Sex Life of Tyron and Kari

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Sex Life of Tyron and Kari From Kari’s Point of View

Tyron is such a funny guy. He is the greatest sex partner in the world. His only reason for sex is to give his partner pleasure and he is very, very good at it. We have been enjoying each other for about a year and I think back he always had this funny but obvious way of letting me know what he had in mind for the coming sexual experience. The way he smiled as I was introduced to Brad, the sort of pushing me to drink another glass of champagne, I knew something was happening and I started getting a little wet you know where. The thought of these two handsome guys and just little old me in some sort of sexual game was making me smile.

I’m seated between the two guys, watching a Movie called, “The Brothers and the Hotel Maid.” One brother has the maid hot and ready and I have my hand on my two guy’s thighs. I laugh at how big and hard Brad’s nipples are as I lift his shirt up and off over his head. I put my hand back and start rubbing Tyron’s cock and nibble on one of those hard nipples as I take Brad’s hard cock in hand. It feels almost the size of Tyron‘s.
As both guys stand up and strip off their clothes I notice the gal in the movie is riding on one Brother and giving him one hell of a fuck. Then other Brother appears putting lotion on his meat and starts rubbing it up and down over her rosebud. With a push and a loud “Oh it hurts” the head of his cock is pushed into Escort Keçiören love hole number 2. I realize that will be me before the night is over. As if there was some sort of signal both guys started removing my cloths and I was soon seated between then as nude as they were. My tits were kissed and squeezed and nibbled as two hands were racing to my pussy. Fingers poked and prodded as if this was the first time they had reached the sexual Promised Land.

I had a cock in each hand and what a wonderful feeling that was. My mouth began to have this sort of feeling that needed some attention so I scooted down to my knees and kissed Brad’s cock first. After all he was the guest. Then I moved my mouth down over the head while licking the sensitive underside. I soon had his entire length down my throat. I might not have mentioned that I do great deep throat blowjobs.
I was sucking two cocks, the gal in the movie was getting pounded by two cocks and I had to decide which cock I wanted to ride first. Once again I chose Brad because he was the guest. I stood up and positioned my knees on each side of his hips. As I lowered my pussy towards him Brad started rubbing his cock up and down between my pussy lips. Every time he touched my clit I about came unglued. He held it steady right at my cunt hole and I lowered down on it. Then the ride began. I was moving my hips forward and back and side to side and round and round as I lifted Keçiören Escort up and down on his prick. Brad kept up a steady motion as he fucked me in and out. The three in the movie had finished and were collapsed down on the bed. I thought to myself that my session better last a hell of a lot longer than theirs did.

I am so enjoying my fucking, like my mind was detached from my body as I rode Brad’s meat. Then I felt something hard and hot rubbing up and down my ass crack. I had to smile because I knew I was about to received another piece of meat. I had anal before and after the initial pain really enjoyed it but this was the first time in my entire sexual life that I had been double fucked. Brad knew what was about to happen and had stopped fucking me. I lowered down on his cock and waited for Tyron to enter me. His cock head was pressed against my hole and then he pushed and it was in. I let out a cry of pain, laying there waiting for it to lessen. Tyron pushed in a little and more pain. He pulled out and pushed back in a couple of times and it got better. The he gripped my sides in both hands and pushed, all the way in.

It hurt but I waited as my ass was getting fucked. My moans of pain became moans of pleasure and Brad once again joined the party. I don’t know and don’t care but it seemed they must have put together a plan because they would fuck me first both cocks all the way in at the same time and then Keçiören Escort Bayan would alternate one in and one out. There were never half strokes, they fucked me with their entire length every stroke. I was out of my mind in pleasure.

I was back in my trance, full of meat and just enjoying. Occasionally Brad would nibble on my nipple and Tyron would reach around and give a breast a squeeze and I would ride. Riding one cock in my pussy and pushing back against another one in my ass. I don’t know how long my boys lasted but it well could have been 30 minutes. Then Brad started first, that special moan of pleasure that a man gives when he is about to shoot his load. Very shortly Tyron joined the chorus and then I was being filled with man juice. I could feel it in my cunt and also it seemed like clear into my stomach. Tyron collapsed first, down onto the sofa. Then Brad lay quiet exhausted from our wild fuck. I was some satisfied and some disappointed but I rolled off and lay back between them.

I could feel the cum begin to run out of my pussy, joining that running out of my rosebud. But what happened next absolutely amazed and thrilled me. Brad was between my legs, licking up cum. He put his hands behind my knees and pushed my legs up for better access. His tongue felt so good in my well fucked cunt and ass I thought I was going to cum again myself. I guess Tyron must have felt left out because he joined Brad and I had two tongues working my holes. Brad was the first one finished and poured some champagne and handed Tyron and me a glass. As he toasted he said,

“That was a great beginning for what I know is going to be a great evening.”

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