Our Distinctive Family Pt. 01


Part 1


My family isn’t your typical group of people. Yes, we love each other, very much, but we show it a little more than normal families do. We’re also very comfortable with each other and don’t mind showing that at home or in public sometimes. Me being the oldest of four boys, I always make sure to protect everyone from any jocks that try to use my younger brothers. We all got our nice looks from my dad with our gray eyes and tan skin, but only me and Manny got my dad’s build. I was a college football player majoring in Business, now a senior, and my 6’4” frame intimidated a lot of people. I had muscles all over the place from my intensive training and healthy diet. Manny was a little smaller than me at 6’2” with long wavy shoulder-length hair that men and women went crazy over. He was going to be a sophomore in the fall majoring civil engineering and minoring in physical therapy. The two youngest were my twin brothers Kole and Carson. They were the ones I worried about the most, seeing that they took after our mom who was small and petite. What made things even worse was their bodies. They were only 5’5 with curves you don’t normally see on men, the main curve being their ass. Granted, we all had a nice size but me and Manny’s were firm and muscular whereas the twins were plump and jiggly. They were tone and had muscle everywhere except there and I’ve almost beaten up so many guys over them.

Everyone knew they were gay, so the guys lined up to date one or both of them. I allowed them to go out with some but that hadn’t been in a while. They were going to be freshmen in the fall. Kole was majoring in nursing and Carson accounting so my dad was proud of us with our choices of majors.

Our dad doted on us ever since we were kids. It intensified when my mom left, wanting to live her life without responsibilities aka her children. I was 8 at the time and to this day, I could never figure how someone could just up and leave their young children. I hadn’t heard from her in 3 years which was fine with me. We all got plenty of love and support from my dad. My dad, Theo, was a smidge bigger than me at 6’5″ and owned a large accounting firm that Carson planned on interning at. He worked a lot, so it was mainly me who took care of everything at home during the summer.

It was the first day with no school and I woke up at the crack of dawn, so use to getting up for training. I didn’t have camp until next month, so I had the rest of May and June to rest. I left my bed in only my bikini style underwear thinking I was going to be the only one up right now. As I entered the kitchen, I saw my dad sitting at the table drinking coffee. I contemplated turning around and putting shorts on but it wasn’t the first time my dad saw me like this.

“You’re up early,” I said as I walked around the table to get some orange juice from the fridge.

“Yea, I need to go in a little earlier than normal since I have some important meetings I have to prepare for,” my dad said. He hadn’t looked up from his tablet since I walked in but when I closed the fridge, he did. His gaze roamed over my entire body, focusing on my crotch.

“Come here Dawson.” I did what he said, still drinking my juice.

“Your dick his hanging out this underwear. Why wear them if it’s not going to cover anything?” My dad tucked my dick into the small amount of fabric designated for it. I was pretty hung at 9 inches, thanks to my dad, so most underwear I liked fit like this.

“I hadn’t realized it. It must’ve slipped out in my sleep. What are you doing now?”

My dad looked at me with a loving grin and patted his lap as to tell me to sit.

“Dad, I’m too old and big to sit on your lap”

My dad’s grin went away, and I felt bad. “I’m about to get ready to go son so make sure your brothers don’t do anything crazy. I know how they get when they’re out of school.” My dad stood up in front of me, grabbed his briefcase and looked down at me.

“You too old and big to give me a goodbye kiss?”

I sighed, “No dad.” My dad tilted my head up and gave me a peck on the lips once, twice, three times before turning to leave. “I love you. And you should put some clothes on before one of the twins wake up.” I really needed to. The twins were the most affectionate out of all of us and didn’t hesitate to show it through touch. I went to my room and put on some basketball shorts and a t-shirt and returned to the kitchen to cook breakfast. Manny came downstairs, hair in a bun on top of his head, wearing grey sweat shorts, my shorts, that showed off his dick print. The thin shorts were riding so low, you could see the top of his pubes in the front and the beginning on his cheeks at the back. He was our exhibitionist in the family even though Kole gave him a run for his money sometimes.

“Goodmorning bro,” Manny said as he approached me from behind and planted a kiss on my neck. “What’s for breakfast?”

“I’m making everyone their favorite omelets. Call the twins down in a couple of minutes.” Manny dug in the fridge, Mecidiyeköy Escort looking for I don’t know what. He bent over, making the shorts lower even more, revealing his crack. I turned around and pulled on them only for the shorts to fall the rest of the way. Manny turned around, his dick swinging as he looked at me.

“You should have worn shorts that were actually yours instead of mine. Go change and wake up the twins while you’re up there.”

“I like your shorts and I like how they fit so I’ll just keep wearing them,” Manny said as he pulled the shorts back over his ass and went upstairs to wake his younger brothers.


No one in the family knew I was bisexual. No one also didn’t know I had the biggest crush on my older brother. He was so perfect and big, even though I was almost his size. I wished he showed off his body more like I and the twins did, but the little I could see turned me on. I knew he had a big dick that I wanted inside of me one day, but I also knew that probably wouldn’t happen. Out of all of us, Dawson was the least affectionate. The most affectionate he showed was a cuddle every now and again and maybe a peck on the lips if we begged. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated what he did give us, but I wanted so much more. Most would not believe I was into men let alone verse, but I wanted nothing more than to be filled to the rim with Dawson’s cum. I wasn’t going to change so I walked pass my room and straight to the twins’ room. We had two extra bedrooms, but they still preferred to sleep together. I peek inside their door to see them cuddled up, Carson spooning Kole. Kole only had on a t-shirt without anything on the bottom and Carson had on a thong that wasn’t even covering his dick.

The twins never liked being woken up by alarm or anything close to it because it scared them awake. I always woke them up in the sweetest way possible. I leaned over and kissed Carson on his neck, then his cheek. I couldn’t get to his mouth since his face was buried in the back of Kole’s neck. I leaned forward to kiss Kole all over his face and on his lips. They slowly started to wake and Carson was the first to open his eyes. He looked up at me and his cute sleepy smile was revealed.

“Good Morning little bro, breakfast ready.” Carson nodded and pursed his lips, asking for a kiss. I leaned down and gave him a few pecks as my hand roamed down to stroke his exposed dick.

“You guys might as well sleep naked.”

“Kole got cold last night and I got hot.” Carson looked over at his still sleeping brother and reached to gently pat him on his soft butt.

“Kole wake up. Breakfast is ready.”

Kole groaned, “No…five more minutes.”

“I won’t give you anymore kisses this week if you don’t get up baby,” I said. Kole’s head whipped towards me.

“That’s mean and you know it.” Kole stood up, his long thin dick swinging in front of me and stretched out his arms. I caught him when he jumped, holding him up by his juicy ass

“I’m right behind yall,” Carson said.

I walked downstairs with Kole still in my arms to the kitchen where Dawson was putting everyone’s plates on the table. Dawson caught sight of Kole’s naked ass and his gazed lingered for a split second before he looked up.

“Where’s Carson?”

“Here I am.” Carson came down the stairs wearing tiny underwear and a crop top. I motioned to let Kole down, but he tightened his leg grip. “Can I eat with you?” I could never say no to my little brothers so of course I let him stay in my lap.

I turned Kole around, placing is ass right on top of my dick so he could eat his food. He sat with each leg on the outside of mine so he was wide open. I loved touching on my brothers so while I ate with one hand, my right hand was tugging on his balls and absently stroking his dick. The twins never mind it since they usually did the same to everyone else or tried to.

“That feels good Manny,” Kole said as he started to move his hips.

“Guys, each your food,” Dawson said. I let go of Kole’s dick to his disappointment and continued to eat my food. Once again, I wish Dawson was more affectionate with us. I kissed Kole’s neck just because I knew he wanted it.


After breakfast, Manny left to go to the gym and the twins stayed home with me. I sat on the couch watching tv when I remembered I need to do some grocery shopping. I got up and went to the kitchen to write up a list and called out to the twins. Seconds later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They both now had on crop tops and shorts that went to their knees.

“I’m about to go to the grocery store. Do you guys want to go with me?”

“No,” They said in unison. I really didn’t want to leave them here alone, even though they were 18. They always seemed to get into something when left at home by themselves.

“You sure?” They both nodded so I retrieve my wallet, phone, and truck keys and headed to the door as they trailed behind me. “Lock the door when I leave okay?”

“We know Dawson, Escort Bayan we’re not kids,” Carson said.

“I know…well I’ll be back in an hour. They both pursed their lips for a kiss. I leaned down and gave them both a kiss on the cheek. Carson accepted it but I saw hurt on Kole’s face.

“Lock the door okay?” I turned and left.


When Dawson didn’t give us a kiss on the lips, I accepted it because I was used to him not being very affectionate, but he hurt Kole. He immediately turned and went into the living room and lay on the couch staring at the tv.

“You know he isn’t affectionate K.”

“Yea but it still hurts sometimes.” I moved behind my brother and cuddled him. We always like to cuddle and have since we were kids. There was just something about having him against me that soothe both of us when we needed it.

“You know he loves you. He just shows it in a different way,” I tried to convince Kole. He didn’t say anything else, only snuggling his ass against me more so that we were plastered together.

Thirty minutes later, Manny walked in, back from his workout, all sweaty. I observed his every movement as he headed to the kitchen, to get an after-work out drink I’m sure then walked in the living room.

“Where’s Dawson?” he asked, downing his drink and four gulps.

“The grocery store. He left about 30 minutes ago.”

“Okay, well I’m about to take a shower.” I nodded and Manny headed upstairs. Kole hadn’t said a word just watched tv. I hope Manny would do something to cheer him up when he gets back. He always showed Kole all the affection he wanted without hesitation. Manny hadn’t come back down as soon as I thought. An hour had passed and Dawson wasn’t back either.

“You want a snack K?” Kole nodded and I got up from behind him and treaded towards the kitchen. In the fridge, I saw some sandwiches Dawson made yesterday and grabbed a bag of grapes along with them. I put portions for both of us on a plate and grabbed a bottle of water. When I walked back to the living room, Kole was still laying down on his side.

“Get up K so we can eat.” He got up and I handed him his plate. We ate in silence while watching an action movie. Once done, I took our plates back in the kitchen when Manny came down the stairs.

“Hey sweetie,” Manny greeted as we went into the fridge.

“Hey.” Manny turned to me noticing my solemn tone.


I’m used to my brothers always being in a happy mood, so when I came home to see them both being unusually quiet, I knew something was wrong. After I showered, I went online and bought them a few outfits I knew they would like. They loved clothes more than anything so I knew it would cheer them up at least a little. I was going to pick them up later today.

“Come here,” I said to Carson and he walked to me without hesitation and I wrapped my arms around him. I held him close by the waist, my crotch pressed against his navel.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine but it’s Kole. He’s upset that Dawson didn’t give us…well him a goodbye kiss. He’s been getting more upset lately. I try to tell him that Dawson just not affectionate.”

“I’ll go talk to him okay. I got a surprise for you both later today.” Carson’s face lit up immediately.

“What is it?” he asked jumping up and down, rubbing his tight body against mine.

“I said it’s a surprise. You’ll know later…30 minutes actually,” I said looking at my watch.

“Okay. I want to go with you.”

“Okay sweetie, go change.” I patted him on the butt and he ran off. I watched as he ran up the stairs, his ass jiggling with each step. I love my little brothers’ bodies, especially their ass. When Carson was out of sight, I went into the living room to fine Kole curled up on one side of the couch. I sat down on the other side of the couch.

“Baby come here.” Kole hesitated for a second before he crawled over to me and lay his head on my shoulder. He would usually climb into my lap so I was a little taken aback.

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to sit here?”

“Can I?”

“Of course, you can,” I said. Kole instantly climbed into my lap sideways and I wrapped my arms around him. “You know Dawson loves you right?” Kole nodded. “Then why are you sad?”

“He never kisses me or anything. It’s like I’m disgusting to him.” My heart broke a little.

“Kole, you are not disgusting. You’re perfect and Dawson loves you. He just shows it differently.” Kole nodded again. “Just try to remember that okay? I promise he doesn’t think you’re disgusting.” He nodded again.

Just then, I heard the front door open and I assumed it was Dawson. He yelled out for some help. Me and Kole went and brought some of the groceries in.

“What took so long Dawson?”

Dawson dropped the last of the bags on the counter, “The store was jammed packed and they didn’t even have all the lanes opened. Where’s Carson?”

“Putting some clothes on. Me and him about to go pick something up that I ordered,” I said. Dawson started istanbul Escort putting the food away and Kole help. Kole hadn’t said a word to Dawson only giving him a hand.

When Carson came down the stairs wearing a green tank top and jean shorts, I got my keys and headed to the door. When Carson was closer, I eyed him up and down.

“Turn around.” He turned. “Bend over.” He did what I said. “Okay, lets go. I always had to inspect what the twins wore in public. I didn’t want anyone looking at my little brothers.

Once we made it to the store, we got out and headed inside. The place only had a few patrons inside, one being a tall male and his gazed quickly went to Carson as he treaded behind me. When I noticed, I reached back and put my arm around his waist, and he got the hint. When we got to the counter, the lady was beaming as we approached.

“Well aren’t you two good looking,” she said. “How can I help you.

“I have a pick up for Manny Staples.” The lady searched for my order in her system.

“Gotcha.” She went to the back to retrieve my order.”

Carson leaned into me, “I like this store. Can we come back?”

“Of course.” I squeeze his waist and turned back to the approaching lady.

“I’m sure these will look great on your boyfriend. He has the perfect body for it.”

I smiled, “Yes he does. Thank you.” I grabbed my bags and turned to leave. I never corrected people when they mistook one of the twins as my boyfriend. That way, I didn’t have to explain why we were so affectionate.

Once we got home, I called for Kole who was right in the living room. Dawson wasn’t there so I figured he was upstairs. “I got a surprise for you and Carson,” I said with a smile. Kole perked up.

“Really? Let me see.” I gave each of the boys a bag and they dug in. I got them some new crop tops with matching booty shorts that they could wear around the house. One set was a mesh material, one silk, and the other cotton. I also got them some tiny thongs to wear since I knew they hated wearing anything when they wore jeans. Lastly, I bought them two pairs of

tights each with matching crop tops. “I love them!” They both said in unison. “I want to try mine on now,” Kole said and pulled his shorts down right in front of us. He tried on one thong first and his ass looked so juicy, I wanted to bite each cheek. The front of the thong barely held his dick which peek out the top of the thong.

“Bend over let me see.” Kole bent over and I could see his pink hole staring at me. I wanted to eat him so badly, but we’d never gone that far before and I didn’t want to push the twins. I’d only do it if they asked for it.

“They are perfect baby,” I said as I reached out and grabbed each cheek, kneading his flesh. His hole opened every time I separate his cheeks. I took them off for him and he grabbed another pair. This time he grabbed a pair of the tights. They were a little see through so we could easily see his dick. “Do you like those? I didn’t know they were see through.”

“I love them. They’re so comfortable.” Lastly, he tried on the booty shorts and a matching crop top. They were smaller than I thought since I didn’t consider the twin’s juicy asses. The bottoms of Kole’s cheeks were visible.

“I love these too!” Kole pulled the back of the shorts all the way over the top of his butt, exposing more than half of his ass. “Should I tuck my dick in or what?”

“I’m tucking mine,” Carson said.

“I’m going to leave mine out.” Kole’s dick head was peeking out the side of the shorts down his thigh. The sight alone got me hard instantly. I pulled on my dick for a little release.


Everything fit us perfectly and I couldn’t wait to wear them around the house. Our dad loved our body and I hoped Dawson appreciated it too, but I didn’t have my hopes up. After we cleaned everything up, we heard the front door open. Seeing that everyone was here, we didn’t know who it was until we heard our Dad’s voice.

“Daddy!” Me and Kole ran down the hall to meet our dad. He was on the phone, so we held in our excitement. My dad was home a lot earlier than usual.

“No, I have to go. My boys greeting me,” My dad said to whoever he was on the phone with. “Yea you wish you had boys as beautiful as mine.” Dad winked at us and I blushed. Once he was off the phone, he opened his arms. Me and Kole rushed him and he effortlessly picked us both up.

“How was your day?” We both talked at the same time. “That’s good. Where’s my kisses?”

Kole stood on his tiptoes and my dad gave him a peck on his forehead, his nose, then his lips. He turned and did the same to me.

“Daddy, like our new outfits? Manny bought them for us.”

“Oh really? Turn around. Let me see you.” We both did a spin. “You boys look great. Those fit you nicely. I hope those are only for indoors.”

“Of course, daddy,” I said.

“Good. I don’t want anyone looking at my boys.” My dad gave us another kiss on the lips and went to his study. Before he was out of sight, he turned and asked, “Where’s Dawson?”

“He’s upstairs,” I said.

“Tell him to come to my office.”

Kole went back in the living room with Manny and I went upstairs to Dawson’s room. I knocked softly and waited for him to answer. I entered and saw that he was on his laptop in bed.

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