Bound for More Ch. 03


Bound for More: Chapter 3 – Gates’ Exhibition

Daddy did not put his clothes on when we got back in the Jeep to drive back to the house… I, of course, did not have any clothes to put back on. T and Jace had already driven off. DDT (Daddy Dom Tom) put the Jeep in gear and spun the tires as we headed back. I felt every bump deep in my sore cunt so I was kind of leaning to the side, keeping my pussy lips off the leather seats. It was a very rough ride, even on the ranch trail. Daddy must have noticed how I was trying to “protect” my pussy, because he was looked slyly at me and smiling, then he asked, “Sore, boy?”

“Yessir,” I replied sheepishly. “I can honestly say my hole has never been used so thoroughly and kept on the tender edge.”

He reached over and pulled me into him in a hug. I noticed his cock was hard as a rock. Apparently he liked the idea of my ass being so wore out. His hand slid down my back finding my ass. His fingers did not hesitate. When they brushed my stretched cunt, he hooked two of them inside me. I practically crawled out of my skin when he did and I jumped up against him trying to pull my ass off his fingers.

This only seemed to turn him on more. He managed to keep his fingers hooked in my hole… but somehow, now, he was guiding me over into his lap… by my ass. I was panicked and giddy at the same time. I loved being used by him. I was his sex toy, pussy boy, and all his for the taking. And it looked like he was ready to take me again. He pulled me over into his lap as he slowly drove across the field. I managed to straddle his legs with his fingers secured in my leaking hole. I still had T’s and Jace’s loads inside me.

Now that I was sitting in his lap, his fingers worked in and out of my cunt… the cum slicking up my chute. He just grinned at me real big and I could feel his hard tool under me starting to leak. “I promised you I’d fuck that cum filled hole boy, now slide your pussy down on Daddy’s cock,” he growled in my ear. He managed to squeeze a third and then fourth finger inside me… then spreading them, pulled my pussy open wide and guided me down onto his rigid cock.

I breathed deep as his rod filled my chute replacing his fingers. My legs quivered as I felt the head of his fat cock slide past my sticky sphincter. I closed my eyes and braced myself to ride his meat when we hit a big bump, slamming his cock to the hilt inside me. I cried out in shock and a little pain. But Daddy shouted “yee haw” like it was a fucking rodeo. “Fuck boy, I cant get enough of your sweet pussy. I swear it feels even hotter now. Damn! Damn! Damn! That is a cummy hole, boy. It’s so horny using their cum as lube to ream you out again! I can feel it leaking out, down my cock, and onto my balls.” He narrated the fuck ride as he slowly drove the Jeep, and his cock into my ass.

My hole relaxed as I bounced up and down on his pole. I cannot even describe how Daddy made me feel. Here I was naked straddling this hot Texas Daddy, impaled on his cock, while driving across a ranch, right after having my hole fucked and filled by 2 of his hunky ranch hands. Every nerve in my well used twat was electrified. I could feel the heat of my hole, like a welcoming camp fire on a cool eve, enveloping Daddy’s rigid fuck tool. I was wet from the hands’ jizz and my own juices, not to mention Daddy’s precum. Sloppy from the past day’s use and teetering between tender and damaged. But above all else, my hole felt like a pussy.

When Daddy and I had started chatting online months ago, he had talked about my hole as a “pussy.” I’ll admit, at first it made me uncomfortable. It threatened my masculinity, or my idea of it anyway. I thought it was too effeminate, humiliating, and emasculating. Don’t get me wrong, those can be hot and kinky as a sub in a scene, but in general, it seemed demeaning and disrespectful to bottoms. I don’t know… it gets too tied up in traditional views on masculinity etc.

But Daddy… Always used the term with deference, especially when referring to me and my hole. It was like my “pussy” was something to be treasured, valued, appreciated, and even… loved. He helped me understand my own feelings about my hole. Helped me embrace, not just being a bottom, but realizing that my sex organ is my pussy. It is my only sex organ. A pussy is hole for fucking! In the most sex positive way possible.

I used to top, exclusively, when I was a young man. But when I discovered bottoming, things changed for me. Slowly at first, but over time, my dick just did not cooperate when I tried to top. At first I thought it was physical. I was getting older, the body changes. Maybe it was E.D. But eventually I realized, it was my sub side asserting itself. My hole would get jealous that it was not involved in the encounter, and so it would shut off the blood flow to my cock. And to be honest, topping just never felt that great for me. Nor does receiving head, or even jacking off. I can achieve orgasm from all of these, Avrupa Yakası Escort but I don’t feel a great deal of pleasure when I do.

But when my hole is being used… by a cock, a tongue, a finger, a hand, a toy, or even a thong strap teasing it… I feel incredible. I feel empowered, like a true sexual being. I feel… like a pussy! I am even stimulated when someone sees my hole. It sounds strange when I put it into words. But my ass is the singular focus of my sexuality.

So when I finally met Daddy in person, it was like falling into my true self for the first time in my life. When we were sexual, I was a sub, his sub. And my pussy was the yin to his wang’s yang. We complimented each other completely. The cock (clit) cage was a natural extension of this metamorphosis. An aspect, kink, or activity I had never considered before him; but I eagerly submit to now. It helps focus my energies and sexuality on my pussy, increasing my libido and hunger for cock. It heightens my sexual awareness, particularly in my cunt, quite like a blind man’s other senses are heightened. And now, after just a couple of weekends, which were admittedly primarily sexual, we were finding we were equally compatible in life, via all the conversations we were having and sharing of interest.

We arrived at the house and I was still impaled on his cock, straddling his lap. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in close for a passionate kiss. He put the Jeep into park and turned off the ignition. He moved me up and down on his rod a few more times before pushing me off and out of the Jeep. He climbed out after me and turned around to notice all the spunk that had dribbled out of my cunt and onto the seat. He just growled with lust as he spun me around and bent me over, pushing my face into the mess on the seat.

“Lick the seat clean boy. Taste all that young seed fresh out of your pussy. And while your at it… spread those cheeks wide for me so I can finish breeding my boy’s sweet cunt again.” He was obviously in animal mode, all worked up from the ride back. I licked at the cum while my hands spread my ass wide open for him. But he as soon as he entered me, he began jack hammering so hard I could not keep licking. I grimaced as my face slid back and forth in the milky puddle on the leather seat. He grabbed my hips as he pulled himself in and out of my hole. Long hard strokes as he gave into his passion. I could feel the corona of his head popping in and out of my sphincter.

Daddy was using my pussy like a man on a mission. It was insane how he could keep my cunt in sensory overload. I had not even recovered from last night and here he was using it again for the fourth time since. The craziest thing about it all… was how much I loved it. I did not want it to stop. I could barely process the physical stimulation, not to mention the psychological and emotional effects Daddy was having on me. Every thrust made me his more than the last. I falling for him, hard, as hard as each stroke he was giving me.

My pussy started to grip his shaft. I could feel every vein as he pummeled me. My wet gash was mapping his manhood. It’s shape, girth, length, mapping the veins and ridges. Each push imprinting on my psyche as much as my flesh. I could hear the slurping sounds of my cunt sucking on his meat. The sound only served to amp up both of our lust. The blood filled my pussy lips as I went into full heat. Daddy fucked me like a bitch there in front of his house, bent over, face in a slick of cum in his Jeep.

We were both breathing hard now, sweating. Neither of us wanting it to end, but… our bodies had other ideas. Worked into a sexual frenzy, he was slamming into me. I was trembling in the bliss of the animal fuck. His hands started to slip off me as our sweat loosened his grip. So he pulled me up and hugged me tight as he continued his assault on my hole. His arms wrapped around me holding in place as his cock desperately invaded my cavity.

Until finally, he started to spasm. I felt it in his diaphragm first, against my back. It traveled down to his pelvis and then to his cock. As he erupted inside of me, his hips bucked violently. I did not see how he could get any deeper inside me, but somehow he managed. It did not seem physically possible. We both fell forward against the Jeep, as jets of his load fired deep into my guts.

Daddy had told me we were going to meet a friend of ours for dinner. The only person we both knew was Gates. I was so curious as to why he was being mysterious about dinner. I mean, if it was Gates, hadn’t we pretty much bared it all with him already? I mean, i would absolutely do it all again… and more! But what was there to be secretive about?

The only thing that Daddy would tell me is that we were going to try this cool old BBQ place. I had lived in the area for years and had always heard about it… it was a local legend. They were located in the country on a ranch. They raised Escort Bayan their own livestock and served it up on special nights. They also had a huge outdoor eating area around a stage. They featured live local music; tonight was supposed to be an up and coming country group that had their first radio hit. It should be a fun night… and lots of male wrangler asses to ogle.

So after a long hot shower together and me begging Daddy to stop fingering my extremely sensitive cunt, we got ready to leave. We were both dressed in boots and pressed 501’s. I wore a black T-shirt while Daddy had on a plaid short sleeve button down. Cowboy hats topped off our attire, though I had my cage on too. Now that we were ready to go, we hopped in the Jeep and took off. I had cleaned off the seat after I showered so that stain would not be showing when we were at the BBQ place.

The drive was nice. We had a good long chat covering what our upcoming week looked like, to details about the ranch, to our past histories. We had talked a lot online about experience etc. but Daddy was obviously a man that had more than dabbled in being a Dom, he lived it. I was curious about it and turned on, quite frankly. The thing I was most confused about though, was how this handsome, sexy, perfect dom daddy, was so apparently interested in me.

When we first planned to meet up, it was supposed to be a hookup… a scene. But there was so much chemistry, it immediately became more. I did not know how much more yet. And I was not confident enough in myself, yet, to understand how this man of experience and options could be giving me the impression that the attraction was mutual. I did not want to get my hopes up. I did not work up the courage to come out and ask him this though. I decided to just enjoy the moment.

Finally we arrived at Cora’s, the BBQ place. It was still early, but already the field they had graveled over for parking was full. I was like a kid in a candy store… drooling over all the hot beefy men in denim and boots. Daddy just grinned. He said he liked seeing me enjoying myself… and if a herd of hot cowboy’s kept me in heat, who was he to complain? I tried not to be too obvious or ignore Daddy, but damn, the view was hot.

We got a table and a couple of beers. Daddy refused to answer any questions about who we were meeting or the big mystery around the meeting. There was a country band already playing with a cute teenage girl fronting. She was very good and apparently another local favorite. Daddy informed me that there would be bands playing all evening until the headliner took the stage.

We were on our second beer when Gates walked up to the table. We stood up and hugged. Then Gates introduced us to a woman standing behind him. I had not even noticed her… Gates presence was overwhelming, so it was easy for the rest of the world to disappear when he was around. “Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my wife, Zoe.”

“I, I, I, um… Nice, um, I’m nice to meet you.” I stuttered stupidly. I could not speak and was flabbergasted. Daddy, Gates, and Zoe all started laughing and Daddy gave Zoe a warm hug. His southern charm was on full blast minimizing my awkwardness.

Zoe grabbed my arm, “Let’s go get a round of drinks.” And she giggled, obviously enjoying my uncomfortableness, as she grabbed my arm leading me to one of the bars stationed around the eating area. I looked back at DDT helplessly, but he and Gates had already turned to sit at the table. “So… you’re the one.” She said, teasing. I had no idea what she meant by “the one.” And I did not really think I wanted to.

“I’m sorry?” I replied nervously.

“Gates has been talking about you for months. He is quite infatuated with you.” She said matter of factly. I was tongue tied and had no idea what to say… so I just raised my eyebrows and listened. “So when he told me he was meeting you, and your… ‘Daddy’ last Saturday, how could I refuse him? I only wished he had brought home pictures.”

“P, P, Pictures. There are no pictures.” I stuttered in a panic. It sounded like she knew exactly what had happened… but that cant be… she is his wife. How was I to know he was married. He was not wearing a wedding ring. I mean, its not like I have never slept with a married man… but I have never met the wife after to hang out either. Damn. What was going on here? Talk about a surprise… Wait. Did Daddy know about… this? Did he know Gates was, married?

She laughed again and moved in close. “I know what happened last weekend. Gates shared every detail with me,” she confessed, confirming my fears. “He’s bi, well, we both are, though I prefer men most of the time. Gates is just pure sex… any way he can get it. So, we are open. And honest about everything. Including, telling me about you the first time he noticed you in his diner.”

“Really? Wow,” was all I could manage. But it was progress. I was less nervous, just a ton of questions starting to istanbul Escort flood my brain. She must have sensed that because she immediately launched into how they had met in college and he and his roommate ended up fooling around with her and her roommate. And the four of them had a thing for a while until she and Gates decided to start dating each other and moved into a place together. They continued to have sex with other couples until they got married. Then they decided to open things up and they both would have outside sexual encounters. Gates rarely had sex with other women. He had that in his wife. He generally sought out other men. She said he rarely bottomed for anyone but her, but she was so intrigued when he had bottomed for my Daddy last week and had to meet us. She was oddly and refreshingly candid. Putting me increasingly at ease.

It was very interesting and she was finishing up their back story by the time we returned to the table with the beers. I liked her. She was beautiful and fun and confident. Most of all she was uninhibited and more than supportive of her husband’s extra curricular activities. We sat down and I finally noticed Gates face was flush. He and Daddy had been talking low and close. It was a cool evening, and Gates had not had anything to drink yet, but he was sweating a little and breathing hard. Then it dawned on me. Daddy had been conspiring with him about something sexual. And Gates was obviously turned on by whatever they had been talking about. I looked down at his shorts and sure enough he was sporting a tent… maybe he should not have work khaki shorts… the wet spot was sooooo obvious.

Zoe wasted no time in capitalizing on Gate’s situation. “Now what have you two been talking about? Anything… stimulating?” She asked as she sat down, not even trying to hide the fact that she was grabbing his obvious erection. Then she pulled her hand back and licked the slick from it that had leaked through Gates’ shorts. Then she reached her hand across the table and asked me, “wanna taste?”

They all laughed… and I wanted to suck on her fingers right there… except we were sitting right in the middle of a bunch of straight folks at a BBQ place listening to country music. I felt like I was on display… and not in a good way. So I just smiled back at her and took a big GULP of my beer. That just made them laugh again.

We spent the next couple of hours getting to know one another, talking and enjoying the music. We did eat, but we only picked at the delicious barbecue. We were having to much fun to eat. We moved to another table on the edge of the picnic area, right next to the woods, based on Daddy’s premise we could hear each other better. The discussion eventually got back around to sex. Zoe really wanted to talk about it apparently. She said she was so turned on when Gates got home last Sunday and shared with her the details of our encounter.

Zoe told us that Gates would let her peg him… that he loved it up the ass… but she had never seen a man fuck him. She wished we would have at least taken pictures. For that matter she would have loved to have seen him balls deep in my ass too. I guess she was a voyeur because she wanted to see it all. I did not know how I felt about that. I was a bit of an exhibitionist, but I had only wanted show off in front of men. Zoe then started asking about my cock cage. She said she wanted to see it which really made me self conscious. She rambled on and on… explicitly. All I could do was stare open mouthed at her. Daddy and Gates were just grinning from ear to ear. They were loving the whole thing. I had rarely heard a woman be so comfortable in their sexual skin.

Finally, I had to piss and asked if anyone knew where the bathrooms were, maybe the subject would change while I was gone. Gates said there was a small bathroom up against the main building, but that the women mainly used both of them. Most of the guys just went into the woods to piss. I had not even noticed until then, the steady stream of guys moving back and forth to the woods. “Boy, just step into the bushes here behind us,” Daddy suddenly ordered. So I sheepishly stood up and walked into the tree line. I could not be seen by the crowd but my back was completely visible to Daddy and company, and still within earshot. I started to unbutton my fly when I heard Daddy again. “No boy! Turn around. Show that clit off to Zoe here. Let her see how pretty you are. And Gates and I want to watch you piss too.”

I blushed bright red but turned around. I looked at Daddy and he was pulling out a cigar. I guess he was planning on enjoying the show. Gates decided he would do the same and the sight of them lighting up made my clit swell in its restraint. I finished unbuttoning and opened my fly. Zoe squealed with delight and finished her beer. “Drop em boy… around your ankles. Then you can piss for us.” Daddy directed. When my jeans were on the ground I stood back up and started straining to piss. The attention and my swelling clit made it difficult to go. But my full bladder won out eventually and the yellow liquid began to flow. It was more a spray at first but then focused into a stream. I heard Zoe giggle again enjoying herself. Daddy and Gates both puffed on their gars as they watched.

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