My Wife, Her New Friend, An Opportunity


My Wife, Her New Friend, An Opportunity.

Note: This is a true story. The names and certain personal details have been changed to protect…….myself however, the event described below is accurate.
I have posted a few fictional stories on this site but rather than describing any one woman, girl or event the stories are a compilation of experiences from before and after my marriage. While none of the prior stories are true there are elements of truth, my nature, situations and expressions in those stories.
I have had some real surprises since getting divorced and like many do I have explored sexual avenues with a few woman to unleash that pent up desire.
I was true to my wife, until we separated. I was pretty sure she wasn’t true to me but have no proof. Maybe the situation described below finally presented her an opportunity and helped bring it out in her ?.
After our divorce I did hear of her suspected orientation and a situation when she was around 13 yrs old.
Actually her orientation didn’t bother me once it surfaced, of course the marriage wasn’t what it once was and if it would have surfaced many many years ago then it would have bothered me.
I didn’t leave her due to her being bi or lesbian (still not sure what she is to this day but pretty sure she is just bi) rather she just became and intolerable bitch. Sorry Ladies.

A little background:
My wife and I were married (now divorced) for about 25 yrs. My name is Terry and I was 47 yrs old and my wife’s name is Laura and she was 45 and we have a child.
We had been married a long time and like others we did have our up’s and down’s but things became bad and continued that way for the last several yrs of our marriage and the last few yrs were just intolerable, for me.
I could describe her behavior and general attitude but I won’t bore you with details bother than to say Laura had become a bitch from hell on steroids with a toothache and severe PMS.
I do not intend any offense to woman, I LOVE woman and do not lump all them into one group but from a man’s perspective I just wanted to express that things had gotten to a certain point and it was the only I way to describe Laura plus it is relevant to set the stage for what happened, why and what I hoped would be the result and/or didn’t care about the result.

Now onto the story:

I was truly on the edge in our marriage and figured the only way out was death. being a child of divorce I know it was no fun and vowed never to put my child through it so I worked my ass off to make it work however, the love was long gone so it was only survival and trying to eek out some kind of life. I struggled to cope and was desperately seeking answers and a remedy and just when it reached the bottom, Laura met a new friend. Whew !
Her new friend is Stacy and she was 37 yrs old and let me tell you, their new friendship was a saving grace for me, for awhile anyway.
Laura and Stacy had a connection due to the ages of each of our children but another element to it was that as bad as Laura “thought” her life was Stacy’s “situation” was worse, far far worse.
It was not good in many aspects but I cannot bore you or even provide much detail.
I’m not that way and don’t view things like that to make me feel better but Laura does and with her seeing Stacy’s situation made any issue she thought made her life so “miserable” look dam good in comparison, Laura suddenly gathered a new appreciation for things, at least that is what I figured at first and it was part of it but there was more to it than that I came to find out.

Some people feel I treated Laura “to good” and while it is true that people can be spoiled or take things for granted that does not excuse a person, they are responsible for their behavior good, bad or bitchy.
Laura lacked for nothing, I treated her very well personally, made sure she always had a nice vehicle to drive, we had a nice home, she had tremendous amounts of free time because she didn’t work (mutual decision because of a child) the child was just in school at this point, she had money to spend and a family man that worked around the house, watched the child, went on family vacations, etc, etc……………you get the picture.
Anyway, since Laura met Stacy the heat was suddenly off of me as far as the constant bitching, pissing and moaning. I never could understand the constant nagging about everything and nothing, I just couldn’t explain it and there was nothing that could be done.
Yes, I tried all sorts of ways from nice, to mean, to stern to forgiving to “whatever” in the hopes of rectifying the situation.
Like I said about Laura, she had plenty of free time and she now spent it with, for and around Stacy.
At this point in our marriage this didn’t bother me at all, she was away from the house or “calmed down”, it was somewhat quiet, our child minded me and I was fine with things.
I needed the break from her BS and loved it when she wasn’t around (like I said the love seemed to be long gone) but I still hoped something would convince her that what she had was fantastic by anyone’s standard.
She had been told by every single friend she ever had plus her own mother that she better mind things at home or she would be sorry.
Laura didn’t have anything that anyone would consider to be even close to “bad”, something led to her behavior but I never could nail it down. It could be mental as she had a roller coaster mood but you couldn’t talk to her cause as far as she was concerned everything and everyone else was the “problem” and if you didn’t agree with her then you were against her.
Her practice was to divide people and like I said if anyone didn’t agree with her then especially about me and they way she thought her life was so bad then she would try to pit people against each other then control the message so she could paint whatever picture she wanted.

As her friendship with Stacy grew she would get her to come over to our house but Stacy worried about me. She didn’t know me and her experience with men was that we are all overbearing controlling assholes so she worried about coming over all the time like Laura wanted her to.
Stacy quickly found out that we were not all the same and that I truly had no problem at all with her coming over and that she could spend all the time at our house that she pleased.
I told Stacy direct and right in front of Laura that she was a savior and Laura was driving me to insanity and every since they met I was relieved of undue pressure.
I thought Stacy was pretty when I first saw her and who doesn’t mind having a pretty woman around. Laura had many friends and acquaintances over the years and some were downright HOT.
I made it clear that I was serious about what I said regarding their friendship and that I was so damn glad for it I didn’t know what to do. It didn’t take long for Stacy to warm up to me and realize what I was talking about, the more she was around and spent time with Laura the more she started to draw parallels between her shitty controlling husband and Laura.

Stacy came to empathize with my situation and actually liked me better as a person than Laura. She ended up simply “tolerating” Laura but still valued the friendship but she couldn’t stand the way Laura treated me and how she had no appreciation for everything she had.
Laura empathized with Stacy’s predicament and Stacy was envious of Laura’s situation but again, there was more to it for Laura than I knew at that time.

Stacy’s husband worked a job where he did nothing but travel and only came home for two or three days out of every ninety days so him being gone and her not working left her with time but her situation with family and other issues kept her tied down, physically and mentally.
Stacy was a very good, decent and pleasant person, she went to church, took care of their child and had a certain integrity.
Her husband was controlling even from a distance and just like me Stacy had grown tired of trying to please someone who cannot be pleased so she stopped trying and bucked her nonexistent husband.
Not that Laura was a good influence and Stacy is passive submissive, more on that as the story continues.
I can get along with anyone and Stacy found that out. With the ice broken the entire relationship among the three of us grew and as it did grow I began to see things in Laura that caused me to question her either hidden or latent sexuality over 25 yrs of marriage.

A typical Friday and Saturday evening would entail Stacy and her child coming over to our house and while our children played the three of us would have a few drinks and sit around talking. I was never much of a drinker but would have a few beers yet not get drunk.
On the other hand Laura started to consume mixed drinks and Stacy even loosened up and consumed some as well and they could get pretty buzzed.
Stacy had a new friend now and she was breaking away from her husband and doing things that she missed out on since she was married young then divorced and married again and had a child.

When people drink we know that what they become or portray is not the booze talking rather it is the true person because alcohol lets people become uninhibited.
When Laura drank characteristics of at least bi-sexual tendencies became evident and she became much more provocative, suggestive and “nasty talking” than normally.
Laura “came out” at other events and parties before all this started happening but I just had a blind eye to it and never put it together as something inside her that needed to be let out.
So as the drinking continued and the inuendos were thrown around at each other, things slowly transpired.
Neither Stacy or myself were that suggestive, buzzed or not, nor did we start anything or take the lead rather Laura did that in regards to suggesting sexual scenarios like a threesome or pairing off and having sex, etc.
Now the inuendos thrown out like this was nothing more that hadn’t been done with countless friends in countless situations as people joke with each other.
In every joke there is always an element of truth because as much as people don’t like to admit it some friends would love to have sex with one another if only for their spouses permission or even no permission but the potential downside and fidelity will keep most people in check.
Now from my position the prospect of having sex with Stacy, with Laura’s permission no less, was certainly an interesting prospect for a lot of reasons.
One, she is pretty and has a nice body, another reason is that it would be so absolutely naughty given she is married and yet another is that I have had sex with the same woman for about 25 yrs. Laura ended up playing games when it came to us having sex and still another reason would be I could cum inside Stacy and not have a worry since she had a hysterectomy.
Let me explain so you will understand,
Laura didn’t take birth control, tried it years ago but the side effects weren’t good. I never had vasectomy and we didn’t use condoms so for YEARS I would either pull out or since Laura liked me to fuck her in the ass I would finish there.

Now as far as a threesome with Laura and Stacy was concerned that was equally interesting but at that time I still wasn’t for sure about my wife’s hidden orientation so as the drinks went down and joking revolved around a threesome I wondered, “how would a session go” ?.
I had NO experience in such but certainly had the desire but I knew I was teasing myself.
You don’t actually do it, right ?.
What man hasn’t fantasized about fucking his wife’s friend or friends and/or even threw inuedos around your own buddy and his wife back and forth during a get together ?.

It was fun to think about, joke about and all that but still I wondered what it would be like, two woman on me, would Laura and Stacy eat each other out, would I take turns fucking each………all the above………?????. Stacy never exhibited bi-sexual behavior but again booze, opportunity and marital issues can make people justify about anything.
Not like I didn’t dream about having sex with two girls or woman from the time I was maybe 15 yrs old right on through the present time but in the real world I didn’t know how these things went and on top of that there was the HUGE potential for disaster and deep regret.
I had no worries of regret on my end rather I was thinking about Laura afterwords, not to mention Stacy.
I mean in one fell swoop we could all “cross that line” and then all you can do is deal with it, good, bad or ugly.

The repercussions where huge but given the situation the benefits could pay off, like me marking one off of my bucket list and I could cross having a threesome off that list.
I mean we were where we were in our marriage so I was thinking if it crashes things down so what, it’s been crashed for some time and we are just existing in the aftermath day in and Escort Ankara day out.
What would it lead to, DIVORCE, Yeah and that bothered me. Divorce was something we weren’t going to do so I could just imagine living with her afterwords and her constantly reminding me that I fucked her friend and they were “drunk” and I shouldn’t have done it, etc, etc.
Yup, she would have tried to spin it like I was some terrible monster and she would of wanted to use the situation to try and make me feel bad so she could extract whatever from it she could however,
Was I trying to justify it in my mind, did I want to and have everything be great and/or transformed for the better afterwords, HELL YEAH ! but I am also a realist.
Now I had the absolute desire for it to happen and I only let things go to a certain point but I was clear with both of them that if they really got my fire lit then I was not responsible for my actions.
The two kept teasing me, well actually Laura was leading the charge and prodding Stacy, into doing certain things which ultimately led to sex.
Again, the getting together and drinking and talking had been going on for a few months and on this particular night it was the usual but all the time leading up to this I paid closer attention to Laura and her words and actions during each get together and she had a certain fascination regarding Stacy. Laura would say certain things that really made me question things about her that were never really evident or I just had blinders on and never paid much attention to.

I was sitting between Laura and Stacy on this night, nothing out of the ordinary. We had an island in the kitchen with a snack bar and three bar stools where we would sit at, so there I am in the middle drinking a beer and looking at emails on my phone and I wasn’t paying attention as Laura and Stacy had leaned back and were mouthing something behind me.
Stacy got my attention and said that Laura told her I had a big dick and she asked if it was true. I asked her if she wanted to see it and she said YEAH !.
I looked at her then turned to look at Laura and raised my eyebrows like asking “is it alright” to which she just shrugged her shoulders and made a face to express “whatever”.
I looked back at Stacy and stood up, my cock was hard. Only wearing a thin pair of shorts and no underwear (this was typical evening time dress for me anyway) I unsnapped and began to pull down my zipper then decided not to.
There was disappointment from each of them but I swear to you I was truly trying to remain good, I really was.
So I sat back down and let things cool and drank another beer.

It got late and the kids, already played out, had found there spots and crashed and the three of us listened to music and talked. Then Laura once again prodded Stacy and the next thing I know each one leaned over, held my head, and began to stick their tongues in my ears and lick my neck.
Laura knows these are two things that get my fire lit so of course my cock sprang to action and the next thing I know Stacy reached down and was playing with my cock through my shorts.

I couldn’t take anymore, I pulled back to get free and then stood up. I had a lump in my shorts and Laura hadn’t gave it up in awhile either (nothing unusual there) and I looked at them and reiterated that I am not responsible for my actions past a certain point.
I looked at Laura and she had a mischievous look in her eyes and said,
“Wanna have a threeway” ?.
This is nothing she hasn’t said before so I figured it’s just a continuation on the same theme.
I looked at Stacy who only had desire in her eyes, then back to Laura again who cocked her head towards the bedroom door. She still had the mischievous look then added an ever so slight smile.
I looked back to Stacy again and the desirous look was still in her eyes but with her eyebrows raised. She was screaming inside “lets do this”.
After all the talking with Stacy and hearing details regarding her current husband and the lackluster sex she had with him and any other man prior she just figured the sex she has had was the way it was but I know Laura and with their relationship she told Stacy EVERYTHING and in great detail.
I found out later that Laura did show Stacy a sex tape we had made. Stacy knew what I was packing and with details provided by Laura regarding my performance, she was very intrigued.

I know what you all are thinking at this point, if the sex I was giving Laura all these years was so good then why wouldn’t she give it up more. It wasn’t always that way of course and over the last few years Laura wanted it when SHE wanted it but for Laura sex eventually became a tool and/or a weapon, a punishment or a reward.
That shit didn’t work for me so I didn’t fuck her much or care to given the circumstances the last few years, kind of turned the tables on her ass. She needed it but it became a war of will’s and she could never hold out.
Sometimes she would practically beg for it and other times she didn’t want to be the one to submit so she did certain things silently and hoped I would catch on then take the lead and fuck her.
I would ignore her or feign sleep sometimes then as I lay there I would feel the bed shake and hear a few grunts as she resorted to rubbing one out.
Funny and Pathetic I know but that’s how it was.
I gave it to Laura GOOD that is a fact and I liked her pussy and she would suck dick and take it in the ass but she wouldn’t let me cum in her mouth EVER and I knew from conversations among the three of us that Stacy did and swallowed.
Yet another reason that the prospect of sex with her was so appealing.

I drew the line in the sand and once they crossed it what happened happened and it would just have to be dealt with. I was past the point of self restraint so I walked toward the bedroom and they followed.
I was filled with anticipation and desire, my cock was fully engorged and heavy, like a lead pipe. I went to my side of the bed which was the farthest from the door. It was a king size so there was plenty of room to get it on.
Once they were inside the door the line in the sand was crossed. The light coming in from outside the bedroom door was sufficient enough to illuminate the room and no longer playing around I unsnapped my shorts, pulled the zipper and let them drop.
Laura glanced at Stacy and I looked at Stacy who was looking at my cock (she was seeing me live and not on a tape), her eyes went big and the two of them just stood there,
“Are we gonna do this thing or not”, I asked.
They looked at each other and for the first time there was a little bit of a nervous look in their eyes. I got on the bed on my knee’s and Stacy took a step and Laura closed the door. I heard clothes rustling and dropped then jean zippers coming down and pants sliding from their legs.
Once acclimated to the darkness we could begin to see each other as there was still some residual light coming from under the door and they each got onto the bed, all of us on our knee’s facing each other.
Laura told Stacy to lay down and then wanted Stacy and I to get started. Like I said I didn’t know what to expect but was ready for about anything so I threw caution to the wind.
Stacy laid down and I moved over to her and began to squeeze and suck her BOOBS.
Stacy has large round soft BOOBS. Laura had large large tits as well which were much more firm, she had a very nice rack that I could hardly ever touch. When I sucked them or wanted to squeeze them Laura would tense up and squeal that it tickled and try to pull away cause she “couldn’t take it”. YEAH I was denied a lot of certain pleasures for a long time.

I worked on Stacy’s boobs and she had NO problem as I sucked hard and squeezed them as hard and as much as I desired. I glanced down and Laura had went straight for Stacy’s cunt, I think at that moment a lot of my questions were answered.
I was performing a simply pleasure on Stacy that I couldn’t do with Laura, I sucked and bit Stacy’s nipples, squeezed then flattened her boobs like I have never been able to do with my wife.
Stacy was breathing heavy from the stimulation and from the desire in her eyes earlier I knew she wanted me, she had wanted me for awhile and I admit I wanted her but really never thought anything would happen.
I, like Stacy, would of rather had a one on one session but this is territory that was new, exciting and so naughty.
Stacy pulled my head to hers and we kissed, our tongues flirting with each other and we continued like that for a minute then our kiss broke and she looked at my cock.
I knelt at her head and with her head laying sideways I guided my cock to her waiting mouth and she took me in.

OMG !!!, I felt like I was struck by lightning. This is the first time my cock has been in another woman in about 29 yrs (Laura and I dated exclusively for about 4 yrs before marriage) and let me tell you this whole thing was so surreal and so dam HOT !.
She sucked me in deeply and I placed my hand over the back of her head and moved with her while she bobbed. It felt WONDERFUL having another woman suck my cock while my wife was right there, licking pussy none the less, but she was right there.
All I could do was look down at Stacy as she worked on my cock, seeing her mouth stretched around it as she struggled to deal with my girth was really turning me on.
Now I was breathing hard from the stimulation, that and the sight before me made my cock swell even more. I rocked my hips forward as she bobbed to force more of my cock in her mouth but she had all she could take.
She was good but not as good as Laura, she had been used to my cock and would take it right to her throat while slurping and sucking but she never had the talent to bring me off.
Laura and I made such a video of her sucking my dick and that is what she showed to Stacy.

With Stacy doing all she could with the cock in her mouth Laura was pulling my arm. I looked over and she raised up from Stacy’s cunt long enough to whisper,
“Fuck me”.
I pulled my cock from her mouth then leaned down and we kissed while I squeezed her wonderful boobs then I crawled around behind Laura as she continued to eat Stacy.
I positioned and plunged my cock into her cunt. As usual it had been awhile since Laura gave it up so it was tight but I didn’t care as I pushed in and out of her without regard. Laura put a hand behind her to push against me but I slapped it away and shoved my fat cock into her tight cunt until I was all the way in. She raised her head from Stacy’s cunt and grunted in protest but I forced my cock deep into her cunt.
“UHHHHHH”, I moaned.
Laura did have a nice soft juicy cunt and I loved fucking her when I could get it, I was getting it now so I fucked into her and I swear within about 10 strokes I needed to cum.
I slowed down and almost stopped to let the feeling ease off and then she started bucking back at me to get going. I thought of anything I could to get my mind off of it and as the column of cum lowered back down the inside of my shaft I started up again.
I wasn’t going to finish because one way or the other I was going to have my cock inside of Stacy’s cunt.

I worked in and out of my wife nice and steady while she lapped at the first pussy that I knew she had but somehow I doubt this was her first since we have been married ?.
Stacy was panting and Laura was rocking against me then she flooded my cock, she always had cum that wasn’t runny rather it was thick and almost slimy at times. Her cum made for very good lube, for years we would fuck while we were on our sides and she would raise a leg and I fucked her like that then I would pull out and get her in the ass.
With my cock now coated with her very slippery cream I was eying her ass and I wanted so bad to stick it in nice and deep. Laura was never able to take even half of my cock in her ass. We had tried a few positions like doggie style but the best way she could take it was laying on her side.
The thought that she was busy licking pussy and the intensity of it all I figured I may be able to get more in but I knew I would cum in no time plus I didn’t want to have it in her ass then put it in a pussy, I wanted some of Stacy’s pussy.
I pulled out of Laura and and sat back and after a minute she stopped licking Stacy and sat up,
“Go ahead, it’s ready for you now”, said Laura.
“You sure”, I asked. None of us ever discussed the rules of engagement before hand so I was still checking as this progressed.
“Show her what she has been missing”, said Laura as she moved over and out of the way then laid down on her side and propped her head up on her hand.

I scooted up between Stacy’s legs and positioned then leaned over her and guided my cock to her dripping wet cunt, thanks to Laura, and pushed in.
She was tight, with her husband only fucking her every 90 days or so she didn’t get much and I found out Ankara Escort the size difference between him and myself was considerable in fact Stacy hadn’t had anything the size of my cock, EVER.
She was very wet which helped and I was anxious plus she was very receptive so I forced my way in and was able to let go of my cock and prop myself up on my arms and fuck into her.
Stacy grunted with every inward motion as we got started and breathed in through clenched teeth as I fucked her and forced more of my cock inside.
I worked on her slowly then built some momentum as my cock got deeper while she still breathed through her clenched teeth. After fucking her for a few minutes and her hole stretched open some more her breathing tapered off to a pleasant moaning,
“MMMM, MMMM, MMMM, MMMMM”, as I gave her something she never had, not just in size but in method.

I concentrated on fucking her and closed my eyes while every now and then I would look down and noticed she would crack her eyes open to look up at me. She had a dreamy look in her eyes each time they opened then she would close them and have such a pleasant look on her face. Stacy was having an experience that I eventually came to find out that she never had and wouldn’t soon forget, nor would I.
None of us ever had a threesome and I found out Stacy had never been eaten by a woman and although she liked it she had no tendencies toward eating pussy herself but receiving was another matter, like I said she was passive submissive.
As I worked in and out of Stacy I leaned down more on top of her supporting myself on my forearms and she put her arms under mine and around my back then we began to kiss and when the kiss broke I sucked her neck while I pumped her.
I was surprised I didn’t have to blow already but I was enjoying this in so many ways that I needed it to last.
I slide an arm under her neck and had my body mashed on top of hers, those soft boobs against my chest were a great feeling. I ran my other arm down her side then down around her butt and up her leg.
She pulled her legs up higher and wider as she got more used to my cock and she wanted it deeper so I shoved into her, hitting places inside that had never been touched before and she breathed out,
“uh, uh, oh, oh, oh my god, uh uh”, while I went deeper and harder into her.
I couldn’t say a word because I was concentrating so hard on what I was doing and another reason is I wasn’t going to say to much in front of Laura. Hell, I was doing enough in front of her
I was building to a finish and it had been SO MANY YEARS since I have cum inside a pussy, I had nothing else on my mind.
As I fucked Stacy I could see Laura in my side view and she went from laying down watching the action to sitting up. She knew I was getting close,
“Do it, cum in her”, Laura said.
I was looking so forward to this and for all I knew before she said anything was that she may have felt that cumming in another woman was crossing a line.
The cum was racing up my shaft and I groaned to hold it. I wanted to cum in her bad I also wanted to fuck her tight cunt longer but it was no good,
“OH, OH, OH, OH,OH, I groaned. I has moved both hands down her sides putting my hands under her ass and wrapped my fingers around her butt and held on while I pounded hard into her, my body was so tense it made my chest raise up off her, I was holding it and desperately needed to squirt.
“Cum in her”, said Laura.
This was to hot, to wild and to nasty I was going to cum inside another woman with my wife practically cheering me on,
“I’M CUMMING………UHHHHHHHH”, I moaned out as stream of cum shot into her.
I held inside her as I felt another load build and my cock convulsed,
“UHHHHH”, I moaned and breathed as another stream of cum exited my peehole.
I heard Stacy whisper,
“uh, uh, I feel…..ohhhhhhh”, she moaned as I felt her cum splash the head of my cock.
I pumped into a few strokes as I let go my last blast,
“OHHHHH, UHHHHH”, as my cock convulsed and I squeezed out the last shot then held into her while I let myself come down from tingling in my cock.
“uh, uh, uh, oh my god, uh, uh, oh, uh, ohhhhhhh”, I said as I just stayed in the moment and let any minuet amount of cum dribble inside of Stacy’s cunt.
After several seconds I pulled out of her then sat up and laid on my back between both of them. I just fucked another woman after 29 yrs and with my wife watching me, this was something I NEVER thought would happen or really never imagined, until the three of us began talking the last few months.
I imagined threeways but never my wife being part of the countless scenarios I dreamed about.
My cock, previously strained and bloated had deflated and sagged to one side like the air being let out of a balloon.
Instead of feeling full on outright relief and bliss like you usually would I was tinged with a little bit of anxiety and guilt the instant I stopped cumming.
I let myself go and crossed a line that I swore I wasn’t going to cross no matter how heated things had gotten but I was in the moment, I wanted to fuck Stacy really bad, I wanted to experience a threesome and I did, NOW WHAT ?.

The three of us laid there and talked about things like how hot this was and how we all felt now that it was done while referring to “the next time we do this or that, etc”.
The way it ended up was there wasn’t a next time, much to my disappointment, not that we all didn’t want to but it just didn’t seem to work out.
I never did hear any negative things from Laura either and I guess she likely felt that perhaps she was free to just lick pussy from here on without me saying anything.
We still had our Friday and Saturday get together but either one of us fell asleep or got into a movie or the kids stayed up.
Stacy had issues at home that kept her attention or her husband would be in town which even though it was only every 90 days he would be home on a Friday, Saturday and then leave sometime Sunday.
His presence and time in town left Stacy flustered and or a list of things she needed to do so a whole slew of things kept it from happening again.
It was evident that Laura had become totally infatuated, if not in love, with Stacy. Laura pestered Stacy so much that she began to withdraw from Laura.
After a while though that issue is what ushered in our divorce. Laura’s life seemed to have revolved around Stacy but it wasn’t reciprocated and that made her mad at Stacy which translated to me. Not because of what the three of us did but for some reason Laura’s constant bitchiness and nagging about anything had started again.

Stacy did like Laura as a friend but only to a point then it just got to be to much and it really turned Stacy off. I never had anything against Stacy and always thought she was really a pleasant person but she was now seeing and experiencing the full extent of what I lived through.
Because she would not accommodate Laura’s wants, wishes and advances Laura became mean mouthed and would say hateful things then would suck up to get her trust back then ask Stacy if she loved her and all that.
Stacy tried to dissuade Laura all she could but she would keep going over to Stacy’s house, doing things for her, calling her constantly and just plain chasing her, it was bizarre.
I felt bad for Stacy but didn’t know what to do about it and it got to a point that one particular day I made the only decision and announced we were done, I moved out and began the divorce process.

Stacy and I kept in touch off and on as she told me about the things that Laura would say to her, ask of her, do for her, etc.
Our kids went to the same school and they still did favors for each other but Laura was in a different realm, she continued to “chase” Stacy.

Many months went by and Stacy was at a party at the house for our child which of course I attended.
Laura and I were done and Stacy was contemplating divorce as well. Stacy and I began to talk again and it didn’t take long for the inuendos got cranked up between us.
We did make plans to have sex but wasn’t sure how this would be done with her child and all plus I was only separated and she was still married so if Laura knew about it she would be pissed and use it against me and maybe against Stacy as well.
My work required me to travel a few days out of the month and Stacy had regular appointments which caused her to travel to a town near one of the towns I traveled to and I would stay overnight there at times.
So I altered my travel schedule to correspond with Stacy’s appointment and made reservations at a hotel where we met.

Stacy is petite, probably 5″5′, about 150lbs, large D cup boobs, dirty blond hair about shoulder length, her body is tanned all over (she goes to a tanning salon.
She wears short skirts and has pretty tanned legs with good meat on them and wears low cut shirts. She is not skinny and not fat but right in between, MMM, MMM, MM !.That is what I thought when I first met her and every time I see her.

So we met at the hotel, it was evening when we got there and checked in. This was something as new for her as was the threesome and she was nervous and excited. Nobody had a clue about anything between us so our situations and again the naughtiness of it all made it very hot.
It had been many months since we had the threeway and now here we were, all alone and ready for just our time.

Knowing what I did for her before was one things but this was going to be different. I had fucked her before, that was the situation the three of us were in, but this time I was going to show her exactly what it was all about and how it is supposed to be directly between a man and a woman.
We sat on the bed side by side, still fully clothed, and we talked about various events that happened over the last few months.
She told me some things about her husband and I gave her some insights into conversations between Laura and I.
Of course Laura skewed things to make me look like a terrible asshole and she was the innocent victim and that I left her blah, blah ,blah, when Stacy knew better. Stacy would defend me and it would piss Laura off bad and she wouldn’t talk to her for a while.
Let me tell you something, when you talk to your ex wife’s mother after separating and she tells you that there are no hard feelings and that side of the family and they still love you, then you would understand not what I knew but what everyone on Laura’s side of the family knew. She had become a pure ass bitch that was impossible to live with and even her mother asked me if Laura was gay, I mean come on !

As Stacy and I sat side by side on the bed the anticipation grew to a breaking point so I leaned over to get a kiss and we began to make out. I let my hand drift down her body and felt her soft legs then worked my way up her skirt and squeezed her ass and inner thighs as we kissed deeply and passionately.
She was on fire with passion and I had something to prove, I told her I could do things for her that she never experienced and I was going to do just that.
All her life she has been fucked and not had an ounce of affection. She would be banged, they would cum then roll over or get up and leave the room or just lay there, it was over in minutes.
She barely knew what it was like for her to have an orgasm or even get some satisfaction.
As things were getting heavy and I began to pull at her panties to get them off, we stopped kissing long enough to undress and get right back at it.
I told her I intended to kiss every square inch of her body so I started to do just that. I left her lips and munched on her neck then descended to work on her boobs. I loved her nice round soft boobs, I sucked them, I squeezed them and then I worked down her stomach until I got to her pussy.
Her poor neglected pussy craved the attention I was going to give it, the instant I brushed my tongue over her cunt lips she eased back and let me work her legs into position then I lapped at her slit.
She breathed evenly as I worked, not getting worked up rather she laid back and enjoyed the attention. She knew I was in no hurry and didn’t intend to just bang one out.
I picked my head up now and then to look at her and she laid back in such a state of relaxation, except for her eyes being tightly closed and a twist of pleasure on her face, she was quiet.
When I had her sufficiently ready I crawled up on top of her and positioned myself, placing my cock at her entrance I pushed in and met incredible tightness causing her to grunt,
“UH”, she grunted as I pushed my cock into her.
She pulled her legs up and opened them more as I slowly started to pump in and out,
“Damn you are tight”, I said.
“I’m sorry”, she responded.
“Oh NO, don’t be sorry”, I said.
“I’m just not used to anyone like you”, she said.

It was getting a little easier and I pushed more of my dick in with each stroke and Ankara Escort Bayan when I was able to bottom out I began to pump her with a steady rhythm while I supported myself on my forearms.
I could feel her boobs mashed against my chest and that dreamy look was in her eyes as we actually made love for the first time. Sure we fucked the night of the threesome but like I said this was different.
As she would crack open her eyes open now and then I would lean down and we would kiss and/or I would kiss her neck while I took long deep strokes.
We went at it like this for at least 30 minutes before I needed to cum and my need instinctively caused me to quicken my strokes into her.
She pulled her legs up which helped my angle of attack and allowed me to go almost balls deep inside her as I pounded,
OHHHH BABY, I moaned as I sped up, I was slamming into her cunt then she said,
I raised my self up with my arms then looped them under her legs, forcing her ass off the bed and pushing her legs back. She didn’t have that much flexibility but as I forced her legs back she groaned,
“FUCK ME TERRY”. I was slamming hard into her now and she wanted more, so did I. I was building up to cum but was getting tired and I needed to increase my strokes to finally bring it on.
I closed my eyes and concentrated and pounded. I finally felt the cum start back up my shaft again and with stamina I didn’t know I had I poured it on a little faster and then,
“OH STACY, I’M GONNA CUUMMMM, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, as I blasted a large pent up stream of my gooey cum into her tight neglected and still married cunt. Hell, being only separated I was still married as well.
I held myself inside as my cock convulsed,
“OH, OHHHHH”, I grunted with a very strained voice as squirted another healthy dose inside of her.
I knew I was done but my cock still convulsed as I tried to expel any cum that remained.
The last squirt did actually sting the bottom of my cock as it blasted. I imagine the first shot was really only about half of what it felt like with the second one being that largest amount. Either way, it felt damn good.
I finally pulled out and rolled onto my side beside her, I was wiped out, tired and dripping with sweat. I swear it felt like waves of heat were radiating from my body like I would never cool down, I laid there and breathed for several minutes.
Laura and I did have some very hot and wild sex back in the day but it had been awhile since I had anything this intense. At my age I didn’t know I still had it in me. I had the desire and imagination but I guess when you get yourself unleashed you can be surprised what you may be capable of.

As she returned from her dream state she opened her eyes, eyes that had such depth and such a lovestruck look then we kissed, she was hooked.
This is something she has never experience be it before during and after, but I/we were not through.
She eventually rolled on her side with her back to me and I did snug right up and explored her wonderful tanned body while I kissed her back and squeezed her boobs.
After awhile when we talked she told me she truly never had anything like we did, EVER. She was pretty, had a great body and fantastic personality so it was really hard for me to understand that, she had literally been neglected by two husbands.
Stacy and I made love several times that night and, as I said I would, I explored every inch of her body, there was not one place on her I didn’t kiss or lick and I mean from her head to the tips of her toes.
It wasn’t just her but that is the way I am, I did the same things with a few other woman I have been with since I left Laura.
I love the female body, not just the pussy, but all of it. I love to rub my hands all over and kiss those tender little spots they have and every other area in between.
I couldn’t do that with Laura, if I touched her she complained it tickled her. I could hardly touch her tits or rub down her side, across her stomach or almost anything. As sensitive as her cunt and clit were you would think I couldn’t eat it but I did and she loved it. I could kiss her face and neck but anything from her tit’s to just before her pussy was a no touch zone.

Over the course of the next 3 months Stacy and I managed to get together about 3 more nights. From all our talking way back in the day she knew that Laura liked me to fuck her in the ass and Stacy said she never tried that before and with the times her and I had together she was up for ANYTHING.
She did suck my dick and would have let me cum in her mouth and although she got good at it she just didn’t have what it took to bring me off, neither did Laura. There was only one woman that had the ability to do that and she was certainly talented but it was a long time ago.

On one particular occasion Stacy and I didn’t have out of town plans and wanted to get together bad so she told her child and husband (he was out on the road) that she had an emergency appointment out of town and would be overnight. She arranged for the child to be watched and we got a hotel room in town and met there one evening.
We ordered food in and had some drinks then later on we began to get busy. We knew what was going to happen in particular and while she was excited she was also nervous but she knew how I was and wanted to make the experience good for her.
We were horny on this particular evening so no love making, we fucked HARD !.
She found she kind of liked it rough at times and even enjoyed being spanked, that happened by accident during one of our prior sessions when we were talking dirty and having sex then afterwords I smacked her on the ass, just playing around.
When my hand hit her ass she shuddered, literally shuddered and shook. I asked her if she really liked it and she said yes but didn’t even know it beforehand.
She said it felt good and had no indication spanking would bring that out in her. I smacked her ass until it was red and did that on a few occasions and she would shudder and shake with pleasure, never seen anything like it with any woman I have been with, not before or since.

Anyway, we came prepared with some lube and after we fucked a few times and I spanked her we rested up and after a while when we began to play again.
I ran my finger down her crack and into her brownie hole while we kissed and and made out.
I was growing harder and harder then she got on her knee’s and sucked my cock while I lubed my finger up and applied some to her hole and worked into her while she sucked me.
The harder and faster she went at my cock the faster and deeper I shoved my finger into her butthole.
I was at peak hardness, she pulled off of me then bent over as I got up and moved behind her. I applied more lube on her butt hole then onto my cock and positioned myself at her entrance.
I smacked her ass cheek a few times, convinced she was worked up just right I pushed into her brownie hole planting the head of my cock firmly inside.
She took in a breath and tightened up then slowly let it out and when she relaxed I pushed again. You could hear the lube make that creamy crackling sound and as her hole stretched to take my cock,
“UHHH, OH GOD…..YOU ARE…….HUGE”, she said through stuttered breaths.
“Are you OK”, I asked.
“FINE….JUST KEEP….GOING”, she grunted and stuttered.

I could tell she wanted this experience and she also had something to prove to me, one was that she could take it, two she wanted to please me as I did her and three, she knew I never got it more than half way into Laura.
As I pushed in and the lube made it smacking crackling sound as I forced open her incredibly tight hole she breathed almost like in labor taking pant breaths.
I stopped my advance so she could breath and relax.
I knew it was getting a little tough for her because I was getting to the thickest part of my cock so I began to fuck in and out of her and get her used to what I had inside and let her relax a little as I worked.
She would instinctively tighten up on my down stroke and as I approached the half way point I started to push more cock into her as I fucked her ass.

She was breathing heavily and with one push I got in just past the halfway point and began to steadily saw in and out of her butt hole,
“UH, UHHH….UH, UHHH…..UH, UHHH”, she moaned and grunted in a stuttered pattern. I steadily worked to fuck her asshole then just when I thought it was all she could take,
“FU…CK M…E, FUC…K M M M….EEEEE, DO….IT”, she moaned out in panted breaths.
I started to fuck a little faster but still slowly and finished working the rest of my cock into her ass. I have never ever had my entire dick in a woman’s ass until now. Almost every girl or woman I had been with liked it in the ass or at least tried but never took it all.
The feeling was something I only imagined but now my entire cock was buried deep inside Stacy’s hot ass,
“OH STACY, I NEVER BEEN THIS DEEP BEFORE, I said loudly while I continued to fuck in and out of her.
I figured she couldn’t take it for to long given all her moaning and grunting, some in pleasure, and I imagine, some discomfort.

I needed to cum and with that need came the typical faster harder effort to bring it on and I knew with the excitement of it all that this was going to be huge.
She was taking it better than I ever expected and my animal instinct took over. I got up on my feet and squatted behind her. This gave me a better angle and I could go deeper. My legs were already starting to burn while I fucked her ass, I had my hands firmly wrapped around her waist, pulling her while I thrusted my hips and buried as much cock in her as I could. This was the hottest piece of ass I ever had and I intended to to take full advantage.
“UH, UH, UH….OH GOD…..OH, UH…. YOU’RE…..DEEP, she tired to yell but she stuttered as I pounded her.
Relief was on it’s way then as it boiled up and out,
“STACY”, I warned then was cut off by my own,
UH, UH, UH, UH, OHHHHHH MY GOD”, I yelled as as blistering load of spunk shot deep into Stacy’s guts. I wanted to pass out from the relief and feel of such an explosion and then another,
“OH MY GOD STACYYYYYY”, as the second hot creamy load erupted from my dick. I held deep in and could feel the pressure of the second load begin to work back out around my shaft.
With her anus stretched super tight around my shaft the cum worked it’s way out with a kind of squeak noise. I pumped a few times and grunted as I squeezed my cock muscles to give up all I had.
She put her arms behind her and pushed her hands against my lap, she needed me to pull out of her. I needed to myself as my legs were on fire, the muscles burned so bad and I had to quit.
I pulled my cum covered cock from Stacy’s asshole and the cum dribbled from her hole while she stayed on her knee’s for a few more seconds then she slowly descended down onto her stomach.
I collapsed and laid beside her on my back and breathed, I was again sweating from the action and I was TOTALLY spent.
We usually had sex several times through out the nights we spent together but unless I could recover, and she wanted to, this was going to be it, that’s how I felt at that moment anyway.
That actually was it until the next morning, both of us worn out we cuddled and after awhile we went to sleep.
The next morning we woke then showered together and as we started to put clothes on I looked at her and got hard and she went to her knee’s and sucked my cock. After a few minutes she stood and I pushed her onto the bed then we made love and I came in her pussy, for the last time.

My divorce came through a little bit after that then a few months later her divorce became final. She moved on to other things and people, as I did. We still keep in touch and talk about having another night together but due to certain circumstances and relations it didn’t happen until about 9 months later.
We had a chance to get together and we fucked two nights in a row. I am in a relationship and she is in a “situation” herself but we still make plans to fuck when it works out.
my ex-wife wants me to fuck her really bad but I keep putting her off, she gets pissed about it but if she even had a clue that Stacy and I had been fucking she would be livid and she would feel slighted because I was having sex with Stacy and she hasn’t.

After Note:
Since my divorce I have been with a few woman and had some good sex with woman black and white, some much younger and some a little older than I.
One situation in particular really threw me for a loop in some very profound ways and it was one of the catalysts that prompted me to start writing and gave me inspiration to write fiction but I have to write the true events because they are the basis for my fictional situations.
If anyone has read my brief profile I did say I would be writing some fictional and TRUE stories as well. I imagine many people will not believe my next story actually happened but it did.

The title of my next story, and it is a true event, is: “Surprise, then Complicity” (or Before and After)

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