Joe, Danny and Me


Joe. Danny. Darren.

You hear one name and you think of all three. We’ve been the best of friends for as long as I can remember, and we hang out for every moment we’re able to. We play video games together, take part in sports together, we share everything about what music we’re listening to, what girls we’ve been eyeing up. Hell, we’ve even jerked off together when we’ve been through a dry spell. There’s no denying that the three of us are inseparable, and we share everything together.

Well, up until today.


I barely managed to shut the bedroom door and sling my bag across the room when I felt the familiar buzz in my pocket. I whipped my phone out to see a text message from Danny.

“You home yet? I’m heading towards your place now.”

“Door’s unlocked, come on in mate!” I replied. I plucked two cold ones out of the mini fridge and set one beside the bean bag on the bedroom floor, and fired up the PlayStation ready to go.

I hear the front door open and close about ten minutes later, as Danny makes his way up the stairs and barges through my bedroom door.

“Oh nice one mate!” he sighs joyfully as he spots the cold can, sat waiting for him next to the beanbag. “Been dying for one of these today.”

“Rough day or something?” I reply as Danny throws himself onto the beanbag.

“Ugh, I’ve been like an animal all day. Michelle was wearing those fishnets under her dress again today, and you know how that affects me. Do you know how tough it is to hide a raging hard-on in skinny jeans?! I’ve been freezing for hours because ive had to use my jacket to cover up!”

“I don’t know how she wears that stuff in this weather,” I reply with a laugh, “but I’m not gonna complain about it.”

I crack open my own can and join Danny, brushing aside the image of Michelle’s legs before I too get affected.

“PlayStation’s ready to go mate. Ready for another thrashing?” I ask with a wry smile.

“Whatever mate, I’ve been practicing!” Danny challenges back.

After a few more cans and a few close encounters, Danny finally admits defeat.

“Ughh fine, Darren is Fifa Champion, yet again!” Danny sighs into the last drops of a can.

“Still got Michelle on the brain, mate. You’re losing focus!” I retort with a smile.

“Oh but you should’ve seen her, man. She wore one of those real short ones today. I was trying to get her to bend over I don’t know how many times, would’ve seen some ass guaranteed! Even Joe wouldn’t be able to deny it, even if he ‘only has eyes for Rachel’ or whatever.”

I have to agree, Michelle is a real hottie and she knows it. She loves to leave little to the imagination, and I wasn’t leaving much in my imagination. Danny wasn’t helping matters either.

“Man if I could just get my hands on that sweet ass of hers…”

If only he could…I couldn’t help but picture her letting him touch her, pulling in close to him as he clutches hold of her ass, unbuttoning his shirt and laying her hands on his solid abs, slowly working her way down towards that big, stiffening coc-

Whoa hold on. Reign it in, Darren. Why am I focussing on Danny here? I shake the thought out of head quickly. What was all that about?

I throw my controller in Danny’s direction as I jump up off the bed.

“Here, have a quick game to yourself mate. I’m gonna take a quick shower.”

As I take my leave, I couldn’t help İstanbul Escort but notice Danny’s bulge fighting for air in his jeans. Fair play to him, he’s got a great package on him. I mean, we’ve all seen each others dicks so many times now, but he seems to have grown a bit since I last saw-

It’s happening again. What is going on with my head right now?

I quickly shuffle towards the bedroom door, quickly stripping off and throwing my clothes back into the room as I scurry out. I had to be careful about concealing myself, as my intrusive thoughts began sending messages towards my crotch, which I didn’t want Danny noticing. Sure I could blame it on Michelle, but…I wasn’t convinced it was from thinking about her…

As I feel the hot water fall on myself, I felt that maybe if I let off some steam, these strange thoughts would seem ridiculous, something to laugh about to myself later on. I wrapped a hand around my dick and shut my eyes tight, stroking slowly to the thought of Michelle slowly removing those fishnets to reveal her smooth, silky legs. She unzips her dress and lets it slowly fall to around her ankles, and makes her way across to the bed to her eagerly awaiting prey. Only something’s different this time. The man waiting for her on the bed isn’t me, but Danny. Despite this break in the usual routine fantasy, I don’t stop stroking. In fact, I begin to stroke a little faster and harder as I picture Michelle wrapping a hand around the base of Danny’s hard cock, glistening at the tip. As Michelle lowers herself, she begins to kiss the tip, letting her lips soak in Danny’s thick precum.

I continue stroking, as my other hand begins to caress my chest. I slowly begin rubbing my nipple, softly squeezing as my fantasy continues. I see Michelle’s eyes meet Danny’s as she begins circling his bellend with her tongue. She giggles at his moans as she begins to take more of him into her mouth. As she works his cock up and down, her eyes then turn their attention to another figure in the room. I see myself walking towards her, as she motions for me to join them. The hot water continues to pound my aching body as I begin to squeeze harder on my nipple. The fantasy continues as Michelle releases Danny’s dick from her mouth, leaving a thick trail of precum between his tip and her lips. I go down on my knees to join her as our mouths meet, sharing the sweet substance left behind on Michelle’s lips. She smiles as her hand slowly beging caressing the back of my head. She begins to lower me down towards Danny’s waiting cock, as I open my mouth and-

I try to contain my grunts as I shoot the biggest load of my life on the shower floor. I wince a little as I release my nipple, not realising how hard I’d been holding on. My stroking slows to a halt as I pump my load. Fuck, that was incredible. A little different to the usual fantasy, but I’m so glad I got that out of my system.

I still feel a little weird as I think about having to walk back into my room, where the object of my newest fantasy is waiting. I’ll have to try and play it cool as best as I can. I wrap my towel around my waist and head back towards the bedroom. As I open the door and prepare to bend down and collect my discarded clothes, my jaw drops.

Danny is on the beanbag, jeans and boxers wrapped around his ankles, as he jerks on his hard cock. I stand motionless for a little while. watching him, as so Escort Bayan many thoughts rush through my mind. Now, Danny jerking off on the beanbag is not a new thing to me, but since the dawn of my latest mental images, the situation felt a little different this time. My eyes were fixated on Danny’s thick meat as his hand flashes in and out of my narrow view. But that wasn’t all. Something was different. It was at least another 30 seconds before I was finally able to unlock my eyes from their gaze and focus on Danny’s other hand. It took me a few glances between the pile of the clothes on the floor and Danny before I could confirm – Danny had my boxer shorts in his other hand. His hand sped up on his cock as he took a sharp intake of air, taking in the scent of my recently removed underwear. The shock of seeing this resulted in me breaking the silence with a loud gasp.

Danny’s eyes widened as he threw the boxer shorts away and quickly scrambled for his own pants, stuttering as he did so.

“Darren, I-I, Fuck I’m- I can”

“What are you doing, Danny?” I exclaimed.

“Dude I can explain, it’s- it’s just that- Well I was thinking of Michelle and I-“

Danny took a few deep breaths and let some of the panic out, allowing himself to offer an explanation.

“I was so horny thinking about Michelle and I…I saw your pants on the floor and I…I dunno man. I saw they had a wet stain on them and I just-“

I hadn’t realised that my intrusive thoughts from earlier had caused me to leak a little. I remained silent as Danny continued.

“Shit I’m really sorry man, please don’t tell-“

Danny suddenly stopped talking as his eyes broke contact with mine and made their way down. Amidst all the shock and confusion, I didn’t realise – My towel had dropped….and I was rock hard.

Both of us had left our respective cats out of the bag, but neither of us knew what to do. There were a few more awkward seconds of silence, when something took over inside me. I bent down towards my boxers and threw them back towards him.

“Keep going.”

Danny didn’t know how to take the words that left my mouth and, frankly, neither did I. However, Danny began to do as I asked. His hand found his cock again as he slowly began stroking. He raised my boxer shorts up and took another look at me, as if to double check that it was okay. I felt a light sensation on my foot, as I looked down to see myself leaking profusely at what was happening in front of me, leaving droplets of precum on the floor and on my feet. Danny’s pace quickened as he brought the wet boxer stain to his mouth. setting his tongue free to explore it.

That was it. I stepped forward towards him, quickly yanking the boxer shorts from his grip and, before he could bring his tongue back into his mouth, I kissed him. His moans reverberated through my jaw as our tongues locked with one another. I wrapped my hand around his as we jerked his cock together, not breaking the kiss for a second. I felt his other hand stroking my balls as we moaned into each others mouths.

As we both released our grips on his cock, I pulled back from our kiss and looked down. Danny’s cock was looking back at me, leaking from the top with a thick stream of precum. I was hypnotised by it. I’d seen it many times before, but never this close, and never with a relentless desire to take it into my mouth, to taste it, to kiss it all over. I looked istanbul Escort back up into Danny’s eyes, silently seeking approval. As Danny smiles back at me and runs his hand through my hair, I grab hold of the base of his cock and take it into my mouth.

I’d tasted my own precum before (I was super horny and got a bit curious), but to taste it from someone else…I couldn’t describe the feeling. This was all so new to me, but I couldn’t help myself. At that moment, I wanted nothing else but to have more and more.

I took in Danny’s deep moans as I tested how much dick I could fit into my mouth. I held myself down on it for a few seconds before coming back up for air. A thick trail of precum and spit hang between my lips and his shaft, as I took a few deep breaths before going back in for more.

I tried to suck Danny in the same way that Michelle does in my fantasy, allowing my hand to follow my head, up and down on his wet shaft. Danny takes my hand away and grabs my head, thrusting his cock deep into my mouth.

I grab hold of Danny’s thighs as he fucks my face, completely letting myself go, submitting to his control.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum,” he pants as he begins thrusting faster. I feel his legs tense up under my hands as he lets out a final grunt, releasing himself into my mouth. I feel my tongue getting flooded by his hot load, as he slowly thrusts a few more times. I give Danny a moment to finish before I slowly lift my head, freeing his wet, spent cock. I take a big gulp as his cum warms my throat, taking in the sweet and salty taste.

“Fuck that was awesome man,” he sighs as we both let out a laugh.

We both dress, not really discussing what just went down. Although I wasn’t speaking, my mind was going at a million miles an hour. I just sucked a guy off. And not just any guy, but my best friend. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it! And I liked it! In a way, I was pleased we weren’t talking about it. I didn’t want to make things awkward between us, despite what had happened.

“Ready for another game?” Danny asks, making me jump a little as I sat, lost in thought. He throws one of the controllers at my lap as we both faced the TV. The rest of the evening was pretty much like any other. We took down a couple more cans and played video games until night fell.

“Shit, I’d better get going!” Danny exclaimed, “Mum’s gonna end up wondering where I am!”

“I’ll see you down on the pitch tomorrow,” I replied. “Give us a text when you’re heading down.”

“No problem.”

As Danny grabbed his jacket, he quietly made the first mention of our eventful evening.

“Darren, thanks for not…umm…I-I’m sorry for what happened…y’know, with the pants and stuff, I…”

“I’m sorry too,” I replied. It was a wild, spur of the moment thing between us, and I didn’t want him to feel weird about it.

“I gotta say man,” Danny said with a smirk. “you give head like the best of them!”

“Fuck off!” I laughed.

“See you tomorrow, dude.”

That night, I didn’t watch much TV at all. I lay in bed thinking of what had transpired. What does this mean for the two of us? Was this just an act of two over-horny guys? Would Danny want to do it again? Did I want to do it again?…

And what about Joe? The three of us share everything together! No doubt he’d be freaked right out at the thought of that kind of stuff.

I shake the burning questions out of my head. You just got a bit horny Darren, and got carried away. Nothing else to it. Everything will just go back to how it was, no need to ever mention it again.

Oh, how wrong I would turn out to be…



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