Puff The Magic Dragon


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Puff The Magic Dragon

When I was fifteen, Mom and I moved into an apartment closer to where she worked. Mom was only thirty-two because she had gotten pregnant at sixteen and had me when she was seventeen. She was a good-looking woman and she was an exotic dancer at an upscale club just a block away. Her stage name was Bambi.

The lady that lived upstairs from us was also an exotic dancer, named Puff Dragon. She worked at a place Mom always called sleazy and said that she would never work there. Puff Dragon was a funny name and she was a lot younger than Mom was, at just eighteen. She was just a few years older than I was and she looked like a girl that I had seen in high school last year.

As we talked Puff Dragon was the girl that I had seen in high school last year. She had quit school and started dancing. She said that she makes pretty good money at it too, mainly because of the Puff Dragon.

Needless to say I asked her about this Puff Dragon and was treated to a free show. Puff took me up to her apartment, put on some music, and started dancing just for me. I watched her take her clothes off until she was completely naked, lie on the floor on her back, and then intertwine her arms and legs until she was curled up on the floor. Then Puff lit up a cigarette and put it in her pussy. I laughed when her pussy blew a perfect smoke ring. One after the other came out of her pussy as it smoked Ankara Escort that whole cigarette. She told me that, that show would have cost me two hundred dollars to see in the club. Wow! She certainly had an extraordinary talent.

Then Puff asked me if I wanted to fuck her as long as she was in that position. Okay. I had to get naked too and kneel down in front of her. Then Puff had me fuck her while she rocked back and forth on her backbone. It was my first time but obviously not her first time. I fucked into her just as fast as I could and I cum quickly then pulled it out.

Puff laughed at me and told me that I should go a lot slower and make it last longer the next time that I fucked her. Next time! Wow! She also said that she charges guys three hundred dollars to fuck her like that. Wow!

Well the next time was a month later. Puff knew that Mom was getting her hair done and came down to see me. She only had on a thin short light robe that I could practically see through. Puff asked me if I wanted to fuck her again. Sure I did.

Puff removed the robe and let me take her to my bed. The first thing I had to do was satisfy her orally. I enjoyed licking her pussy, finding her hole and her clit, and then giving her an orgasm. Then she told me that we were doing it Missionary Style. She was flat on her back so I climbed on her and stuck my cock in her Dragon. I didn’t last any longer than I had the first time a month Eryaman Escort before. Puff said that it was okay because she wanted to see just how many times I could do it.

We then went into Mom’s bedroom where Puff knelt on her bed and had me fuck her Doggy Style. After that she taught me the Spoon Position on our couch. From there we both went up to her apartment.

I watched as Puff clipped a swing to a hook over her bed. She put me in position and got in the swing. She lowered herself onto my cock and told me to spin her around until I could cum. Puff said that brought new meaning to being screwed. I had certainly slowed down after my first three climaxes and I really enjoyed ‘screwing’ Puff like that.

Anal sex with her kneeling on the edge of her couch with me standing on the floor behind her was nice. I wasn’t too excited about putting my cock in her butt but she sure was excited about it. She just pressed the top of her head into the soft back and told me to be as rough as I could be. I looked at the clock in her living room and knew that I had butt-fucked Puff for over eighteen minutes before I cum in her.

Just as Mom was pulling in the driveway I was cumming for the sixth time in Puff’s mouth. That was my very first blowjob. Puff complained about me taking too long and her jaw hurting but she was thrilled that I had cum in her six times in just three hours.

I never saw Puff after that day. Mom said Escort Bayan that she had been arrested for prostitution and was serving time. Word around school was that Puff had taken on twenty-seven senior boys at a gangbang party for twenty dollars apiece. She would have graduated with them if she hadn’t quit school.

Thanks to Puff teaching me about oral sex that day I was able to ask a cute girl out and get her off. She was highly impressed that I didn’t want to fuck her, that I just wanted to satisfy her. Well it wasn’t that I didn’t want to fuck her but that I wanted to go slow and let her enjoy sex with me before I tried to wear her pussy out by fucking her six times in three hours in all three of her holes. I figured that slow was exactly the way to go.

As it turned out Cynthia was the perfect girl for me. She loved the oral sex, both receiving and giving. She loved having my cock in her pussy and she hardly hesitated when I asked for anal sex. At first she wasn’t too crazy about having my cock in her ass either but then she found out that she liked it.

We dated all through high school and then we were married. Mom and I both made sure that Cynthia did not get pregnant or become a stripper. We both attended the local Community College, earned degrees in Business, and now run two of the stores in the Mall. Cynthia runs the Victoria Secret while I run the Pet Shop.

Our sex life is just as exciting as it was in the beginning. Puff stopped in to say hello but was on her way back to California. She was an XXX-rated movie star. She even gave me a DVD entitled, “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

The End
Puff The Magic Dragon

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