That damned Beanie Final Part


Daniel had managed to avoid Noah the rest of the day.
He was almost at his house when he looked up and saw Noah standing on his porch. Daniel stormed up to him.
“What? What do you want now?” Daniel asked angrily. He looked at Noah and Noah looked hurt and confused.
“I wanted to see you.” Noah said.
“Well now you have seen me you can go home.” Daniel said walking towards his front door.
“You’re mad at me?” Noah asked.
“Oh my, whatever gave you that idea?” Daniel said sarcastically looking for his front door key.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t realise how much you didn’t…” Noah said.
“Even after I said it 50 times.” Daniel snapped still not looking at him. He knew if he looked he would forgive him. He couldn’t resist those eyes.
“I’m sorry.” Noah said.
“You said that.” Daniel said.
“Let me make it up to you.” Noah said putting his hand on Daniel’s arm.
“I’m not in the mood.” Daniel said flinching out of Noah’s grip.
“I said I’m fucking sorry! Accept that or I will go find someone else!” Noah threatened.
Daniel looked him in the eyes and saw smug look like he knew Daniel would beg him to stay. Daniel was having none if that today.
“Go on then. Do it.” Daniel saw Noah’s face drop and said “that’s what I thought. Why do you still torment me? Huh? If you do have all these other people you can fuck with why fuck with me?!” Daniel screamed.
“Because I fucking like you okay?! I like you Daniel. There I fucking said it. You fucking happy now.” Noah asked frustrated.
Daniel was in shock. He felt all his anger leave him and turn into passion. He pulled Noah into a quick rough kiss.
“What happened to casual friends?” Daniel asked quietly.
“You. Idiot. I don’t know what it is but I kept telling myself just casual friends but I think all along I knew it wouldn’t work. You make me feel amazing and calm and happy and I can’t believe I’m telling you all this.” Noah said starting to pace. “I sound like a fucking girl!”
Daniel just stood there and watched, waiting for him to Sort out his thoughts. Noah looked at him occasionally but kept pacing, deciding on what to say.
He stopped right in front of Daniel and kissed him hard.
“What do you feel? When we kiss?” Noah asked.
“Lucky that you’re actually kissing me.” Daniel said with a small smile.
Noah smiled as well and said “Other than that.”
“Happy, horny, butterflies.” Daniel said.
“Good.” Noah said.
“Good?” Daniel asked amused.
“Yes good.” Noah said kissing him again.
Daniel flashed back to the bathroom and to Tiger and pulled away, taking a step back so he was right up against his front door.
“What’s wrong?” Noah asked.
“I’m supposed to be mad at you. I pleaded not to make me do it. I feel like I have been raped. I only did it because I was scared of losing you. I have had a crush for so long and I had finally gotten my chance to get to know you and you just abused me.” Daniel said looking down.
Noah put his finger under Daniels chin, lifting it to meet his eyes.
“I am genuinely sorry Daniel. I know it will take a while for you to get over it and I just want you to know I will be here for you.” Noah said handing him a small piece of paper.
Daniel opened it and it had a phone number on it.
“Your number?” Daniel asked shocked.
“Call me when you’re okay. Or if you’re really not. I will be here within 5 minutes.” Noah said.
Daniel just looked at the piece of paper. He knew what it symbolised, Noah finally trusting someone enough to give them
Some control. He looked up at Noah and quickly kissed him again. “Thank you.” Daniel said turning to go inside.
Daniel closed the door and just stood there for a while thinking about what just happened.
Noah did the same on the other side. He was mad at himself for hurting Daniel and upset he let himself develop feelings. Yeah he did really like Daniel but the feelings just make things complicated. Telling him about his feelings would have complicated it even more.
Both boys sighed and walked away from the door at the same time.
On Friday morning Noah was outside Daniel’s house.
“Hey Noah.” Daniel said.
“Hi. I thought we could walk to school together. Or is that weird? Is it too much? I don’t want you to feel like you have to walk with me.” Noah rambled.
As hurt as Daniel was he couldn’t help but smile at this nervous cute Noah.
“We can walk together.” Daniel said.
Noah sighed and smiled. He went in for a kiss but Daniel stepped back.
“Too soon.” was all that Daniel said.
Noah nodded and walked quietly beside him.
They walked in silence and parted ways at the canteen.
Daniel was just Esenyurt Escort walking off when Tiger came around the corner.
He had that huge grin that he always had on his face and Daniel felt like vomiting.
“Hey Daniel.” Tiger said.
“Hi.” Daniel said frowning.
He tried to step past but Tiger blocked the way.
“What do you want?” Daniel asked quickly.
“I just wanted to say thank you.” Tiger said.
“Tiger don’t. Don’t talk about it.” Daniel pleaded.
“I was just going to say…”
“No.” Daniel said over the top of him.
” … You gave me…” Tiger continued.
“Stop it!” Daniel said scared.
” … The greatest…” Tigers smile got wider as he watched Daniel freak out.
“Please don’t!” Daniel almost yelled. He could feel tears forming.
Suddenly Noah was there. He put his hand on Daniel’s arm, both wishing they could hug.
“Not another word Tiger.” Noah said sternly.
“I was going to say notes for society and environment but whatever.” Tiger said still grinning.
“I’m serious. If you say a word to anyone you will have to deal with me.” Noah said. Tiger was taller but Noah was defiantly more muscled.
“Dude why are you defending him.” Tiger asked.
“He is my property. I decide what happens to him.” Noah said.
“I will pay for another one. He is really good.” Tiger said.
“He is not for sale. Mine and mine only.” Noah said.
Daniel watched Noah step towards Tiger. He was getting angry and it scared Daniel.
“You didn’t have a problem sharing your toy yesterday.” Tiger said.
“Yesterday was purely experimental. Plus you are not good enough for him.” Noah said. Daniel smiled a little.
“Not good enough for that little slut? This has got to be a joke.” Tiger said stepping away.
“Remember not a word.” Noah said threateningly.
“Whatever.” Tiger said walking towards the canteen.
Noah led Daniel towards the old wood workshop. It was still fairly early and there wouldn’t be anyone around.
Noah closed the door and Daniel immediately hugged him.
Noah wrapped his arms around him and rested his cheek on the top of Daniels head.
“Thank you.” Daniel said softly.
“Don’t thank me. You should still be mad at me.” Noah said sadly.
“You stood up for me.” Daniel said.
“I wouldn’t have had to if I didn’t force you to blow him in the first place.” Noah said. Daniel stayed quiet. He wasn’t quite ready to forgive Noah yet.
“Why did you?” Daniel asked.
“I knew how much you didn’t like Tiger. That was kind of the point. I wanted to know how far you would go… For me. How far you would go to make me stay. I tested your loyalty and you passed I just didn’t think about the consequences. I’m sorry. I am so sorry. I never wanted to make you feel raped. I just want to know if you liked me back as much as I liked you.” Noah said hugging Daniel tighter.
Daniel looked up at Noah but Noah just looked away.
Noah felt tears coming but he would not allow Daniel to see him cry.
Daniel just watched Noah. Eventually Noah looked to see if Daniel was still watching and Daniel kissed him.
It was just a soft caring kiss. Daniel didn’t want the kiss to turn into a make out session or sex; it was just a kiss to show he cared. Noah cried. He didn’t make any sounds the tears just flowed from his eyes. Daniel felt them on his cheeks but said nothing.
After another minute or so Noah broke away and turned, wiping his eyes.
“You should go to class.” Noah said.
“I don’t want to.” Daniel said.
“Please?” Noah asked.
“Bell hasn’t gone yet.” Daniel said.
“I don’t want you here.” Noah said. It was a blatant lie and Daniel knew it.
“I don’t care.” Daniel said crossing his arms.
“GO!” Noah shouted turning.
“NO!” Daniel shouted.
Suddenly both boys laughed.
“You’re hard to get rid of Daniel.” Noah said smiling through the tears.
“And you’re hard to care for.” Daniel said back.
“You’re too nice for your own good.” Noah said.
“And you’re too sexy for your own good.” Daniel said back.
“You’re too willing.” Noah said.
“You’re too controlling.” Daniel quipped.
“You’re annoying.”
“You’re stubborn.”
“I love you.” Noah said staring into Daniels eyes watching to see his reaction. Daniels eyes flickered and he smiled.
“I love you too.” Daniel said.
They stood there for a few seconds, hearts beating in their throats until Noah broke the eye contact by turning away “I don’t deserve you.”
“Do you know how often I think that about you?” Daniel asked.
“You put up with my crap. I know I’m controlling. That’s how I like it. It is so I don’t get hurt. I have trust issues.” Noah said.
Daniel turned him around and said, “You are mysterious and so freaking hot! I’m not very good looking, not experienced. I’m boring.” Escort Bayan
“I’m superficial.”
“I’m not starting this again.” Daniel said making him smile.
“You’re not boring. You have your own look on the world. You are you and you will stick up for yourself to anyone.” Noah said.
“Yeah I am who I am but no one likes me.” Daniel said.
“I like you.” Noah said.
“You like to control me.” Daniel said.
“Yes but I also like it when you are just there for me. You listen and help me work out my problems.” Noah said. “Why do you love me? I’m abusive and needy.”
“You have a heart. It has hardened over the years and you have built barriers around it but I know it is there. You have been through a lot of shit and you’re scared of being hurt.” Daniel said.
“What if I’m scared to let you in?” Noah asked.
“You trust me. That small gesture of giving me your phone number proved it. You want me to unlock the barriers. You want to let me in.” Daniel said.
Noah leaned forward and kissed him.
‘Enough talking’ Noah thought.
Daniel wrapped his arms around Noah, pulling him close. Noah moaned and softly thrust his hips against Daniel’s, feeling both erections grow.
Noah got onto his knees and Daniel was a little shocked but smiled all the same.
Noah quickly pulled down Daniels pants and underwear and began rubbing his cock.
Daniel moaned but quickly shut up, fearing Noah’s reaction.
Noah rubbed his cock harder and smiled up at him.
Daniel moaned again and Noah tugged on his cock happily.
Daniel put his hand on Noah’s head and took his beanie. Daniel inhaled the boyish, delicious scent and put it on his own head. Noah looked at him curiously and Daniel, feeling brave, ran his fingers through Noah’s hair. Noah smiled and engulfed Daniels cock.
“Ahh! Oh Noah. More please!” Daniel moaned out.
Noah got a wicked idea and ran his teeth softly up Daniels cock.
Daniel moaned out and Noah did it again, this time stopping at the head and giving it a few flicks with his tongue.
Daniel was in heaven. All he could think about was Noah’s hot mouth on his cock. Noah was sucking like his life depended on it. He would make Daniel stay with him no matter what. Daniel could think whatever he wanted, Noah just knew Daniel was his and no one else could have him.
Noah tried to deep throat and surprisingly only coughed once. Daniel moaned and thrust into Noah’s mouth and down his throat. Noah stopped moving and let Daniel face fuck him. Daniel had all the control on how fast they went and Noah secretly enjoyed not being in control. He placed his hands on Daniel’s hips, moaning and humming on Daniels cock. Daniel thrust a few more times before cumming hard down Noah’s throat.
Noah could feel the hot jets make their way down his throat and he swallowed around Daniels cock.
Daniel pulled up his pants and sat down next to Noah. He leaned into Noah and Noah hugged him.
“I’m sorry for everything.” Noah said simply.
“I forgive you for everything.” Daniel said softly.
“Go out with me.” Noah said.
“What?” Daniel asked sitting up and looking at him.
“Be my boyfriend. I don’t care what everyone thinks I just want them to know you are mine.” Noah said.
“This is a big step.” Daniel said.
“Say yes.” Noah said.
“No. Ask me again in a week. After you have thought about this some more.” Daniel said standing up.
“Mixed signals much! You said you love me! Or was that just talk?” Noah asked standing to.
Daniel kissed him and said, “I do love you but I think you are just rushing into this whole boyfriend thing without thinking.” Daniel said. “One week isn’t that long. Here have this.” Daniel said taking out his pocket watch.
“My granddad gave it to me just before he died. It is really special so don’t lose it. I want it back when we start to go out.” Daniel said handing it over with a sigh.
Noah played with it in his hand. It was heavier than expected but beautiful all the same.
“One week. And then finally the world will know how much I care. Can I walk you home?” Noah asked putting the pocket watch away.
“I have to meet my mum at her work. I have to take two buses all because she wants to go shopping.” Daniel said sighing.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Noah said hugging him.
“Goodbye Noah.” Daniel said softly handing him back his beanie.
Breaking news:
Three passengers are confirmed dead and 10 others were injured when a bus was forced off the road during high speed chase. The driver of the bus said the cars just came out of nowhere and he had no time to react. The cars have been linked to several bank robberies in the last few istanbul Escort months.
“The bus swerved and I looked out the window and saw (the cars)…” one of the survivors stated. As the cars and the police passed, the bus was forced off the road and crashed into a ditch, where it stayed until the tow truck arrived. By that time two people, an elderly woman name Margret and a middle aged man named Kevin, had suffered major injuries and had died. The last casualty, a teenage male named Daniel, was rushed to hospital but died in the ambulance before arriving.
The police have not yet arrested the people involved…”

Noah couldn’t read any more. The tears in his eyes had over flowed.
He cried. He cried hard. His whole world had been ripped apart.
He read and re read the news article online. Daniel hadn’t been at school. No one knew why.
They had heard about the crash and even though Noah had felt off all day it didn’t click until he went to Daniels house and the door was answered by Daniels father in tears.
Noah had fallen onto his knees and cried. Daniels father had wrapped his arms around the boy who he could tell cared for Daniel.
Since he found out Noah has not let go of the pocket watch, opening and closing it when he felt restless. It was his last link to Daniel. He squeezed until his hand hurt but never let up.
Then Noah had done something stupid.
He went to his last slut before Daniel and demanded a blow job.
The girl looked at him curiously because obviously he had been crying but submitted to his request, taking him to her room and letting him fuck out his problems. Noah managed to close his eyes and imagine it was Daniel’s tight ass he was inside, that it was Daniel moaning his name. But it would never be Daniel.
Never again.
Noah’s cock immediately deflated as the tears streamed down his face. His hand went to the pocket watch he now wore around his neck. The girl was displeased with the lack of fuck she was getting and turned to look at Noah. She paused. Noah quickly pulled up his pants and left the house.

Noah slammed his computer shut. He couldn’t look at it anymore. He lay in his bed and just thought about all the good times he had with Daniel and how much he had fucked Daniel over.
He had let Daniel be raped. He did nothing but force Daniel to fuck him, or suck him off or let himself be sucked off. He never did one thing to show he cared for Daniel and now it was too late.
His mum came into his room, to tell him dinner was ready, when she noticed the tears.
“What happened?” she asked sitting next to him.
“He is dead.” Noah said crying again.
“That boy from your school? Did you know him well?” his mum asked.
“Yes. He was about to be my Boyfriend.” Noah said rolling over and facing the wall.
“Boyfriend? You like boys?” she asked shocked.
“I’m bi. I like both. I loved him.” Noah said with more tears.
His mother started to rub his back and said “I am so sorry. I know there is nothing I can say that will make you feel better. Only time will help.” she said.

Days passed and Noah was on his way to the funeral. The school had pretty much realised Noah and Daniel were a thing and no body, not even Tiger, said any disrespectful words about Daniel.
Noah walked up to the coffin and saw Daniel laying there. He looked so peaceful. The only sign he was dead was the eerie pale white of his face.
Daniels parents stood up and said loving things about Daniel but Noah tuned it out until it was his turn. He walked up to the microphone and stood there as a tear fell down his cheek.
“Daniel. I loved him. He was the first person I have ever admitted it too. I’m not the easiest person to be around but Daniel figured me out in seconds. He knew exactly the right things to say to make me feel better. And I treated him like crap. Sorry but it is… Was true. I was mean to him because he could see the real me. I wish I could… I wish… I wish for a lot of things. I wish I wasn’t so mean to him. I wish I could see his smile one last time. I wish I didn’t do what I did to make him hate me for a while there. I mean I guess I deserve this after what I did but I still wish Daniel was still alive. Because he was the most selfless, caring, amazing person I have ever met and he deserved a full long and happy life.“ Noah turned around and took off his beanie.

“I will always love you.” Noah said. The tears started to stream down his face and he placed the beanie on top of Daniel’s hands. His fragile white hands.
“Tragedies happen. People are taken from this world way before their time. Before he even got a chance to live. I’m glad he forgave me before getting on that bus. I don’t think I could have lived with myself if he hadn’t. Hell I probably wouldn’t be here if he didn’t. But he did and that was the greatest gift he could have given me. So my final gift to him will be to live my life for him and never forget.” Noah said finally.

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