Maybe Im Gay Chapter 5

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I may be Gay Chapter 5

When we went out to Tony’s car I knew I should be wearing more. It is real cold in the middle of February in a top and shorts. I got in the back of the car and shivered until the car got warmer. We drove right down into Gosport and parked in a car park. Tony and Bob got out, and told me to. I did and was cold right off.

“I’m cold and I look stupid dressed like this”

“You look ok Carl, really and if anybody asks I’ll just tell them you have been for a run. You’re still red and hot looking after the sex and the poppers so people will believe me.” Tony said

“Oh fuck yeah, he is HOT looking” added Bob.

“What’s poppers?”

“That stuff you sniffed, honest it’s real safe and not drugs or illegal or anything, just gets your blood and heart going; and gets you real horny, doesn’t it?

“Well yeah I guess but I’m fucking cold”

“Then let’s get into McDonalds”

“Macky D is crap”

“Ok then we can go to Burger King if you want”

“Well at least the burgers don’t taste like cardboard”

We walked from the car park to the High Street and then they walked right up the High Street to BK. As I was walking I could feel Bob’s cum was oozing out of my bum. I was frightened that it would leak too much and make my shorts damp as if it did people would see the wet patch

“Why didn’t you go through the cut it was quicker”

“Because I wanted lots of men to see my little slut dressed like the whore he is”


“Language like that could get you a good spanking”

“Yeah you wouldn’t dare”

“Don’t tempt me boy, don’t tempt me. I might just do it right here in the street”

I decided to shut up. Men were staring at me. Really everybody was cos I must have looked stupid dressed like it was hot summer, in the middle of February, but a lot of the men had a different look in their eyes. The look Tony and Bob had when we were in the bedroom. In the end we got to BK and went in. Bob ordered me a Whopper meal and coke. The guy behind the counter, who stared at me since we walked in, said: –

“Isn’t your son cold sir, he’s not dressed for winter”

“He isn’t my son he’s just our SPECIAL friend. He’s ok he’s been exercising and is hot. He was too hot to wear winter clothes so I let him wear what he wanted”

Bob was lying. The guy serving smiled and said he understood. We got our food and sat down at a table. People were walking by and looking at me. One guy said the way I was dressed made him feel cold and Tony said that was strange because it made him and his friend feel hot. The man smiled. We had our food and Tony went to the toilet and then we left and walked the long way back to the car again. As we were driving back to Bob’s Tony said: –

“You might get some calls or text messages boy. I put your number on the toilet wall as a boy who loves sex with men.”

“What, you sod. Why you do that?”

“I just put that ‘the boy in the shorts loves hot sex with men’ and put your number, and then mine if they wanted to get in touch with your minder. You could get a lot of fun from that”

“It’s all sex I like, not just sex with a man. Im not gay!”

“Oh we know, and it is not just sex with A man. We could see this morning you prefer more than one man. You never know we might be able to arrange a party and get enough men to satisfy you; you’re such a slutty whore”

“I’m not”

“Oh you are Carl, you are. You couldn’t get my cock deep enough into your throat, and you loved a cock in your sweet little arse at the same time. Then walking along the street, wriggling your tight little arse at men as the cum leaked from your arse. What a show you put on. Now if we had, say two more, you could have one in each hand as well”

Just the idea was making me hard but I never said anything.

We got back to Bob’s and Tony got me a coke and it tasted a bit funny.

“This coke is pants”

“No it has a drop of vodka in it Carl, make you relax more, just drink it up”
I drank the coke and it made gaziantep swinger me feel warm and a bit fuzzy and funny. Tony gave me another one and I finished that one too. I was feeling a bit tired and sleepy and Tony said to take my trainers off, and we would go upstairs to the bedroom again. Bob had to help me up the stairs cos my legs wouldn’t work right. We got into the bedroom and Bob played around with the telly controller things again. I was sat on the bed and wanted to lie down and go to sleep. Tony moved me so I was sitting on the edge of the bed not the end. He was standing to one side of me and he suddenly grabbed hold of my top by the neck and ripped it off me. It was ruined!

“What the fuck?”

Then he slapped my face hard and I fell backwards. Tony grabbed the little shorts I was wearing and ripped them off me. They just came to bits in his hand. I was lying on the bed in just the red pants. Tony reached over and grabbed my dick and bollocks through the pants. He squeezed my dick and bollocks. It hurt and I yelled out.

“You little slut you’ve leaked cum all over the back of your pants. Look at you, you are disgusting”

I was crying now cos he was really hurting me AND I felt disgusting and dirty.

Well if you like to be covered in men’s spunk then you should be properly covered in it, what do you think Bob?”

“Oh I agree Tone, but he will have to make us shoot first won’t he”

“A whore like him won’t have any trouble doing that will you Carl?”

Tony pulled me up by my hair and rubbed my face into his crotch and I could feel and smell his dick. I couldn’t help myself I stuck my tongue out and licked his crotch.

“See Bob, he loves all this. Right; on to the end of the bed, clamps on again and some poppers and let’s get going.”

“Let me put a towel under him first. I don’t want the dirty little whore leaking old men’ spunk all over my bed”

Bob laid a big towel over the bed at the end and Tony took me round there and sat me on it.

“Ok boy get it out and get it hard”

I reached over and undid his belt and dropped his jeans. Then I pulled down his pants and as his cock flopped out I grabbed it into my mouth and started sucking. Bob had come over and was holding the little brown bottle. He held my nose and got me to do three sniff in each side. I was like gone and sucking like crazy on Tony’s dick. He was shoving into my mouth. Bob licked my tits and made them quite wet. Then he put the clamp things back on me. My hard dick in the pants went soft with the pain but then it started to get hard again as Bob reached for my dick and bollocks. He rubbed me and then suddenly squeezed my bollocks. I screamed cos it really hurt.

“Oh what a beautiful sound. Don’t push too hard Tone I want to hear him yell. You know his little cock is still hard, he must like this pain”

My dick was hard, not like full hard but not soft. I was hurting on my tits and my bollocks, but I felt horny and just wanted to suck on the beautiful dick in my mouth. Bob reached for the pants and gave a very very hard pull. They ripped and he pulled them off me, but as they came off they went right up into my bum crack and rubbed against my bum hole and sort of like burned me as they were pulled off. I was crying, tears were running down my face. I was dribbling from my mouth with sucking Tony’s dick; and I felt horny and totally confused. Bob stood next to me and Tony pulled his dick out and shoved me onto Bob’s, so I sucked that one instead as Tony played with the chain, pulling and squeezing my tits. He gave me more of the poppers. Tony reached for something and then pushed me back on the bed and my legs went up into the air. I felt something by my bum hole and I thought it was his or Bob’s dick and I got ready, but something cold and rubbery was shoved in my bum and I screamed again cos there was no lube. Then whatever it was started to buzz and move in my bum. I was pulled up again and made to go from Tony’s dick to Bob’s and back again till they were both very hard and dripping pre-cum into my mouth. I was given more poppers and all I could feel was my bum vibrating and full, my tits burning and dick in my mouth. The rest of my body just like wasn’t there!

Tony pushed me back again and then spun me round so my face was hanging down over the end of the bed. I knew what was coming, but I got a surprise. Bob had gotten on to the bed and in one go he ripped the thing in my bum out and rammed his dick in my bum. I screamed, but I was still trying to get hold of Tony’s dick.

“God Tone I love that noise and the little slut is STILL wanting your cock. You have him trained well, he adores your cock.”

In a way I did, Tony’s dick meant I was gonna have sex fun and I never minded if it hurt a bit or anything, and anyway the poppers stuff made me go so sex mad I couldn’t control myself. In no time I was being screwed at both ends as hard as I could be, They shoved together so that my body was almost closed up as they both went in and then was pulled out a bit when they both pulled back. Bob kept pulling out so far he had just his knob end right in my bum hole ring and fuck that hurt! My dick had gotten hard and I was dripping again. I could tell Bob and Tony were real close. I heard Tony say

“I’m there”

They both pulled out of my mouth and bum and Tony shot his huge load over my face and in my hair. Bob wanked himself just a bit and then he shot his load all over my chest and belly. I was dripping with their cum. I wanted to shoot too and I reached for my dick but Bob grabbed my hand.

“No boy, we will do that for you, our way”

Bob started to wank me but grabbed my bollocks at the same time. That like stopped me shooting but slowly he got me close again, then he would squeeze and I yelled and went soft and then he let go and got me hard and close again, and he did this quite a few times. I was now like begging him to let me shoot.

“How close is he Bob?”

“Right on the edge and I don’t reckon I can keep this there much longer”

“Ok then let’s do it”

Bob squeezed once more and I went off the edge and then he slowly brought me back as Tony took the clamps off my tits. That hurt but what Bob was doing made it ok. I could feel my bollocks getting pulled up close and I knew I was about to shoot and I needed it so bad.


As Bob shouted my cum started up my dick, and Tony rubbed my tits. Oh FUCK it hurt. I screamed and screamed as my tits were on fire and I was shooting and shooting like it never seemed it would stop. My cum went up in the air and then fell on me and round me, all over my face and body. I thought the pain and the cumming wasn’t ever gonna end, but eventually it both died down and then stopped.

I couldn’t talk or think. I just lay there. Bob moved and then came back with a digital camera and took pictures of me lying there covered in all the cum. That was the last thing I remembered until I woke up on the bed, but now with my head on it, still covered in all the cum. I was alone but I could hear them downstairs talking. I just lie there, I was totally shagged out. Then I heard the steps on the stairs and they both came into the room.

“So sleeping beauty is awake at last, good”

“Please no more, now more sex please”

“What you had enough, well ok then, this time we will not give you any more pleasure. You better go to the bathroom and get yourself cleaned up, you look disgusting”

I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I DID look disgusting. I had cum dried in my hair, on my face and round my eyes and mouth. It was sticking all over my body and my tits were red, and blue with bruises. I looked terrible, and it made me feel so fucking horny to see it.

I got under the shower and got cleaned up. Then I dried off and then I realised I never had anything except my jeans to wear home!! The rest of my stuff had been ripped up. I walked back into the bedroom.

“Hey I got nothing to wear home”

“Then you are going to look really funny when you get out of the car”

“I can’t do that”

“Don’t worry we thought about that we got some gear for you”

There was a video running on the telly in the corner, some young guy was getting screwed at both ends and he was moaning and really enjoying it. You couldn’t see who was screwing him but the dicks looked old and so the guys must have been much older than the guy getting screwed. I was really interested and getting hard again when the guy on the bed moved a bit with the dick in his mouth, and I saw it was me!!!

“Hey that’s me, you bin and videoed me getting screwed, I never said that was ok”

“Do what you like, take what pictures you want. That’s what you said the other day and so we set up two cameras, one in each wardrobe. This is only from one of them. Bob has a friend who will use both videos and put them together and it will make a great video then. We will use some of the sound track of you yelling and stuff, and some music. Men will just love watching it. Just think there could be men all over the world getting off watching you getting spit roasted by two fat cocks”

I was real angry they had done that. But then I sort of got the picture of men wanking off watching me getting fucked, with a dick in my mouth, and it was a horny idea. I guess it didn’t matter. Men would be leaching over my body and me having sex and it gave me a good feeling. Fuck they were right; I was becoming a real slut!!

Tony gave me a bag and there was a top inside and some real neat boxers and a pair of jeans. They were way better than anything I had, and must have cost a load of money.

“Here Carl put these on”

“What’s this?”

“They are for you. Look son we both have loved today, and you are just too wonderful. I know we might have hurt you a bit, but you seemed to enjoy it and this is to say thank you; and show you how much we like you and enjoy your company, and your wonderful slutty little body”

“Neat thanks Tony wow this is great stuff”

I got dressed and thought how good I looked, never thought about how I gonna tell my mum how I got new clothes!! Tony and me got into his car and we started driving towards mine.

“Tony you ever gonna fuck me?”

“Oh yes Carl I am, but like I said you need to be stretched a bit more to take one like mine. I know you quite like a bit of pain but this would be bad pain, and it could do damage. Soon son I promise”


“Look Carl, how would you feel if there was another guy or maybe two next time. Like Bob, me and a couple more? If they all fucked you then you might be open enough for me to do it”

I was worried, this was like getting way weird, and it was just a wank in a wood not long ago. Still today had been wicked, even if my tits and bum were hurting right now.

“Well ok then, but like nice guys, nothing too weird or stuff”

“Good boy Carl, good boy. We will flash the video around a bit and next time we can have a real good party. I will keep up the txt messages. Would you like a butt plug?”

“What the fucks a butt plug?”

Well it is a bit like the dildo I used on you but it is thicker in the middle but near the base it is very thin and then there is a flat bit, sort of like a plate for the dildo to stand on. You slip it into you arse and because it is so thin near the plate it stays in your arse, but the flat bit stops it going in any further. You can get ones that vibrate when they are in you. You have to take them out to shit of course”

“Hey that sounds neat”

“Ok I’ll get you one, not too big for your little arse though, and don’t let anybody see it will you”

“Ok Tony, when you gonna get it”

“I’ll get it, then msg you and we can meet and I can give it to you”

We were quite close to mine now and Tony stopped so I could get out and walk the last bit. Before I got out I leaned over and kissed Tony. He looked surprised.

“Thanks Tony I had a great day”

I got out and walked home feeling wonderful. I was an adult now and did grown up sex stuff; and I had some great new gear to wear!!

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