Night of Video games get serious.


So i know this girl from work, a cute little latina girl named Candy. I don’t even know her actual name, her nametag said Candy and everyone calls her it. She’s maybe 5’3″ 115 pounds, very skinny and very hot. We started hangin out, goin to the casino, everything kinda pointed to her bein interested in me, but was never sure and never made a move. We worked together one day, and were talkin about video games, and i asked her if she wanted to come over and play sometime. And she was asked me what i was up to that night. Told her nothing, so she invited herself over.
Well she called me when she got done with work, and said she was gonna go and change quick, and then stop by. Bout 45 minutes pass and i was wonderin if she was gonna come over at all. I started cleanin the kitchen to pass time. She gets here while i’m takin out trash, and i’m climbin over this snowbank and i called out to her, and bam! I fell right on my face in the snow.
Pretty slick huh? So i was a lil embarassed. We stood outside and smoked a cigarette, and talked a lil bit. She was wearing this super oversized fluffy parka thing with a fur hood. Just outrageously big. We got inside and she loses the jacket, and she’s wearin these jeans that looked like they were painted on and this super lowcut pink shirt. Very sexy. AND i saw her when we were working and she didnt have any makeup on for work but she musta put on some when she went home. So i figured she was at least a little interested in me.
I was like “you want me to make you a drink?”
and she was like “yeah i’d love one”
“well what do ya want”
and she was like “i dunno, nothing too hard”

So i made her this awesome amaretto/rum/cherry/coke mix, gave her a nice glass and everything, and we both sat down on the couch. I was watching the first ninja turtles movie before she came over, very classy right?
She goes “i fuckin love this movie” i kinda tossed the eyebrow at her and she saw it and said “what?”
“that’s either incredibly nerdy or incredibly awesome” got a laugh ya know.
And we were just sittin there watchin it and and i was jokin about whatever, and she downed the first drink pretty quickly so i figured i had made it too weak. So i got up and made another drink for us both and i sat a lil closer to her this time when i sat down, figurin i’d be a lame-guy and like shimmy over till i was right next to her. Watched some more of the movie and i was gonna say something about playin xbox, but she kinda beat me to sayin anything, and she was like

“this drink is awesome, make me another one, and show me how u do it this time”
I was like “trade secret!” and grabbed her glass and kinda ran into the kitchen.
She followed me. I started openin bottles but i was blockin her from seein, like raising my shoulder and moving side to side. She started like pushing me so she could see, good flirting you know? So i finally caved and showed her how to make it and i was goin step by step and i was like
“and THIS is where u put the roofies in it so it dissolves right away” i said it in a goofy voice and she started laughin and hit me on the arm. and i made myself some hardass drink with brandy. I sat down first and she sat down like touching close. She said somethin about videogames and i just turned to her and blurted out,
“So you gonna pretend you wanna play video games or do you just wanna go upstairs and fuck?”

She got this shocked kinda look and her mouth kinda dropped open. And i just fuckin went for it you know, i grabbed her by the back of the neck and kissed her. AND she kissed me back!
So we made out for a bit and then went upstairs and i was like “FUCK YA THAT ACTUALLY WORKED” in my head and she walked up the stairs ahead of me. And she has that killer latina ass. just epic. I put my hand on it as we reached the top and pushed her in the direction of my room.
We got into my room and she kinda looked around at all my paintball pictures. I quick put on some music. I’ve talked to her at work alot and she was like “you actually DO have an inflatable bed!” And i was behind her and i pulled her to me by her waist, rubbing her ass against my crotch, and kissed her neck and she like grabbed my head with her hand and turned to me like she wanted me to kiss her and i was happy to oblige. I started exploring a lil with my hands. I put one under her shirt from the bottom and ran it up and caressed one of her boobs and i undid the button on her jeans at the same time with the other, very suave. Dont think she even noticed.
I stopped kissin her and started pulling her shirt up over her head and she raised her arms and let me do it, and i was lucky that i was behind her cuz she had one of those stupid clasp bras that i always have trouble with so i just quick snapped that off. and she threw it on the floor. She turned around and good lord did she have nice tits, not very big but they were perfect for her body.
I reached out and put my hands on them, palms out. I played with them a lil, slowly moving closer to her until my hands were the only thing seperating us. I tweaked her nipples in between my fingers. She closed her eyes, turned her head upwards and purred and as soon as she did I kissed her. I put one of my hands on her lower back and with the other i grabbed a handful of her ass. We stood there kissing like long lost lovers for almost a minute, but i needed more.
I backed up and said “lose the pants too baby” in my sexy assertive voice.
She reached for the button of her jeans without breaking eye contact with me, she had this sexy faraway look in her eyes and i couldn’t look away. She realized the button was undone already and looked down. I lowered myself to my knees as she looked away and said “i’ll Escort Bayan do it”
I pulled at the fly of her jeans and rubbed her through them before grabbing the sides of them and pulling down. Well, trying to pull them down, they were SO tight. I turned her around, grabbing the waist of her jeans over her ass and yanking them straight down, this time they gave and fell, letting her amazing ass out of its cage so to speak. As soon as the jeans were out of the way i stopped caring about them, leaving them half-way down her thighs. I had to put my hand on her ass. Her thong was still on but i didnt care because i was too focused on her round little ass. I squeezed her right cheek hard with my right hand, admiring it at the same time. I licked her left ass cheek causing her to tense up and giggle. I let go of her and pulled her pants to her ankles.
She stepped out of them as i stood up. I pulled her almost naked body against me and kissed her neck again, one thing i knew she liked already, this time putting a hand on her uncovered tit and with the other hand snaking my way under her thong and through her hairless crotch for the untouched slit beneath it. Encountering the sudden wetness of her pussy, i started rubbing her clit with my ring and middle fingers, causing her to gasp and moan. She reached behind her to grab my head but didn’t turn her head towards me so i continued kissing her neck and shoulder.
She leaned back on me and lifted her left leg, allowing me to move downward and I started to tease her with my middle finger. I kept rubbing her clit with my thumb and rubbed up and down, slowly entering her with my middle finger. Fuck she was tight, i started to worry that she was a virgin. I pushed my middle finger as far as it could go by itself and met no resistance so i knew that she wasnt. I pulled it out and entered her with two fingers, causing her to tighten up for a second and moan. I hadn’t even entered her to the second knuckle with two fingers when she made a more pronounced moan,
She pulled away from me. She turned around and looked at the bulge in my jeans like a predator looks at its prey and fell to her knees. “you first” she said. She undid the button and zip on my jeans. She pulled my pants and boxers down with her hands and my cock sprang to attention, freed from confinement. She raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at it sexily. I put my hand on it and rubbed it up and down. She pushed my hand off of it and put her mouth over its head.
FUCK did it feel good. She started moving her lips up and down over the shaft of it, teasing me, only going an inch or two at a time and VERY slowly.The slow pace started to get to me so i grabbed the back of her head and pulled her onto it. Her eyes opened wide for a moment and she supressed her gag reflex as i struck the back of her throat with the tip of my cock. She started to properly blow me at that point moving up and down as far as she could down my shaft, she began to make muffled moaning sounds as she did, sounds i felt on my cock more than heard. I realized then that one of her hands was on one of her tits and the other was under her thong on her pussy. This was unbelievably hot to me and i started having to supress the urge to cum. I had to stop her.
“Fuck baby you’re way too good at that i’m gonna cum if you dont stop”
and she looked up at me and gave me this look. Pulling her lips off my cock, she pulled her hand out of her crotch and started jerking me off. She said,
“Yeah, that’s the point.”
And she put her lips back over it. She started sucking hard, knowing the end was near. She looked up at me every now and then, making eye contact with me, which was amazing in its own right. Her lips were hollowed out and i could see her hand grasp and squeeze her tit, pinching her nipples occasionally . And it just became too much for me.
“Fuck i’m cumming baby” and if it was possible she sucked harder and faster. Her eyes opened up wide again as i came into her mouth. She coughed for a second and pulled off of my cock, opening her mouth in front of it, she jerked me off as i spurted again and again into her open mouth. Surprisingly she swallowed it all, i hadn’t taken her for the type.
She looked so hot kneeling there with a little cum dribbling out of the side of her mouth that i had to repay her. I pushed her back on the bed and said “your turn”
She raised her hips off of the bed and pulled her panties off, not letting me do the honors. This depressed me a small bit, as i always relished uncovering a girl’s most sacred treasure. Call me indiana jones. She tossed her panties at my face and i took them and threw them to the side. I dropped to the ground and propped myself up on my elbows in between her spread legs. Enjoying the moment before i began to abuse her tight little pussy.
I slid my hands beneath her ass cheeks, and licked the inside of her thigh, teasing her for a moment. I used the tip of my tongue and made a wide circle around her pussy. Prolonging her torment. I put my tongue to the bottom of her slit and licked all the way to the top. She made a sound that can only be described as gasp of pure extasy. I used my thumbs to spread her open and put my lips over her clit and sucked for a moment. She moaned, a low gutteral sound that she had no control over. I sucked hard, pulling my lips away from her, making a slurping noise as it let go and sprung back into place.
I began searching her pussy for that one spot that every girl has. Licking up and down, side to side slowly, so slowly. I felt her ass clench up involuntarily and knew that i had found it. I attacked it from every angle with my tongue licking her hard, relishing in her moans and gasps and screams. I moved down Ankara Escort from that spot and began to tongue-fuck her, licking up and down inside of her. I felt her begin to shudder, almost violently as she came. I pulled my hands from beneath her ass and grasped her hands, bonding for a moment as she screamed. I have roommates on both sides of my room that would hear it but i didnt care. All i did care about was her pleasure, giving her what she had given me earlier.
Her legs fell to the side and her whole body collapsed after it. She sighed, one of those great sighs when you KNOW you did something great. She was breathing heavily and her head was turned to the side in the pillow. I climbed on top of her, turning her head and kissing her quickly on the lips. She followed me with her head and kissed me back as i pulled away. I kissed her passionately for a moment before realizing that i hadn’t showed her tits proper attention. I kissed her throat and her chest before putting my lips over the nipple of her right breast. Engulfing as much of her tit as i could with my mouth, i sucked on it, working on the other one with my hand.
In a breathless voice she said “Jesus Christ just fuck me” Her helpless throwing of herself on me worked perfectly. I moved up and lined myself up with her. It was an awkward angle as she was still at the edge of the bed and my knees would still be on the hard carpet of the floor. So i grabbed her by the hips, picking her up off the bed and sliding her back so that her head was on the opposite edge of the bed. I half slid, half crawled over her, kneeling on the bed, i lined myself up with her tight opening. I rubbed my cockhead up and down until i suddenly sunk in a bit. She gasped in an almost helpless way. And i SLOWLY pushed my length into her, it took almost a minute to get all the way in, as every time she made any kind of sound i pulled back until just the head was in before slowly sliding back in.
She began to grab my back and my ass, trying to force me to go faster but i was much bigger and stronger than her and i dictated my own pace. She was frustrated but at the same time so turned on that she couldn’t say a thing to me. Finally i was buried to the hilt in her, and i began to properly fuck her. I pulled almost all the way out suddenly and quickly, and then slammed back into her, causing her to damn near squeal with pleasure. I didn’t slow down at all.I kept pounding in and out of her, and she dug her fingernails into my back. I felt a slight urge to cum and pulled myself out of her completely. She looked at me with an almost hurt look on her face, and i said.
“Get on your hands and knees baby.” Her eyebrows flared up for a moment and she did as i said. She rolled over onto her stomach and shimmied onto her knees until her ass was high in the air. She propped herself up on her hands. I admired her for a second, but without any feeling on my cock it was only a second. I stretched my arms out and i felt her reach under herself and grab me by the cock, guiding me in. I felt my cock part the lips of her pussy, and without any teasing this time, i seized her by the hips and slammed myself to the hilt into her. She screamed out loud once and started to moan as i fucked her. After a few minutes of this pace, she stopped pulling back into my thrusts and looked back at me for a second.
“let me lay down, i’m tired” So i pulled out of her and she lay down on her stomach, pushing her legs together. It was almost like she expected a massage. She put her hands under her tummy and spread her pussy from beneath. I got the idea right away and i kneeled over her, practically straddling her, pressing my cock into her from above. I put my hands next to her head to prop myself up. She slid her hands under the pillow as i started to fuck her. I realized that this position made me do all the work but every time i thrust home i was greeted with a loud slap of my groin hitting her cute ass, and i was ok with that. She started to moan harder and eventually started screaming again, but she buried her face in the pillow. She pulled her hands out from under the pillow and grasped my hands and looked back at me, it was an action of vulnerability, like i owned her completely. It was the hottest feeling i’d ever experienced.
It felt like i was gaining momentum, fucking her harder and harder. Suddenly i felt her muscles tighten up over my cock, her hands gripping mine harder and harder. Every time i slammed home she screamed into the pillow, her orgasm setting off my own. I came into her time and again, every thrust felt like i was cumming all over again until i finally collapsed on top of her.
I rolled onto my back next to her. I reached over her and grabbed the pack of cigarettes off of my desk. She was breathing heavily, her face still buried in the pillow. I put my arm under her and pulled her close, rolling her onto her side in the process and kissed her quickly on the lips.
“fuck that was amazing” I whispered to her, breathing almost as heavily as she was.
“Oh it was good for you too? Good.” She answered back, i lit two cigarettes and put one in her mouth, rolling onto my back, she moved around until she was on her back next to me. We ashed on the floor, not caring after something like that. She half-cuddled up next to me as we smoked, just enjoying the moment.
She finished her cigarette before me and tossed it in the ashtray before collapsing next to me again. I rolled onto my side and reached over her, putting out my smoke. I put my arms around her and lay there spooning for a while, both still breathing heavily, just recovering. She started fidgeting so i let her go and she sat on the edge of the bed. I playfully smacked her ass.
“Mind if i take Ankara Escort Bayan a shower quick?” she asked.
“I don’t mind as long as you keep the door unlocked” i replied smugly.
She raised her eyebrows and grabbed my zip-up from my closet door. She put it on, it not even covering up her ass, and walked slowly out of the room, glancing back to me as she left the room. I lay there smoking another cigarette, relishing it. Replaying the events in my mind over and over. Fuck she was good, nothing was gonna be that good again for a while. The feeling of her mouth on my cock, how tight she was….I HAD to do it again. I stood up and dug around my closet for a pair of shorts and walked out into the hall, i tested the door handle, half expecting it to be locked. It wasn’t. I opened the door, loudly so she knew i had came in. “It’s me” i said, nerdishly.
I walked over to the sink and splashed cold water in my face, then walked over to the shower. I threw the curtain open, and good lord I thought she was gorgeous when i was fucking her. She looked over at me with that sexy faraway look she had down so well. I dropped my shorts and climbed in with her. The water was far too hot for me as i wasn’t used to it yet but didn’t care. All i cared about was the naked latina girl in my shower.
I half-slammed her into the shower wall and put my forehead against hers and started fingering her, doing it right, knowing she wouldn’t stop me this time. She put her hand on my already hard cock and started jerking me off. She started to gasp and moan, the sound echoing in the small bathroom. I began moving my first and forefingers faster and faster inside of her, ‘walking’ them back and forth, she started to breathe heavily again. I twisted the fingers inside of her as they were still a blur and she started making some breathless screams.
Finally I pulled my fingers out of her and grabbed her hips, picking her up against the wall, i put her on top of my dick and lowered her down onto it. She moaned and buried her face into my shoulder. I started to pump in and out of her. She was small, so it was an easy task to prop her up and fuck her.
Time went by and my arms were getting tired from holding her up. I think she sensed that because she said “Let me down” and i did as told. She turned around, bent over and put her hands on the wall to prop herself up. She spread her legs as much as the small bathtub would allow. I put one hand on her waist and guided myself in with my other hand. I slid into her slowly but steadily, burying myself completely into her. She dropped her head as i did, wet hair splayed across her back. Every time i slammed in, her ass rippled, throwing the water off of it to the sides as i fucked her. She looked back and said in a timid voice,
“Fuck me in the ass.” Her tone of voice, the look on her face, i couldn’t have said no if i wanted to. I pulled out of her and put my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading her, staring at her. There was a bottle of Axe body gel next to me, i grabbed it and poured a bit on my first and middle fingers and slid them into her asshole. FUCK i thought her pussy was tight. I lubed her up a bit, her gasps driving me on. The tightness of was just too much for me, i had to fuck her. I poured more of the soap on my cock, spread her with my thumbs and put the head to her tight button asshole. I rubbed it up and down, aligning myself until i was in position.
I pressed hard and suddenly broke through. She clenched up and the feeling was amazing, the grip was unbelievably tight just behind my cockhead. She pulled one of her hands off of the wall and started rubbing her pussy. I grabbed her by the waist and started pulling her back onto my cock. She screamed and moaned as each small length penetrated her. I was about halfway in when i pulled back till only the head was in her and slammed forward making sudden progress forward. She screamed again, louder this time, echoing in the tight space of the shower.
I repeated the process, eliciting the same scream that was the biggest turn on i’ve ever had. One more pull-out and thrust inward and i was buried in her tight ass. She threw her head up, spraying me with water from her wet hair and looking back at me, a look of extasy, like she was lost. I pulled out and without pause surged back into her, starting to fuck her tight ass like a wild man. The feeling was amazing, every action causing her to shudder or scream.
I reached forward and moved her hand out of the way and started rubbing her clit as i fucked her in the ass. On one of the thrusts where i buried myself in her, she clenched up powerfully, almost not letting me move, making a loud, low moan as she orgasmed. Amazingly, It actually became tighter, and i tried to pull out to the head again, but she was locked up so tight it was difficult. Finally her orgasm passed and she loosened up again, causing me to pull all the way out unexpectedly. She looked back at me, smiling. I slammed forward, breaking into her again, turning the smile into a look of shock.
I kept fucking her harder and harder wishing the feeling would never end, but wanting it to at the same time. I started to see stars i was fucking her so hard. I felt the end approach, and tried to will myself to keep going but i knew i couldnt. “UUUUUGGGHHHHH” I never make a sound when i cum but i had to this time, it was impossible not to. She moaned as i came, probably feeling the cum practically fill her up. I fell back against the wall, pulling her with me. She leaned up against me, my cock going slowly limping but still in her ass. I held her up against me not wanting the feeling to end, the water washing the feeling away slowly. I pulled my now limp cock out of her and stepped out of the shower. I toweled off and handed her my towel, walking to my room naked. Not caring. I laid down in bed and she came in a minute later, laying down next to me. It was a sleep of passion fulfilled. None better.

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