Neighbor Girl Needs Help pt3


The next morning as I get home from work, I see the neighbor lady that lives kitty corner from me. Miranda, I think her name is. She looks good for her age, mid 40s probably, wearing a simple red t-shift and light blue capris. I say hello on the way to my door, she smiles back and replies “Coffee Time!” and keeps on walking. As I get to my door I fumble for my keys, looking back to check her out as she walks to the coffee shop down the street, her tight pants showing off that ass, swaying the whole way. Once I get inside, I go grab a beer before I head off to bed for the day. As I’m pouring a glass, someone knocks on my door. I go to answer it and find that it’s Jemma, standing there in the same grey yoga pants as yesterday, with a tight tank top and no bra, nipples pointing straight out like they’re ready to cut glass, and she is biting her lower lip with a smile.

“I put the plug back in, maybe you can help me get it out again” she says, using her sexy-ass girly voice.

I open the door and move aside, letting her walk in, and close the door behind me. As she turns to face me I wrap my arms around her and pull her to me, kissing her hard and deep. Her body goes limp as she returns the kiss, moaning in the process. I push her up against the back of the kitchen counter, shoving my pelvis into hers, making her feel my now rock hard cock through my pants.

“Take off your clothes” shes says, “Let me see how hard you are”.

I pull my shirt off, followed by my pants and boxers, my cock sticking straight out. She then gets down on her knees and takes hold of my cock, slowly rubbing up and down with one hand, the other giving my balls a little massage.She leans in and licks the tip. She looks up at me and smiles, that devilish catholic schoolgirl smile, and then takes my whole cock in her mouth down to the base.

“FUCK!” I yell out, surprised by the impromptu deep throat. I look back down at her and she still has her eyes fixated on me, staring deep into my own eyes as she starts backing her mouth off, and then back down, again and again, sucking my cock, deep throating it every time, keeping her eyes locked to mine. She grabs my right hand and moves it to the back of her head, and I know exactly what she wants. I grab some hair and start shoving her head into me, face fucking her. I go slow at first, but her eyes tell me she wants more, so I pick up the pace. She starts moaning, and looking down I can Escort Bayan see her hand rubbing her pussy as I continue to shove my cock down her throat.

After about a minute I can feel my balls start to tingle just before I erupt, spewing my cum down her throat. She doesn’t miss a beat and swallows every drop. I let go of her head and she continues to suck and bob on my dick, trying to suck out as much cum as possible. Eventually I have to stop her as the sensation is just too much. “Holy shit” I say “that was amazing”, as she just sits there on her kness, looking up and smiling, licking her lips. I lean back on the counter to keep my balance, while Jemma crawls closer again, lifts up my softening dick, and starts licking my balls.

After a minute of standing there trying to recover, I finally have the strength to pull her up and off me, kissing her and pulling her to me, grabbing her ass and lifting her up and turning to set her down on the counter top.

“AH!” she yelps. “You ok?” I ask. “Oh yeah, I just landed on the plug is all”.

I go back in to kiss her again as I start to pull on her yoga pants, she lifts her ass up and allows me to pull them down, finding that she was going commando. I slip a finger into her pussy as I move from kissing her mouth down to her neck, nuzzling and kissing, nibbling her earlobe a bit, eliciting even more moans. She pushes me back a bit and lifts up her shirt, revealing those glorious breasts once again.

I move down to her tits and start kissing and licking her nipples.

“Ah, fuck I love that” she says as I suck a nipple in my mouth, sucking on it hard now, my index finger still slowly gliding in and out of her pussy, getting wetter and wetter by the second.

After getting my fill of her wondrous tits, I tell her to lay back on the counter, and make my way down to her pussy, sucking her clit in my mouth.

“Oh god, that, right there… keep doing that!” she says as I keep sucking her clit, licking the tip. She gasps and arches her back with a nice and loud moan. I let go of her clit and start licking as hard as I can, tasting her juices and putting as much pressure on her as my tongue can give.


She arches her back and again, and I hold onto her hips for dear life as my tongue continues to lick her love hole as hard as I can. I slide my hand Ankara Escort under her and find the butt plug, grabbing the handle and move it around a little. “OH YES! Play with that ass!” she moans, which makes me give the plug a little tug, not enough pull it out, but enough to excite her asshole and elicit a huge “AAGGH FUCK. FUCK THAT ASS YES!”. I pull and push on the the plug a few more times, and I can tell she’s getting ready. I put my focus back on licking her clit, and slide a couple fingers inside her.

“OH SHIT OH FUCK I’M GONNA CUM. YES, LICK THAT PUSSY FUCK MAKE ME CUM!” she yells out, squeezing her legs around my head.


Her whole body quivers and her legs squeeze the shit out of my head, her pussy exploding her juices in my mouth, but I hang on and just keep on licking, hoping at some point I can come up for air. Eventually the quivering stops and she lays back down. “Stop licking, god please stop” she says as she pushes my head away from her. I get in one last hard lick and she sits up and shakes and yells “OH GOD ANOTHER, FUUUUCKKK”. Jemma sits there for a second, her head hanging, her hands shaking.

“Oh my god you are good at that” she says, her breathing still very heavy. She lifts her head and smiles, and then eventually slides off the counter, grabs hold of cock again and gives it a slight tug and says “We’ve gotta get you hard again, something tells me it won’t take as long this time to get that plug out, and I don’t want my ass to be empty for long”.

Just then there is a knock on the door. I give Jemma a smile and the “shh” sign, and we make our way back to the bedroom. There is another knock on the door, only this time much harder, accompanied by “OPEN THE DOOR, THE WHOLE BUILDING KNOWS YOU’RE IN THERE!”.

I throw on a t-shirt and pair of shorts and make my way back out to the front, and unlock and open the door. There stands my neighbor, Miranda, still in the plain red t-shirt and light blue capri pants, looking very … unhappy. “Hi, how can I..” “LOOK, THE WHOLE BUILDING CAN HEAR YOU. KEEP IT DOWN!” she interrupts with.

“Excuse me?” I ask. “I said we can all hear you, all your sex and what not, not everyone wants to hear your little blond girl scream all the time”. “I thought you were out getting coffee?” I ask, not really sure what else to say.

“I came back right around the time Ankara Escort Bayan you decided to start fucking your little friend right next to the door. Either shove a sock in her mouth or take it somewhere else!”.

“JUST WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” I hear Jemma say from behind me. I look back, and see her standing with her hands on her hips, still naked as the day she was born, staring straight at the neighbor lady Miranda. “I will fuck who I want to fuck and scream as loud as I want, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. For your information he was licking my pussy and doing a damn fine job at it, and if you have a problem with it maybe you should pull the stick out of your ass and go fuck yourself with it!”

I look back and Miranda, who now has one hand over her obviously jaw-dropped mouth, the other sneaking its way …. downstairs.

Miranda recovers soon and barks “WELL, WHAT? HOW DARE YOU! GO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON! AND DON’T EVER SPEAK” – “ OH SHUT THE FUCK UP AND QUIT BEING SUCH A PRUDE!.” Jemma quickly interrupts with. “Maybe what you need is a good fucking from a big god damn cock”. Jemma slowly walks up behind me and slips her hand down the front of my shorts, and firmly grabs a hold of my cock as she stares at Miranda. “He has a nice fat cock, and I should know, I just sucked the shit out of it and swallowed his cum. And don’t act like this bothers you, I can see that left hand of yours hovering over your pussy”

Miranda looked like a deer in headlights, her face completely shocked, as she looks down to watch Jemma stroke my now rock hard dick inside of my shorts. My eyes start to roll back in my head from the sensation (and the fact that this is happening right in front of my neighbor, with the door open). “Hey Mikey I think she likes it!” squeals Jemma, looking at Miranda with that devilish smile.

“I, I …. Please. Stop. I , I , no, I don’t. I just wanted you to…” Miranda stutters.

“Your hand is still on your pussy, so I think you do. Come on in and we’ll show you the rest” Jemma offers, as she and I move to the side or the doorway.

“What? No, that’s wrong. I can’t” replies Miranda, still staring at Jemma’s hand sliding up and down in my shorts.

“Sure you can, just take two steps forward and come in. No one is going to make you do anything you don’t want. You can just watch if that is all you want. And I can tell you really want to watch”

Jemma then takes her hand off my cock, pulls it out of my shorts, and offers it to Miranda, who slowly lifts her hand off her mound and accepts Jemmas, who pulls her in and then shuts the door.

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