Midnight Surprise_(1)

Bursting Out

Midnight Surprise

My wife Audrey is a nurse and we have a 15 year old daughter, Kim, who looks like and has the same slender body size as my wife. They could easily pass for sisters. Kim has always been afraid of thunder storms and at night will come into our bed.

I arrive home late that night having worked late on an issue with a server being overloaded and needing balancing. I was tired after working from 9:00 am till about 10:00 pm and the 40 minute drive home.

Not wanting to wake my wife, I undressed in the dark and slipped into bed spooning my wife from behind. Normally when I work late and arrive after she has gone to bed she is especially horny and does not mind being fondled until she wakes. Tonight it appeared it was no exception.

I reached around under her pj top and started fondling her 32B breasts. I am still amazed at how firm they still are and still have the puffy nipples. Soon I heard her moaning in pleasure always a sure signal that she was awake and ready for more. I slowly pulled down her pj bottoms to feel her smooth firm small ass.

I then started probing her pussy with my fingers from behind and found that she was dripping wet, very hot and pressing back on my fingers to enter her deeper. When I pulled out my fingers she sighed and pressed back as if to say keep them in. I started to return them to her pussy when she moved and I found my finger in her butt hole about one knuckle deep and she moaned with an ohhhh! and pressed back to take in more of my finger. This was so strange, Audrey always swatted away my finger if I even got near her butt hole. But I was not to lose this opportunity that presented itself to me and started fucking her asshole with my finger. Much to my surprise she was going crazy with pleasure. Soon I had Silivri Escort two fingers going quickly in and out of her asshole and she was matching my strokes with the backward pressure of her ass. After about five minutes she started shuddering in an intense orgasm that seemed to last several minutes. Soon she relaxed and reached around and started rubbing my rock hard dick which needed relief. Again much to my surprise, She lubricated her hand in her pussy and rubbed it all over my dick and slowly guided it into her butt hole. I thought I was dreaming since in all our years of marriage, she never consented to anal sex. Soon I was fucking her hard and fast in her ass and came within minutes like I had never come before. She was so fucking tight that I felt like I was fucking a virgin.

After I came, I kissed the back of her neck several times and fell so very satisfied into a deep sleep.

It was a bad storm, mom had left a message saying she was working double shifts. Dad was still at work and I was home alone and scared. The only thing I could do was to get in their bed and pull the covers over my head. I soon fell asleep only to awake later finding my dad in bed with me fondling my tits. I had little experience with sex with anyone other than masturbating myself. Once last year, Jimmy from down the street, had kissed me and felt my breast through my swimsuit when we were up at the lake. That was exciting, but nothing like feeling my dads hands reaching around and on my bare breast. It sent waves of pleasure through me and tingles down below that would not stop. It dawned on me that he thought he was in bed with mom and I just could not stop him it felt so good.

When he started rubbing my pussy, my body took over and I could not have stopped if I had Escort Bayan wanted to at that point. I was fucking his hand and enjoying every second of it. Then he pulled out and I didn’t want him to and tried push back on his fingers when his finger went in my poop hole. I had not even put my finger there before but it felt really good. Soon he was finger fucking my poop hole and I was trying to enjoy every inch of his fingers. It felt so good and dirty at the same time. Then the tingles started building up into waves of pleasure and then a series of orgasms that were better than I have ever experienced in my life. I didn’t even know you could enjoy getting your ass fucked.

After my orgasms subsided, I wanted more and lubed my hand up from my pussy juice and reached back and rubbed in on his big dick. I have seen erect dicks on guys on the Internet, but never have touched one and was not prepared for how hard and stiff they were. I adjusted myself so I could slowly inch it into my poop hole where his fingers were seconds earlier. It hurt for a few seconds but once the head was in the rest was easy and felt so good. I felt so full and safe with my dad’s hard dick up my ass. Soon he was fucking my ass very hard and I went wild with more orgasms. Soon he spasmed and jerked and cried out oh, God Audrey, you are so fucking good.

After he pulled out, he held me and fell asleep. I then crept out of the bed back to my room since the storm was over, and I didn’t want my dad to know he had just fucked his teen daughter.

I came home about 6:00 am after pulling double shifts. Since this was Saturday morning, I was not surprised to find Tom still asleep. As usual, I changed to my pj’s and crawled into bed spooning my ass up against his crotch. I was really horny because istanbul Escort I worked with Dr. McDreamy last night. I got turned on looking at him more than once during our shift. I would fuck him in a heart beat, but he is my cousin’s husband, so he is definitely off limits. After a couple of butt nudges Tom mewed in my ear, you want to fuck honey? He was hard, and started fingering my pussy which was more than ready. Soon, he withdrew his fingers and was coating his dick with my pussy juice and I looked forward to a nice fuck. But before I new it he pressed it into my ass and I cried out but to no avail. He was fucking me hard in the ass and what surprised me that I was enjoying it. I was matching his stroke for stroke with back pressure and soon I came like I have never come before. I don’t know if it was the many hours of mental masturbation thinking about Dr. McDreamy or Tom fucking me in the ass. But one thing is for sure, I never knew what I was missing by not letting Tom fuck me in the ass. He soon had his orgasm and shook all over like he hasn’t done in years. Afterwards he said, “fucking you in the ass twice in one night was beyond my wildest dreams.” I didn’t understand what he meant, then it hit me. Tom, I said, I just climbed into bed 15 minutes ago. He was quiet for a moment and then said, I think I fucked Kim last night, and thought it was you. Now we both were at a loss about what do to about the situation. We both went into Kim’s room and she was asleep with an angelic look on her face. I carefully pulled back the cover and the aroma of recent sex hit both of us at once. We covered her back up and quietly left her room and shut the door.

Tom, what are we going to do, you fucked Kim and she knowingly fucked you last night because I talked to her last night and said I was working doubles.

I said, I guess we will just wait till the next thunderstorm.

(next article (if anyone is interested) Kim joins Audrey and Tom in bed during the next storm.)

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