Jay was driving home from his warehouse job with a smug smile on his face. He was just a few weeks from heading off to college, and he was relishing his “perfect” summer while he drove. He had just left work where he managed to butt-fucked his girlfriend of 14 months, who just happened to be one of his co-workers. She loved sex, so she was always up for handjobs & blowjobs, although fucking, for her, was ass only. Of course, this was no problem for Jay.

Jay also recalled earlier in the morning, before he left for work, when his mother gave him his usual morning blowjob, followed by Jay fucking her from behind in the shower. This had become fairly routine for them after Jay’s father had run off a couple of years ago, leaving Jay’s mother in need of a man around the house. Again, no problem for Jay.

But while Jay loved having an anal-sex-crazy girlfriend AND a free use mother at home, that isn’t what prompted Jay’s arrogant smirk as he pulled into his driveway. Nope, Jay was thinking of something else entirely.

Jay’s mother was working until midnight, so he knew that he and his older sister had the house to themselves all evening. THIS is what had Jay smirking as he opened the front door, walked inside and stood in the foyer, watching his sister, Amber, lounging on the sofa watching TV.

Amber was 2 years older than Jay, but was kind of a slacker. She barely worked part-time, laid around the house a lot, and mooched off her fiancé, Mike, who was just the opposite of her. Amber’s fiancé was a nice enough guy and a hard worker, although a bit too old school, in Jay’s opinion. He was on a big work assignment that kept him out of town quite a bit lately, which had caused them to delay the wedding until next spring. Jay thought Amber was beyond lucky to have a fiancé like Mike because, honestly, he was way out of her league. But Jay definitely understood Mike’s attraction to Amber – she was beautiful, with long dark hair, green eyes, and a killer body. She was about 5’6”, with perfectly shaped 36DD tits that bounced and jiggled as she moved around the house, along with a narrow waist and a sweet, tight ass.

As Jay stood in the entrance way, eyeing Amber’s gorgeous boobs, prominent nipples, and casually spread legs, he thought back to the day 3 months ago, when he began blackmailing his sister to be his “any time I want it” sex slave.

It was early afternoon Aksaray Escort on a warm California day in late-June, just after Jay had graduated from high school. On that day, Jay had finished work at the warehouse, had bought a burrito and a coke, and decided to sit on the empty bleachers at the high school to eat his snack. As he sat there munching on his burrito, he heard some sounds from behind the boarded up concession stand off to his right….sounds that he definitely recognized as someone getting fucked.

Thinking it would be fun to watch from the shadows, Jay snuck off the bleachers and tip toed to a tree just behind the concession stand to take a look. What he saw made his jaw drop – it was his sister, Amber, bent over at the waist, while a guy was fucking her from behind like there was no tomorrow. Amber was wearing a denim mini-skirt, which was hiked up over her butt, with her pink panties pulled about halfway down her spread legs. She had her arms outstretched and was holding herself up with her hands on the rear wall of the concession stand. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her shirt was pulled up under chin, so her huge tits were swaying and smacking into each other as she stood there getting hammered doggystyle.

Standing between her spread legs was a guy, Steve, who Jay recognized from school. Steve had graduated a year before him, and Jay thought he was a total loser. But, as he watched the scene before him, Jay had to admit, Steve had an impressive cock – maybe 10”, or so – and he was using it to slam into Amber’s pussy like a piston.

Naturally, Jay couldn’t let this opportunity go undocumented, so he pulled out his cell phone and began taking a video of his sister getting absolutely pounded by someone who was NOT her fiancé.

This went on for several minutes, with Steve alternating between holding Amber’s hips and squeezing her tits, while he reamed her cunt. Amber was grunting and groaning with every thrust, and then let out a yelp, followed by a low moan as she had an orgasm that made her legs shake.

Steve kept pumping away behind her, and then at one point he seemed to stop. He stood there with his hips pushed forward, laced his hands behind his head and arched his back a bit. With his cock still deep inside Amber’s cunt, he just stayed still, his head tilted back and his eyes closed. At this point, Amber continued stroking his Escort Bayan cock with her pussy, pulling his long dick into and out of her by moving back and forth in front of him. After a few minutes of this, Steve opened his eyes, released his hands from behind his head, grabbed Amber’s hips again, and began rapidly slamming his cock in and out of her like a jackhammer.

Suddenly Steve bellowed and pulled Amber’s hips back into his torso as far as he could. He held her there while he shot a huge load of cum deep into her pussy. He pulled his prick almost completely out of her cunt, and then slammed it back in, holding it there while he emptied another huge load inside her. He did this about four more times until he had finished cumming. Then he pulled his dick out of Amber’s pussy and stood there with his hands on his hips, his chest heaving as he caught his breath, his long shaft hanging between his legs in front of him.

To Jay’s surprise, Amber turned around and, with her panties still halfway down her thighs, she leaned over and stroked Steve’s softening cock, pumping the last few drops of jizz out of the tip, then licking it away with her tongue. While she did this, Steve reached under her and squeezed her huge tits and pulled on her nipples as they dangled beneath her. Then he pulled his jeans back up, shoved his cock down one pant leg, zipped up his fly and buckled his belt.

Thinking that this was just Amber cheating on her fiancé, Jay figured the show was over….but he was wrong! To Jay’s further surprise, Amber continued to stand there with her panties around mid-thigh, and her boobs swaying in front of her, with her hand out. Steve reached into his back pocket and pulled out a bag of what appeared to be smack, dropping it into her open palm. Amber nodded with a smile pulling at the edges of her mouth as she eyed the little bag in her hand. Steve slapped her tits one last time and watched them swing back and forth, then said, “Well done, Amber. Same time next week?” Amber nodded, said “Of course”, then slowly pulled her shirt down over her heaving jugs, pulled up her panties and, finally, pushed her denim skirt back into place.

Needless to say, Jay had blackmail gold.

Later that same day, Jay sauntered into Amber’s bedroom, and – after showing her that he had the video – forced her to give him a blowjob while kneeling on her bed, with istanbul Escort her heavy tits swinging beneath her, as he played the entire clip on his cell phone propped up on her night stand so they both could see it.

Since then Jay had taken full advantage of Amber’s recorded indiscretion by having her jerk him off, suck his cock, and let him fuck her whenever their mother was not at home. This usually meant handjobs in the bathroom, blowjobs in the kitchen, and fuck sessions on the sofa in the evenings when their mother worked the night shift. On those occasions, if Jay wasn’t out butt-fucking his girlfriend, he had total access to Amber’s mouth and pussy whenever the mood struck him.

This day was no different. Jay walked into the family room where Amber lounged on the sofa, watching TV in a thin night shirt and T-back panties. Her nipples were sticking out against the thin material of her shirt, and he could see some of her pubic hair poking out the sides of her tiny panties. He removed articles of clothing with every step he took, and by the time he reached the sofa, he was completely naked, with his big cock about half way erect and sticking out in front of him. He walked over to where Amber sat and slapped her face with his stiffening shaft. She rolled her eyes but opened her mouth, and Jay shoved the head of his prick down her throat. He held the back of her head with his right hand as he pumped his cock into and out of her mouth, while using his left hand to pull on her nipples and play with her big boobs as they swayed in rhythm with his thrusts.

When he was fully erect, he pulled his cock out of her mouth, removed her night shirt and panties, and pushed her legs apart, taking a moment to enjoy the view. Then he knelt between her legs, shoved his cock into her pussy and began pumping away, squeezing her thick boobs as they bounced up and down in front of him with each push. Meanwhile, Amber mostly ignored him, as she watched TV with her arms draped above her head. He picked up the pace, then nutted inside her after a few minutes, drenching her pussy walls with jizz. Afterwards, Jay stood up and moved to the end of the couch, where he stuck his softening prick back into Amber’s mouth. She dutifully sucked it and licked it clean, before Jay wandered up to his room with his flaccid dick slapping against his thighs as he walked up the stairs.

Jay smiled to himself again, reflecting on just how great this summer turned out to be. And there were still several more weeks of fun before his summer was over….. not to mention every time he came home on school breaks.

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