Tanya and Vika


I was renting an apartment in a small city about 30 miles from Moscow. I was an English teacher at a local school funded by an educational grant.

My students were in the 14 year old to 16 year old range. I was amazed how pretty and sexy these Russian girls are. Some of the girls in my classes were clearly curious about their foreign teacher. I am 32 years old and well built.

Tanya and Vika, two of my students approached me for private tutoring in English. I told them that they could come by my apartment anytime on Saturdays.

Sure enough, on Saturday evening there was a knock at my door. I looked out the peep hole and saw the two girls standing there giggling. I opening the door and let them in. Both girls obviously wanted to look their sexiest. Both wore tight jeans and tee shirts. Both smelled of perfume.

Tanya was 14 years old and was extremely slender with tiny perky breasts. She weighed less than 100 lbs. Her ass looked great in her jeans – small, round and firm. Vika was 15 years old and was also very slender with small tits and a round ass. Tanya was blond and fair skinned and Vika was a darker brunette. Both girls had extremely cute faces with pouty lips.

Anticipating their visit, I had stocked up on beer and vodka. I knew what all the kids liked to drink. I offered them drinks and both took beers. I went into the kitchen and when I came back to the living room the girls were whispering and giggling again.

Then Vika said, “We decided that we do not want to study English today. We brought a movie to watch.” They handed me a DVD and I popped it into the DVD player. To my surprise it was a hard core sex video called “Rocco in Russia”.

The two girls and I sat on the couch and started watching the DVD. Tanya asked, “Do you like sex movies?”. “Well yes”, I said with some embarrassment. Both girls were really into the video and kept gasping at each successive scene. When Avcılar Escort Rocco started fucking one of the women in the ass, both girls gasped and looked a bit embarrassed and turned red. When Rocco pulled his dick out of one girl’s ass and stuck it into the other girl’s ass, Tanya and Vika looked at each other with a kind of shocked but intrigued look.

When the video ended, Vika blurted out, “Would you like to have sex with us?”. Before I could answer, Tanya said, “Why don’t you watch us. We are better then a video”

The girls started pulling off their clothes. When they were stripped down to their panties, they ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. If you want to have sex with us, you have to do everything I tell you. Of course I agreed.

“OK”, said Vika. “First take off your pants so we can see your dick.” I stripped off my pants and underpants to reveal my huge throbbing dick. I am seven inches and extremely thick. My dick was easily bigger around than the either girl’s arm.

Vika pulled my onto the bed and both girls started licking my cock. Then Tanya finally put the head of my dick in her mouth. That was all she could fit in her little mouth. She slobbered her tongue around the head of my dick as saliva ran down her cheeks. Then Vika took her turn. She was able to get more of my dick in her mouth.

Then Vika ordered Tanya to get on all fours and put her head down and arch her back. Vika slowly pulled Tanya’s panties aside to reveal a tiny set of wet pussy lips and a tiny pink puckered asshole. Vika bent down and started licking Tanya’s pussy. Tanya started moaning. Vika rammed her tongue as deep as she could into Vika’s cunt. Then Vika stood up and pulled me to her. She kissed me and stuck her tongue into my mouth. I tasted Tanya’s pussy juice and nearly came from the taste and aroma.

Then Vika ran her middle finger through Tanya’s oozing pussy lips. Her finger Escort Bayan was coated with Tanya’s pussy juice. She put her finger on Tanya’s asshole and started pushing her finger into Tanya’s ass. When her finger pooped through Tanya’s tight sphincter, Tanya let out a yelp. Vika started sliding her finger in and out of Tanya’s asshole. After sliding her finger in and out about ten times slowly, Vika pulled out and brought her middle finger to my face. Her finger had a musky earthy odor that drove me wild. My dick nearly exploded again as I smelled the ass juices of this slender little 14 year old. Vika put her finger on my lips and I opened my mouth and she stuck her slimy finger into my mouth. I closed my mouth around her finger and tasted Tanya’s asshole. It was a kind of sweet and sour earthy taste. Vika pulled her finger out of my mouth and we French kissed so that Vika could get a taste of Tanya’s asshole.

Then the girls traded places and Tanya started lapping at Vika’s pussy and asshole. Vika had a darker and inward formed asshole. It was wet and slimy from her pussy juices. Tanya then got underneath Vika in sixty none position and both girls started lapping each other’s pussies and assholes. Tanya then pulled Vika’s ass cheeks apart to reveal more of Vika’s slimy asshole.

Vika ordered me to stick my finger in her ass so that we could all taste it. I stuck my finger in Tanya’s mouth and she coated it with saliva. Then I placed my finger on Vika’s asshole and started pressing. Vika screamed as my finger slid into her ass. I started slowly finger fucking her asshole as Tanya ate her pussy. Then I slowly pulled my coated finger out and brought it to my nose to smell it. Vika’a ass was more pungent then Tanya’s. The odor was strong – also earthy and musky. I licked the tip of my finger to get a taste of Vika’s asshole. Then I put my finger into Tanya’s mouth and she happily sucked Vika’s anal juices istanbul Escort off my finger.

Then Vika told me to fuck her in her ass. My dick was rock hard and throbbing. I pushed my dick down into Tanya’s mouth and she obliged by coating the head with lots of saliva. I then ran my shaft between Vika’s soaking wet pussy and placed the head of my dick on Vika’s asshole.

I grabbed Vika’s slender waist and started pushed by dick into her asshole. Tanya grabbed my dick to help it stay on target. Gradually my dick pushed and overcame Vika’s sphincter. The head of my dick popped in and Vika screamed. I held that position for about a minute to let Vika’s asshole adjust to my thick cock. Then I gradually pushed it in deeper. Tanya continued to lap at Vika’s pussy that helped enable me to push my cock deeper into Vika’s rectum.

Finally, when I had about six inched in, I started gently sliding my dick in and out of Vika’s asshole careful not to let it pop out. As more of Vika’a ass juices seeped out, the anal odor became stronger. Tanya then stated licking my shaft as it slid in and out of Vika’s asshole. I finally got all seven inched in. Vika was moaning loudly and building up to an orgasm. She came and I felt her muscles squeeze my dick.

Then Vika ordered me to pull my dick out and put it in Tanya’s mouth. I slowly pulled my rock hard dick out. It was coated with a thick cloudy brown tinged slime of saliva, pussy juice, and anal secretions. The smell was really strong. I pushed my dick down and Tanya started licking the head. I then pushed the head into Tanya’s mouth. She gagged a bit and then started slurping the slime off my dick. I bent down and kissed Tanya to sample the anal cocktail. The taste was pungent and strong. We tasted Vika’s rectal slime. I had to come, so I shoved my dick back into Vika’s ass and started pumping slowly. I started spurting a huge gush of come into Vika’s rectum and pulled out to finish squirting into Tanya’s mouth as a stream a brown tinged come flowed out of Vika’s slightly gapping asshole into Tanya’s mouth.

The three of us finished with a messy French kiss.

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