Sister’s Unite 3_(0)


The next morning I woke with my cock being sucked by Liz. Her talented mouth quickly brought me to diamond hardness. I pulled around so I could play with her wet pussy. I licked her outer lips as she rubbed her sopping womanhood over my bearded face. When I went off in her mouth Liz smothered my head and filled my mouth with her spurting juices. I held back until she fed me her pussy juice and let my pee flow. Liz drank every drop and I gave her my golden fluid. She then turned and we exchanged deep, wet, tangy kisses as our afterglow faded.

After our interlude, I walked naked down the hall to the living room to find Mike on his hands and knees. His cock in Sara’s mouth as Maverick lapped at his anal opening. I walked over to the trio and starting playing with Sara. I got my hand covered in her pussy juice and moved behind Mike and covered his ass hole with her secretions. Maverick must have liked the taste and bore his tongue into Mike’s ass. Mike was so taken aback by his dog’s tongue that he fell face-first into his sister-in-law. Maverick took advantage of Mike changing his position to jump on his back and jamming half his doggy cock deep in the man’s ass. Mike grunted in Sara’s pussy as Maverick hammered more of his cock into him. I stood there transfixed as Maverick’s knot made popping sounds as it slid in and out of his hole. By the fourth or fifth thrust, The dog’s knot Escort Eryaman expanded and locked in his master’s ass. The pounding Mike was taking in his ass forced his cock down Sara’s throat.

Sara choked as Mike pushed cock down her throat, but never stopped sucking his cock. Spit bubbled up around the cock in her throat and spilled out on her sexy face. The wild scene before me quickly brought me hard again and pulled Mike’s face up from the pussy he was licking to fill his mouth with my cock. A few minutes of sucking was all I needed to shove cock in Sara’s ass as he went back to sucking her very wet pussy. Maverick froze as his doggy seed filled Mike’s ass. Mike moaned and babbled about how much Mavericks load filled and stretched his rectum. Mike breathed a long groan as he filled the throat and stomach of his sister-in-law. The force of his orgasm triggered Sara’s orgasm on my cock. Her body gave in so deeply to her sexual release shit came oozing out around it.

To punish Mike for making her cum so hard I pulled Mike’s head up and fed him my sperm and shit covered cock as Sara cleaned both Mike’s cock and Maverick’s ball sack with the dog still locked in Mike’s hole.

As Maverick lay across his master, Mike remained hard so Sara rotated and worked her pussy until his tortured cock entered her. They kissed deeply and passionately as two people deep in the lust Eryaman Escort only sexual overload can bring. As Sara moans quickened it was obvious she was riding the wave of her next orgasm. I set my balls in her face so They could clean me totally. Mike sucked my cock as Sara nursed my balls one after the other. Then slid back to my taint, then reamed my asshole. I held Mike by the head and face fucked his mouth while Sara’s tongue bore into me from behind.

I could hear Mike choke a little from time to time but fuck it he needed to hind out what he had done to the beautiful lady under him minutes before. I went off in his throat as Sara went wild under him. Shaking and clawing his body as her legs wrapped around and squeezed his trunk. My softening cock vibrated as Mike hummed his orgasm into Sara. We fell to the floor as Maverick pulled his cock from Mike who gave out a sharp “ouch!” Along with the “pop” of the still huge knot forcefully removed from his ass.

We all had a light breakfast before we started again. All through breakfast Sara kept chasing Maverick from her wet pussy. By the time Sara finished her coffee, she gave in. Throwing her legs over the arms of the chair Maverick drove his cold nose in her body. Liz played with Sara’s nipples as Maverick licked the discharge oozing out of her pussy. A couple of minutes of this and Maverick jumped up, ramming Eryaman Escort Bayan his cock balls deep in her well-lubricated pussy. I couldn’t stand it and moved behind Liz. Working my cock in her ass while Mike sat under his wife eating her pussy. Sawing my cock in and out of Liz was tender torture as she flexed her asshole squeezing my cock over and over. Sara groaned as Maverick filled her pussy with his flaming seed. That triggered Liz who came in Mike’s face and her ass opened. She coated my cock again with shit. I pushed Liz to one side and aimed my cock at Mike. He and Sara moved into position and the two of them took turns sucking my cock and kissing as they shared Liz shit. Liz was on her back as Maverick lapped her pussy and she cleaned his doggy cock of Sara’s orgasmic juices.

I didn’t want to play favorites so when I was clean I jacked off and sprayed my semen over both of them. As my cock softened I watched them licking my seed from each other. I took the opportunity to sit on Mike and plant his cock deep in my ass as the three of us kissed each other. One of the few times my eyes were open I saw Liz on her knees and Maverick claiming his sexy bitch eye. Her tits dancing jerkily as he hammered her pussy and licking the back of her neck. Liz was oblivious to anything as her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy was stretched by the dog’s huge cock.

Mike pushed up and shoot his seed deep in me as I watched his wife orgasm multiple times on her dog lover’s cock. After showers and clothing, we all went out to lunch. What a great way to start a day.

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