My Neighbor’s Hot High School Daughter


It was my last night before flying home, and I had agreed to go over to my neighbor’s to play some poker. I wanted to ditch it and hang out with my friends, but he was a nice guy and had done a lot for me before I had gone off to college. Plus, poker meant beer, something I wouldn’t be getting anywhere else that night. I went over around 7:00 and decided I would try to enjoy the night as best I could.

Eventually my neighbor’s friends showed up, and we cracked the beers and started playing. I was doing pretty well, but I would have been doing better if I wasn’t so distracted by his daughter, Rachel. I had known her since they moved in next door, and while I always thought she was cute I also knew that she was too young for me, even now at 19 the more than three year difference was significant. Maybe it was the beer or the fact that college had changed me, but I couldn’t keep my mind off her that night.

Eventually the poker wrapped up and everyone started to leave. I only lived next door and it was my last night in town, so I hung out for a while, even after everyone had gone to bed except for Rachel and me. I usually try to stay up pretty late before an early flight so I can catch some sleep on the plane ride. Since I was staying up anyway I thought I might as well hang out with her next door as opposed to alone next door.

After an hour or so alone chatting about high school and college life, we both went outside. I was still a little drunk and, as teenagers are known to do, I challenged her to a friendly game of truth or dare. It started off innocent enough, but as these games always do it started to turn more sexual in nature, with us asking each other about past relationships, how far each of us had gone, etc. I was surprised to learn that this sweet little catholic girl who went to church every week had lost her virginity at a younger age than I had, not to mention Escort Ankara a few other things.

I was still feeling the effects of the alcohol, and as the game went on I grew more and more bold, until I dared her to take her shirt off. She hesitated and I thought to myself that I should have kept my damn mouth shut, but after a second she did it, to my surprise. Even more to my surprise was when she asked me to do the same on her next turn. Emboldened not only by my success but also by her response, I figured why not go further, and a few turns later dared her to take her pants off. Again she complied, and soon enough mine were off as a result of her challenge.

So here I was, sitting outside in my boxers next to a girl in nothing but her underwear. I doubted I’d get another chance like this anytime soon, so I decided to see just how far my luck would take me tonight. I gathered my courage and finally dared her to take off her bra and walk across the street and back topless, hoping to god that I hadn’t gone and ruined what I had right in front of me. I was holding my breath when she turned to look at me for a moment, and breathed a huge, silent sigh of relief when she slowly took her bra off and sexily got up, walked across the street and back, putting just a little bounce in her step that I was sure was just for me.

By this time I have a raging hard-on and I was sitting with my knees against my chest in order to prevent it from poking straight out of my boxers like a tent pole. I was praying that she would stay topless when she got back, and lo and behold my prayers were answered. I was hoping that this game would never stop when she dared me to go one further and walk across the street completely naked. I stood up, rock-hard cock and all, stripped off my boxers, and walked. I had never been so turned on in my life. When I got back I knew what I had to do, and after Ankara Escort a few words and a quick walk we were both sitting completely naked on her lawn, and I was wondering how the hell I had gotten so lucky to wind up here.

I was just about heartbroken when she told me she was cold and wanted to go inside, but my mood jumped right back up when we went downstairs to her basement. It was there that truth or dare went further than I had ever hoped, with her immediately daring me to strip naked and give her a lap dance, which I did with pleasure. Too focused on her sweet naked body to think of anything else, I dared her to do the same thing, and soon her amazing tits were pressed hard against my chest, and her naked things only inches away from my throbbing cock.

I knew I couldn’t do this, she was my neighbor and way too young for me, but when she said how hard it was to resist kissing me, I couldn’t help myself and kissed her deeply, almost as deeply as she kissed me back. It was only a few moments before I laid her on her back on the couch and started massaging her beautiful young body, starting at the shoulders and moving on to her bare breasts and then down to her things and legs. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself, and soon enough ended up with my face between her thighs, eating her pussy slowly and then quicker and more fiercely.

I licked on and around her clit as she moaned in pleasure, and she almost woke her parents up when I put my tongue up her wet, succulent pussy. By this point she was so wet and I was so hard that she didn’t need to work on my cock at all, and throwing everything I had ever been taught about condoms, birth control and STDs I shoved my cock deep into her young pussy. I started off slowly, but I couldn’t help but speed up as I looked at her beautiful face and lovely tits, realizing that I was actually fucking the young, hot Ankara Escort Bayan high school girl next door.

I fucked her harder than I had ever dreamed I could, and I had to put my hand over her mouth to stop her from screaming as I drilled her pussy. When I finally felt ready to cum I was so far beyond caring that I blew my entire load right in her pussy, and didn’t stop pounding her until I couldn’t take it anymore. I slowly pulled my still rock-hard cock out of her and she eagerly licked off all of the remaining cum and juice, licked all around my dick and even sucked on my balls for good measure.

I started to get up and she asked me if I was going to leave, and I said that I should probably get going. She begged me to stay, and looking at her hot, naked body I couldn’t refuse. After ten minutes or so of sitting there with this gorgeous girl next to me I felt myself get hard again, and when Rachel saw my growing cock she told me she had one more dare for me. After what had already happened I was more than ready to oblige her, and when she dared me to fuck her in the ass I was as happy as a kid in a candy store.

I put my now fully hard cock in her mouth and she took me all the way down her throat, and after a few minutes I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled out of her mouth, pushed her over the couch and started pounding her ass as hard as I could. Rachel told me to spank her and I happily complied, hitting her sweet cheeks harder and harder with each successive thrust. Her sweet asshole was even better than her pussy had been, and I could hear her moans through the pillow she was biting on as I kept pushing further and further up her ass. When I came in her pussy I thought that was the best orgasm I had ever had, but jizzing in her ass was even better. Even though I had spent my load before I stuck my cock in her mouth after just for good measure, and she licked me clean as a whistle again.

We sat together naked after that until I had to leave, wishing I could stay longer, but as I left I somehow knew it wouldn’t be long before I came back to see Rachel again.

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