the girl that changed my life


when i wrote about this it started out being a dream, i had it over and over again so i thought t writing a story for people would let them now that my dreams are weird and that this was one of the best dreams i had ever had. i hope u enjoy if u leave a comit please dont be mean thx.:) pleas eleave any comits if u think its could and i should write another story

it was a saturday and there was someone moving in 2 house’s away from mine. And he was really cute, he had total brown hair and really deep green i decided to go help the people move in. As I was helping him he had really cool stuff, then out of nowhere he kisses me! I was freaked out but I liked it and the kiss lasted 10 seconds, then I freaked out cus I had barly known him. I stood there and looked at him then I turned and walked out the door. But as I was close to the door he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back. I said let go but he said he was sorry and that I was soo hot. Then he asked if I could stay and help him more. I thought about it for 2 minutes, then I said ok. But only for 30 more minutes, then 30 mins later I said that I had to leave and as I was leaving he said do u want to hang out again I said met me in the circle tomorrow at 1:00 pm. He smiled as I walked out, then as I closed the door from his house , it opened again and out he came. He asked if he could have my number, I gave it to him. When I woke up the next day I felt bubbly, I was so excited to be metting him in the circle. And because I don’t know his name I made up one , I called him billy. So at 1:05 I went outside to the circle and there he was waiting for me. I thought to myself this guy is the one, but i just want to be friends. As I met up with him he asked if I wanted to play video games at his house, I said why not it couldn’t hurt but me kicking your butt would. We both laughed, he was so cute when he laughed. I won 6 to 1. Then he asked if I would come into his room to see it all done. I went in, but out of the corner of my eye I saw him lock the door. We sat on his bed and talked for hours, then again he just suddenly kissed me. I asked why he was kissing me when I barly knew him and he barly knew me. He said I was too hot just to talk to, I blushed at that moment and he smiled. we kept doing the same thing every day, me going to his house, playing games, the going into his room, and final, kissing. It was a great thing we had. Then as we were kissing he starts taking his shirt of because the kissing got intence. Now we had been friends, I mean best friends for 2 years. I asked wat he was doing and he said that I was the one and that me and him should DO IT. I said I couldn’t and then started to walk out the door he grabbed me by the waist. Then he spun me around, he ask if we could take it in stages. I said no, then it happened it was an amazing feeling , he asked me to be his girlfriend. I felt hot and I didn’t know wat to do then I thought about it and I said yes. He smiled and I smiled, he was so cute, then he asked again if we could take it in stages, I said I ges. He saw the look in my eye, I know he did. He said he wouldn’t if I really didn’t want to. I thought about what he would look like naked. It was a nice thought, finally I said im fine with it. Then I went home to go to bed to see what the next day would hold. We went through what was our normal routen. then we went into his room I didn’t know what was going to happen. Our kissing got indence again then he took off his shirt and we started kissing again. I knew what was coming, but before I could think it he was already doing it. Yep he put his hands under my shirt and started to go higher and higher on my body. I wanted to tell him to stop, don’t get me wrong it was nice but I didn’t think I was ready. Then as he was getting to my boobs I said it. I told him I didn’t know if I was ready for someone to touch my boobs. He said he was only going to take my shirt off. I felt better and said he could keep going, it came he throw it on the ground. My shirt I mean, it felt kinda, you know right. Is that weird? Well if It is I don’t care, I liked it. Then he started to kiss me tummy and my neck, it felt good. I stopped him when he was trying to get my pants off. He asked why and I told him you said that we would take it in stages. I could tell he was mad and sad because I told him no more, at least not until tomorrow. He smiled when I said that, I kissed him and asked if he would walk me home, he did. When I got home I couldn’t stop thinking about him, his amazing body, I saw that he had a six pack, how could the day get any better. But it did the next day we went right to his room and started kissing, it was nice. He took my shirt off right away. I took his off and we started kissing more, I asked what he was going to take off next, he said it was a surprise. But inside I knew he was going to take off my bra, and I thought about it and I didn’t mind. He did, but he had a problem with it, he went to the back to take it off when he finally gave up trying to find it I said it was in the front. I laughed, he just looked at me kinda pissed off. When he took it off it felt nice, no one was there, they went out to dinner with friends. It was just me and him. He started to get excited, me I was loving it by then. But as he had his hand on my boob I wasn’t thinking and next think I knew he had taken of my pants and panties and was putting on a condom! I didn’t know what to think I just looked at him wondering why he said we would take it in stages and then lying? I got mad, pissed off even I got up put on my bra and then my shirt. He asked what I was doing, I said in a pissed off tone I was going home. He asked why, I said to him that if he said that we were going to take it in stages I indended to take it in stages. And that he went 2 stages to fast, he said he was sorry 50 times. I just looked at him I was thinking where are my pants and panties? I asked him where they were, he smiled and said he wouldn’t tell, I got pissed so pissed that I walked up to him and said that if he didn’t give them back I would never talk to him again. He looked at me, he still wasn’t dressed so it was hard to think, but next thing I knew he pulled me to him and pushed me down on his lap. It was amazing! I had never felt anything like it. We were having sex, all because he wouldnt give back my panties. I loved it at first, then it all came back I looked at him pissed off so much all the volcanos in the world wouldn’t be the same as how mad I was then. I slapped him, half of his face was red, I felt bad. I kissed it and said I was sorry I didn’t mean to slap him on the face, I was just mad he took everything so fast. He said he was sorry to, he said that I was so hot he just couldn’t resist. I smiled and my heart melted. He asked if I was mad at him so much I would never talk to him again. I said no, then I pushed on his penis as I was still sitting on him. he said if i really wanted to do this, I said if I didn’t would I still be here. He smiled, I smiled, we started kissing, It was great then he layed down on the bed(me on him still) he flipped over so he was on top, it was great! He started kissing me again I kissed back .he was rubbing my tits by then, it felt really nice. He was moving up and down, up and down and up and down. I grapped his back, it was so amazing and it was my first time. But I didn’t tell him, then he stopped he asked if it was my first time. It was like he read my mind, I blushed and said yes, he smiled and said great. He said that this was going to be the best first time of my life, I asked if he was sure and he just rolled his eyes and laughed. Then he went back to humping me again. It was amazing he went harder and faster , I grapped his back again. He asked if I was ok , I said ya im great. We started French kissing, that was great. But out of the blue I but my legs around him! I didn’t know what I was doing. i put them down he grapped them and said he liked it, so I put them back around him. I like the part where he was kissing my boobs. It felt nice, after we were done he asked if there was anything else he could do for me? I said I was fine, then he started going down I looked at him and asked what he was doing. He said don’t look so I put my head back down on the pillow. Next thing I know he is liking my vagina! I pulled away and said why he was doing that. He asked if it felt nice, I said ya It did but only because I didn’t know what he was doing. He smiled and pulled my legs to him I said that he didn’t have to do this if he didn’t want to. He said that he liked it, I made sure 10 more times. He got inpatient and started again. I closed my eyes and was saying your amazing your amazing. He got his hand and started rubbing my boobs again, it felt great. Then he came back up and was rubbing my tits harder and harder. Then it was over, sex was over and it was great, for a first timer like me I didn’t think it was going to be that amazing. He walked me home he asked if he could come in and see my room. We went in and I showed him my room. It wasn’t all that amazing, It was pink and purple, I told my mom I wanted it blue but she said that “im not doing your room again until I do everyone else’s room”. Me and billy sat on the bed and started kissing again, that’s until my mom came in and asked if billy was going to be having dinner with us. He said no and asked if he could hang here for the night since his parents were out of town. And his house was scary with only him there. My mom looked at me, with a worried look on her face. I said I didn’t care and that I wanted to help out my best friend and my boyfriend. she bayan escort gaziantep finally came around and said ok. Later that night I woke up when billy was poking me, he said that he was cold and asked if I could share body heat with him. I said to him that I didn’t where a shirt or pants when I go to bed. He said that he has already seen me naked so what’s wrong with no shirt and pants? I smiled tiredly and got on the ground with me and another sheet. I turn so I wasn’t looking at him, I don’t know why I did but why did i care I was sleepy, he turned me over and then put his arm around me. I snuggled up to him because he was so warm and i was freezing my butt off. I was hugging him when I fell asleep. The next morning I woke up he was already up. He was looking at me sleep. I asked him what he was doing? He said that I was the hottest chick in the world when I was sleeping. I laughed and asked him if I wasn’t the hottest chick in the world when I was awake? He said I was always the hottest chick in the world anytime and all the time. I smiled and kissed him. it was a great morning, me and billy told my mom we were needed to move stuff in my room so if there is something in the door way that we are sorry and we will move it once we are done. But really we were having sex, it was great as always I put my legs around him again, then he lifted me up and pushed me into the wall. And he humped me harder there. it was great when that happened he rubbed my boobs really hard, I said not that hard he put less pressure and it was perfect. Then what happened was he was sucking on my boobs and liking them. I was scratching his back because that was the only thing I could do in the air. I decided I was likeing the floor better and so I pulled away from him a grabbed his penis. He liked it, I said if u don’t get on the ground where im better ill ripe it off! Hehe I was good at doing sex. He smiled and layed on the ground. i got up to get a 5 hour energy and next thing I knew he had grabbed my leg and pull it. So i landed on his penis really hard. We both really like that, so I would take it out of my vagina and pushed really hard to put it back in. I did that like 50 times till it was really hurting and he said stop. I stopped but he didn’t he was moving up and down and rubbing my tits. Its not as good when hes on bottom so I flipped him over on me. It got better really fast. He would move faster and faster and fasterrrrr I could stop saying uhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh!!! I was amazing! Then it was horrible my mom was knoking on the door and was saying that she wasn’t hearing movment of furnichure. Me and billy put our clothes back on and moved some stuff to make it look nice a different I moved my bed and opened the door. My mom saw my room and said that we had a talent at moving stuff and not making a sound. But I think she knows what we were doing. I asked what she wanted politly and she said that she had prot up lunch for us. I said great, in my mind I was like thanks goodness sex is hard work and I needed some fuel to keep going like that. I said bye to mom and closed the door then I pushed the bed back infrount of the door. As I was doing that billy slapped my ass because I was where really short short shorts. And he could see most off my ass, I thought that was hot and I kissed him. Then went back to push the bed back to its place. Then he turned me around after I got it infront of the door. He started kissing me and picked me up and laid me on my bed. Then he grapped the post or part u rest on and then we started doing sex again. But this was really really good sex he used the post so he could get more force on me. I was loving it! So I decide I was was going to rube up and down his body and scatched his back. It worked he went faster and harder. They day was almost over, me and billy decided to go to the movies with our friends. We watched the scariest movie so I could hug billy at the scary parts. But when I wasn’t looking at the movie I was rubbing his penis. hehe it was funny his penis would go straight up when I stopped. Thought that was hot so I went under his pants and boxers. It was like hand sex. Because when I did that he got his hand and went up my shirt. And take my bra off and rubbed my boobs. It was hot. So when those guys come to cheack everything is ok he would see us having hand sex. And haha we would pretend that it was all normal. So he would be standing there looking at us, and then billy would tell him to piss off. But that guy came back with his friends to let them see what was going on in his movie room. Billy got even more pissed off, so he went over to the guys to have a CHAT. Next thing I knew there was one of the guys sitting next to me? I asked what he was doing but he didn’t say anything, I asked again and he still just sat there. Then he looked at me, then he looked at my boobs, I looked down and said to him no way was he going to touch them. But he did he went under my shirt; he put his head under my shirt! I could not believe it, and then out of the blue he bit my boob and then did the other one! I screamed for billy as I was trying to get the guy out from under my shirt. I had never seen billy get so angry before, it was like someone just took away his xbox 360! He came over to where I was, he grapped the guy and threw him over two flits of stairs. I said not to hurt the guy because that would mean we weren’t going to be going to the movies any more. He went over to the guy and asked why he did what he did to me, the guy didn’t say anything. He just smiled, that got billy really angry, so he punched the guy in the face. I put back on my bra and went over to billy as he was trying to punch the guy again. I told him to stop but he didn’t, so I went infrount of billy as he was going to hit the guy. He stopped before he could hit me on the leg. He asked why I was helping the guy when he just practically raped me? I said that he was a stupid cheaker guy and that billy could save his anger for the bed. He smiled and then looked at the guy he saw the guy looking up my short skirt. He got pissed and kicked the guy in the balls, as billy was leaving I went back to the guy and helped him up. I don’t know why I did but it just felt like the right thing to do. I said that billy was mad because no one is supposed to touch me except billy. Then the guy spoke, he had a voice that would melt the heart of every teen age girl in the world. He said to give a candy to billy and then the magic would begin, I asked what that meant but he didn’t say anything. I walked away, billy was waiting for me outside the door to leaving the threater. He asked what happened, I said that I just had to get some candy. I said that I saved one for him, but really it was the one that guy gave me in the movies. Billy ate it without asking what kind it was, he said it tasted like smooth vanilla and whipped cream with a coco finish. I wanted some but the guys said that it was for billy, so I didn’t ask to have some. We walked back to my house, it was time for dinner when we walked in. My mom was happy to see us walk in because she worries a lot. She is scared that her little girl is going to be taken by a raper and she will never see me again. I said that we didn’t need any food because we ate a lot at the movies. She asked how it went, I said fine but then billy looked at me with a still pissed off face. We went into my room and went to sleep but the same thing happened. Billy poked me and I got on the ground with him, it was a nice day besides the guy at the movies. The next morning was great me and billy had pancakes and bacon, then billy went home because his parents were home. I went upstairs back to my bedroom, I took a shower, but the weirdest thing happened when I got out. I looked in the mirror I said “god I wish my boobs would grow bigger”, and then they did, it was crazy! I didn’t know what was going on, then I thought about the movie thearter and that guy when he bit my boobs. Then I looked at them and there was the bit! It was still there, I didn’t know what to do so I said” I wish they would go back to normal” and they did they went back to the size I had at first. It was so cool. I made them bigger just for billy, then I got ready and went over to his house. I rang the doorbell but I didn’t like who answered, it was billy’s older brother, stud. I didn’t know why his parents named him that but they did. He said hi and how was things, I asked where billy was, that’s when stud slapped my butt. I had never liked stud and will never like him. I turned around and asked why he did that, stud just smiled. so I went up to him and again asked why he had slapped me on my ass. He said I was to hot to be dating his younger brother and he asked if I wanted to ride a better train. I said that if I wanted to ride a better train it wouldn’t be his. Only because his was worn out and rusty, he got a pissed off and angry look on his face. That’s when stud slapped me in the face and when billy came in. billy saw what his brother did to me and got angry, he went up to stud and pushed him and asked why he hit me. That’s when stud punshed him in the face really hard, I got mad and went up to stud and said that if he did that again he would be sorry. He just smiled and grapped my hair and turned me to billy, he was really hurting my hair. You could see that billy was really pissed of now. So I decided I would help him, so I did I turned around to stud and kicked him right in the balls so hard it was going to hurt forever. That’s when I grapped billy opened the door and ran out. We ran to my house and went to my room and locked to the door, but before I locked the door I said to my mom not to let stud in. she asked what happened to my face and I said stub hit me, she got mad and said that she wouldn’t let him step on our property, that’s why I love my mom. I smiled and closed the door. I helped billy with the blood on his face, I got a towel and dapped it on his cheek where stud hit him. I dapped even lighter on his nose, it was bleeding really bad. He said that I was the greatest girlfriend in the world I smiled and kissed him. That’s when his brother came over and was talking to my mom, my mom said that we weren’t here and that we were probably at target. Stud said that we had just left his house and that if my mom didn’t move he was going to punch her. That when my dad walked in, and my dad is buff and kind of big, but the good kind of big. He told stud that if he ever said that to his wife again that he wouldn’t be able to walk again for 2 years and that if he ever came back to our house he wouldn’t be able to have sex ever again. Because my dad would rip his penis off, I laughed at that moment, then I told billy. Billy said he was too scared to go home and asked if he could spend the night. I asked my mom and she said yes without thinking about it, then she ask about him going home tomorrow and said that he could stay as long as he wanted. he smiled and said thanks, he said to my mom that he could make his own food and do his own laundry. But my mom told him not to worry about anything, she said that she would take care of things. I said that I would help her to any time, if I wasn’t busy. Me and billy went back to my room and I dended to his hit face. I put neosporine on the bleeding parts of his face, he kissed my hand, I blushed and went back to work on his face. That night I thought to myself that I had to tell him about what had happened after I got out of the shower. So I got on the ground and poked him, I know that u should let someone that has be beaten up just sleep but I had to tell him. He turned to me and asked what I wanted I told him the story, he laughed as I thought he would. I asked if I could show him and he said sure, with a smile on his face. I took off my shirt and bra then I said “ I wish my boobs were bigger” and they grew a lot, that’s when billy got scared a little. He said to make them bigger so I did. He asked to make them smaller and I did, he just looked at me and then my boobs and then me and then my boobs. I was looking at him the whole time we had our eyes locked on each other, that’s when he said he wanted to show me something. I put back on my bra and shirt and he took of his pants and boxers. He told his penis to go long and it did he said go fatter and it did. It was so cool its like have super powers, but this time its called sex powers. It was so hot and I loved it but we thought about how it happened. I told him that it was probly that guy at the movies he said that is stupid. I said that I still had the bit marks of when he bit my boobs, billy asked to see and I let him . he said it could Have been but what about him. Then I rememberd the candy the guy gave me.i told billy the candy I gave him must had done it and that the guy at the movies said that when I gave this to u all our dreams would come true. We talked and talked about it for hours. Billy said does this mean we have super sex powers, I thought about it and said ya I gease it does mean that we have sex powers
He looked at mean and I knew what he wanted. I started taking his shirt off and he took mine off. When everything was off we started making things different. I made my boobs bigger and he made his penis longer and bigger. We did it and it was amazing it was like no other type of sex, I think you would call it SUPER SEX. It was great we got really tired but everything was so big and wonderful, I couldn’t control myself and he couldn’t either. It lasted about 45 min, we did so much fooling around and we tried new things. He made his penis longer and I was in the air with his penis in my vagina. It was great he pulled me to him and then I made my boobs bigger. He rubbed them and it was great, I rubbed his penis. We could do this every day he said, I said that if we did it every week then it would be more intense. He thought that was a good idea and agreed. He said that he would try and follow the rules but if he couldn’t he couldn’t. I said that I could and he got a sad look on his face, I laughed, then he smiled.
1 week later
We just had sex it was great billy was really excited he wouldn’t stop when I would tell him to stop. He said he was sorry and that he couldn’t because when he was walking here he was having a boner. And it was BIG, I laughed, but then out of the corner of my eye I saw big bruses I flipped him on his back and asked what happened. He said that stud and him had a fight, it was horrible his whole back was blue and black and purple. I put on my clothes, he asked what I was doing, I said that im going to DO IT with stud, he said no way was he letting me do that. I said I had a plan to get him off your back forever and to trust me, and if he didn’t I could never trust him again. He looked at me and asked “do you like my brother?” I laughed and said the only person I LOVE is you, he let me go. I walked over to billy’s house and rang the doorbell stud open the door, his face was the same colors as billy back. I asked if I could come in he opened the door wider so I could walk through. he slapped my ass again, I just looked at him, I told him that I would DO IT with him only once if he would leave me and billy alone. He laughed and said that I had to DO IT with him 5 times if I wanted him to leave us alone. I laughed and said 2 times that’s it he said 3 or else he would stap billy in the back. I said ok and when do you want to do it, he said now we went into his room. It smelt like beer and merawana, he asked if I wanted some I said no, he said if I didn’t have some then he would make me do it with him 6 times. I said I don’t smoke and I would never put that stuff in me, he said have one and you don’t have to have it the other 2 times. So I had some it was good, I got more layed back, then stud took my shirt off, then my bra. I was still smoking, he sucked my boobs really hard, I told him not to do it that hard and he told me to shut up, so I did. That’s when billy came in, he came into studs room and saw me smoking. He asked what I was doing and I said that I had to do this once if he wasn’t going to hurt you and me again. Stud told him to leave but he didn’t billy just looked at me, that’s when stud got out of the sheets and walked up to billy. He said that if he didn’t leave stud was going to stap him, I got out of studs bed and got in-between them. I said to stop fighting, that’s when billy got my shirt and bra and grapped my arm and was pulling me out of studs room. Stud grapped my arm and was pulling me to his bed, then stud took his pants and boxers off. He pulled mine off to which was hard because he had to pull me and pull my clothes off. I was screaming “ stop pulling me im going to split in half!’. That’s when stud did the deed, he put his penis in my vagina and was going up and down on me and rubbing my boobs. Billy stopped pulling and just stood there and was looking at stud. I had my eyes closed because I was uncontiuse, billy told stud that I was, but stub didn’t care. Billy walked out when I woke up, I screamed for billy but he didn’t come back, that’s when stud put ducktape on my mouth. It was the worst sex ever, I told stud to let me go now and I would come back later, he said if I didn’t he would come after me. I put my clothes on and ran to my house I went to my room opened the door and there was billy. He was crying in the corner, I walked up to him and gave him a hug he pushed me away really hard and I hit a sharp corner. I was facing the ground when billy said sorry and picked me up he said that he wouldn’t and couldn’t think about me and stud having sex. Like I said billy doesn’t like anyone else touching me, I told him I was sorry and that I was just trying to help. He asked how many times me and stud were going to DO IT, I Said we had to DO IT 2 more times. He got really mad, he asked why I said 3 times, I told him I said 1 but his brother wanted 3, I sweared about it. I also said to billy that if I didn’t go back to his house stud was going to come after me. He looked really sad when I said I had to go back, he said that he would rather get betten up then let me go back to having sex with stud. I kissed him and said that is the sweetest thing in the world, then I had a great idea, I told him that I had a friend that does great sex for free because she loves it so much. And that she is really good at it, billy asked how I knew that , I said that I asked every guy she had done it with and they all said that she was amazing. He asked “ what does this have to do with my brother, I told him to think about it, he got it after 3 mins. I called my friend and she said yes and only if she could see who I was dating, she came over a talked with billy. She gave him some tips on great sex, later I walked her to billy’s house, stud opened the door he smiled when he saw another girl. I said not to get too excited because I was going to do a trade with him, his smile went to a pissed off face. My friend said not to get so sad when he heard the word “trade”. I told him that my friend would take my place, it took a couple of talks and adjustments but he finally said yes. We ended up get him 10 sex times and whenever he wanted, he asked if she smoked and she said only the best. She opened her purse and showed him it was full of merawana, he asked her to come in. the next day I heard that he was happier than ever before and that he was never going to bother me and billy again. Billy and I had celebrating sex, so over all it was an ok day.
billy’s best friend fuze
so im going to a club with my girlfriends and while im getting ready the doorbell rings. My mom goes to get it and she says “ honey its billy!” “ok ma you can send him up. While I was getting ready I felt like I wanted to have sex so i didn’t have a bra on or shirt. But when billy walks in I see he has a friend and his friend looks at me, he says. “ wow now I know why you talk about her so much, she is smoken hot!” “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” was all I could say. Thats when billy came over to me a covered me up and to ask why I didn’t have a bra and shirt on I told him that I wanted to have sex. He smiled he gave me my bra and shirt and I put them on really fast so his friend didn’t see. “ baby whos this guy” I said while putting on my shirt. “oh this is my friend FUZE, we have been friends since we were both two years old.” Oh that’s cool, um why is he here though? I asked him if he wanted to see you and he said ya because I am always talking about you, and he just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. “ haha now I know what its all about” fuze said while pushing his dick out. I laughed and said it was microscopic. He looked pissed off. Billy said that he had to go to the bathroom and that he would be back. When he left fuze came over and said” wouldn’t you like to have sex with me?” I said “ as if”. That when he put his hands up my shirt and was rubbing my boobs. I tried getting him out from under my shirt but he was to strong. He said that I was too hot for Billy, and that I should have sex with him instead. That’s when he took his pants and boxers off and put on a condom, I was walking away when he grapped me and pulled off my p and p then he stuck it in. then billy came back but I didn’t see him and neither did fuze, I keep tell him that billy would hurt him soo much because he was doing this and I told him to stop 1 thousand times and I was pushing him away from me or trying to. Then billy asked whats going on? I screamed for billy to help me out but he just stood there. Fuze said that I wanted to have sex with him and that i persisted to have sex with him even though he said no. I said that none of that was true and that he wanted to do it with me and that I was trying to get away from him. Billy came over and looked at me then at fuze, fuze let go of me and I went over to billy and hugged him as tight as I could. Billy gave me my p and p and I put them back on, then he went over to fuze and looked at him. Then Billy punched fuzes balls so hard that fuze stepped back and fell on the ground, Billy told him he better put his pants and boxers on and get the FUCK out of my house and to say sorry to me. Fuze did what he was told and ran as fast as he could with punched balls, which was kind of a wable/run. I kissed Billy so much and said I was sorry, he asked why and I said because I couldn’t get him off of me and that he always has to fight for me, to get guys off of me. He smiled and said “that’s how I know that you are way too hot and that you should make your boobs smaller” I laughed and made my boobs smaller, but really there was nothing there. Billy said you should go to the club like that, I smiled and said as if. He was kissing me as if we were about to have sex, I told him no sex please because I am kind of tired and I didn’t want any right now. Billy looked sad and said “ I hate fuze he had to have sex with you and then you dont have it with me. I said that I would have sex with him when I got home from the club, he asked if I wanted him to come with me so he could protect me. I smiled and said that I would be surrounded by my best friends; I got ready infrount of him, he deserved to see me change. When it was time to go my friends rang the doorbell, I kissed Billy. He followed me downstairs and I opened the door, my friends and I hugged and screamed and talk about how good we looked. That’s when one of my friends asked if Billy wanted to come to the club with us, I asked him and he asked me if it was ok. I decided that it would be better with him there if everyone else was in the bathroom DOING IT. I said I wouldn’t mind at all, but you have to change into something really nice, it took him 10 mins. And when he was done he looked like the hottest guy in the world, I held his hand and said “ok now we are ready to go CLUBING!!” we all screamed (besides Billy). When we got to the club we went to the frount of the line, the gard let us through without saying anything and without looking twice at us. It was cool not waiting in line because one of my friends was GREAT friends with the owner of the club. So even if we wanted a drink they didn’t have to check our ID and we didn’t have to pay, which was sweet. We went in and it was really dark, there was flashing lights and booming music! My friend said that she had a favorite guy that would always come here so she would be in the girls bath room if we needed her. ( well her card to get free drinks). Me and Billy went to dancing once we talked about our plain, we were having fun that’s when Billy asked if I wanted a drink. I said yes please and Billy went to get the card from my friend, then a really hot guy came up to me and we started dancing. We talked some but danced more we were having so much fun, that’s when we got sexy and he grapped my leg. He pulled me to him and then dragged my other foot on the ground all the way to the bath room. That when Billy saw, he went to the boys bathroom and stood there listening. The guy was kissing me but as we were kissing I was telling him the I had a boyfriend and that my BOYFRIEND was here. the guy said that he didn’t care and that I was so hot so he took his pants and boxers off and put on a condom, I said that it would be really weird for me and that I didn’t want to do it with him. He took my dress and panties and bra off really fast, that’s when he stuck it in and was moving really hard up and down. I was telling him to stop and that I didn’t like what was happening and that I felt bad about doing it with him and not my boyfriend. That when someone banged on the door and said to get out now, I got scared because I didn’t know who it was. The guy in the stall with me told the guy outside the door to go away, that when I saw the person outside the door come in. it was “BILLY!” I love how he comes in when I need him, the guy turned around and told billy to go away. billy opened the stall door and grapped the guy and threw him out and closed the door and locked it. I just stood there all naked while billy was looking at me, he came up to me really fast and took off his clothes really fast. He put on a condom and we had sex, it was great, I don’t know how billy does it but the music booming helped. I still don’t know how, once we were done he said that I could do it with anyone here and that he wouldn’t mind. i asked if he was sure and that he didn’t mind, he said that he was fine with it only if he got to do it with one girl here to. It took me a while to say yes but I did, we both got 5 shots at the bar, we felt layed back now. I went to go dancing and he went over to a group of girls, when I was dancing this amazingly hot guy came up to me. We took the floor, there was a big circle around us, and after 2 songs we kissed. He took me to the boys bathroom, we went in the big stall, there was someone already In the boys bathroom. I heard them and it sounded like billy, I could not believe he had already got a girl, I made my boobs bigger for the guy I was about to do it with. He was too drunk to see them grow but he did say they were BIG, I started taking his clothes off he took mine off, we were kissing a lot. He lifted me up on the poll that helps older peeps off the toilet. He had a really strong dick, I don’t know how that is possible but it was. He would lift me up in the air and would shake; it was a really good start for sex, I grabbed his back and put my legs around him. He grapped my ass and moved it up and down he laid on the ground and flipped so he was on top. He went faster and faster and he was rubbing my boobs really hard and fast, then he stopped and I asked why. He said he was going down, he went to my vagina and licked it, he put his tung in it and licked around it. Grapped him and pulled him back up I said that if he wanted to kiss me he would have to wash his mouth. So he went out of the bathroom and washed his mouth, then billy came in from the other stall into mine and he closed the door. I asked what he was doing and he said that he didn’t know me and that I was hot. I giggled, but that’s when the other guy came back a banged on the door, billy went to the door and said that there was a hot blonde in the next stall and that she wanted to me him. The guy smiled and said “thanks bro”, then he left to the next stall, it sounded like they were having a good time, billy came back to me and asked my name. I smiled and said my name was snow, then I asked what his name was, he said his name was billy. We both smiled and made out, then we went back to my house, just to talk though. Billy slept over. The next day Billy and I went to the mall to go shopping and to hang with both of our friends. When we got there someone was getting arrested, it was cool they said that he was under arrest because he raped a girl that was 13 years old. The little girl was talking to a cop over at his car, I decided that it was to sad to watch. So billy and I went in to the mall to met up with our friends at Starbucks, we talked about what happened to the little girl, I heard more than I would have liked to hear.

hope u enjoyed if u want to read the rest of the story write a comit and say do another one

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