Twincest Is Best Part I


Chapter One

Connor and Liam were not only twins but best friends. You could ask anyone and they would tell you that seeing Connor without Liam or vice versa was very, very unlikely. Connor and Liam did practically everything together.

They both played the same sports, liked the same foods, looked the same obviously, had the same friends, and did everything together no matter what.
Then everything changed Connor started hanging around with a new group of people, people that Liam didn’t necessarily like, Not that he didn’t trust his brothers judgement but something just seemed off about them.
t was the times that he would leave the house or from school to hang out with this NEW group that Liam felt alone. Over the months it became a regular thing, happening often almost everyday.
Being the cautious and shy Younger brother by 3 minutes Liam was careful not to anger his brother or his friends.

They had changed his brother, He wasn’t as nice or playful as he used to be. He had started yelling at his parents as well as him and it scared him.

This had been going on for some time and Liam felt alone and left out. They didn’t do anything together anymore, go places or see movies he was always with his friends totally forgetting him.
There was this new kid at school his name was Sam. He was cute and funny at least that’s the way Liam saw him. Liam had known for a short while that he liked other boys but he had never gained the strength to admit it until a month earlier.

Liam POV:
I walked into school that morning alone once again. Ever since Connor started hanging with those other guys he just doesn’t do anything anymore.

I haven’t walked to school with him in forever he always gets a ride with Alex and his friends. Alex is the school jock the prick that picks on everyone else especially me.
I walked into my first period class that morning and sat down in my regular seat. I counted down the seconds until Alex whispered some insult or name into my ear but nothing came.
I looked around the room and spotted a boy I hadn’t seen before in the class. He had brown wavy hair that swept to the left side of his head, beautiful brown eyes, and as I observed him he gave me a small awkward smile to show his extremely white teeth.

It was like a dream and I couldn’t look away, at least until the teacher called my name and asked me to give her the answer to the algebra equation she had written on the chalk board.
The rest of the school day went quickly I learned that the New bayan escort gaziantep boy that was in my math class was also in my English, science, and shop class I also learned that his name was Sam.
That day became a lot weirder when I got home. I was greeted by my parents and for the first time in months by Connor who was not out with his friends.

He asked me if he could talk to me alone so we went up to our room where I placed my backpack on my bed and gathered a change of cloths.
“ so I heard that there’s a new kid at school?” He asked it like it was something that wasn’t obvious to most everyone.
“ya his names Sam and he’s in practically all my classes”
“cool, cool can I ask you something?”
“sure anything”
“ are we still friends”
“Why wouldn’t we be I mean just because you stopped hanging with me doesn’t mean I hate you I guess if that’s what you meant”
“Well ya but we used to be so close its just taken me so long to realise that I pushed you away”
“ You didn’t push me away you just made new friends”
“No I did I pushed you away and I’m sorry don’t say I didn’t because I did”

“Ok Maybe you did but what’s done is done and now you have your friends and we can still hang.”
“I guess”
He sort of had that shifty awkward movement to him as he said “ I guess” it was sort of weird and then I realised why.
“ Do you like someone?” I asked knowing that he acted the same way the last time he liked a girl.
“I guess maybe a little”
“Who is it?”
“I don’t want to say”

“ok well why don’t you just tell her how you feel “I was usually the one to give him advise the past few months however its been Alex and his goons doing that job so it felt nice to have him trust my judgment again.
“Because I’m afraid that she wouldn’t feel the same or understand.
“What’s there to understand?”
“Nothing I guess I’m just worried” I try to understand everything that goes through his head but sometimes he has the weirdest way of seeing things.
“well don’t be worried just think about it for a bit and if you still want to talk to her then do it but don’t traumatise her like the last one.”

After me and Connor talked I jumped in the shower in hopes that dinner would be better now that Connor seemed to be talking to everyone again. For the past while he started to scare a lot of people.
It took a lot of strength from everyone to let him do his own thing and figure out which way he wanted his life to go. Deep down I’m sure Alex and his goons aren’t bad guys but the way they act makes them look like it.
I turned on the shower and jumped in making sure that the water was just the right temperature so that when I got out I wouldn’t freeze. It was nice and soothing the steam hitting my skin as I stepped under the water.
I took the shampoo and spread it through my hair making sure to get it a clean as possible getting the small bit of blood that hat gotten there during our dodge ball game in gym. I rinsed my hair and began washing my body making sure to get every crevice and area I could.
hated feeling dirty it made me feel sick and tired. After I finished my shower I dried off dressed and walked downstairs to the smell of home cooked lasagna and garlic bread.
We all sat around the table eating and making small talk mainly the stuff like what was your day like and all that bogus stuff that your parents want to hear about.
After we all finished out dinner Me and Connor went upstairs to get ready for bed seeing as we had ate late and it was a school night it was almost time to hit the hay. I washed up in the bathroom and as I walked out Connor was walking in. as I passed him he looked like he had stopped worrying about the girl he was talking about earlier which made me happy to know that he took my advice.

I walked into our room and started to gather all my things for the next day. I packed my backpack, gathered my clothes for the next day and made sure that I packed everything I would need for class seeing as I hate looking like an idiot not bringing what we need for class.
I started to get ready for bed and Connor walked into the room and also started to get ready for bed. I took off my shirt and tossed it to the laundry hamper across the room along with my socks and pants leaving me in just my light green and light blue boxer briefs. Connor did the same leaving him in just his Red and Grey boxer briefs.

Later that night I awoke to the faint sound of crying not sure what was going on I peeked over towards Connors bed and could just faintly see him sitting by the window. He was just sitting there looking outside quietly crying, it hurt to see him in such a sad state. Connor wasn’t the kind of person that just cries when it feels right he tries his hardest to keep his emotions bottled up so his friends don’t see.
I silently got out of bed only slightly aware of my surrounding and the things in my path. It was cool in our room I was unsure why until I realised that he had opened the window. As I walked closer I could see his form against the silvery light from the moon. The way the lights bounced off his skin and laminated in just the right places was magnificent.

As I got to the point where I stood beside him I could now clearly hear him crying and sobbing. It made me wonder if this girl that he was falling for was the reason for his crying, clearly if that is the case she cant be that nice of a girl.

I placed my hand carefully on his shoulder, he was still in just his underwear so he was cold to the touch. As I placed my hand on his shoulder he turned to look at me and all I could see was the hurt in his eyes along with the tears staining his cheeks and streaming from his eyes.

As he looked at me it seemed to get worse, almost like I was the reason for his sadness. I sat down on his bed beside him and silently looked out the window following his gaze to the small fountain in the backyard filled with different types of fish that we had homed there just over a year ago.
Not long after I had sat down next to Connor he had shifted a little further away from me continuing to look at the fountain out the window. I was unsure how to pursue this situation and it was starting to bother me a little more then most think it would have.

“Connor?..Connor what’s wrong” He didn’t answer me he just continued to stare out the window. I don’t exactly know what he was focusing on but it seemed to be something that wasn’t seeming to help at this point in time.
“Connor please? Is it that girl, please tell me!” To no avail did my coaxing help he just continued to cry and stare out the window no only shifting his gaze to the stars. Flashing in and out of view across the sky blinking a light that shone beautifully in his eyes.
After waiting for awhile without any answer and Connor still in tears I decided to do the only thing that I could think of.

I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him back towards the headboard of his bed. As I pulled him to the headboard end of the bed I pulled back the blankets and laid him down.
After laying him down I laid down beside him wrapped my arm around his waist, pulled the blankets over us and pulled him closer to me holding him close trying my best to comfort him.
After about and hour his crying seemed to stop and I looked over to the alarm clock and noticed it was going on 5:00 AM.

Though he had stopped crying he was not fully asleep so I pulled him closer and whispered in his ear. “ Go to sleep its almost morning I’m not going anywhere” It seemed that as soon as I said that he fell asleep and soon after I followed holding him close falling into a deep dreamless sleep.

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