Sister in law_(4)


It’s the day of my wedding and we are at the reception. I am having a great time and my wife is looking beautiful,
but her sister in law is making me hot hot hot. I have always had a thing for Jeri, who is 5’2 and 120 pounds.
Compare her to a fatter Nat Portman with shoulder length hair. Today she is wearing a really nice dress with off the
should sleeves and a open back, so I know she has no bra on. I also know because this is a wedding, that she is
wearing stay up stockings and that to me is a major turn on. I have also had a lot to drink and the party is going
really well.
At this point I am sitting on a chair relaxing and enjoying the scenery and Jeri sits next to me. We chat and I let
my hand fall on her lap and I just leave it there. She makes no effort to take it away. My sister in law is not a
great beauty,but her sex appeal is undeniable and she had quite a reputation in her teenage years that her family
still talks about. She is only 26 as we speak and I am 28.Soon after her father comes by to say they have forgotten
a wedding present at the house that is only fifteen minutes away. He has had a lot to drink and asks his daughter
to go pick it up and I nonchalantly volunteer to keep her company and can already feel butterflies in my stomach.
I let my wife know I will be gone about an hour on an errand for her Dad and leave the reception.
On our way to the house Jeri and I chit chat and I make sure to compliment her on her dress and how good she looks
and she takes it all in. When we arrive to the house, we enter and she goes to find the missing present. There is a
long hallway that leads to her parents bedroom and this is wear I plan to make my move. As she comes into the
hallway I stop her and grab her by the waist and ask her for a kiss.She laughs nervously as she knows I am had a
few drinks, although Zeytinburnu Escort not as much as I am letting on. I finally convince her to let me kiss her just this once and
she lets me.
As I kiss her sweet lips I let my hand fall on her small sized breast and she quickly pulls away, but I do no let
go of her waist. I try for another kiss, but now is she getting angry and tells me it is time to go. This is the
point of no return for me and I go for another kiss. I force my lips to hers and roughly grab her breast this time.
I tell her how much I want her and she looks dumbfounded. she is desperate now, but is stuck between the hall wall
and me and she is going nowhere. I get me hands to her back and pull down the zipper holding to top of her dress as
she begs me to let her go. I then pull down the front of her dress to reveal her nice tits and I quickly fondle
her before she can pull away.
She starts telling me how I just got married and how I should leave her alone that she won’t tell what has happen ,
but I must have her. I tell her no one is going to believe I cheated on my wife on my wedding day and if she tells
anyone, I will let on how she made overtures towards me and I was to weak to resist. The relationship between her
and my wife not being to best, the odds are on my side… now she looks really scared.
I grab her by the arm and force her to her parents bed and I throw her down. Quickly, I jump on top and hold both
here arms down on top of her head. I try to kiss her, but she resists, so I simply make my way down to her exposed
tits and start sucking on them. She is crying now, but that makes her even more tantalizing to me.
I let go of one of her arms to make my way to her pussy, but she struggles and almost gets up. I throw her down
again and I punch her hard in the belly and she doubles Escort Bayan over. I take the opportunity to take off my pants and by
the time she looks up, my cock is rock hard and looking straight at her.
I get my hands under her dress and find myself please to know I was right. She is wearing stocking, but better then
that, she has a thong on. Now, I put my hand over her throat and I apply pressure and let her think her life could
actually be in danger. I am back sucking and nipping at her tit and my other hand is making it’s way to her sweet
I know my sister in law does not like oral sex and so I make my way down and lift her dress to her belly and move her to the side. By now all Jeri can do is lie there and cry, muttering for me to stop, but that isn’t going to
She smells amazing and I slowly run my tongue all over her pussy lips and start to suck on her clit while I massage
her ass with my finger and I know despite herself some part of her is enjoying this. She is not crying now and is actually
getting wet despite what is happening to her.
I now go back up and lie on her and I tell her to guide my cock into her pussy. I have to force her hand down
there, but she puts little resistance as she realizes this is unstoppable. I start to put pressure on her outer
lips and she actually lets out a small moan. Once I have entered her just a little over an inch I force the rest of
my cock into her pussy with a violent motion. She screams in pain and pleasure and I start to thrust.
“put your legs around me ” I tell her as the feeling of the stocking rubbing up and down my legs and torso make me
want to come right there and now, but I hold on.
“That’s it baby, you like it don’t you …tell me how much you like it slut.”
She does not respond, so I grab a fistful of her hair and pull istanbul Escort her head back and scream in her face.
” I like it” she says.
” you like what slut”
“I like you inside me”.
“You like my cock inside my pussy”
“no I say, repeat it all. “You like my cock inside your pussy.
“oh, god, please don’t make me do this”
She is crying again and is almost incomprehensible when she let’s out.
“I love your cock in my pussy”
“Because your a fucking whore that likes cock…say it”
” I am a whore that loves cock”.
“oh yeah. I really start to fuck her now and I am euphoric.
I slip my cock out and tell her to turn over and go on her hands and knees.She turns with her dress hanging around
her mid section. The site is a real turn on. She has a nice round ass cause she is not skinny, not fat, but not a
stick and I slap it hard. She winces, but says nothing so I slap it again and put my hands around her waist.
“You want me to fuck you Jeri.” by now she knows the drill and replies.
” Please fuck me”
“fuck you where”
“Please, fuck me in my pussy”.
I grab my cock filled with her juices and make my way back in. I am fucking her hard now and I have her screaming to
fuck her.
“fuck me, yes….fuck me hard…come inside my whore pussy.”
and with that I let out my own scream of pleasure and come into her like I have not done in years.
I thank her and tell how great she was. Can you believe that. She even thanks me. I tell her to get dressed and to
clean her face off.
On our way back to the reception I warn her not to start crying or acting up or I would tell everyone how she told
me this was my wedding present from her to me and I can tell she knows all is lost.
Back at the reception she is finding it hard to play her role and tells her boyfriend she has a bad headache and
wants to go home. They come over to let my wife and I know. My wife is saddened.(Little does she know).
I go to kiss her on the cheek and she flinches a little and I whisper in her ear…”till next time”.

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