Office dream part 7_(1)


My blood boiled as I thought about my HIM, my colleague, sitting at the desk opposite to mine.
It all started off as innocent flirting, we chatted online and discussed our sexual preferences and daydreams. He soon was incorrigible, all he seemed to do now whenever I saw him was talk or chat about sex and porn on the internet.
In our company, as long as no customer is around, all doors are open. Our colleagues next door could hear every word and walk in any second, I was always hot with arousal and fear of being caught or overheard by them.
Then one day he stood behind me, talking to me about a project on my screen. He began rubbing his bulging pants against my back. He slid his arms around me and cupped my breasts. I let him massage them for a while, then shrugged him off telling him that we ‘had work to do.’ I was so aroused by the risk and the feel of his hands on me and at the same time guilty and ashamed.
Because of project deadlines the two of us were often the ones last in the office. He kept pressing me for more. He felt my breasts and took nibbles and bites at my nipples. He masturbated in front of me and coerced me to do it as well. He constantly urged me on to the next step, the next level of intimacy. He finger-fucked me and I played in front of him with my dildo, fucking myself with the toy while I watched him wanking himself off in front of me. I even gave him blow and a tit jobs a few times. All this never took him as far as he wanted to go with me as I did not allow him to fuck me, my pussy and ass were of limits for his cock.

Four weeks ago he scheduled a meeting after work. He blackmailed me with a video showing me being finger-fucked by him and giving him a blow job. He knew my whole existence would be shattered if he mailed the file to my husband.
Having me at his mercy he lost all inhibitions and raped me. It was absolutely humiliating. I was reluctant and fighting it at first but he dominated me. I felt shame and pain, which only excited him more. He could not get enough of me. He fucked like a demon. He even used toys on me until I almost faded from my orgasms. I became his plaything, his office sex toy, to use as he pleased. It was lust, pure, sexual lust.
The sex had been against my will but I had the most intense multiple orgasms ever. My mind screamed in protest, yet I could feel my body tingling in anticipation, craving a repeat. I felt so guilty. I was torn between being terrified that he would use me again and being frightened that he wouldn’t.
While I remembered the three times he abused me like this the last details of my plan ripened in my mind. I was tired of being humiliated and I wanted the control over my mind and body back, the time for payback was there.
The day at the office passed slowly. Several times during the day, my pussy twitched in anticipation and my thong was quite damp. Around 3 P.M. I could not stand it any more, I went into the rest room. I stood there with my pants and underwear down in the stall. I was so horny. I leaned against the wall and rubbed my clit, fantasized about what I was going to do to him tonight. I inserted two fingers into my pussy and and pumped myself, using the other hand still frantically on my clit. My body tensed up and I felt my stomach muscles tighten and my legs got weak. I tried hard not to scream as my orgasm raced through me. I went back to my desk, now able to concentrate on my work.

Finally the office was dark and silent. All our colleagues had left for the weekend. Outside the rain hammered against the windows. I walked through the rooms, making sure that we were alone. When I returned to our room I closed the door behind me. No one was going to disturb us. This was the payback of a lifetime and I was determined not to waste it. Without warning, I began to unbutton my blouse, taking his attention immediately.
“What do you think you’re doing?”, he said grinning as he gripped his cock through his jeans. “Ready for another ride my little toy? Now you’re finally going to let your nature take over? Wow, you really are born to be a sex toy”.
“I’ve decided to teach you a lesson” I stopped unbuttoning long enough to throw some photos onto the table. The photos showed him pressing me up against the wall as he had done the last time when I was his ‘office toy’. I had anticipated his need then, heightening it by turning him on throughout the day so that he would take me again as he did. The web cam I placed on one of our file cabinets had done a good job capturing the whole episode. Though some scenes showed me enjoying it, the video made quite clear that I was blackmailed and doing it against my will. The carefully selected photos showed a rape taking place.
“Really? Wow, you have changed your tune”, he stood and tried to look in control, but the usually smooth man, with his easy smile wasn’t there.
“There is a video of this as well. Now we reverse roles. If you don’t obey me I’ll send the photos and video to your wife, our boss and the police. And guess whom they are going to believe, me, being the smaller, weaker female or you? Now if you want my mail to stay put obey and take off your clothes.” I let my blouse fall to the floor and began to unbutton my jeans. “Your wife will divorce you and leave you with nothing. You will loose your job and perhaps your freedom. You know that as well as I do. Now get naked.” He knew that these were no idle threats. He took off his shirt. He stepped out of his shoes. His jeans followed, leaving him only in his shorts. He hesitated for a moment, looking again to me to measure the need for this. I pushed my jeans and thong down and stepped out of them. My bra and socks quickly joined them on the floor. “Tonight I will use you and your cock any way I want. Don’t you dare to cum until I allow it. You really wont like my punishment for that.”

I slowly began to run my fingers along his inner thigh. Each time my fingers would near his balls he would let out a soft gasp. I moved my fingers up where I gently scratched his balls through his shorts, then took them in my hand and massaged them, rolling them. I stared at the bulge forming in his shorts, his cock began to rise. Ankara Escort It began to stretch towards his belly, thickening as he became aroused. I continued to massage his cock and balls through his shorts.
“Oh, your cock is quite hard already,” I murmured, my fingers caressing the length of it as it struggled to be free.
I pulled the waistband forward and began to stroke him slowly, my hand moving along his cock, squeezing gently. I cupped his balls in one hand, squeezing them slightly as I leaned over and slid my other hand into his shorts. I slowly slid the other hand up to tease the head of his cock. The head was starting to get wet as my thumb slid over it.
“Oh yes,” he whispered. He moaned and moved himself toward me, pushing his hips to meet my hand, but my hand instead of stroking his cock now pushed his hips back.
“I’m in control, remember?” His body stiffened as I almost gently let my fingernail scrape the base of his cock. I pulled his shorts down to the floor and he stepped out of them. Now we were both completely nude.
“I remember this cock”, I said looking into his eyes “Fucking me deep and hard and in every hole. Do you remember as well?” He was biting his lip as I was slowly stroking his cock. He didn’t answer, just nodded.
“I’d bet you’re wondering what am I up to now, aren’t you?” He just nodded again. “I’d bet you’d like to bend me over like you did last time and fuck me like your obedient little office toy.”
“Yes” he said.
“What would you do to me?”
“I want you. You would like what I do to my little toy. I know what you need. I’d get you so turned on you will beg me to fuck you. I’d shove myself in you and fuck you like the toy you are.”
I could imagine his cock slamming into me like this and I flushed at the intensity of my reaction. I was embarrassed. I felt so dirty. And I liked it. It sent chills up my spine sparking bursts of excitement that rocked me to my core. Weather my mind wanted this or not, my body sure as hell did.
“You make me so horny.” I was soaking wet. What was wrong with me? I was thinking of being used like an object, a slutty sex object only good for fucking. I felt my body anticipating his touch and couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. I was so hot I almost lost it.
“Show me.”

A moment later I felt his hand touching my thigh. He turned me around, I was now facing his desk and he was behind me. I jumped and felt my body tense as his hand ran up and down my back, his other sliding close to my clit. I felt him behind me slowly running his hand over my pussy. My entire body shook as the anticipation led into an explosive wave of sinful pleasure. I felt him push two fingers inside my soaked body. He moved his fingers in me slowly. They went faster in and out and soon he was pushing with a rhythm that was both fast and annoyingly pleasurable. I could feel myself beginning to let go as his finger traced my clit careful just to tease and keep me on the edge.
“Oh yes, you like my fingers in you like this. You’re so wet, I can feel you like it!” he muttered.
I felt my body tense and reflexively pulled my legs closer together but he was persistent. He held me in place as he continued to move his fingers in a pattern that was quickly going to make me burst. I arched my back and pushed my head back as my body started to quiver with delight. Just as I felt myself fall over the edge into orgasmic oblivion, he stopped.
He put his hand on my hip again and push me against the desk. He began sliding his cock between my two ass cheeks. He cupped my breasts from behind and began to massage them, squeezing my nipples between his fingers as I leant against him. He pinched my nipples hard. I cried out loud, it couldn’t be helped. I felt a small ripple begin and gripped the edge of the desk. He teased me further, slow, shallow thrusts, his cock just sliding along my pussy, making me pant and squirm against him. His arms gathered me toward him, pressed me against his chest, his face buried in my hair. My hips started to pump against him, my buttocks bouncing against him. I wanted him now, so badly it almost hurt.
“I need to feel your pussy massaging my cock again. I know you want it. Your pussy has just now been telling me how bad. You do want it don’t you?”
“Yes, I want you inside me now! Please I can’t wait any more! Bend me over the desk and fuck me hard. I want to feel you slamming into my pussy from behind”

The next moment I screamed as I felt him drive himself deeply inside of me, striking the back of my womanhood as hard as he could. The slight pain that followed was nothing compared to the ecstasy that was flowing in my veins. The shock made me straighten up further but he pushed me down and began to move inside of me. He began to fuck harder reaching around and stroking my clit again. I bit back a groan as his fingers reconnected with my pleasure nub and stroked backward against his cock.
“Oh yeah,” He groaned. “You feel so good.” He fucked me very hard, pounding his cock into my pussy, taking my breath away. I grabbed onto the sides of the desk for support as he took me by the hips and pulled me into his thrusts.
We had a rhythm now, he sliding his full length in and out of me, his head tilted as he watched his cock disappear in me and me bouncing my cheeks back against him, the feel of his balls swinging against my skin. He reached up and pulled my head back by my hair. Each thrust was harder and faster that the previous. Before long he was grunting madly with each thrust, as did I. I felt myself getting ready when he quickened his pace. My climax was building now, a bubble of scorching need rising up inside me, ready to burst and I called to him to release me, to make me come, and he was inside my pussy, slamming, thrusting and rolling his hips. I was on the brink of an orgasm, not sure of anything except I needed to get the relief. He collapsed on top of me and exploded inside of me. The heat of his cum striking my most sensitive spots set me off as he lay on top of me, trapping me against the desk. I cried out as waves of pleasure swept through my body. I trembled under him as my muscles convulsed. The feeling was mind-blowing. Sincan Escort Sweat was dripping from my body as our mixed fluids dripped down my legs.

After a moment he slipped off of me and leaned against the desk. He looked at me and smiled wickedly. I became angry at myself for loosing my control so easy. This somehow wasn’t enough, I wanted humiliation for him. I wanted him to pay for my pain.
“I did not ask you not to cum, I commanded! You did come. Now it’s time for the consequences. I think it’s time you got a taste of your own.” I turned and parted my legs and then pulled my pussy lips apart.
“I need a little cleaning. Come on now.” I whispered, “Suck my pussy, taste your cum. I want to feel your tongue on me.” I lifted one leg onto the desk, spreading my legs further to reveal my cum filled pussy and the wet inner thighs.
“I want you to lick my pussy and my thighs clean. Then I need you to suck my clit. I want to feel your tongue buried in my pussy. I want to feel your face pressed against me, sucking my clit deep between your teeth. I expect you to feel my next orgasm pulse through me.”
He knelt before my legs. He started slowly, licking his way up my thighs till he reached my pussy. He opened the lips with one hand and started to guide one finger across my clit mixing his cum with my juices. He slipped the finger inside my pussy and took my clit in his mouth sucking on it. His finger glistened with my wetness.
“That’s it, eat my pussy.” He started licking my clit faster while shoving the finger in my pussy. I could feel his finger sliding in and out and his tongue on my clit. I started to buck towards his face. He kept up with me, as I got faster he started to lick faster. I shoved my pussy in his face so hard I thought I his neck would hurt, but he kept licking. I couldn’t say anything there were only moans coming from my mouth. My hips were vibrating. He never stopped licking my pussy every now and then flicking my clit with his tongue sending shivers through me. I started riding his tongue, slowly pushing myself along its length giving him prime access to my clit. He reached to me, pulling my mound deep on his tongue. He nipped at my extended, engorged clit. I humped his face. I groaned as he thrashed my clit over the inside of his teeth. My body sunk down slightly, lowering my pussy deeper on his mouth. He pushed two fingers into my pussy, pushing firmly, and sliding deep with his thrust up into my body. A loud groan escaped me. He thrust quickly in and out of my pussy as he held my clit firmly between his teeth. His tongue danced over my clit. I humped his face harder.
“Yes fuck me! Fuck me, lick me!”, I moaned over and over. My thighs quivered. I took hold of his head, pulling him tighter against my wet slit. I started twitching, deep inside my body. I was writhing with each thrust of his fingers deep into my body. My moans grew louder. He knew I was close again. His thrusts grew more intense, my hips driving forward, my pussy opening wider, sucking his fingers deep, demanding that he thrash my clit. I ground my clit on his mouth. I squirmed with delight and my breath became ragged. He focused on sucking my clit, sucking, and licking over it with his tongue. As my sex started to quiver, I felt three of his fingers diving hard into my waiting body. When he found my spot, my body went into overdrive, I was cumming hard. My body exploded as my second orgasm took hold, ripping through me. My knees buckled, his fingers were still buried in my pussy. He thrust deep, and stopped all movement. He knows I come harder with penetration. My pussy squeezed his fingers, my muscles contracting around his fingers while my legs were shaking. My orgasm had drained my body. He pulled his fingers from my pussy and I sat on his desk.

I told him to fetch the mattress from the office of our boss and to place it like last time. I got up to close the shutters on the window. There was quite a ferocious storm outside. The door opened again, he positioned the mattress next to our desks. I told him to kneel on the mattress and wait. A smile appeared quickly on his lips, not his usual but a small, nervous smile.
I walked over to my desk and pulled something out of my bag. I saw the stunned look on his face. I grinned as I stepped into the harness. I walked back to his desk, opened the drawer. I took out the toys he used on me. First the black 9.5 inch black multi-speed vibrator, 1.5 inch in diameter. Then came the 10 inch clear jelly dildo with balls, 2 inch in diameter. It had bulging veins all up and down the shaft and the tip swelled a little thicker than the shiny shaft. Third was the anal lube. To finish the set I took the 2 jelly cock rings out. I slipped the dildo through the opening in the harness and locked down the ring to keep it in place. I watched his eyes widen as he realized what was about to fill his ass. I had never seen his cock so small and flaccid.

“You did not really think that a little bit of licking is going to equal what you’ve done to me? This will change things. Now you’re going to learn what it is to be the fuckee, instead of the fucker. How does it feel to loose control? That’s how I felt when you raped me” I growled.
“What? I didn’t rape you.” he gasped.
“You know you did! When I screamed ‘No’ and begged you to pull out and stop, you just carried on fucking me, especially when you fucked my ass.”
“I’m sorry, I thought you wanted it, you seemed to enjoy it, you came more than once.”
“Just the fact that you were able to force me to several orgasms does not mean you had my consent. You were only interested in dominating me and using my body as thoroughly as possible. But now it’s my turn.”

I picked up the vibrator and the lube. I saw his cock twitch as he watched me move back to the mattress the massive dildo protruding menacingly from the harness. I moved closer pushing the dildo’s head against his lips.
“Suck the dildo. Suck it as I have sucked your cock. You see, you’ve no choice. Your wife and our boss see these photos and you loose everything, your job, your lifestyle, everything.” He knew that he could not refuse, his lips opened slowly and he sucked Escort Bayan the head slightly. When I saw him stalling to suck I thrust the dildo deeper and watched as it filled his mouth, as his cock had filled mine. I thrust in and out of him, as he had fucked my throat before. I noticed him sucking as I shoved the dildo into him. I pushed it deeper down his throat and he gagged but continued to suck it, as he had made me do. Liking what I saw and wanting more I told him to keep sucking. My hips thrust the dildo faster fucking his throat until I was satisfied that he knew exactly how I felt before. Then I quickly pulled it out and walked around him, kneeling behind him.

My hand roamed up his inner thighs caressing his skin. My fingers traced his belly, his stomach quivered as I touched him. My fingertip traced over his crack.
“Spread your legs!” and then my fingers danced over his cock and balls. I reached for his cock and slipped the cock rings on, the smaller to the base of his cock, the bigger one around his balls. I positioned the dildo. As the jelly touched his skin he spasmed. If that was how he reacted to a touch, I couldn’t wait for what he would do when the massive thing was shoved in. I took the lube and dripped it between his cheeks, watching as it touched his skin and made him shiver. Then I spread a generous amount on the dildo, making it wet and slippery.
He whispered “No, please. I’ll do anything.”
I stopped. “Anything?”
“Anything, please. You’ll tear me apart.” he pleaded.
“Shut the fuck up and remember what you did with me.” I stabbed the dildo hard and saw the thick head slide into his ass.
He screamed. “Stop, stop! You’re going to rip me apart.” I ignored him, dropped the lube and began to stab the dildo in, each stab stretching him further open. He moved forward trying to get away from the dildo. I followed him, not letting him pull off, remembering from my own experience that after a few seconds the muscles would relax. I pulled nearly out, then thrust back in, then almost out and in again.
I turned the vibrator on and ran it over his balls to vibrate the entire area and add to the sensation. He moaned louder as I ran the vibrator all the way up to the head of his cock. I continued to thrust, I watched the dildo move. His ass was taking the dildo deeper and deeper. I placed the vibrator at his balls again and gave one hard thrust sinking the dildo to the hilt and a long moan escaped from him.
“Oh, stop. Don’t move. Please, don’t move,” he begged, whimpering into the mattress. He finally experienced what I felt when he took my virgin ass. I pulled the dildo slowly out of his ass and dropped the vibrator.
“I know you want this. How badly do you want your ass to be fucked? How badly do you want to feel it filled?” I asked, while thrusting in again. “Say ‘Fuck me. Fuck my ass.’ Say it!”
He whispered, “Fuck me now. Fuck my ass.”
“Louder,” I demanded, ramming the dildo in again and his hips suddenly moved, pushing against the dildo.
“Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Please. Don’t Stop! Please fuck my ass. I need you in my ass,” he pleaded. “Fuck me hard. Fuck me, fuck me. I’m so hot.”
His hips thrust against the dildo now, pushing it deep into his ass, his moan told me he is actually starting to enjoy it. I noticed his cock was up and hard again, even leaking some pre cum at the tip. I grabbed his shoulders and thrust my hips forward again, pushing the dildo deep into him. I heard him gasp at the fullness. I held it deep in his ass, reached around him to squeeze his balls gently.
“How about it, want to wank yourself off?” He nodded. He reached down and grasped his slippery cock and began to stroke it. After a few moments I took his cock from his hands ans pushed him down. He is on all fours now being fucked doggy style and stroked by me, while my thrusts get harder and faster again, bouncing him back and forth. The smacking sound of me striking his ass cheeks is the only sound in the room. His hips were shoving back to meet each thrust and his moans made me want to make him cum again. His cock began to twitch as I continued to simultaneously fuck his ass and stroke his cock. I could feel his body growing rigid, the by now familiar sign of his mounting pleasure. I was wondering what was going through his mind. Over and over, I fucked in and out. I could feel that each time the dildo pushed into him his cock would give an involuntary jerk. I banged the dildo into him. Sensing his nearing orgasm I pulled out and let the dildo and harness slide to the floor.

“Come over here and lay down in the middle of the mattress, I’m getting a little hungry for a snack”. He sprawled out in the middle of it. I reached out, stroking his cock. As I began to pump his shaft with my fist, I reached in to play with his balls. I pumped, slowly at first, up and down the full length. He was moaning as his cock made wet, squishy sounds while I worked it. The vein on the underside of his shaft bulged. I quickened my pace and he fought for control. But I was in control now. I quickened my pace and soon he let out a long groaning moan. His forehead beaded with sweat, and he threw his head back onto the mattress, closing his eyes and grinding his teeth. His body started to spasm every so slightly. My fingers now worked furiously on his soft scrotum while pumping him. He began grunting and groaning, shaking his head slowly back and forth. I spread his legs wider so that I could take the head of his cock in my mouth. He started to buck his cock upwards towards my mouth. He was shoving his cock upwards now, I could tell he was on the verge of cumming. His cock expanded, gaining size.
“Make me cum,” he whispered huskily. I took the vibrator and turning it on pressed it into the sensitive skin next to his ravished anus. He froze. Seconds passed, then he grunted loudly, his hips thrusting forwards.
“Yes!” he screamed. His body convulsed involuntarily, his face contorted in tense ecstasy. His rear lifted in the air and he spurted a massive shot of his seed. His hips were bucking spastically. I continued to work him over with the vibrator and my tongue as load after load of cum arched into my mouth until he was drained completely. I swallowed as much as I could but some of it ran out of my mouth over his balls. I sat up after his orgasm subsided.
“Now you know how it is to be used as an office toy.”

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