Sara Paylan R.N. : The Handy Men


Wahay!” A course Geordie voice shouted as I heard someone wolf-whistle me, “Careful you don’t show us your stocking tops; sweetheart!”

I had arrived home half an hour earlier after finishing a night shift at the care home and as I was hanging some washing on the spinner in the garden my nurses’ uniform had risen to mid thigh.

I turned to scowl at the builders who were working on the new conservatory. All three had stopped work and were grinning at me. I pursed my lips and raised my eyebrows to show my disapproval but didn’t say a word.

Turning away I had to hide my smile as I lifted the empty wash basket and began walking back to the house.

“Come on sweetheart; we know that all of you nurses wear stockings.” The loud voice shouted again, “Give us a flash!”

I knew that they were still staring at me so I put on an exaggerated wiggle which received another wolf-whistle.

Once inside the kitchen my hands were shaking as I made a cup of coffee and discretely looked through the blinds at the workmen. Two of them looked as old as my Dad and the other was a bit older than me but cute in a rugged punky kind of way. The guy who had shouted at me was six feet tall with a roughly shaved head and six days of stubble on his jaw plus he had two gold hoop earrings in his right ear and his arms and shoulders were covered in black Celtic tattoos. He was wearing cut-off combat pants and a scruffy England football shirt.

The other older guy was even taller and had fading ginger hair and a well manicured beard. He too was covered in tattoos but his were a lot older and were now faded. This man was wearing a black vest and small football shorts that only emphasised his bulk and muscular thighs. He looked mean and moody and the type of man you wouldn’t want to cross.

The cute one had red and black spiky hair and wore black sunglasses and seemed to constantly chew gum. He was wearing a black work shirt with the sleeves cut off and something scrawled across the back (Damned?). I think he was the one who had wolf-whistled me.

I was still chuckling at the thought of the wolf whistles and the cheeky man asking if I was wearing stockings when there was a knock on the kitchen door and the ginger haired man stepped into the kitchen.

“Is it alright if I use the toilet, nursey?” he asked; “Your Dad said it would be okay.”

“Yes, yes…of course.” I stammered and waved him through to the downstairs loo.

When he came back into the kitchen he was wiping his hands on his work jeans,

“I’m sorry about Oz.” He apologised then smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “he’s a bit….you know…..over friendly sometimes.”

“That’s ok.” I smiled as I sipped my drink, “I’ve heard worse.”

“So, we are ok?” The man confirmed, “No problems?”

“Not at all.” I smiled as he went back into the garden. ‘Problems’ were the last thing on my mind.

As usual I went to bed for a few hours; but couldn’t get to sleep for thinking about the three men in the garden. None of them would normally have come across my radar; in fact the big guy (Oz?) was nearly repulsive and the man I’d chatted to was now like a big friendly uncle. The punk was quite sexy but far from my normal boyfriend material.

My fingers kept wandering across my perky 44 DD boobs, tickling my nipples and squeezing the taught flesh. I rarely masturbated during the day but today I couldn’t stop myself; I just had to finger my fanny. It felt very naughty as I slid two fingers into my snatch and rubbed a nipple between my finger and thumb. I was soon slithering around the bed as I thrust my fingers deeper into my hole and twisted them around. My mind wandered into fantasyland as my pussy trembled with excitement. I’d had sex with two guys a few times; but three? I couldn’t; could I? My arse was now off the bed as I dug my fingers in as deep as possible and thrust as hard as I could onto my hand, imagining the men were watching me.

I soon had three fingers in my snatch and had slid my other hand underneath as I tried to finger my arse at the same time but could only get a finger tip inside which was actually enough to make me cum…..and what an orgasm it was. I actually squirted some love juice when I pulled my fingers out which made my whole body shiver. I giggled and panted at the naughty thoughts that I’d just had. After such a powerful climax I soon fell asleep.

When I woke up it was nearly 2 o’clock and there was plenty of banging and clashing coming from the garden.

Without thinking, I pulled on a tiny pink thong and covered myself with a silk Kimono that hardly covered my bum.

The kitchen door was slightly ajar and I realised that at least one of them must have been in the house to go to the toilet. My mind raced again wondering if one had crept upstairs to watch me lying naked on my bed. The thought was still in my head as I grabbed some salad things from the bottom shelf of the fridge.

“Fucking Hell!” A coarse Geordie voice laughed, “That’s a fucking nice sight!”

I immediately stood up straight and grabbed hold of the Kimono hem in a vain attempt at modesty.

“Don’t be embarrassed on my account, sweetheart.” The big man grinned and coarsely grabbed his crotch. I just stared at him, not knowing what either of us expected the other to do.

“I was just going for a snatch.” He chuckled, “but after seeing that; I might be a bit longer.”

“Too much information!” I cheekily smiled as he went into the downstairs loo. I threw some things onto a plate then hurried into the living room to avoid him when he returned.

My hands were shaking as I ate my lunch, but I kept listening in case one of them entered the house. They didn’t.

Dad arrived soon afterwards and went out to see the workmen. I went to my room and looked down onto the garden where the work was taking place. I could see them but they probably couldn’t see me. Without a seconds thought I stood right next to the window and slid my kimono off leaving me just in my tiny panties. If anyone of them had glanced up they would have seen me. I can’t remember feeling this sexually excited since my early teens.

I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw Oz look in my direction but couldn’t be sure. A few minutes later they began packing their tools away and finished work for the night.

I was in a state of arousal all night; even at work. I was dreading having to give someone a bed bath because feeling as I did I’m not sure I could have controlled my self if I’d had a cock in my hand; even an old shrivelled one.

My heart was thumping the following morning when I saw their van on the driveway. I immediately went into the Ankara Escort kitchen and made a cup of coffee and some toast. The younger guy looked up and saw me staring out of the window and waved. I waved back just as the other two looked up. All of the previous day’s naughty thoughts filled my head again.

I looked around the kitchen and saw that Mom had left some washing in the machine. As I started to pick the basket up I felt very mischievous so put it back down and hitched my nurse’s uniform up a couple of inches above my knees; which was something I regularly did with my school uniform.

As I walked across the garden I was greeted with wolf-whistles and lusty ‘hellos’.

When I hung the first jumper onto the spinner I felt my uniform strain and knew I was showing most of my legs.

“Still no stockings?” Oz shouted.

Without turning to face him I replied, “Sorry but we’re not allowed to wear nylons in case it gives old men like you a heart attack!”

The other two bellowed with laughter as I continued pegging clothes onto the spinner.

“You cheeky bugger!” He shouted back; “I’ve got half a mind to spank your ass.”

I looked over my shoulder and told him, “You wouldn’t dare!”

A second later I heard his metal trowel fall onto some bricks. I turned to look at him.

“Who wouldn’t dare?” He cackled and lurched towards me. Thankfully he was about 6 yards away and I’m quick on my feet. I skedaddled into the kitchen with him close behind. I banged the door shut and fell against the table howling with laughter as he thumped on the door. When I regained my composure I saw all three men laughing in the garden.

After breakfast I went to my room. Before getting undressed I went to close the curtains; but stopped myself. The workmen were all busy and looking the other way as I stripped out of my uniform, first I slipped out of the dress then pulled my thick tights off. These were followed by my 44 DD bra and with my stomach churning I slid my knickers down and off. I was now standing naked in front of the window. I swear I could feel my fanny actually bubbling with excitement.

I flopped onto the bed and began frantically fingering my slit. It felt incredibly naughty fingering my clit while the men were only yards away. My fingers weren’t satisfying me so I decided to borrow one of Mummy’s toys. I brazenly walked naked across the landing and rummaged in her secret drawer until I found what I wanted. It was a huge lifelike dick with a pair of hairy balls attached. Mummy had bought it years before and without her knowledge (I think) I had been using it on a regular basis to satisfy my every increasing urges.

As I walked back along the landing with the sex toy on my hand I heard the kitchen door open.

“I’m just going to the loo.” The ginger man shouted. If he’d looked upwards he would have seen me in all my glory as I replied, “that’s okay.” But; secretly I was wishing that I had the nerve to shout ‘come upstairs when you’re finished and fuck me!’ Obviously I didn’t, but did jump on the bed and thrust the sex toy deep into my gash and switched it onto full power while he was in the house. I don’t know what size or how many batteries it took but it sounded like a diesel engine as I made it glide deep into my womb. He would have been deaf not to have heard the motor or indeed my groans as I began fucking my twat like whore. All 9 inches were inside me when I heard the toilet flush. Nerves took over and I stopped; but the motor still revved like a cheap car.

My back was arched and my knees bent as an intense orgasm racked my body. I virtually shot the toy out when I was finished and rolled around rubbing my tingling clit until I came a second time.

Again I fell asleep. When I woke up the three men were still hard at work. Without taking a shower I pulled on my small denim ‘Daisy Duke’ shorts and a loose orange vest – no undies, and went downstairs to wash my car. I moved it closer to the gate into the garden and walked through to get the hose pipe.

All eyes were on me as I suggestively bent over to untangle the hose making sure my arse was pointing directly at them. They were silent as I turned the tap on and dragged the hose onto the drive. From where they were working they should have been able to watch me soak the car then cover it in big white soapy bubbles; making sure my vest got wet in the process then rinsed it off with water going everywhere until my t-shirt was dripping wet.

Satisfied with my work I walked back across the garden with the damp cotton clinging to my bouncing, unfettered boobs. You could have cut the tension with a knife.

My nipples were actually painful as I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Just as I looked out of the window to see the men in a deep conversation Daddy arrived home.

“Bloody Hell, Sam!” He gasped when he saw me; “put some bloody clothes on. Don’t you know we’ve got workmen out there?”

‘How sweet’ I thought; and ‘how naive!’

I stood in front of my bedroom window nonchalantly brushing my dirty blonde hair; that I wear in a bunch with long bangs at the sides for work before I slowly pulled my t-shirt off just as Bomber (the big ginger man) looked up. I froze for a second then stepped back out of view. I was shaking with fear and excitement as I pulled my denim shorts off and frantically fingered my fanny. I soon had three fingers thrusting in and out as I slapped and rubbed my clitty. My head and legs were thrashing about as I felt an orgasm building up in my toes but it wouldn’t come to a climax until I turned onto my side and used a finger to stimulate my arse hole……that was it. I had to bite the pillow to stop myself screaming as my finger slid into my arse and the almighty orgasm rocked my body.

I lay on the bed gently fingering my puss and stroking my boobs for two or three minutes until I finally calmed down. I’m very orgasmic but that one…..WOW….it took my breath away.

I then took a long lazy shower and masturbated again; using the shampoo bottle as a dildo. It took me half an hour to dry my hair and get dressed; before joining Dad in the kitchen just as the men were packing away their tools. As I looked over Bomber caught my eye and winked then wagged his finger like a teacher with a naughty schoolgirl. Without Daddy seeing I tried to look as innocent as possible and wrinkled my nose as if to say I didn’t know what he was on about.

It was a very busy night in the hospital and I was exhausted when I arrived home the following morning; but when I saw their van I soon perked up. I ran to my bedroom and stood in front of the window as I got undressed. I was unclipping Çankaya Escort my bra when Bomber lifted his head and saw what I was doing. Without alerting his workmates he kept looking up at me as I dropped my bra onto the floor then slowly pulled my tights and knickers down. I stood scratching my pubes for a moment or two then walked to the side of my bed. Just like yesterday I was trembling with excitement but this time my pussy felt on fire and I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thighs.

I pulled on a fresh pink g-string with black lace around the legs and my kimono. My legs felt as weak as a kitten as I went downstairs and into the kitchen to make breakfast.

I looked out of the window and immediately made eye contact with the old ginger haired man who said something to Oz then dropped his shovel and walked directly towards the house.

I was bending over again, with straight legs and probably showing my arse and pink panties as I rummaged around in the cupboards for some cereal when I sensed him standing behind me.

“Right, my dear.” He rasped, “I’ve had just about enough of this prick-teasing bollocks!”

I stood up and turned to face him with my arms stretched out across the work bench in a crucifixion position.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” I replied as demurely as possible; but my heart was pounding like a steel drum.

“You know what I mean.” He sounded quite annoyed now and his voice was quiet but very deep. “Flashing your bits like that and now you’ve started stripping in front of your window.” He curled his thick lips and his brow was furrowed as he continued, “a man can only take so much. I know you’re just a young girl; but you know the effect that you’re having on me….us.”

I fluttered my long eye lashes and sweetly smiled as I purred, “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. If I’ve done something to offend you I’ll apologise but when I’m at home I……I just like to…..” I then waved my hand in front of me, “dress comfortably.” I then cheekily winked and placed my hand back on the work bench.

Bomber stepped forward and placed his huge rough hand on the bow holding the front of the kimono closed. I tried not to flinch as he slowly pulled one of the ends until the cord fell to the side and the housecoat fell open revealing the front of my g-string and part of my boobs, but not the nipples which were poking through the clinging material.

Bomber gently bit his bottom lip and fixed a cold gaze onto my eyes before he flipped my kimono open with the back of his hand. I was shaking with excitement but didn’t say a word as he ran his course fingers over my naked breast. A second later he cupped the other with his left hand and began squeezing them until I winced; which made him smile.

The huge workman now towered over my tiny frame as his eyes never left mine while his right hand slowly slid down my stomach and rested on my pubic area. The old man was now twiddling my stiff nipple between his thumb and finger at the same time as he rubbed my pubes through the thin nylon of my panties. It was as if he was defying me to say or do something to stop him. I didn’t.

Eventually he squeezed my nipple very hard and I gasped which made him grin. Then without any encouragement from me he pulled my g-string down to my knees and pushed his hand between my legs; running the top of his finger along my hairy slit, until I sighed and gasped.

My fingers were now digging into the Formica as he explored with his fingers until he found my hole. Still staring into my baby blue eyes his breathing became much heavier as a thick finger tip eased my labia apart and easily glided up my fanny.

“Oh my God!” I struggled for breath as it snaked inside me and his other hand cupped my arse cheek pulling me forward and harder onto his other hand. I’d never been fingered like this before as his big thick digit twisted and poked around inside my fanny. Bomber was soon fingering me so hard I was standing on tiptoes to accommodate him and gripping onto the work top for all my worth.

“Now’s the time you dirty little fucker” he grunted in my ear as I bounced on his finger. He pulled his shorts and grubby underpants down with his free hand and popped his cock and balls out.

“Fucking Hell!” I whispered as I caught sight of his cock.

“Ain’t you seen one this big before; Missy?” The workman cackled as he waggled the biggest cock I’d ever seen; “Do you like Bombers’ Cock?”

I nodded my head and my eyes nearly popped out of my head as I struggled to take in its enormous size; it looked like a baby’s arm holding a blood orange!

“Get your laughing tackle around it then; and suck it!” He wheezed as he shook even more blood into it to make it an inch longer and even thicker.

“It’s too big!” I panted as he dragged a stool next to me with his foot and pulled my head down towards his purple knob. As my face hit his cock he swiftly pulled his finger out and lifted my thigh until my knee rested on the stool and he jammed his finger back into my soppy hole.

“Suck it you dirty little tease.” He raised his voice at the same time as my face rubbed along the hot sweaty shaft, “Suck the fucking thing!”

I opened my mouth and began kissing the fat tip then along the shaft until he grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth against his knob. I opened my lips and instantly sucked in nearly two or three inches.

Bomber soon began sighing and gently thrusting his hips until he was fucking my mouth as hard as he was fingering my cunt. I gagged a couple of times but that didn’t stop him; he just kept banging away until my mouth was full of big fat cock.

His balls were in direct proportion and were swinging like two coconuts until I grabbed them and squeezed them and dug my nails into his hairy scrotum. On another day I would love to have sucked and chewed his bollocks too; but that was the last thing on his mind.

My mind was a blur as I gripped his hips to steady myself. I felt sure he was going to cum soon and excitedly prepared myself for a mouthful of spunk but because of the frantic fingering he was giving me I desperately wanted to feel his huge monster cock buried deep inside my tingling cunt too.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you ragged!” Bomber grunted through gritted teeth as he pulled his finger out and left my twat feeling suddenly empty. In one swift movement he picked my up by the armpits and sat my arse on the edge of the worktop then began slapping his monster cock against my bubbling crack.

“Open up for Bomber.” He coarsely whispered as he tried to force his bulbous knob passed my labia.

“You’re too big!” I giggled, Escort Bayan “I don’t think it’ll all go in.”

He grinned as I pulled my flaps apart and slightly leaned back. With one hand on the small of my back the big man guided his huge twitching cock between my fingers and labia. I was trying not to tense up because I really-really wanted him to fuck the living daylights out of me; but his cock really was massive and I suddenly began to flinch as his purple knob eased inside my slit.

Sensing my unease, Bomber slowed down and gently eased the knob into my hole inch by inch until…….WHAM…..he forced the whole fucking thing in with one push, nearly launching me into orbit!

“Aaaaaayyyyaaaaahhhhhhhhoooohh oooohhhhhwwwwwwyaaaafucker!!” I screamed as he lifted me up and pulled my down until I was completely impaled on his huge pink cock. “Ow ow ow ow….you big fucking bastard!” I cried out as I threw my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his hips.

Bomber cupped my arse cheeks with his huge hands and began fucking me ragged (as promised) against the fridge freezer. Mummy’s sex toy is about 9 inches long but Bombers cock felt much longer and thicker as he bounced me on it like a rag doll.

“Oh fuck…oh God….oh fuck!” I kept repeating as my whole body felt like it was getting fucked at once. I was soon delirious, throwing my head back and at one stage I even felt my eyes roll back as I nearly passed out when he growled and began furiously fucking me even harder as he tried to cum in my young fanny.

I was in a world of my own riding Bomber’s cock and was only vaguely aware of someone else in the room because of the sound of laughter; then I recognised Oz’s Geordie voice making lewd remarks.

“Can anyone join in or is it a private party?” He cackled.

“You can do what the fuck you want with her once I’m finished!” Bomber grunted as he lifted me off his cock and lowered my feet onto the floor. I was sweating like a pig and my cunt felt as if it had just passed a watermelon. I had to rest my hands on my hips as I caught my breath.

“Get bent over the table.” The ginger haired man told me as he threw his vest on the chair and pushed my shoulder towards the breakfast table. I eagerly complied and spread my legs and pushed my cute arse into the air for him. It was only as he pulled my butt cheeks apart that it crossed my mind that he may not be aiming for my number 1 hole! Thankfully he did and with no resistance at all his long fat cock slid back into my juicy cunt right to the hilt.

“Fuuuuccccccckkkkkkkinnnngggg HEEEELLLL!” I groaned as he withdrew 6 or 7 inches of meat then rammed it back in again.

Oz and his friend Wayne were now standing opposite me politely waiting their turn with their pants around their ankles and their swollen cocks in their hands. Bomber began furiously fucking me again; and from this angle it felt fucking amazing as his fat cock went deeper into my body than when I was straddling him.

“Move her around mate.” Oz told his workmate, “I might as well get a gobble off her.” Bomber edged me around until my head was hanging over the corner of the table, directly in line with the Geordies stiff cock. I obligingly opened my mouth for him.

“She’s keen,” he laughed as he pushed all six inches straight passed my lips, “I’ll give her that!”

As Bomber pounded my fanny I tried to give the other man one of my special blow-jobs; but it wasn’t easy with the giant trying to break my ribs from the inside.

I love sucking cock and getting done at both ends is great fun. I’ve had a few threesomes in my time; but nothing like this. Normally I take control but today they were just using me as their sexual plaything……and I was fucking loving it!

As Bomber’s thrusting got faster and harder the table began to move so Oz just grabbed my head and let the motion from the other end control my sucking.

Eventually Bomber let out an almighty roar and, with three huge thrusts suddenly froze and I felt my battered cunt fill up with his hot juices as he exploded deep into my womb. When he finally slid his cock back out I felt a rush of liquid running down the inside of my thighs because the elastic in my vag felt like it had stretched out of all recognition.

“My turn now.” Oz laughed as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began quickly rubbing the shaft until it began twitching and I knew what was cumming next! I closed my eyes and braced myself for a few seconds until he grunted and the first spunky spurt landed on my right cheek then a second on my eye lid. It was hot and sticky but had a surprisingly sweet smell to it as it ran down my nose. As I opened my eyes he moved forward for me to drain the last of his spunk into my mouth which I was more than happy to do.

I was still gripping the table and sucking the dregs of Oz’s spunk out when Wayne moved behind me and pulled my butt cheeks apart.

“Fucking Hell, mate.” He sighed, “look what you’ve fucking done! It’s still fucking stretched – I’ll not even touch the fucking sides now!”

“I suppose there’s room for a little ‘un in the back door if you’re that way inclined.” The red haired workman cackled as Wayne cursed him for wrecking my fanny.

“Any hole’s a goal, mate.” Oz cackled while trying to make his cock hard again.

“That’s a thought.” Wayne considered then pressed his bell end against my greasy arse hole.

“Thank Christ he’s only got six inches!” I thought as he used his friends’ spunk to lubricate my sphincter. I edged back a touch and without any finesse he rammed his cock straight into my arse making me squeal (with delight).

“The dirty little fucker doesn’t care, does she?” Bomber laughed as Wayne buggered me and I kept writhing with pleasure and panting “Yes…yes…yes…harder…harder baby….harder!”

I knew Wayne wouldn’t last very long; men never do when they fuck my arse and I was correct. It only took a minute or two until he erupted inside my bowels as I was sucking Bombers big weapon again. My arse was on fire when Wayne pulled out but I felt as sexy as Hell so kept sucking Bomber until he pulled out and shot a second load of spunk onto my face and hair.

As I finally stood up I realised that Wayne was now taking photos on his phone and showing them to his workmates who thought them hilarious.

“Show me too.” I demanded and he did as I made them all a cup of tea. There must have been about 20 in total of me getting fucked in every hole with a big smile on my face and the ones with Bombers cock in my mouth looked scary as it was so big. I remained naked while we drank the tea and Oz even got me to jerk him off and lick his cream off my hand while we nonchalantly chatted.

The men went back to work as Daddy was due home soon afterwards but not before I had promised more of the same the next day.

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