RAISING PETER, Chapter Six (cont.) (Part 2, The McNevin family)
This a total work of fiction. The story includes incest, bi-sexual, group sex and water sports, among other things. If you are offended with these subjects, this is not the story for you. If you’re reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story. To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice.
NOTE: Chapters Five and Six are about the McNevin family and how their lives became intertwined with Peter and the Morgan family. They are such an important part of the story of Peter Bishop, that I wanted the readers to know more about them. There is not as much sexual activity in these two chapters but things will pick up later. Some parts of these chapters overlap some parts of other chapters, but from a different point of view. Thank all of you for your votes and comments. Thank you Muff Diver
In the privacy of their own home, Kamea was allowed to experiment and try anything sexually she might be curious about. However, her parents did make it clear that Evan would never penetrate her with his huge penis, not her vagina, rectum or her mouth and that she should always keep in mind that her virginity could only be given once. Maylea told her about the sex toys they already had and they would get more along with DVD’s and books. They would teach her everything they knew, not only about sex but also life in general.

As for Kamea’s home life, no child was ever loved more. She shared her Mom’s interest in cooking and keeping things clean and tidy, including their home and their bodies.

She learned very early in life that her home life was different from others and what happened at home, stayed at home. Any time they were at home alone clothes were always optional and, of course, all three were usually naked.

Nothing was ever kept hidden from Kamea; any question she asked was answered truthfully. Evan and Maylea openly showed their love and affection for Kamea and each other.

When Kamea was about ten years old she had asked, first her Mom and then her Dad, about their lives growing up and what they missed the most.

Maylea told Kamea about the beauty of her home land. As for her family, she missed her mother and brothers and sisters but her father was a harsh man and he had destroyed any love she had for him. Sexually, she missed the group sex where she could have all her holes filled at the same time and she missed the touch of another woman.

Evan told Kamea much of the same thing. He had loved living in Hawaii and on the outer island but he loved Maylea so much he would love living anywhere as long as he was with her. He missed his mother and one brother and one sister but the others agreed with his father about his marriage to Maylea. Sexually, he thoroughly enjoyed anal sex and sucking cock.

Both of them told Kamea that their love for each other and that the sex they shared more than made up for anything they gave up to be together. Now they looked forward to sharing their life, love and sex with her.

After Kamea had her first period Maylea asked her if she wanted to go on birth control pills. Kamea told her mom that it wasn’t necessary because she wasn’t doing anything at home that could get her pregnant. She told them that she may never need birth control because she agreed with them that she would only give her virginity once and that she had decided, it would be given to the man she intended to marry and have babies with.

Maylea asked her how she ever expected to meet this person if she never dated. Kamea was laughing when she told them she expected to date guys and hope to have sex with people her own age. She had learned from them that there are lots of ways to enjoy sex without giving up her virginity.

Evan and Maylea both laughed at her answer. Evan asked if she was already thinking of someone in particular. Kamea told them she had thought about Peter Bishop for the boy and Ashley Price for the girl. She is the niece of Sandy, their across the street friend and owner of the daycare center.

Evan asked her, “Why those two?” She told him that she had known both of them since their days in daycare and both had always been friends. She thought Peter would be fun on a date because they had so much in common and if it went as far as sex, she thought that he would understand about her wanting to remain a virgin. She and Ashley were in the same class at school this year and they had been flirting with each other all year long.

She asked her parents when she could start dating. She would be fourteen years old and a Freshman next year and they both agreed that would be a good time to start some light dating.

Kamea told them that when she did decide to have sex with someone her own age that she would like to be very good at it and be able to please her partner. She asked it they would help her to become better at anal and teach her how to deep throat. Again they both laughed at her request but they assured her that they would both help.

Kamea was developing into a fine looking young lady with her jet black hair, bright green eyes and a completion just a little lighter than her mother’s. At thirteen she was pushing a “B” cup with a slim waist and full rounded hips with a lot of junk in the trunk. She was already turning heads.

Most of the young boys were starting to act silly and make passes at her at school. She always managed to handle it without pissing the boys off, and she remained one of the smartest and best liked kids at school. One of the reasons she and Peter were such good friends is because they talked and spent a lot of time together but he never hit on her.

She knew the time would come when she would be ready to move to the next step with someone like Peter but this was not the time. She was becoming bolder and more involved at home and she felt that she was learning to be a good lover.

Even though Evan never fucked her mouth, pussy or ass she was very involved in oral sex and masturbation with both of them. She found that she liked wild and unusual sex. When Even would fill Maylea’s pussy to an overflow with his hot cum then shoot even more in her mouth, on her tits and stomach, Kamea loved to lick and suck it up, swallowing part and spitting the remainder in her Dad and Mom’s mouth. She would use it to cover her lips, tits and pussy, then have Evan and Maylea lick and suck it off.

One time when she was licking the cum out of Maylea’s pussy and Maylea accidentally squirted a little shot of piss into Kamea’s mouth. At first Kamea didn’t realize what it was, then a shiver went through her body as she realized her Mom had pissed in her mouth.

Instead of being upset or turned off, it had turned her on and she wanted more. She told her Mom, “Give me all you’ve got. Piss all over me.” She could hardly believe her own words. Pissing in her mouth! How wicked and nasty! How could this be turning her on? But, as her Mom let go and started gushing a hard stream of piss into Kamea’s mouth, she was swallowing as fast as she could and any that ran out she was using her hands to cover her body with. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was as hot as she had ever been.

As the last little squirts of piss leaked into Kamea’s mouth, she left it there. When Maylea had stopped completely, Kamea moved up next to her Mom and leaned down and pressed their lips together.

Maylea opened her mouth, allowing her own piss to run in. Then she swallowed. Both women jumped a little as they felt the first shot of warm fluid strike their cheeks. Both turned to see Evan holding his massive cock with both hands as he let go with another stream of his piss, this time hitting them on their opened mouths.

Evan then shocked both mother and daughter as he squeezed his cock and pointed it up. He tilted his head down and when he released his cock a solid stream of piss shot up and into his own mouth.

They all laughed at Evan’s clever feat, then the two women moved over near the head of Evans cock and opened their mouths as Evan empted his bladder equally between them.

As the three of them cuddled on the bed, Kamea told them she was a little puzzled. She would never have thought, and didn’t understand, why pissing on her made her so hot. They both laughed and Maylea told her, “Honey, don’t try to figure it out, it will only confuse you more. With our lifestyle you learn to expect the unexpected, Escort Kızılay then decide if you like it or not. Just think about how most people would feel about licking someone’s asshole or sticking their tongue in it. Yet, you love to do it to us and you know we love to do it to you.”

Kamea laughed, “So you’re saying that not everyone may like to swallow piss and cum as much as we do?”

They both laughed with her but, at the same time, Maylea cautioned her,” Baby girl, you’re getting older and other people will come into you life. Someday, not too long from now, you’ll be thinking of marriage and having children of your own. Most of the people you meet will think what we do is all wrong, and that it’s nasty, perverted and disgusting. You may have to make the choice of whether you want the kind of life that you have been raised up in or if you would be willing to give it up for what most people would call a “normal” sex life.

Kamea thought for a few seconds, and then replied, “Mom, I’ll just have to find someone like us because I don’t think I could give it up. There is so much love in this family and I feel that our sexual freedom is a part of it. I’m still very young and I still have a lot of years before I start thinking about marriage. By that time I will have found the person I’m looking for.”

As Kamea grew older she began asking questions about her Mom and Dad and their lives before they married. As usual they would answer her questions truthfully, often given graphic details of their family gatherings.

Kamea would get so turned on listening to her mom and dad that she would usually end up with either masturbating, a 69 with her mom or more often, a daisy chain with Evan eating Kamea, while she was eating her mother, while Maylea would be sucking Evan’s huge cock.

It was hard for Kamea to understand what she was told about the anger and violence on both sides of her family that had caused Evan and Maylea to have to leave their families so they could live a life of peace and love.

They would also tell her about the times there would be as many as eight to ten family members having sex in about every way you could think of.

Her mom admitted that she missed not having more than one cock at a time and having all her holes filled at one time. Evan readily admitted that he missed a hard cock in his ass and down his throat.

Kamea asked if they had met anyone here that they thought might be like them. Everyone was very quiet for a few seconds, and then Maylea reluctantly replied. We’ve never been with anyone else but we thing Sandra and Buck are involved in the swinging lifestyle and Mrs. Molly Wheeler and her kids have been into family sex but you should never mention any of this.

Kamea asked why her mom and dad had never made any attempt to get together with Sandra and Buck or Mrs. Molly’s family. Evan told her that it was one of those things that just never happened.

Kamea laughed, “Well, it’s never too late.” They all laughed, even though they never expected it to happen. Mrs. Molly’s kids were in college or married and living elsewhere by the time they met her. Sandy had admitted to Maylea that they were involved in the swinging lifestyle. Sandy told her if she and Evan were ever interested she and Buck would love to have them as their guests at one of the parties.

Maylea and Evan had talked about it and decided not to get involved because it would take away from their time with Kamea. Maylea and Evan both agreed if they ever became acquainted with a family like them, they would consider pursuing a relationship with them.

Kamea and Peter had been in the same class in the eighth grade. During the school year Kamea had thought several times about trying to engage Peter in some kind of conversation about sex to see if she could find out what he thought and how much he knew. Every time they were alone, they would talk about all kinds of things but Kamea always chickened out when she started to mention anything about dating or sex.

Kamea didn’t get to see much of Peter during the summer. Mrs. Molly had moved and Peter didn’t come to the daycare anymore. She did think about him quite a bit and had decided she would make her move on the first day of school.

When that day come, Kamea had her mom drop her off a little early. She met up with Ashley Price and several other girls as they gathered by the edge of the school yard, near the student drop off area. She could see all the cars as they pulled up to drop off the kids.

Kamea knew Mrs. Molly wouldn’t be bringing Peter to school but she knew what his parents drove, so she was keeping an eye out for one or the other one of their cars. She didn’t recognize Susan’s SUV when she pulled up. What caught her eye was the young guy in the front as he leaned over and gave the older woman who was driving a long, lingering kiss on the lips.

When he stepped out of the car she first thought it was Peter. Her attention was drawn back to the driver as the girl and the other guy leaned across the bock of the seat and repeated the same kind of kiss as the first young man. Kamea thought, “That’s the way Mom, Dad and I kiss when we’re alone, that’s more than a peck on the cheek, good-by Mom kiss“.

Kamea was even more surprised when she realized the second guy was Peter. The first thing he did after he got out of the car was lock hands with the beautiful young girl as they walked down the sidewalk.

Peter was pointing out different things around the school grounds to them as they walked past the group that Kamea was standing in. She moved a little behind Ashley, hoping Peter wouldn’t see her. Her original idea had now gone to shit when Peter showed up with the two new people and she needed time to think of her next move.

Kamea couldn’t help but notice how much this new guy favored Peter and she wondered if he was a relative that Peter had never mentioned. Kamea was watching as the three turned and started up the walkway leading to the entrance of the building. She was a little embarrassed when she realized the new guy was staring at her, not at the group but straight at her.

She saw him stop Peter and the three of them turn toward her. Peter said something to the other guy, and then waved at her. As Peter and the girl turned and started walking again, the other guy stood for just a second. Kamea realized he was looking directly at her and when their eyes met she felt a little shiver go through her body. He smiled a big, friendly smile and waved to her. She smiled and waved back, then he turned and ran to catch up with Peter and the girl.

A new plan started forming in Kamea’s mind. She knew that what she was thinking was somewhat childish and silly, kind of what you would expect from a fourteen year old. Only thing was she didn’t usually think like most girls her age.

Kamea suggested to the other girls that they go inside and get started with the different things they had to do. As they entered the hallway she could see Peter and the other two slowly walking ahead of them. They stopped for few minutes at one of the trophy cases and Peter pointed out a couple of trophies to the new guy.

Kamea eased by Peter, Kay and James while they were looking over the trophy and awards. She quickly registered for her classes then moved over to other another group standing in the lobby and started talking with them about their classes.

She felt so childish as she hid behind her friends and watched as Peter, Kay and then James stopped at the first table to register for their classes. Oh shit, she was caught again, the new guy was staring straight at her. She saw Peter glance over his shoulder, then say something to the new guy. They moved over to the next desk to sign up for their lockers. As soon as they walked away, Kamea rushed over so she could sign up for the next locker in line.

When she signed up she noticed the names just above hers, Peter Bishop, Kay Morgan and James Morgan. There were several other students standing in the hall near the lockers, so it was easy to get past the three of them and come in from the other side.

Kamea walked up to the locker next to James and intentionally opened her locker door wide enough to hit James on the arm. James just smiled at her then turned toward Peter. When Peter looked around and saw who it was he spoke to Kamea. Then he introduced Kay, who extended her hand. Kamea shook hands with her and then Peter introduced her to James.

James extended his hand also but when she shook his hand, he just continued to hold it. Kamea made no effort to pull it back. Kamea wasn’t sure why but James holding her hand made her feel good and also made her pussy a little wet.

The four of them compared schedules and made the rounds. When Kamea got back to the lobby Peter was already there. She asked him if Kay was more than just a new neighbor and friend. He told her that Kay was his girlfriend and James was like a brother to him.

Kamea let him know she had seen the three of them when Susan dropped them off and he seemed to be VERY FRIENDLY with her also. Peter had been at a loss for words to explain his actions. He was saved by Kay’s arrival. She walked up and hugged and kissed Peter in the lips, Kızılay Escort then turned and the two girls hugged and kissed each other on the cheek.

James arrived about that time and Kamea felt drawn to him as she placed her arms around his neck and they shared a rather long, lingering kiss on the lips. When they broke the kiss they realized by the applause and cheers they had drawn a small crowd of onlookers.

The four of them walked down the hall, headed for the student pick-up area. Peter was holding Kay’s hand and James was holding Kamea’s hand. Maylea saw then as they walked toward her car. She wasn’t surprised to see them holding hands. What did surprise her was who they were holding hands with.

Susan was parked a couple of cars back and she was just as surprised to see James, on his first day at his new school, walking toward her, hand and hand with such a lovely young lady.

Susan was watching as they stopped at Maylea’s car. She could see the young lovely doing the introductions and seeming very excited. Also, she couldn’t help but notice how she kept pressing herself against James. Both of them looked like they were ready to get it on right there.

Maylea had thought the same thing when she first saw them walking toward her car. She could look at Kamea and tell she was a little excited. As soon as Kamea told her Kay and James’ last name she knew who they were. She recalled the letter they had received from their friend, Mr. Weber, the CPA who had helped them manage their money from the lawsuit. The letter stated that he was selling his business to Alex and Susan Morgan.

Kamea told her she was going to go back the their car to meet James and Kay’s mother. Maylea intentionally made little suggestive remarks as they walked away from her car, “It was nice to meet you and I hope we get to SEE MORE OF YOU REAL SOON.”

Susan also recognized the McNevin name and knew their paths would cross again. All kinds of thoughts were running through her mind as James walked Kamea back to her car.

Maylea pulled away from the curb and once she had turned the corner she noticed James was sitting next to her with a big grin on her face. Kamea reached over and took her mom’s right hand and placed it between her legs and pulled it up against her panties.

“Honey, you’re soaking wet, did James turn you on that much?” “Not just James but all four of them.” Maylea had a confused look on her face, “What do you mean, ALL FOUR OF THEM?”

Mom, do you remember when you and Dad told me that if we ever met another family like us, you may consider pursuing a relationship with them. Well, I thing we have met that family and Peter is apart of it. Kamea told Maylea about seeing them kissing Susan when she dropped them off for school. She also said that she had talked with Kay a couple of times during the morning and it was just the way she talked about Peter and the way Kay openly checked her out. Kamea said Kay reminded her of Ashley Price and she knew Ashley wanted to trade it out with her.

To Kamea’s surprise, Maylea agreed with her. She told Kamea to be cool, nothing more than girlfriend, boyfriend at school and give her some time to talk with Evan to see what he thought. Maylea also told her she would talk with Susan when they were there to pick them up at school.

That evening, after Maylea had talked with Evan, both of them talked with Kamea. They told her that Alex and Susan were the ones who bought Mr. Weber’s accounting firm and was now their financial adviser. They would be meeting with them in the near future and Evan had told Kamea that she would need to go with them since there were things that she needed to know concerning her future.

Maylea asked Kamea what she thought about the Morgan’s and Peter and what she thought she would like to do about it? Kamea smiled, she had already masturbated thinking about what she would like to do. Now she was going to share it with her Mom and Dad and hope that they would agree.

“First of all, I’d like to say that I really like James and would like to be his girlfriend and I’m sure he feels the same about me. Then I’d like to find out if they are a family like us. If they are I would like for the three of us to pursue a friendly and sexual relationship with them and that would include Peter Bishop.”

Evan and Maylea both were smiling as Maylea asked Kamea, “Baby girl, why would you not be content with just having James as a boyfriend and see what develops between the two of you?” Kamea took a couple of seconds before she answered She smiled, “I really like James and would like to go further sexually with him but the truth is, my pussy gets just as wet thinking about being with Kay or Kay and Peter as it does thinking about James.

The three of them laughed then come together in a big hug Kamea continued, “If what we think about the Morgans is true, I would like for it to be a family to family thing.” Evan told her, “Baby, I’m not sure about that. It has been a long time since your mom and I have been with anyone else. Why are you so insistent about the two of us being involved?”

“That’s simple Daddy, I know how much we love each other and how much we enjoy each other sexually. I also know how much Mom misses the touch of another grown woman and how she would love to feel a hard cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole at the same time, filling all her holed full of cum. I also know how much you miss having a cock fucking your mouth and asshole at the same time. As for me, if all this does work out, I’d like to have some private time with James, Peter, Kay and me all getting together, and last but not least, I’d like to be part of an all out orgy, with everyone involved.”

Evan looked at Maylea, “What do you think Honey? Keep in mind; we’re going to have a business relationship with Alex and his company. If Kamea is right about them, do you think we could safely have a family sexual relationship with them also?”

Maylea took a moment to think things over and she glanced down to see Evan’s cock was pushing hard against his pants leg. Maylea laughed, “Well, I guess we’ve all voted on it. Evan, your cock is so hard it’s about to split your pants, Kamea has already diddled her pussy to get some relief and I’m wet half way down my thighs. I’ll be very cautious talk with Susan when she comes to pick up the kids and see if I can get any indication as to what might be going on with their family. I’ll try to kind of open the door and see if she will open up and talk, and to see how she feels about Kamea and James dating and how far they might take it. Before we have our business meeting with Alex we’ll get together and talk again to see how we feel about talking more. I would like to talk with Peter, one on one, if I could but I don’t know if I’ll get a chance.”

All the talk about sex had them really turned on. Kamea look at her mom with a big smile on her face, “Mom…what do you th…. ?” Knowing what she was going to ask, Maylea cut her off, “Yes baby girl, we should have time before dinner if that would be okay with you and your dad.”

The three of them headed to the bedroom, removing their clothes as they went. Once in the bedroom, Maylea fell back on the bed and spread her legs. Kamea immediately dropped to her knees and started licking and sucking the slick woman juice from her mother’s thighs and on up to her dripping wet pussy. She held her mother’s hot pussy juice in her mouth until she had licked and sucked her clean.

Kamea then turned to her father, knowing she couldn’t even come close to taking his huge cock into her mouth; she used her lips and tongue to soak his cock head and shaft with her mother’s wet, slick juice

While she was working her lips up and down her dad’s cock, at the same time she was fingering her mom’s hot pussy. She started with three fingers, then added a forth. When she had her mom nice and wet again she added a thumb and slowly started pushing her whole hand into her mom’s pussy

Maylea knew what Kamea was attempting to do, so she opened her legs wider and used her years of experience to relax her vaginal muscles until Kamea was able to get her hand wrist deep in her mom’s pussy. Kamea would pull her hand out until her thumb was almost ready to pop out then shove it back in wrist deep again, twisting and turning her hand as she pushed in and pulled out.

By the time Kamea pulled her hand out of her mom’s pussy, she had both her mom and dad moaning and groaning. She pulled her dad toward the bed, lined his large purple head up with her mom’s gaping pussy, then moved aside and watched as her dad began to hide his huge cock in her mother’s hot, waiting hole.

As soon as the union was completed, Kamea climbed up on the bed, straddled her mom’s head, lowering her young, wet pussy down to her mom’s mouth and as soon as she felt her mom’s tongue shove up into her waiting pussy she started frantically fucking her mom’s face.

They were all so turned on it didn’t take long but the short session yielded great results. Kamea had covered her mom’s face with two full loads of her sweet girl cum. Evan and Maylea had cum so much that her pussy was overflowing and Evan had pulled his cock out of Maylea’s pussy and shot several loads across her stomach Escort Bayan and up onto her tits.

The three of then finished the time of sexual pleasure by licking, sucking and swallowing all the mixtures of fluids until not a single drop could be found.

During the next week Maylea made a point of trying to drop off Kamea at school about the same time Susan dropped off James, Kay and Peter. Maylea took notice of all three kids kissing Susan as they got out of the car in the morning. The following Monday when Maylea parked in the pickup area Susan pulled right in behind her.

Maylea got out of her car and started walking back toward Susan’s car. Susan got out and met Maylea by the back of her car. They didn’t bother to officially introduce themselves. Instead, they started talking like old friends who had know each other for years. Susan complemented Maylea on having such a lovely daughter and Maylea returned the compliment for Kay and James. She also noted how much James and Peter favored.

Maylea asked Susan if she thought that was what attracted Kay to Peter. Susan told her she didn’t think so but whatever it was, it was like a magnet for both of them. Maylea decided to push it a little, “I guess at their age and all that passion, you have to keep a real close eye on them.

Susan didn’t answer right away; instead she looked at Maylea as though she was deep in thought. Then Susan smiled a little, “No, not really, they’re all three very smart kids and they’re not going to do anything that would lead to long term consequences.

Maylea was still trying to analyze her response when Susan put her arm around Maylea’s shoulder, “As a matter of fact, I think we have four great kids,” Susan said as she pointed toward the four of them walking down the walk toward then, each couple holding hands.

Maylea slipped her arm around Susan’s waist and smiled as she watched the kids walking along, hand in hand. Susan pulled Maylea a little tighter to her and smiled at her, “As a matter of fact, I think they’re all VERY GOOD?”

It took Maylea a few seconds to reply. She was sure Susan had no idea the effect her warm woman’s body pressed against was having on her. Maylea squeezed Susan a little tighter to her, “They do make good looking couples don’t they?”

Susan mentioned to Maylea that they needed to get together at the office and go over their account. They agreed on Wednesday, after school. Maylea told Susan that Evan and Kamea would be with her and they may have several things to talk with about.

Kamea was the first to reach the two women. She put an arm around Susan’s neck and kissed her lightly on the lips. Then she moved over to her Mom and repeated the same thing. James was next, then Kay and then Peter.

Kamea and James stepped back and put their arm around each other’s waist. Kay was smiling when she said, “Ladies, I want you to officially meet our newest boyfriend / girlfriend couple, Kamea and James.”

Both woman pretended to be so surprised, ”OOHHH MY, that seems so quick,” Maylea said as she put her hand over her mouth. “We’re all just so surprised, we would never have guessed,” Susan said, not being able to hold back a big smile.

Susan pulled Kamea over to her, “Listen Honey, if that young man of mine is not GOOD, you just let me know and I’ll STRAIGHTEN him right out.” Kamea blushed a little, “Think you Mama Susan, I’ll be sure to do that!”

Everyone loaded into their cars, pulled out and each turned their separate ways at the corner. As soon as they were out of the school traffic Maylea asked, “When did the boyfriend / girlfriend thing come about?” “Oh, Mom, he is such a hot kisser, he really knows how to use that tongue, WOW!” He asked me during our lunch break and I told him YES. We walked outside for a few minutes before we had to go to class. There was no one around and he kissed me. I mean his tongue was all over the inside of my mouth, then he started sliding it in and out of my mouth like a small cock and I started sucking it like it would cum if I did a good job.”

Maylea was getting turned on just listening to Kamea describe their kiss. “Damn, Baby Girl, that sounds so hot.” “Yes, it was, Mom, but then he broke the kiss, wrapped his arms around me and just held me tight against him. Then he kissed me again, Mom, but this time it was different. It was the way you and Dad kiss me that makes me know you really, really love me.”

“Careful there, Baby Girl, don’t let puppy love make you do something sexually that you might regret later.” “No, NO, Mom, I still feel the same about giving up my virginity. I guess it would sound stupid to most people, but we’re not most people and I don’t think James and his family are either. If I’m lucky enough to have sex with James or any member of his family, I’m sure they would honor my wish of no cock entering my pussy until I’m ready.”

Maylea was smiling at Kamea’s comments, “James or any member of the family? Does that include Peter too?”
“Yes, it does, and I think you and Dad will be right there with me,”

“You just might be right honey, the three of us have that business meeting set up for Wednesday after school. It’s very possible the subject of family sex might come up. Susan has said and done several things that make me think it may be discussed.”

After school, Tuesday went about the same as the day before except Susan and Maylea gave each other a full body hug, with their big tits pushed tightly together. When they broke the hug it was all Maylea could do to keep from giving Susan a big kiss on the lips. She managed to keep herself in check and they ended up kissing each other on the cheek.

Peter, Kay and James were surprised to see Evan with Maylea when they got to the cars on Wednesday. Kamea did the same as she had the two days before. She hugged and kissed Susan, Maylea and then Evan. Kay was next and she was a very surprised when Maylea and Evan both held their kisses a little longer. Both, also hugged and kissed Susan, this time on the lips, before everyone loaded into the cars.

The kids were also surprised when Maylea turned toward the freeway when they got to the corner. Susan followed behind them all the way to the parking lot at their office. Susan and the McNevins went straight to Alex’s office. They were back in the office for a while, then Kamea came walking into the outer office. She looked like she was in a daze as she dropped down in one of the chairs, and then announced to everyone, “I’m a fucking millionaire.”

The four parents were still in the office. They discussed some new investments that Alex had suggested, then Evan mentioned the relationship between Kamea and James and asked how Alex and Susan felt about it. Susan told them she was a little surprised they had asked, considering the affection they had all shown at their after school gatherings.

Alex told them that James had never shown interest in one particular girl until he met Kamea, so there must be something special about her. “It’s just boyfriend, girlfriend, it’s not like they’re getting married or anything like that,” Alex pointed out.

“Yes, but you know how one thing can lead to another, marriage hadn’t really crossed my mind but you know there are a lot of things that can happen besides marriage,” Maylea said with a little wicked smile.

Susan walked over, placed her arm around Alex’s shoulder, looked at Maylea and Evan with her own little wicked smile, “Both of you seem to be trying to say or ask something but not sure how we would accept it. How about if we just lay all the cards on the table and we all agree that we all be truthful and say or ask whatever it is that we have on our minds. Share our most well kept secrets and desires and see how things play out. Then, if we agree or disagree, accept or reject whatever comes out, we will always keep it within the families and we will still be friends when you leave here today.”

Evan and Maylea looked at each other, then at Alex and Susan as they both said “AGREED.” Maylea started talking and it was as though someone had opened the flood gate. She quickly explained how she and Evan had been raised in open family relationships, then the problems with the families and how they ended up living where they did now. Evan told them about the problem when Kamea was born and knowing she would be the only child they would ever have, they had raised her in an open family, sharing everything with her from the time she was born.

Alex quickly explained their family history and how Peter had become involved in the family. He told them about Peter’s birthday party on Saturday night and that he and Susan would like to invite them. They wouldn’t tell the kids anything about what they had discussed there in the office. They would tell them that they may be asked some very personal questions about our family life and that they should answer truthfully, but that they could also expect the same in return.

Evan and Maylea both liked the idea and quickly agreed to it. Then Susan asked what the two of them had in mind, how far would they like to go and if they had any interest in expanding their relationship.

Maylea laughed out loud, “We’ve talked about that very thing. First thing is, it has been a long time since we’ve been with anyone outside our family. Next thing is, we may be a little freaky for most people.” Alex and Susan both laughed as Susan told them, “We just love Freaky.”

Thank you Muff Diver

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