Suffocating Summer_(1)


The day started out just like any other weekday – I woke up at 6.30, rolled over and fumbled for my phone to turn off the alarm. Emma, my wife, was away at another business conference. She was in Berlin and gone since Monday, not due back until Friday. It was thus, my responsibility to wake up Summer and get her off to school on time. I hobbled sleepily down the stairs, in to the kitchen and got to work on making breakfast. Pancakes, with lots of sticky syrup. My daughters favourite. Not thirty seconds after I lifted them from the pan, Summer burst in to the kitchen, a little ball of energy as always. She was small, but always very lively and spritely.

Dressed in the underwear that she’d slept in, a white vest and a little pair of pink Disney panties with Minnie Mouse on, she looked as cute as ever. The panties were a size or two too small and cut a tight fit on her petite figure, especially snug around her bubbly little ass. You wouldn’t believe to look at it from behind that she’s the age she is. She ran up to me and I squatted down to her height so we could hug tightly, our bodies pressed snugly together.

I held my little girl between my bended knees and asked if she slept well. Apparently Charles – her stuffed toy – had kept her warm and safe from the monsters under the bed. She had a very fertile imagination and started off with another wild story about Charles protecting her with magic, before noticing the bowl with the leftover pancake batter on the sink. Her story stopped mid flow, her attention focused elsewhere now. Always such a sweet tooth. She grabbed the bowl and stuck the little fingers of her tiny, delicate hands in to it. Bringing them to her mouth, she began licking them clean one by one. The way she was licking them… It wasn’t quite… Normal. I know that it sounds bad and very much like I’m some sort of pervert, but it just looked so sensual. She was licking the batter off her fingers slowly, sucking each one deep in to her mouth. Her sparkling eyes stayed fixed on mine. It felt as though she was teasing me, and if she were ten years older – I’d be certain that she was. Turning away from her and facing the kitchen counter, I surreptitiously reached in to my undershorts and adjusted myself.

When she was done with the batter we sat down and ate the pancakes I’d made. Without my wife here to make sure the shopping and errands were done we were unfortunately running out of syrup, so I had my pancakes plain and squeezed out everything that was left on to hers. Her soft little lips glistened with the sweet, sugary glaze while we sat and chatted about the day to come. A string of syrup hung from the corner of her mouth as she fed herself another delicious forkful, and my mind flashed with uncomfortable thoughts. I turned on the TV to distract myself, and we watched a little morning television. Some kids show with colourful puppets played, while I ironed and pressed her smart school uniform to the best of my abilities. The time was passing quickly and before I knew it, it was 8:30. The school day started at 9:00. When I told Summer that she needed to get dressed right away, she just looked at me helplessly. Of course, mommy usually dresses her. Summer could be very lazy sometimes, and put on her trademark bratty pout when I suggested that she was old enough to dress herself.

Not wanting her to get in to one of her difficult moods (or I’d never be able to get her to school), I relented. I held up her blouse, beckoned for Summer to come over, and she was all smiles again. With my large hands lifting up her thin white vest, she clasped her own over her small nipples as quickly as they were exposed. It was silly, really. She doesn’t even have anything to cover yet but the tiniest of little bumps. I laughed, said she was a silly little angel, told he that Daddy had seen it all before and there was nothing to hide. With that she relaxed and dropped her hands. Her skin was so smooth and soft, her pinkish nipples so slight. I took each of her thin arms and threaded them through the sleeves of her blouse then fastened it up, my thick fingers struggling momentarily with the tiny buttons. After this she stepped in to her little grey, pleated skirt and I pulled it up, yanking it over the miniature globes of her perfectly formed little ass. I reached for the socks, but Summer insisted that the panties were next.

Having figured that Summer would have them in her room and change in to fresh underwear herself, I didn’t have any ready. As we were in somewhat of a hurry I told her that she could just wear what she already had on under the skirt but she stubbornly declined, making the excuse that she’d slept in them already and that it was gross to wear underwear twice. Reaching up beneath the pleated folds of her short school skirt, Summer plucked the sides of the pink panties and pulled them down her soft, hairless thighs and over her immature, childish, thin legs. She discarded them on the floor and looked at me expectantly. As I reached to pick them up I instructed her to go and find some fresh ones in her undies drawer.

When she ran off upstairs I took her still warm underwear in my hand and, resisting the sudden absurd urge to smell them, put them with all the other laundry and stuffed the lot in to the machine. Man, I needed my wife back home.

I returned to the living room and Summer was already back downstairs. She didn’t have any underwear, said sullenly there were none, that the pink ones were her last pair and that she’d have to wear them. Unfortunately it was a little too late and they were already soaking and spinning around in the washing machine. At this revelation, the bratty pout returned and Summer retorted that her mom would have had things washed and ready. She questioned why I didn’t and I looked from the clock to her indignant glare and sighed. I eased myself down on to the couch, pulled her in to the spot next to me and stroked her long hair. It almost always calmed her down when daddy played with her ears and her hair, and stroked her cheeks softly. Trying to ignore the time, I patiently told Summer I was sorry and that I wasn’t used to doing everything mommy did. In a further attempt to keep her sweet I promised her a treat if she’d just go to school this one day without her panties. She could keep her legs crossed, I said. She’d be sat behind a desk most of the time and nobody would ever see. Just one day without panties for Daddy and I’d take her out for McDonalds and ice cream. The idea of lots of ice cream worked wonders on her young, dense head and she was quickly laughing again.

Leaning in to Summer, I reached both of my strong arms around her and held her tightly. She was so pretty when she laughed. It melted my heart. I gave her a kiss on the top of her head and informed her that we really needed to get going. She pointed to her forgotten school socks that were still on the back of the chair and looked back at me again with expectation. I asked her if she was really going to make me put her socks on for her and she said, of course, that mommy always does. Summer declared confidently that it was part of a princesses morning routine to be dressed by her maids and butlers. So that’s what I was! I sighed and retrieved them from the chair. She stayed sitting on the couch smiling at me in what was now an almost condescending way. Leaning down with the socks in hand, I had her raise her feet one by one. I’d forgotten about the panties, or lack of, until she raised her first foot. My face was what, 15, 20 inches from her crotch? I could see my babygirls everything. She moved her leg in slow motion, seemingly teasing me again. My cock twitched involuntarily.

I know how it sounds and how it seems. But it genuinely felt as though she wanted me to see. Being so close, I couldn’t not see it. My first thought was how smooth and hairless it was. A tiny and tight, bald little chasm framed by succulent, puffy lips. It looked as though it was sealed shut. I hadn’t seen my daughters lower half exposed for a couple of years and it seemed more pronounced now, but still immature. She was still just a tiny little preteen girl, but it looked… Good. I salivated a little at the sight, and my dick needed to be adjusted once more.

I put her socks on, patted her head. Gave her a kiss and drove her to school. She did her own little braided pigtails in the back seat while we drove, and kept asking me to look and check her hair and whether it was OK. As if I would say that it wasn’t and incur her wrath. Each time I looked in to the rear view mirror I could see her legs spread wide across the seat. And as wide as they were, that tiny little pussy was still sealed tight. It was innocent, I know, but.. Was it? I’d told her to cross her legs, and there she was with them splayed obscenely and imploring me to look at her. She mustn’t have known – she was just a child, after all. I dropped her off at school, squatted down and kissed her again. This time she kissed me on the lips. I tasted sweet syrup and chastised her for not brushing her teeth before we left. We waved goodbye and I drove home.

Back at home I had some work to do, a few spreadsheets and some accounting. I was working from home while Emma was away, which wasn’t the easiest with Summer around but I got most of my tasks done while she was at school. I sat down, started up my laptop and got to typing for about three hours before the internet abruptly disconnected. I checked the router, but everything seemed fine. Both my phone and the TV were connecting but my computer staunchly refused. Piece of shit. I’d had problems with the wireless card inside the laptop before, and cursed myself for not purchasing a replacement card before this. It was surely dead now. I needed a way to get my work emailed and the only other computer in the house while Emma was away was Summers. I don’t know why she’s got her own laptop at her age – I argued with my wife about it for a week. She won’t even know how to use it properly, she’ll break it, kids these days can be exposed to all sorts of things on the Internet, it’s not a good idea. I tried, but she always gave in to Summer. My wife was a sucker but I suppose when it comes to my only daughter I was a bit of a chump too. I went upstairs, to her room to find it.

I searched through the desk in the corner of the room but it was nowhere to be found. Next I looked in the closet, but it wasn’t there. I scoured her dresser and to my surprise there were five or six clean pairs of panties folded up in the top drawer that she couldn’t have missed. They were right there and she must have seen them, she wasn’t that silly. It gave me pause for thought. I did find her laptop eventually, it being underneath the bed and pushed behind several pairs of small pink training shoes. I flicked it on and the blue lights lit up for the hard drive, the power, and the wi-fi. Everything was looking good until I got to the password protection screen, which I tried to bypass Halkalı Escort to no avail. I tried to guess it – her favourite cartoon, her favourite pop singer, her Birthday. In the end I went to my own room and grabbed a little USB stick I keep for emergencies. I know my way around computers so I was able to boot from that in to a lighter operating system and bypass the password protection. I launched in to Summers laptop from the stick and copied over my spreadsheets from another USB, then opened up the browser to upload them. When I typed in the first letter, I found myself feeling complete shock.

The suggestion bar in the browser filled up with all sorts of unexpected, startling things. Links to sex sites, to porn videos. It was perhaps the most surreal moment in my time as a father. It was crazy. This was my little girls laptop. She’s a tiny little precious thing, and was barely old enough to use a computer. Just how? I thought briefly it was certain that my wife must have been using it. She wasn’t exactly the type to be a secret porn addict, but it could hardly be my daughter. Not little Summer! It was then that I opened up the folders, the files, the pictures… There were saved photos in her documents folder of penises. They weren’t professional pictures or from any licensed porn site, and they were smaller. Young boys and teenagers I would imagine, pictures taken with phones and webcams. They were all hard or in the latter stages of arousal. I couldn’t believe it. This was not the work of my wife. These must have been sent to Summer, shown to her by those little fucking pricks. These fucked up horny kids were corrupting my baby, my angel. My eyes were drawn to another folder, titled “Sexy”. I clicked on it expecting to find more photos that those little shits had been sending to her, alas it was worse than I feared. So much worse.

They were all of Summer. The photos were clearly taken with the laptops webcam, and she was in her own room with it’s pink walls and pictures of ponies. The photos, I don’t know how they made me feel. Shocked, upset, angry. Confused. She was in various states of undress and all sorts of poses. They were lewd, lurid, slutty poses both clothed and unclothed. Her whole tiny, tight little body was on show and spread out across her pink bedsheets. I’ve watched camgirls before and it appeared that she was doing her utmost to imitate them and be as “sexy” as possible. She looked every bit the little girl that she is, but the way she held herself and was so deliberately pushing out her small chest and rounded arse, purposely sticking out her tongue… It made my cock stir. I could feel the blood rushing away from my brain and the logic disappearing. Some of pics had a logo – they were screengrabs from a website. “Livenow”. I’d never heard of it but when I typed it in to the browser, it auto completed and came up right away. She was already logged in. Her username: babySummer. I couldn’t fucking believe it.

I started reading the messages first, from boys, some “boys” that I suspected were men and even a few girls. They were talking about how cute my baby is, what an ass she has, and asking her how old she was. Some of the messages were just pictures of cocks with boys asking if she liked them. One was a long back and forth conversation that she’d been having with a teenager who was – according to his profile – ten years her senior, and who I suspected might be even older. He was asking Summer to send pictures with her sitting on Charles’ face so that he could imagine her sitting on his own. What the fuck! I was disgusted, and sickened. I looked over at her large plush stuffie which was sitting just a foot or two away from me. Through some sort of morbid curiosity, I grabbed him and pulled him by his fluffy leg towards me. I sniffed at his face and there was a definite scent. Somewhere between light, tangy piss and soap.

My dick had always been bigger than average. Even when I was a kid and compared it to other boys, I won all the sizing competitions. As I grew older and it grew thicker and longer, I had more than a little trouble squeezing it in to my girlfriends. They would always tear up, cry, complain. They’d never let me get balls deep as it was too uncomfortable for them. When I inhaled my little babygirls scent from the cute face of her innocent little inanimate stuffie, this big cock of mine came fully to life. The tent in my undershorts was huge, my pulsing prick straining against the fabric.

I went on from the messages to her broadcast archive. It was some type of teenage chat site with video and my little princess was nowhere near old enough to be on there, let alone do the things she was doing. I looked at her past broadcasts, some of which were public and some private. The thumbnails of the private ones had me halfway between a heart attack and cumming on the spot. I clicked on one and Summer was there, in her room, right where I was sat, on her bed. She was kneeling in a short pink skirt that I remember seeing her in around the house, and a white tshirt that she’d rolled up so it looked more like some kind of crop top or boob tube.

She was wearing lipstick, something that she knows isn’t allowed until her age is in at least double figures. This she must have stolen from her mother. The video, it started with her introducing herself as “babySummer”. She was answering questions that I couldn’t see as they must have been typed at her when the broadcast was live. She asked repeatedly for “likes”. Likes on her profile in exchange for flashes. My little princess happily explained to her viewers that she’d do “chest” for a sports car and “pussy” for a cruise ship. Firstly I could scarcely believe that she even knew what a “pussy” was, and secondly I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about. I found out afterwards (through looking around the site) that they were talking about pictures, emoticons, emojis. Whatever you call them. Just badges of honour for their profiles that made them more popular. The whole point of the site was for teenagers to get popular by having the most likes and badges which to me was crazy, insane. This was like an adult whoring site for little girls.

I continued watching my little baby, my daughter, my Summer. She was gyrating her non existent hips and shaking her little round ass. Running her hands up and down her body, she turned and faced away from the camera, with everything focused on her beautiful behind. She was trying to twerk, and it was clear that she’d had plenty of practise. To a part of me, she looked so silly, my silly little girl shaking her butt. And to another side… She looked so hot. A little slut, teasing and tempting, imploring me to grab, squeeze, spank her tiny ass. Wanting me to breed her full of my incestuous seed. There was a noise, a sound effect and she bounced up and down in her short pink skirt, happily thanking someone for his gift. She asked how the cruise ship donator wanted his flash. Evidently he wanted it with her back in the twerking position, her ass to the camera and her face down obediently in the pillows. Summer assumed the position and bent over, raising her shapely, succulent peach and putting a hand behind her back to flip her skirt and pull down her panties. This time it was a white set, with the pink Barbie logo on the ass. Her ass, it defied and contradicted her age. I could see why these men were watching. She was too young to be so rounded there, so curvy and… Sexy. It was only the tiny little bald cunt between her legs that gave away her true childhood.

I was rock hard and I couldn’t stop it, it was a natural reaction. Summer, she’s my little girl and I love her – she’s my angel and my everything. But with her subserviently facing the wall and her round ass taking up so much of the screen… The smoothness between her hairless legs, the tightness, it was erotic and delicious to behold. There wasn’t even a hole visible besides that of her ass, and that was the tiniest little pink pocket. Her small tight asshole and then just a fine, tiny, closed up slit that resembled a papercut between her legs. Every inch of my prick pulsed with a sick need to shoot a creamy load inside her. It was just a reaction, a chemical reaction. I was in the same room, I could see the same posters and ribbons on the walls, the same baby-cunt-scented teddies were on the bed. I was on the same bed as that round little ass had been. And then she started talking and saying things that they must have been telling her to in exchange for the gifts, badges and likes. In her childish lilting voice she repeated a request that almost tore my undershorts with the pressure of my throbbing dick. “fuck my pussy, daddy. Fuck my pussy, daddy!”. I was so hard. People, they wouldn’t understand that I didn’t plan it or that I wasn’t like that. I’m not a pervert. I’m not a sicko.

I started to stroke myself through my shorts. Watching more of the video, I was in another world, where I wasn’t hurting anyone. I was confused, I was angry, I was shocked, surprised. I was so fucking turned on by my little angel. Jesus. The phone rang and scared me half to death. It was the school receptionist who informed me that Summer was with the nurse and was sick and not feeling well at all. The flu was going around at the school and they suggested I go down right away and Summer leave early. I put the laptop back where I found it, placed my work away and got down to the school. When I picked her up I said nothing of what I knew. There were so many contradicting thoughts in my mind that I didn’t know what I was feeling. I wanted to discipline her, to shout at her, to take away her laptop and smash it to pieces. I wanted to give her a good spanking. Maybe if I did I could look at that ass again… What was I thinking?! When I picked her up, she looked so much weaker than the bouncy, perky princess I’d dropped off. The nurse informed me that Summer had a fever and needed lots of bed rest. She looked in such a sad state that I couldn’t bring up everything I’d seen, so I drove her home in the front seat next to me, my hand checking her forehead every so often along the way.

When we got home I carried her in from the car and up to bed where I tried to undress her and change her in to some suitable bedclothes. She flailed her arms at me and objected. I asked her if she wanted something to eat – any soup, spaghetti, anything at all. She shook her head weakly and remarkably for Summer, even declined when I offered chocolate. I didn’t really have a clue what to do at that point. It was my wifes job, she does all those things and knows about sickness and what to do. All I could think was to get medicine but I didn’t want to leave her alone in the house, not when she was sick. The nearest pharmacy was a fifteen minute drive and with the guaranteed wait there and the return journey, leaving my little girl alone in such a state wasn’t an option. I looked through the medicine cabinet in the Escort Bayan bathroom but there wasn’t much there, just some aspirin, some bandages, some travel sickness pills. Behind those, my wifes sleeping pills from a bad patch of insomnia last year. The nurse had said that Summer needed bed rest and thus I concluded that the sleeping pills were the best option of everything I had. I figured they’d help her and that she’d be able to rest and wake up feeling fresher. I stirred two in to a glass of juice and sat down on the bed next to her. Holding the mixture to her mouth, I told my poor little baby to do her best to swallow it all and reassured her that it would help. She swallowed willingly and was out like a light within five minutes.

I got her laptop back out and took it to the living room. I meant to finish more work on it, and use it for the Internet access. I really did intend only to get my work completed, but when I tried, I couldn’t concentrate. I kept thinking about what my princess had done and wanting to know if there was more. I looked at her videos again and clicked play on another one. This time she was in her school uniform, dressed just the same as she was upstairs right at that moment, unconscious in her bed. In this recording she was after some sort of rocket emoji and was again happily teasing for it. She flashed a playful grin at the camera as she began rubbing her tiny chest through her blouse. On screen Summer stuck her middle finger in her mouth and sucked on it, just like she’d done with the pancake batter. It occured to me that she had known what she was doing the entire time in the kitchen. She was teasing me, learning to manipulate and control men with their dicks. Trying it out on me, her dad, her own father. It was messed up. One the laptop in front of me, Summer was relentlessly sucking on her finger and sliding it in and out of her mouth. My baby girl stuck her tongue out and made licking motions, like a cat slurping cream, or a whore slurping… Something else. It was a surreal sight to see. I was partly angry, partly saddened, fully turned on and then angrier still at myself for that. I was hard again. Now that I was wearing my jeans my bulbous monster cock felt even more constricted. It was my girl, my little girl, it was messed up. It was wrong. But I was hard.

My cell phone rang again, another surprise. It was Emma this time, calling from Berlin to check in. I stumbled to pause the video, lest she hear our little girl saying outrageous things. I was in half a mind about whether to tell her everything I’d discovered but decided to just keep it off the table for now, and focus on the fact that Summer was ill. I told Emma everything, and that I’d given Summer a couple of her sleeping pills so she should be OK. At this she went absolutely fucking ballistic and her voice exploded down the phone at me. My wife screamed that the pills were too strong, were for adults and reminded me that Summer is just a tiny little girl. Scared, I ran up the stairs with my phone and frantically checked Summer. She was breathing softly, snoring just a little and seemed to be OK. It didn’t stop Emma barking orders at me on the phone to get the thermometer and check her temperature. She informed me in an angry tone as to where the thermometer was and demanded that I stay with Summer and keep a close eye on through the evening and night. If anything went wrong we agreed that I would take Summer to the hospital and call Emma back immediately. When she was satisfied that everything had gotten through, she coldly hung up to go to her next meeting. Her, angry with me? After she gives our little baby a doorway in to the world of being an easy fucking slut? It pissed me off.

I retrieved the thermometer from the first aid kit in the kitchen, and took it with its instructions to Summers room where I sat gently down beside her. I neednt have been so careful as it was evident that she was completely out of it. I scanned the instructions briskly and there were a couple of ways that you could use the thermometer for an accurate reading – orally, or rectally. I opted for orally, which stated that I had to somehow get it under Summers tongue and hold it in place for 30 seconds. I tried to push the tip of the thermometer gently with one hand in to her mouth, whilst attempting to part her pink lips with the other. That didn’t work, as her jaw was firmly locked and her teeth were clenched. I tried then to prise them apart, doing my best not to hurt her but again it didn’t turn out well. I could snake the thermometer slightly in to her mouth but I couldn’t see if, or when, it was under her tongue, or get it in to the right spot. Frustratedly I gave up and read the instructions for a rectal reading – there was no way she was going to complain in the state that she was and I needed to know that she was OK.

The instructions said to lubricate the end of the thermometer with a little petroleum jelly but I didn’t have any lube at all to hand, nor any in the house. The the end of it was already fairly wet from my attempts with Summers mouth, so I figured that’d be enough moisture to get a reading. I pulled down the sheets to reveal her young and lithe, petite body. The short skirt was riding up her ass, her knees bent in to a foetal position as she slept. I carefully rolled Summe over on to her front and hitched the skirt up fully over her round, perfect cheeks. As my little preteen daughter lay there, still in her smart-but-sexy school uniform with it’s folded up skirt and her long white socks… Her hair still in braids that flailed at her sides… Her ass bare and exposed, and the slit between her legs seemingly sealed airtight… She looked every bit both innocent and completely fucking trashy at the same time. My dick had subsided considerably since Emma had called, but I could feel it rapidly swelling again, and along with it the blood and logic disappearing from my brain.

I tried to tell myself that she was my daughter, my angel, my princess, but I couldn’t stop the visions of her swaying her ass and showing off her immature, hairless, prepubescent cunt to the world right here. In this bed. All In exchange for stupid, virtual gifts! She wasn’t just a slut, she was a whore. My little girl is a whore. That’s all I could think as I pressed the tip of the thermometer against her tiny hole and pushed. There wasn’t enough lube, or the hole was just too tight – she is a tiny little thing, my daughter. Every part of her is compact, even for her age. Everything except that glorious round ass. I needed to get it more lubricated and the only way I could think of was to spit on it. Using the fingers of one hand to obscenely spread my babies perfect ass cheeks, I stirred up some saliva in my mouth and spat. It drooled from my lips in to her young, clueless, passed out asshole. The spit gathered in a tiny lake between her cheeks, and in to the centre of that I poked my thick middle finger. I had to loosen her. I was rock hard at that point, the zipper on my fly ready to burst and my mind still flitting between trying to do my best as a loving father, and what a wanton little slut my baby girl was. I half wanted to give her a loving talking to and protect her from all of those bad people online, and half needed to spank her fucking senseless.

The uniform didn’t help. I’ve always had a thing about schoolgirls and most of the porn I’ve watched is schoolgirl porn. I’m attracted to… Innocence and the corruption of it. I’d made my wife dress up in a uniform similar, but never thought about Summer that way. Not until I saw her willingly flashing herself for those likes, and that popularity. Everything in front of me appealed to my darker side, my perverse side, my sick side. I wanted to take care of her, I really wanted to. I never meant to go as far as I did but she was asleep and she wouldn’t know. She wanted it anyway. She’d even said, for those men in the first video I’d watched – for virtual badges. She’d said “Daddy. Daddy fuck me.”

Could you blame me? She’s small, tiny, even tinier compared to my oversized prick. But she’s still got a shape, curves and pink, tight holes. And she was such a tease. There she was, in front of me with everything exposed and available, and she’d never know. Could anyone blame me? It was instinct, it was nature.

I pushed my thick finger in to her ass. As I pushed, I spat some more to lubricate every bit of it. It slid in smoothly and was unbelievably tight. It was so snug and looked delectible. The sight was so fucking erotic. My finger up a tiny little girls rounded, beautiful, uniform-clad ass with those long white socks reaching up to just below her knees. With those piggy tails that she’d put in her hair while she was flashing me, knowing full well what she was doing in the back of the car. With no underwear. She had no underwear on, but she knew she had some in her drawers! It was her fault, the whole situation. She teased men online and she teased me, even while driving. She could have caused an accident. What she really needed was to be punished..She teased people far too old for her, too dangerous. She was playing with fire and she was in front of me with her ass cheeks spread and my finger knuckle deep in her puckered little starfish, with it’s babyfresh elasticity.

I didn’t really need to try another finger. My middle one was already much wider than the thermometer. I didn’t need to, but I needed to. I had to make sure, to be sure that she could safely accommodate the thermometer and that I’d get an accurate reading. That’s what I told myself. In went the index finger too. It was hard, working them both in to her with only my saliva. It was a real push, but she didn’t stir much. She blinked quickly, an indicator that she was dreaming, and I wondered what about. Maybe about a big dick in her ass, the little slut. As I sat there on the bed with the hardness in my jeans and my thick fingers stretching my babygirls little hole… I thought, what harm could it do? To take it out and stroke it a little. I wouldn’t do anything extreme and Summer wouldn’t know. My wife wouldn’t know, nobody would know. I slowly retracted my fingers from her beautiful ass and unzipped my jeans, casting them off and on to the floor along with my underwear.

Kneeling on the bed behind her, what a picture it must have been. If anyone had looked in my daughters bedroom right then, if anyone had of climbed a ladder and peered in, they would have seen pink walls, unicorns, ponies, sparkles, glitter… And on the bed… The four foot figure of a frail, sleeping, pigtailed little lolita in the local elementary school uniform, splayed obscenely on the pink girly sheets with her pale little arse exposed and a raging, throbbing prick hovering above it. A big, thick, pulsing cock with its giant bulbous head purple and inflamed, angrily drooling precum that slathered in a short, sticky string to meet the pool of spit between her pale cheeks. A big, istanbul Escort thick, pulsing cock attached to her own daddy. They would have seen his eyes, my eyes. They would have seen the lust, the anger, the desire. The love, and the need to teach and to punish her for her own good. The need to satiate my own desire, the need to cum, to cum in her. To cum in my baby daughter. To cum in my baby Summer.

I couldn’t help it. She was a tease. I was only going to stroke it, at first. I was only going to lube her for the thermometer properly. Cum is good for lube, right? I was going to squirt, squirt it on her asshole just to make it easier for the thermometer.

She was a tease and I couldn’t let her keep teasing. I couldn’t let her grow up in to a slut, not a slut for anyone. I needed to control my daughter, to reign her in. I needed to make her know that she’s mine. It was primal and it was basic. It was a daddy’s instinct to put his baby on the right path. Her words were echoing in my head, from the video. Inviting and begging her daddy to fuck her. I was her daddy. Her little tight asshole looked so good, so appealing. I spat in to it once more, and again on to my cock. It was so big, thick, so hot and hard. Harder than it had ever been before. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. You have to hurt people, to help people. To teach people. To teach naughty, slutty, dirty little girls.

I pushed the tip, the head of my cock to the tiny little entrance of her peach. I spat and I drooled on my throbbing cock head which was already shining with my own glistening precum, and on my little babygirls ass. I spat until I could work the tip in. The way it spread, like a flower, a tiny little rosebud sucking me in when I pushed, it was obscene. It was disgusting, it was sickening. It was my own little baby, my own princess, my special little girl. The girl I’d bounced on my lap all these years. The girl I’d kissed and petted and loved and taken care of every day of my life. And it was my cock splitting her elementary school asshole in two, it was my cock tearing her apart. It looked absolutely fucking huge against her baby figure. She moaned a little, stirring a bit. It must have hurt enough for reality to seep through in to her dreams, in to her sleepy state. It looked like it must hurt. My fat cock has always been too much for my wife, and she isn’t in school. My wife doesn’t make art from pasta and glue. My wife doesn’t draw smiley faces on paper plates. My little girl. My precious baby… I pushed until the whole head popped in.

She jerked then, she definitely jerked. She spasmed, she moved. The way her tiny little fucking shit-chute closed and sealed itself around my cock head, it was like a second skin, like wearing a condom three sizes too small. My daughter was wrapped around my cock like a glove and I needed more. I leaned in to her with my hands at her sides, and I let my weight sink down. My red hot thick prick speared her little baby butt-ring deeper. She was really stirring then, her eyes started to flutter and she was murmering. I couldn’t have her know, I couldn’t have her see me, so I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her face down in to the pillows before I thrust again, this time hard, and with all my weight. Every inch of my cock slammed in to my little babycunts asshole. My little babycunt, my little babywhore. My little baby cumslut. That’s what she was. A slut, a tease, a cunt, a tight hole. She woke then. She woke and she screamed, in to the pillow. Her voice was croaky and sickly sounding but at least I knew she was alive, that she could wake up, that I hadn’t given her a fatal dose of pills.

Summer screamed, and all I did was push. I held her face down in to the pillows and I pushed, slipped out a couple of inches and thrust again. The tightness of her asshole was incredible. I could feel every little bit of her tiny ass, from the ring that was squeezing and milking my shaft to the immature little baby bowels that I was buried in. I could feel my dick bottoming out before it was even fully in. I knew it was doing some serious fucking damage to my pretty little slut daughter as I pushed it the whole way inside of her. She was screaming, suffocating, panicking, and didn’t know where to reach with her tiny little hands. Behind herself, to batter me away, in front of herself, to pull the pillow out of her face? Her hands were all over the place. She was so weak and feeble in comparison to me – I’m no regular at the gym, but this wasn’t even close to a battle. As hard as she tried and as much as she screamed and shouted and yelled until her throat was raw, I could have held that little whore down with a couple of fingers. A couple of fingers that smelled like her dirty little slutty preteen ass.

I must have gotten carried away tearing apart her little asshole, I don’t know if it was the pain or the fact that I was starving her of oxygen with her face in the pillow, but she passed out. I pulled her head back a little, grabbed a pink pillow and ripped the case off. After tearing a couple of holes in the corners I stuck it over her face, pulling her pigtails out of the holes at the top. It wasn’t exactly the height of childrens fashion but it kept the little whore blind enough not to see me. I grabbed a pigtail in each hand and carried on tearing in to her elastic little preteen pucker as hard and deep as I could. My balls slammed violently against her soft, puffy cunt, the contrast of the hard slaps and the tender, sweet, flesh almost causing me to lose it and unload. I wasn’t about to cum yet, though. I pulled Summer by her own hand-crafted fuck handles as I thrust in to her guts, her neck and back arching backwards now, in to me. What a flexible little cunt she was, what a fantastic contortionist! I don’t know why I hadn’t sent this little bitch to ballet classes. Vision of smearing her tutu with my daddy-cream flashed through my mind.

She must have been stirring again because it wasn’t long before her hands started flailing once more. She reached for the pillow case enveloping her head this time. No chance. I let go of one pigtail and used my free hand to slap her hard on the face. Her hands dropped immediately. She started screaming. Screaming for… Me. Screaming for dad. Screaming for daddy to help her. The clueless little slut didn’t have any idea who was buried balls deep in her little shithole. She had no fucking clue. This little bitch daughter of mine was stupider than I thought – I wondered if she planned to spend her whole life teasing cocks for favours on camera. Some little girls want to be scientists or engineers. Oh no, not mine. She wants to be a fucking whore. I slapped her again, unprovoked this time. I slapped her again, and again, beating the shit out of her little face through the pillowcase, switching hands to even out the marks. We wouldn’t want one side of her pretty face to be bruised more than the other. Beauty is all about symmetry.

With every slap to her stupid little teasing cunt face, I thrust ever fucking harder inside of her. My hands dropped from her piggytails to her neck as I thought about what she’d done. Showing her little round ass to the world. To all those boys and all those men. Some of them must have been men, stroking their big dicks to my little slut daughter. Who else would make her call them “daddy”? Not some dumb little boy, it was definitely a twisted old perverted fuck. And she was happy to tease, showing her face alongside her tight little sealed-up cunt. Ruining my name and reputation as a parent if anyone ever saw, if anyone we knew ever found out. My thick fingers tightened around her fragile neck. Her already dry screams became garbled and punctuated with her pathetic attempts at taking a full breath. Stupid… Little… Cunt… I let her breathe just enough to stay conscious, but on the edge. With the sleeping pills, the cock buried in her little baby ass and the oxygen starvation, she must have been going fucking loopy under that pillowcase.

The tortured sounds she made while my large manly hands closed around her thin, delicate, youthful neck were pushing me over the edge. I was close to cumming. To cumming in the perfectly formed virginal asshole of my own little baby. Daddy was a little baby-butt fucker. Daddy was his little girls rapist. I was tearing her, choking her, muffling her screams, keeping her on the very edge of consciousness. Not choked enough to pass out, just awake enough to feel the squeeze of my hands and the thrusts of my searing hot cock in to her sexy, slutty, childish little body. I was fucking and choking a child, my child, my baby. And it was making my big fat balls boil up and bubble with sticky fuck-soup. I needed to cum. I needed to cum in my screaming, choking little cunt of a daughter. I timed it to perfection. Fuck it, she needed to know where her lesson was coming from anyway. I took one hand from her throat and with the other I squeezed tighter.

I could just make out that she was still screaming for daddy. For daddy to come along and save her as always. Ha. It was daddy she was going to get. With my free hand I ripped off the pillowcase and with the other – I squeezed as tightly as I could on her neck. Choking, constricting her windpipe, pressing on her arteries. I leaned in and yanked her head back, her eyes rolling in to the back of her head, her face purple, her lips blue. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness again was me. Daddy, spitting in her face. The last thing she heard was me telling her that she was a useless slut. She tried to croak something as our eyes met, maybe an apology, a sorry, I don’t know or care what it was. All I know, is that at that moment my balls spasmed and my cock jolted. I must have shot more of my hot, sticky cum in to her miniature baby intestines than I’d ever filled my wife or anyone else with. I dropped her dumb little head on to the pillow, and slowly pulled my softening cock from her arse.

What was maybe 25 minutes before a tightly sealed little flower had become a gaping creamy volcano. My cum spilled beautifully out of her torn little hole. Streaks of red in among the whitish cock-milk gave away just how brutal the assault on my poor little girls ass had been. Her purple face was regaining some more of her natural colour, but was scratched and bruised from the intense slapping. I picked up the thermometer, and dipped it easily in to the puddle of cum. The whole thing slipped easily in to her abused, torn asshole. I looked at the reading and compared it with the instructions – not too high, but I wanted to monitor it, so I decided to leave it there.

After wiping my dirty cock clean on her teddy, I went back down to the kitchen, naked from the waist down and made myself a sandwich. Sat back in the living room, I pressed play on the video again. There she was, little Summer. Sticking out her tongue and playing with her flat little chest. Flicking her small pink nipples. Some perverted fucker gifted her another shitty boat emoji. She flashed her little candy cunt to the camera again and it looked so fucking tight. I hadn’t even tried to open that. Yet.

To be continued?

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