my rape fanatasy_(0)


Craigslist is the closet gay sluts best friend, especially when you are a major freak in the dark.

The ad read horny bottom with rape fantasy. I hit accept on the terms of use with the ad for a big guy who would love to help play out my rape fun.

After a few responses some just wanted to hook up and get a lift I settled on one with a white guy with a fairly large dick pic and that was all I saw of him. His email read that he would love to meet and use me as his fuck toy some time.

A few emails later we agreed to meet at the park later that night and play out our little fun.

I told him where to meet me down the walking trail and that I couldn’t wait. We agreed to be safe and that if I told him to stop or slow down he would listen.

2 hours later after I showered and trimmed up I was at the park nervous as hell. I wore a pair of sweat pants and a shirt to make things easier and even wore a pair of lace panties for him. While I waited off the trail a little I saw someone coming and just figured it was just someone walking late that evening but he was looking around like he was looking for someone. I thought it was my friend meeting me and yelled out.

He walked up to me and confirmed it was me. And once he did. He never let up.

One second, we were talking the next I was pushed down to the ground with my hands pushed back and was told to listen or get popped. I struggled, and he smacked me against the face grabbing my arm again and telling me not to fight that this was going to happen. I cooperated and was told to turn around, so I did Escort Bayan as I was told. I heard metal hitting together and the next thing I knew hand cuffs were being put around my arms. Scared a little I said we didn’t agree to this.

His response to smack my ass and pull out his cock.

Suck it like a good bitch was all I heard next.

With that he set me upright on the ground in a sitting position and was greeted with his semi hard cock in my face. I did as I was told and took it into my mouth and slowly let it grow as I let it pass my lips. By the time I got it down my throat a little he had grown to a fairly thick 8 inches and I was struggling to get it all in. once he was fully erect his hand went to the back of my head and he started to do what I knew was coming. I wasn’t very good a deep throating, but I didn’t want to get smacked again so I did my best to hold it while he fucked my throat for a few minutes and honestly. I was loving being used like that his dick tasted amazing with his pre-cum on my tongue when he would pull out to let me catch my breath and rub his cock on my lips.

I knew he was about to cum but he pulled out and told me to stick my ass in the air for him. At this point I did as I was told and shouldn’t have argued. As he pulled my sweats down revealing my panties I asked if he had to condom and maybe brought some lube. I was answered with a smack to my cheek and told to shut it. “ you wanted this, so this is what you get”

I wasn’t prepared for bareback and I didn’t like the idea so I started to fight when he grabbed Ankara Escort the handcuffs and pulled them tight to get control of me. There wasn’t much I could do.

I felt my panties get pulled to the side and a wet finger slid into my ass and start to loosen me up as I tried a few more attempts to get away because I didn’t want to get fucked without protection. Each time I was yanked down face first and smacked on the ass.

With two fingers getting me lose I heard someone else down the trail coming and got quiet along with my rapist, I was too ashamed to say anything because I had put myself into this situation so I was going to just let it happen. When the other man got closer he called out and it turned out that he was with the guy who was about to use me as a fuck toy.

Laying there handcuffed with my ass in the air about to be penetrated raw I thought things couldn’t get worse. First guys friend had come when he got called and asked if wanted to get off on me. Or so I assumed.. couldn’t imagine that this was a happenstance. As the second guy got closer the first guy told me to lean back so the second guy could sit with his cock out and I had to suck it while the first got to fuck me. Number 2 was a younger guy mid 20s and kind of skinny with a shaved cock and a lot smaller than his 8 in friend.

As I took

into my mouth I felt the other guys cock line up and push into my ass with no mercy. In one push he was balls deep and started to pull out.

I thought to myself that the faster they get off the faster I get the hell out of there so I took Ankara Escort Bayan it and let them use me. After having the 8 inch cock in my mouth I was able to take the second guy in completely and just started to bob my head up and down the entire length of his cock letting him fuck my mouth like the slut I was turning out to be.

Guy number 1 was enjoying my ass fucking me hard as hell and with the pain of his first entrance subsiding I was able to enjoy it a little. After a few minutes of this I finally felt guy number two tensing and getting ready to cum. I slide my mouth down the length of his cock and held it there for a few seconds and pulled out and concentrated on his head going up and down till I got my prize.

With no warning I had 4 ropes of cum shot into my mouth and was force to swallow and they didn’t taste all that great. With that my friend from behind me turned me on my back to see that the second guy had taken his phone out recording, my legs in the air my 8 inch intruder was starting to feel good and there was nothing I could do so I just let him have his fun.

A few minutes of getting fucked like that my rapist finally tensed up and started to cum balls deep into me.

He told his friend to send him the video so he could enjoy later and pulled his cock out of my ass.

Before he uncuffed me he pulled my sweat pants off and told me to have a nice ride home in just those panties.

Laying there for a few minutes after they left thinking about what just happened. Half naked, ass sore as hell, and a strangers cum sliding down my leg wondering how I was going to make it to my car. My phone, which must have thrown out of my pocket, went off. With his number saying when I call you come.. and with the attachment of the video.

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