Sweetest Surrender


The Sweetest Surrender

With her hands crossed and firmly tied together he wrapped the rope around her neck and tied it in a close fitting noose. Rising he took a step back to admire his handiwork. The young girl lay unconscious on her back, her shoulder length brown hair hiding where her hands were tied behind her head and fastened to the rope that encircled her neck. He knew from experience that when she struggled it would tighten the noose and reduce her resistance until she could get enough breath to fight him again. He liked it when they struggled. She lay beneath him, mouth agape, her peaceful expression belying the fact that was naked, legs wrapped around him and tied together at the ankles by a short cord to keep her further restrained.
He smiled, adjusting her limp form, caressing first a cheek and then a round breast. The whole scene was so tranquil that he almost hated to wake her. Almost. Picking up a roll of duct tape he tore off first one piece and then another of the thick tape. Doubling it up he leaned down over her, grinning as he pinched an unsuspecting nipple, applying more pressure and finally a twist when she didn’t respond. She awoke with a pained start, gasping, her brown eyes opening and her face contorting in a pained expression.
Releasing her breast he pressed the thick tape over her mouth before she could make a commotion, beaming into her confused eyes.
“Hey there, princess. Did you have a good nap?” He patted her face and then her chest, causing her eyes to widen still further in shock and dismay. “I imagine you will be all rested up and ready for a good fuck, eh?” She screamed into her gag, fighting to break free of the ropes that held her captive. He smiled knowingly into her frantic brown eyes, watching her face tingle red from exertion and frustration as the rope around her throat tightened. Twenty or so seconds of determined struggle had the rope quite tight around her windpipe, but she continued her dedicated efforts until her face was flushed dark rage and oxygen deprivation. She wrapped her freshly shaven legs around his thighs, anchoring them there to give her more leverage against the unyielding ropes, but to no avail.
Finally she gave in, her arms dropping to the pillows on the bed, her bare chest heaving from her tantrums. “Have we gotten that out of our system yet, or do we still need more convincing?” He stroked the very tip of each of her nipples, earning a soft shriek of rage and anguish into her gag. “Yep, I’d say you’ll take more convincing.” With that he stroked her nipples once more, then traced the edges of her well rounded breasts as though Bahçeşehir Escort they were the most delicate of works of art. Ignoring her protests and thrashing he continued to admire the scenery with his fingertips the way a blind man would find his way though unfamiliar confines. His eyes never left hers, taking in her desperation and terror the way a composer drinks in the affections of a crowded concert hall. “So young, so pretty, so mine.” She arched her back in a vain effort to throw him off, her youthful legs squeezing his hips for all she was worth until once more her need for oxygen got the best of her.
She collapsed beneath him, whimpering into her gag, her anger filled eyes softening in the delirium that came from an inadequate air supply. “Good girl. So strong, but your strength will do you no good. No, you can fight all you want but in the end you’ll still get what is coming to you.” He circled a heaving bosom, teasing the erect nipple with one hand until she was fighting his slow advances again. The battle went on for the better part of an hour until her tender neck was raw from the rope and her young features were reddened and stained from the passage of hot tears. Knowing that she had little left in the way of defiance he reached up and tugged at her unresisting legs, grasping the insides of her legs and pushing them toward her until until she was spread in an involuntary sign of surrender. Reaching down her patted the tiny pair of white bikini cut panties that covered her tiny vagina, then ran his hand up the inside of her leg to her knee. “You know, your legs weren’t the only things I shaved.” He smiled and nodded knowingly down at her clouded expression. “Oh, yes, I took great pleasure in shaving your little twat earlier. Mmm, I have to tell you it took everything I had not to simply take you where you lay, so you and so vulnerable, but I resisted the urge to just barge in without the proper introductions.”
He sighed, looking his conquest over in apparent satisfaction for the untold time.
“You see, I wanted you to be awake when I introduced your little pussy to my huge penis. I just knew it was something you wouldn’t want to miss.” He tickled each bare hip as he inched his fingers from her thighs to the simple string bow that held each side of the scant cloth in place. “Now, let’s see what we have here.” Picking up one string from each bow he slowly pulled until the knot came loose and the miniscule pair of panties fell away like a butterflies spent cocoon. Letting the fabric fall between her legs to the bed he took a moment to admire the small folds of delicate skin. She rotated Escort Bayan her pelvis down and away from him, her exertion still too great for her to put up much of a fight. “Tssk, tssk.” He scolded, shaking his head like an aged professor.
He extended an index finger and lowered it toward her quivering abdomen, circling her naval twice before slowly tracing her athletic abdominal muscles until they blurred into the soft skin of her vagina the way mountains border the sands of the sea. Pursing his lips he spread two fingers to trace the borders of the crevaces that resided between her heaving thighs. “Very nice.” He complimented softly to his captive, earning a muffled shriek of rage and fear from below. She struggled weakly as he reached down and caressed her legs from the outside of each knee down to her small, firm buttocks and tugged her toward him confidently. Leaning forward he used his chest to keep her legs apart and stroked the tender folds of skin, then spread them and stroked what lay beneath with the index finger of his other hand. Though she quivered and struggled with what was left of her strength she could no more dislodge him than she could free herself of her bonds.
All she was left with was the ability to protest into her gag as he continued to stroke and gently pull and tease her bared vulnerable vagina. Smiling in victory he circled a finger in the tiny pool of moisture that had begun to gather, working the liquid until it permeated the folds of her most closely guarded possession. He reached up with his other hand, squeezing an erect nipple until she closed her eyes to try and ignore the sensations he was forcing upon her. Try as she might, she was still his captive, still beneath him, and at the mercy of his perverted whim. Grasping her thigh he pulled himself closer to her this time, keeping her legs spread as he stroked the widening expanse of vaginal tissue with his erect penis, knowing that her body was surrendering to him even what she would not. Holding the unresisting folds apart he inched his throbbing member into the outer court of her pleasure fountain, closing his eyes as he felt the warm skin close around his penis.
Pulling back he did it again, and again, easing his member in and out, then up and down as she twisted to avoid his unwanted seductions. Having regained some of her stamina and composure she began to fight in him earnest, but he gripped her thigh with one hand even while he teased her pussy with the other. “Mmm. Now that’s how I like my girls, smooth and creamy and easy to spread, just like peanut butter.” Grasping a knee with each hand he forced her istanbul Escort legs further apart, steadying his wild eyed consort as though it were a minor nuisance. “Now, please allow me to indulge myself.” He guided his penis to the creamy folds of skin, easily sinking it past the lips of her vagina and into the hot depths within. “Ooow.” He cooed down at her even as she screamed muffled protests up at him through the thick tape. “Do it again?” He withdrew his penis and then moved his pelvis forward again slowly. “Don’t mind if I do.”
He repeated the action, her struggles only adding to his dark pleasure. “Don’t stop? Why my dear, I didn’t know you had it in you.” Now that he was firmly placed between her legs with little hope of her breaking free, he grabbed her ass with both hands and pumped vigorously for several seconds. Squeezing his hips with her legs she fought to keep him at bay but could not and after over two minutes of spirited resistance she sagged against the pillow semi-conscious, her breathing even as he continued to pleasure himself with her unresponsive body. Encouraged by her apparent surrender he continued to pound her limp pelvis body with his hips until he himself was worn out from exertion. Knowing that he was not far from ejaculating he pulled out, looking down at his hardened shaft that was covered with her fluid excretions. Lifting her rubbery legs over his head he rolled her onto her tummy and then tugged her over to the edge of the bed.
Turning her so that she lay face down on the bed with her legs draping down toward the floor he soaked his fingers in her vaginal juices and then probed the outer edge of her ass with them. Satisfied that he had softened her anus sufficiently he stood over her, lifting her hips until they reached the right height. Guiding his tired penis to her ass he thrust gently, making sure he had a good angle before thrusting smoothly into the tightest confines of her body. She arched her back and tried to pull away but found herself wedged between the bed and his erect member. Again she was left with nothing to do but scream silently into her gag and struggle against his powerful frame. Careful not to plunge it in he teased his penis back and forth, squeezing her bare bottom around it until he could stand it no longer.
Grabbing the front of her hips he pulled her to him, throwing his head back he gasped as he came into her anus. Suddenly feeling very tired he waited until his penis had pulsed out the last of his orgasm and then withdrew himself from his pretty little captive. Pulling her down onto the floor beside him he curled up against her fatigued body, drawing in the scent of her hair mingled with her sweat and the masculine odor of his ejaculation. Reaching around to fondle a breast he closed his eyes, drifting off to dream of new ways to mistreat his pretty little captive.

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