tell that he loved it. His shaft was so fucking hard I swear I saw his veins turn purple. His precum trickled off his dick and plopped on my chest like hot wax. The president held back his moans very well despite his raging erection, but that changed when I dug my fingers in a little too deeply.

“Oh God!,” he gasped, “Hit it again!”

Sweat beaded from his face and his thighs trembled erratically. I wasn’t exactly sure of where “it” was, but I tried to replicate my last movement as best I could. My fingers dove deeper inside the senior’s anus and curved upward.

“Ahh! Yes! There! Fuck!”

My heart stopped for a second hearing the typical suave man erupt in uncontrollable delight. It was about as loud as I would be when I’d win the final boss in a video game, except way sexier.

“Does it really feel that good?” I brushed against this tiny ball hidden deep within the frat student.

“Mmmh!” he bit his bottom lip and nodded rapidly. His upper body lowered flush against my bottom region, with my precum coated dick twitching right by his face. My superior rubbed his cheek along my pubic region, embracing the short curly brown hairs that covered it. He sucked on the root of my cock tenderly.

“More…,” Matt mewled.

I couldn’t deny him such a request, not when he seemed just about ready to blow. So, while he was fatigued, I did my work to impress him by thrusting harder. I added a third finger and drove the trio in and out like a piston, giving no mercy to my submissive president.

“Fuck me…fuuuck,” Matt moaned, his usually masculine voice raising up a few notches.

I pushed Matt a little further, encouraging him to have one hard nut before I entered him completely. I kept my free hand on his ass cheek to keep him wide open for my tongue to savor his hole again. As my fingers did their work, my tongue licked at his outer ring. I indulged in his small ridges, swiping up every crevice that made Matt who he is. The tip of my tongue then slithered inside Matt’s asshole along with my fingers.

Matt has been a great help when it comes to keeping me in shape. I’m a fit guy, but Matt has been a gym rat for years. He can withstand a lot of things: 100 push-ups, running marathons, but what I learned that night was that he can shatter into pieces when you stuff him up like a dirty, little bitch.

“Ahh! Brandon! Yes, yes yes!”

His voice was unrecognizable. You had to listen really carefully to know that this was coming from the confident, frat president who wouldn’t have a problem taking anyone down a peg. Otherwise, you’d mistaken him for any feminine female porn star on the web.

Matt tried his best to keep up with me by licking up my shaft, but he was too far gone to fulfill that. His drool watered the base of my cock and his high-pitched moans were never-ending. It fueled my passion to make him cum for me.

“Yeah, take it baby. Let it all out,” I whispered, “Oh my God, you look so fucking hot right now. Your ass feels so good. So good…you clench around me so tight, you’re gonna break my fucking fingers. That wouldn’t be nice, wouldn’t it, you dirty boy? No…oh my God…oh God…oh fuck…ugh-!”

Matt belonged to me in that very moment, totally limp and docile. The senior was almost there, I could tell by the way his balls tightened. They were right on the edge, as was I, but I thought with a few more thrusts Matt would lose all control and spill his seed. What a picture that could’ve been, watching his cum pour directly on my chest…

“Hah…,” Matt moaned, “mmh…mmh?…oh-Ah ahh!”

The senior wailed, but it didn’t sound like the kind of sound I was hoping for. He sounded scared and confused. His body got numb above me and his ass relaxed too much, like he had lost all feeling. I noticed his cock grow a little flaccid too. I pulled out of Matt so he could move off of me and calm himself down.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, but the answer laid right below me.

My dick was pulsating weakly against my stomach, completely spent and devoid of cum. The cum that once filled in my balls were splattered all over my lower half, like someone had thrown a cup of heavy cream on me.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Matt commented, tugging at his blond curls.

Half of the senior’s face and hair was drenched in thick cum. It rolled down his body and tainted the pristine, tile floor. The older student crawled on top of me again but sat on the end of the bed so only my legs were beneath him. He held my semi-hard cock in his slimy hand and toyed with it a bit, jerking it off almost in a mocking way.

“Next time, try not to go for the hair, will ya?” he released my cock and swallowed up the cum coating his hand, “It makes things real…crusty.”

That night…it ruined everything!

I could barely even speak for myself, I was so humiliated. The senior took a shower afterwards with the promise of trying again tomorrow, but I didn’t have the guts to follow through on that plan. I had prepared all this time to pop my cherry just to blow my load in a dude’s face? Matt didn’t even get to cum that night, although, he probably relieved himself in the shower because an incompetent fool like myself couldn’t last long enough to get to round one.

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