The Ambitious Freshman


The Ambitious Freshman…
Setting: A small private college located somewhere in the State of Vermont.

Kristin, an extremely intelligent, eighteen year old petite blond freshman who finds herself unexpectedly following in the footsteps of both her horn-dog parents from years before.
But to do it, using her past experience and knowledge, she has to cut a deal with the most powerful person oh the school…

So how’s it going little girl?” the thirty-eight year old man asked the gorgeous, petite, eighteen year old blonde haired freshman.

“Okay daddy…” the girl replied. Although she was now a legal adult, she found it difficult to the break the “daddy” name habit.

Something was up the man thought. He then nudged his equally beautiful wife as she herself seemed a bit distracted.

“Uh…yeah… What’s up baby?” the girl’s mother chimed in. “You don’t like the school?” Her eyes nervously darted back and forth between her daughter and the private college’s open grounds.

The girl starred into her mother eyes.

“C’mon Kristin…stop farting around and tell us what’s the problem.”

“The problem is…DADDY…I’m know as the infamous Trisha and Scott’s. Daughter’…the new ‘Little Miss Kushna’ to be exact. That’s the problem…”

“Yeah, so? A lot of students have parents that have attended here. So what if they sort of know you by us already?”

“And just who exactly said this to you Kristin?” The woman turned and looked at her husband. He in turn shrugged his shoulders in bewilderment.

“Some of the teaching staff, but mostly the President, Father O’Reilly. He seems to be getting the biggest kick out of the whole thing.”

“Wow…that guy’s still there? I thought he was in his 50s when we went here babe…” Kristin’s dad blurted out.

“He was 35 back then Scott. To young kids like us that WAS 50ish. He’s now 46. He was very smart and talented an that’s why he was so young.

“Well…I myself am flattered that he even remembered us.”

“And what did he exactly say to you Kristin?”

“Lots mom.”

The woman turned and looked at her husband with a blank but concerned stare. She didn’t need her daughter catching any crap from their past transgressions she had nothing to do with. Kristin, out of the corner of her eye, had noticed that her mother had begun to fidget with her finger nails…something she did when she had certain private “things” on her mind. Trisha leaned over the picnic table that overlooked the picturesque open quad area of the prestigious and elite private college.

“Things like what Kristin? I need to know.” Her face was as serious as Kristin had ever seen it..

“As I said, things like …’Ahhh…the NEW Little Miss Kushna…the daughter and heir apparent of the INFAMOUS and notorious mister and misses feely mealy Trisha and Scott Kushna’” the girl began.

“That’s it?!” Scott asked out loud. “That’s what has you so concerned and worked up over?”

“Oh…I forgot this one dad…’I’d keep the boys hands off your tits, out of your pants…and your mouth off their penis’…” Kristin added. “It seems you two weren’t so clandestinely talented back then as you made yourselves out to be.”

Kristin could see her mothers face turn red from embarrassment.

“So you see…I now have a huge target on my back because of you guys. If I’m seen ANYWHERE near a boy I’m in trouble or at least joked about…”

“I’m so sorry baby” Trisha said as she reached out and held her daughters two hands.

“So what are you saying? Do you want quit and come home? We’ll understand baby…really.”

“No daddy…I’ll be fine and it’s not your fault. I absolutely DO love the school and I have already met several friends…mostly boys so I’ll deal with it all. And honestly, I’m proud that both of you went here and I’m following that tradition.”

“Well I’m glad that’s settled. But remember what we taught you Kristin” her mother warned. “Men can be selfish asshole pricks…when it comes to us females.”

“Hey…WE men can’t help it if you girls are gorgeous and hot looking and are made to be taken and raped. We were genetically designed to respond that way first then check out your inner smarts and feelings second.” Scott leaned over and gave his wife a tender kiss on the cheek.

“Well, I do have to admit that it was hot…you looking at me in class the way you were back then. Up until that moment not many boys were interested in me…at least not for my looks. And I must admit, I too was smitten by your own looks…especially your gorgeous eyes.” Kristin could see her mothers hand slide up her father’s thigh.

“And if you’re a good boy, and take me out for dinner and a movie tonight, you just might get a nice blow job before we go to sleep…”

“Mother! Honestly! Do you have to discuss it here…right now?”Kristin gasped. “Now I can see how you two got in so much trouble.”

“And what trouble it was” Scott boasted with pride. “Your mother and I were virgins when we first met…”

“Yes daddy…I know” Kristin interrupted. “You both met at an ice-cream social and from there it was sexual history…”

“No, it was earth fucking shattering sexual history” the man joked. “Your mother, was quite a looker, although SHE doesn’t think so. And despite having a tiny cock hole…oops, I mean vagina, she was quite a wild fuck.”

As he talked Scott could see both his wife’s and daughters nipples poking through their respective tops…each about the size of a hard medium sized grape. He still had the touch to turn women on he delightfully thought to himself. Although it had been several months since they had a family threesome he made a mental note to plan another on their next visit…which most likely, by the way his penis had grown, would be next week at the latest.

“Now about Father O’Reilly Kristin” Trisha nervously began. “is he divulging any other information, about your father and I?”

“No…just mostly about you and daddy being caught feeling each other up and whatever. Nothing real threatening or incriminating.”

“Well, I’m glad to here it.”
“And yes, we WERE caught a few, well, several times doing a bit of the ol’ feely mealy as he says.” She turned to her husband and smiled seductively..

“But after those episodes we learned and squashed the old man into keeping his big mouth shut” Scott continued. “He’s actually not a bad guy once you do him. At least that’s what your mother said.”

“Ewwww daddy!”

“Well…” the woman said nonchalantly.

“Well WHAT? Mom?”

“There are somethings you have to do if you want to be free or have control as a woman Kristin.”

“I’m not giving Father O’Reilly head!”

“Then that’s up to you…” Scott added. “And we would understand if you didn’t make that move.”

“If it makes any difference Kristin, he doesn’t mind if you don’t swallow. Plus, his dick is small…six to seven inches if I remember.”

“Ahh jeez mom!”

“That was a good one babe!” Scott laughed as he watched his daughter nearly gag in disgust.

“Hello Kushnas” a well built man in his mid to late forties, dressed all in black, suddenly said..

“Why…is that you Trisha?”

“Hello Father O’Reilly” Kristin’s mom said as she flicked her fingers in a semi wave. “And yes it’s me….”

“I see your daughter is attending the University too” the man continued as he drew closer to the threesome.

“Are there any more younger Kristins coming up from the ranks that we can expect to see in the near future?

“No father, Kristin’s it for us.”

“Well that IS too bad now isn’t it? Then it’s up to you young lady to follow in the footsteps of your parents. Perhaps you will meet a fine young man here.”

“Our thoughts exactly Father” Kristin’s father said as he gave her a big shoulder hug.” Kristin remained silent.

“Well…I must be off” O’Reilly said. “We have a couple of new students coming in and we have to make them as comfortable as possible.” The man paused and looked at Kristin for a moment.

“Would you be interested in showing them around Kristin? You seem outgoing like your mother.”

“Here’s your chance baby” her father urged.

“Can I think about it Father?” Kristin asked.

“Why sure…but they’re arriving in a couple of days so there isn’t much time.” With that the man briskly walked off to the school’s administration building.

“Very good Kristin.”

“Well…we’ll see mom…”

“We never did tell you everything about our respective pasts here but your mom was also valedictorian and Student Body President here in both her junior and senior years” Scott boasted proudly.

“How can you be President as a junior mom?”

Her mother fell silent.

“Go ahead baby…it’s okay” Scott said.

“There were things that were…well…necessary…”

“Things?” Kristin asked.

“Favors…” Trisha replied.
“Favors that get people places faster and easier than normal.

Kristin then turned, starred at the building Father O’Reilly had just entered then turned back to her parents. She gave them a shrewd approving smile.

“I get it now.”

“As a woman, you’re going to learn that you have certain powers Kristin. Now, whether you chose to use them wisely, or even at all, is up to you.”

“You mean sexual favors…right?”

“To put it bluntly, yes Kristin” her mother said.


“And you gave Father O’Reilly a few of these favors to advance yourself.”


“Well…it just wasn’t your mother ONLY that benefited Kristin.”

“And what favors did YOU give…daddy?”

As the couple looked at each other, it was apparent that their training of their daughter, ever since the very first day she was born, was paying off; the family baths, the sleeping and cuddling in bed together, the kissing of each other on the lips goodnight, the tickling under clothes whenever possible, the caressing of each other all over their bodies while naked under the bed sheets… all paying off.

Where another child of nearly eighteen would have been shocked, Kristin on the other hand was more interested in how this new information applied to her and how she could gain from it.

“Besides me giving a few favors to Father O’Reilly, your father was one handsome stud himself. Back then that type of man was known as a ‘BMOC’…”

“Big Man On Campus?” Kristin laughed. “Dad?”

“You may laugh now but back then I was pretty hot.”

“You still are baby.”

“Thanks gorgeous.”

The woman then glanced left and right and resumed secretly stroking the hard bulge that was on the inside of her lovers pants, almost as if it were her very own pet or something.

And while her hands were busy with her husbands sex tool her eyes were transfixed on her daughters own eyes.

This, not being the first time Kristin had witnessed or even participated in such a thing, as her fathers breathing grew heavier, the girl could feel her own vagina beginning to moisten and tingle. It had been a while since she had been alone with her father and his magnificent “cock” as he sometimes liked to call it when he got a little bit rough with her. Strangely enough though, it was the rough that she preferred ever since he took her virginity away. She could also imagine just how handsome he must have been “back in the day” as at his present age of thirty-seven he was still hot, at least to her he was.

“And being on both the swim and water polo teams, with his cock bulging inside those tiny lycra suits” her mother continued, “well…you could just imagine how that turned on the other school girls…the female administration included.”

“So YOU had Father O’Reilly on YOUR side and the girls where on dads…”

“Yep” Scott said proudly.

“Mom had the inside vote and I had her back with the girls…all of whom happen to be two thirds of the total population and vote when it came to picking student body officers.”


“You have to also understand that your mother and I trusted each other impeccably, with no jealousy at all, so what appears to be acts of infidelity were actually part of a deliberate plan.”

“Well…I wouldn’t say I was free of ALL jealousy” Trisha admitted.

“And with such a good tongue as your father had and still has, and a little bit of womanly instruction on how to please women, from me, they would do anything for him…uh… ‘us’.”

“You didn’t mind daddy doing all those girls?”

“Well…there was one girl…” Scott began.

“Yes, a hot little cunt called Jennifer Wells.”

“A cunt now.” Kristin repeated. “Really mom…”

“Yes…A FUCKING WHORE CUNT!” the girl’s mother hissed back.

“Let’s just say I was in ‘the no pussy for two months’ doghouse.”

“She was that good of a lay dad?”

“I have the right to remain silent…”

“Yes, she was a good lay Kristin” her mother confessed. “She was EVERY boys wet dream…”

Kristin tried not to laugh. She had never seen her mother so…jealous.

“Mom…I’ve watched daddy baby fuck you for years and he’s always walked away with a smile…ALWAYS. That tells me he’s happy and satisfied with YOU.”

“Baby fuck?”

“Yeah, you know, when a man has a woman underneath him, so hot, that all he can think about is Bayrampaşa Escort making a baby with her.”

“Is that true Scott?” Trisha asked.

“Well…uh…yes..YES! It’s true! I always want to baby fuck you baby…I mean honey.”

“For that answer, tonight I’ll suck you off and you can later baby fuck me like ‘gray’.”

‘Gray? Now what the hell was that?’ Kristin thought to herself. After all she had just absorbed about her parents past she dare not ask deciding to let it go for another day.

Scott then gave his daughter a clandestine ‘thank you’ wink. The girl replied in turn with a quick ‘thumbs up’.

“Weren’t you worried about STDs though, doing all those girls?”

“No, not really” Trisha replied.

“Back then we didn’t have all these jungle bullshit diseases there are today. All we had to do was take a blood screening test for syphilis just like you had to do so we all started out pretty much clean.”

“And like your father said, we both had made a comfortable deal for the both of us from the very beginning. When your father was with the girls, he wore a rubber. When he was with me it was just him and him alone…no protection whatsoever.

We didn’t want to get pregnant back then but it DID make our love making all the more exciting AND dangerous. With outsiders we were only interested in OUR gains and no one else’s. And if sucking old man O’Reilly’s seven inch dick and licking and fucking a few worthless pussies expedited things, then that’s what we both did.”

As the girl listened to her parents story she placed her hand between her own legs.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned quietly. The thought of her parents going at each other and with others, somewhere here at her very own school, made her clitoris all the more sensitive. She could just imagine the sound of their hips slapping hard against each other in the moonlit night, as she had heard hundreds, even thousands of times every night as a child. And being artistically inclined, the visual in her head got her clitoris going all the more.

“So you see Kristin…” Trisha added. “You have the power…if, in your own head and mind, you can work it out; the right from the wrong…the important from the unimportant, the necessity and sacrifice to be on top and all that goes with it.”

The girl’s hand then slid down inside her conveniently low cut jeans finding her pussy slit sopping wet and her clitoris swollen, hard and close…VERY CLOSE to cuming.

“Oh god mom…I’m cuming…” Kristin suddenly gasped.

Both of the girls parents watched in awe as their daughter skillfully toyed and pleased herself…right in front of them, in plane sight, all as if no one were there to see. It didn’t phase them one bit.

“She does have your cold hard naughty skills babe” Scott said in admiration as his wife’s hand rubbed his hard dick a bit faster and harder.

“Ahhh…ahh…ahh…” the girl gasped over and over. “Mmm…mmm…mmm…”

“Perhaps she too will one day be Student Body President…she IS smart enough” the man said.
Suddenly Kristin folded her arms and buried her head inside them.

“Ahhhh fuck… First things first guys” the tiny muffled voice said from within the folded arms.

“First I have to figure out a way to get Father O’Reilly off my back. Now that I know these things I think I know why he likes me.”

“Well, I like I said, life is full of unpleasantries and sacrifices, some more so than others…”

“You said his dick is short and he doesn’t mind if you don’t swallow?” Kristin asked her mother reluctantly.

“No…but I will say this though, it didn’t hurt to sometimes swallow as it got me the Student Class Presidency a year early.”

“Fuck…” the girl said as she slammed her fist down on the table. “Fuck…”

“C’mon. Lets forget about all this for now. Tomorrow’s another day. Now show us your room and any other things you might think of that we may need to know.

“Okay dad…right over here is my room in Cantwell Hall…”

As the girl waved goodbye to her parents, being a staunch person as to not wanting to procrastinate, her mind began to instantly formulate a plan to control the schools leader, Father O’Reilly; just as her mother had done years before. For the next two weeks the girl studied the man’s every move. And what was funny, she had noticed he had been studying her. Knowing this, in a daring move, she waited until he was alone in his office, something he did every late evening.


“Come in Miss Kushna…Kristin is it not?”

“Why yes it is Father O’Reilly. How did you know it was me?”

“Sit down…please.” The man ignored Kristin’s question.

“I’d rather stand if you don’t mind.”

“As you wish young lady.” The man paused for a moment.

“I see that you are still wearing your school uniform.”

The young freshman strolled seductively over to the old man pulling up her skirt ever so slightly.

“I was studying all day and I totally forgot to change.”

“Studying eh? Do you always study wearing six inch stilettos?”

“I’m short…” Kristin snapped back.

“I see you have the same study skills and school attire your mother had miss Kushna.” O’Reilly was no fool. He knew why Kristin was wearing what she was wearing and if she didn’t? Well she was going to learn just how lucky she was to choose what she was wearing..

“Speaking of your mother, you do know she was school valedictorian for two years in a row right? That is quite a feat even for a school with a population so small as ours.”

“So I’ve heard” replied the petite, well proportioned hot little blond.

“And curiously enough, she would do the same thing as you; study ‘til the wee morning hours…less the stilettos though,”

The two sat and stared at each other…all as if they were Wild West gunslingers waiting for the other to make the first move.

“Okay miss Kushna, let’s cut to the chase” the man suddenly blurted out as he shot up off his chair. As he moved behind the girl Kristin stood her ground motionless…staring straight ahead, unflinching.

Suddenly and without warning O’Reilly grabbed the girl by the hair and slammed her down onto the top of his desk. At the same time he applied his full body weight on top of hers to hold her still. As she tried to struggle to free herself, the grip on her hair became tighter and more painful. He then reached for a pair of handcuffs that were conveniently waiting nearby.

“What the fuck?” the girl said in total…well not TOTAL shock.

Snap! Snap!

Within seconds Kristin was bending over on top of the table with both of her hands firmly cuffed behind her back.

“I’ve been preparing for this for years Little Miss Kushna.”

“What are you talking about?”

Kristin could feel the man press against her semi-exposed bottom with his now hard and stiff penis. For good measure he gave one good hard thrust of his hips..

“What are you doing Father O’Reilly? You are going to be in such big trouble!”

“Come now my pretty…don’t tell me you have no clue as to what is about to transpire here?”

“No I…”

“You mean to tell me that your mother and father haven’t told you about their past…OUR past?”

As the man increased the grip on Kristin’s hair she could feel him lift her already short school dress up to her waist. She then felt her panties being tugged down to her knees.

“What are you doing Father?”

“Why…I’m upping the stakes for YOUR success here Miss Kushna.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand?”

“I’m guessing that your parents, your mother in particular, has already talked to you about how she became so powerful, so quickly…correct? By giving me certain favors which I in turn made things easier for her…no?”

“No father… Honest! She hasn’t”

“Well, whether she has OR hasn’t is irrelevant now. All that matters is that this time I’m going to get a better deal than just a few mere blow jobs. This time I want it ALL!”

Through the man’s heavy breathing and his weight pressing her hard against the table Kristin could feel the man’s hands fumbling for his pants zipper…


‘Good…’ Kristin thought. All was going to plan. Even her own mother and father did not know of what she had planned weeks ago and was now executing flawlessly. Would they be proud? Maybe, maybe not.
All the fake whining earlier in the day, designed to make them believe that giving Father O’Reilly a little simple head was going to make her puke had worked.

And now with him about to bone her, her trap was set.
And OF COURSE she was going to give the man head and a lot more. And why not? Even WITHOUT a grandiose scheme to control the school Father O’Reilly WAS hot looking. It was now clear as to why her mother was so nervous earlier. She too knew he was hot and most likely a good fuck…if he taught the proper naughty skins…from a woman’s point of view that is.

Kristin then thought about what a hypocrite she was for punishing her father for fucking that hotti Jennifer Wells ‘CUNT’ as her mother described her. And what was funniest of all was that she had ALREADY planned to do what her mother suggested anyway. Anyway, back to reality…

“Father O’Reilly wait!”

But before the girl could cry out again she could feel his penis slam deep into her pussy with one single thrust.

“UUHARRRG!” she gasped out loud. In actuality, Father O’Reilly’s thrust was quite a pleasant surprise; it was nothing like what her ‘daddy’ nearly ALWAYS put her through when he wanted it…an unforgiving, full out baby rape.

“You’re lucky you’re a horny little thing” the man said as he held his seven inch penis deep within the girls womb.

“Without that wet pussy and those stilettos that would have hurt a lot.”

Kristin agreed with the mans assessment as that was one reason why she wore them. She had also learned with her father, through training and repetition, that a wet pussy meant a slippery pussy and a slippery pussy meant a less painful baby rape.

“Oh god…ohhhhh….” Kristin gasped in pain…well sort of in pain. As she caught her breath she remembered the times her father had entered her bedroom, when she was much younger and much smaller in size. And on those nights, with his hand tight over her mouth, and his eight inch cock slamming deep against her young cervix, she remembered what he would always say, all perfectly timed to the rhythm of his pelvic thrusts…

“Shhhh…shhh… let daddy have his fun. Be a good little girl. Just take it baby…it’ll soon be over…just take it quietly.”

Not only did she have to “take it” quietly, enduring her fathers relentless thrusts into her bleeding vagina as a tiny little girl, but she also had to endure the full weight of his body, some one-hundred and fifty plus pounds, slapping hard against her own tiny body.

But soon, as she grew older, she became more and more used to it. It even got to the point where Kristin was turned on by the whole thing; the power of a man holding her down, a woman being held against her will, him having his way easily with her. Women, as a whole, would never admit to it but this was the most erotic female turn-on ever. Once she was past O’Reilly’s initial entry, the girl realized all was not that bad.

“Oh god Father…please have mercy.” Fuck Kristin…couldn’t you come up with something better than that? the girl thought.

“Mercy? Did your mother show ME mercy?” the man said as he began slamming himself hard into the young girls bottom.

“All I ever got were a few simple blow jobs for my trouble and that was it.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!…went the sound of his hips against Kristin’s bottom.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“Do… you… want… to be as …successful as your mother ‘Little Miss Kushna’?” O’Reilly asked as he continued to pound the girl’s vagina from behind.

“Yes sir…yes Father…I do”. Kristin responded. O’Reilly continued to rape the girl.

“So…lets make a deal shall we father? I’ll be your good little girl and suck your beautiful penis and in turn you get to fuck my hot, tight freshman pussy, I mean vagina. I in turn then become the Student Body President…my junior year.”

“Yes…” the priest gasped. “Yes…we…have…a…deal…”

“Swear it.. “ Kristin suddenly ordered.

“Ahhh…ahhh..ahhh…” the man gasped as he slammed himself deep into the girl’s vagina. Never had he had a girl so in control of herself, so smart, so pretty, so demanding, so…fucking HOT!

“Swear it O’Reilly!” the girl repeated.

“I guarantee you becoming class…AHHHHRRG…”

“Class what?”

“Class President Miss Kushna! Class President…”

“Now… slap my little ass as you fuck me my ‘Master’. My pussy is all yours…”

‘Master’. Damn that word had a hot ring to it O’Reilly thought. For the past decade and a half, he had been waiting for Kristin to begin her schooling in hopes that she would eventually be his. Although her mother had pleased him quite sufficiently, he had hopes of manipulating the daughter much better. Now his dreams were coming true.

But in all honesty, he had never dreamed it would be this easy. Having recently feeling his age, the man now felt rejuvenated Escort Bayan and manly again. He looked down at the girl and her bare waist grabbed it hard.

“Oooh Master…oooh… Please have mercy on me… I’m only eighteen years old and a virgin…please…please don’t hurt me…”

“Virgin? You’re nothing now but a slut…an eighteen year old whore!” the man grunted as he continued to bang the girls bottom.

“Now your my sex slave!”

By now the priest was slamming himself as deep as he possible could into the young wet cock hole.

He knew this girl was something different, something special and he was not going to fuck it up. Her mother was similar in her ability to role play but this young Kushna was WAY different.

As the two went at it, and although O’Reilly had nearly the perfect penis for fucking a girl, something was still missing. Kristin couldn’t quite put her finger on it but the man was lacking that little extra “UMPH!”; something that made fucking a girl and a girl allowing it, more than just pure fucking. Spice. Yes…it was the spice that was missing. She decided to help the man a bit…

“Master…is… it true that…”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“…that men, as they…”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“…fuck and rape their women, their whores, their mistresses…”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

“…their students…their slaves…”

Slap! Slap! Slap!
“…men like to tear their tops open to gain access to their breasts?”

The slapping noise of O’Reilly’s hips hitting the girl’s rear end increased in speed.

“SLUT! CUNT!” the man grunted loudly as he continued to slam his penis deep into the girls tight warm and wet womb.

So many times when Kristin’s own father was taking liberties with her from behind, her favorite position by the way, he would tear her top open, pull up her shear laced bra, and fondle and squeeze her petite breasts with his bare bands, many times leaving bloody scratches. It was something she personally loved oh so much and wanted to oh so happen right now.

Right on que, the girl could feel O’Reilly’s hands reach underneath her front upper torso and yank her school top open, exposing her bra covered tits. Nothing was torn as she had to wear the uniform top during school hours…thank god. Any tear in the material would draw unwanted suspicion which could be disastrous for both O’Reilly AND Kristin.

“Please Master…please have mercy on me” Kristin once again begged. Well… if it worked once why not try it again…right? Right!

“Please stop…oh god…I beg of you please STOP!”



“Yes sir…sorry sir…sorry…okay, okay…just don’t hurt me…please! I’ll be a good little girl, YOUR good little girl and I won’t tell a soul, I promise. Just don’t hurt me…”

‘GOD…I…AM…FUCKING…GOOD’ the five foot three inch tall pixy thought to herself. ‘Deeper Father please…deeper she wished. And oh yeah…HARDER too…please’.

Kristin closed her eyes and focused on O’Reilly’s perfectly sized and proportioned penis sliding, no slamming in and out of her wet vagina from behind.

Although she liked her own father’s brutality, as he was the only man she had any sexual experiences with, up until now that is, she found O’Reilly’s level of brutality somewhat refreshing. With him SHE was in control. Even if O’Reilly WAS able to be rough and overpower her, which he easily could do, he wouldn’t, not with a population of over twenty five hundred students and faculty members as witnesses.

And besides, if he didn’t work out and satisfy her, as backup, before they had left, her mother, father and herself had agreed upon an old fashioned hardcore threesome get together, starting with her being bound to the hotel bed and her mother tied to a chair as she watched ‘daddy’ baby fuck and rape their daughter to death or somewhere close.

They would then take turns as the man of the house had his way with both his women..a role play they ALL loved so well..

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The school’s leader continued with the girls vagina.

“Please Father…please…I’m an innocent girl.”


“Please don’t make me pregnant…please. My mother taught me precautions and has me on the pill but…”

Hint, hint…

There it is was…the information O’Reilly was waiting for…information that the girl was almost 100% safe from becoming pregnant if he accidentally came inside her; something all men fantasized about, especially to young virgin school girls, something far a few between these days.

Knowing this the man slammed his dick deeper into the girl’s young vagina. Finally, he was going to get his money’s worth.

“No please Master. Pleasssssse…don’t ejaculate inside my womb! Please sir…uh, uh, uh. I…beg….I beg of you! I don’t want to get pregnant!”

Kristin then fell quite and listened to the man.

“Shut the fuck up you troublesome little bitch!” the man growled as he now slammed her bottom twice as fast and twice as harder.

“You’re going take my cum and you’re going to like it…UNDERSTAND?” He then once again grabbed the girl by hair and yanked it back.

“I asked if you UNDERSTAND?”

The sensation of O’Reilly’s penis slamming against her cervix combined with his erotic threats nearly sent her clitoris through the roof.

“Yes sir…I…I understand… I’m sorry I said anything. For…forgive me.”

“Then beg me to cum inside of you. I want to hear it from you…”

Even with the years of experience of her father ‘doing her’ in every possible sexual position imaginable, Kristin found the man behind her uniquely exciting and stimulating.

Was it because SHE was in control of what and how SHE wanted to be handled for the first time in her life? Possibly. But regardless of who was controlling whom all Kristin knew was that it was hot and her pussy was about to explode.



Although Kristin wanted more than anything to have O’Reilly and herself cum simultaneously, she knew how to make a good thing better. After all she was taught by the best…her mother and father. Several times the two would come into her room where they would over power her, gag her mouth to guarantee her silence, strip her naked then tie her, spread eagle, to her bed.

From there, depending on their mood swing, several things could and would happen; anything from the torturous prolonged teasing of her sensitive body parts, to full on orgy styled baby rapes, or a combination of all the above. And besides, if O’Reilly came now, it wouldn’t be until another forty or so minutes that he would be ready to go again; whereas a woman could have one prolonged cum or multiple cums, one right after another, within minutes, depending on the girl of course.

But a guy prolonging things sexually? Kristin knew she would be lucky if O’Reilly could just get it up again within thirty minutes let alone restart the entire foreplay from start to finish. Although, as with a girl, it DID depend on the guy.

But at the moment, she wasn’t going to spoil the moment with O’Reilly…whether he liked what she was about to do or not.

With that thought in mind and with all her might, Kristin suddenly pushed her bottom hard against O’Reilly’s waist, causing him to lose his balance and stumble to the floor.

The girl then bolted to the door; a logical choice for a person being held captive; to try and escape. She had to make this as real and exciting as possible to have the desired effect.

On the way to the door she had noticed a leather couch to her left…good.

“PLEASE HELP! HELP!” the young girl screamed as she pressed the side of her face against the door.

Although she knew no one was within ear shot, or even in the building to help her in the predicament she was in, it was necessary to play the part…for him…O’Reilly.
Again Kristin could feel her hair being yanked.


“Scream all you want you little bitch” the man hissed as he pulled the girls head back and french kissed her.

By now Kristin’s pussy was in major melt down.

“No one will hear you miss Kushna. I had special sound proofing put into the walls, ceilings and doors on this entire floor three years ago. And, I am the only one who knows.”

‘Fuck Father O’Reilly’ Kristin thought to herself…YOU ARE FUCKING HOT AND SMART!

The man then yanked upward at her bra and starred at the girls young and supple milky white suntan painted breasts. The action further turned on the already exploding girl.

With little effort at all he tossed her onto the couch now to their right.

‘Don’t cum yet Kristin…hold on’ the girl thought and fought hard.

“Please…don’t hurt me” Kristin again pleaded.

Pinned down on her back with her hands cuffed behind her, her tanned chest and tits exposed, and her dress pulled up from the fall, Kristin then decided to end it all with a bang. Throwing everything in AND the kitchen sink, she slowly spread her legs wide.

With O’Reilly standing half naked and sporting an EXTREMELY hard boner, as an extra touch, Kristin squirmed a bit from side to side; the movement causing her dress to creep up her thighs even more.

She could see a large drop of semen ooze from the tip of his penis and slowly drip and stretch until it’s elasticity finally snapped causing the rest of it to hit the floor.

Somewhere deep inside this man’s penis and testicles she knew there was a good amount of milky white, semi-clear sperm she so wanted pumped into her. The more Kristin teased the more the liquid dripped. Without even realizing it the girl licked her dry lips.

“So…you like looking at my cock, eh miss Kushna?”

Although she wanted to tell him just how beautiful his penis really was and how she wanted to suck him off and swallow every drop of his man juice so bad she held back.

It was funny she suddenly thought…just how selfish women were with men, loving every minute of a man pleasing them, doing them, every which way but loose, all on a sex organ, that in all honesty, that could look anywhere like a beautiful and inviting flower to something slimy, wet and disgustingly sloppy, something straight out of an ‘Aliens’ movie.

But with a guy, unless he had issues from not bathing, or his penis’ foreskin was not being circumcised, thus possibly unclean underneath, it was pretty much a no brainier what to do. She knew men loved the feeling of something slippery sliding up and down their penis, whether it was a vagina, an open mouth or a tight butt hole. As long as it produces that feeling that brings about an ejaculation of his sperm, a cum, that was all that mattered to a man.

And believe it or not, although the visuals of each circumstance creates different levels of arousal, the actual ‘feeling’ and amount of time it takes for a ‘cum’ itself is the same.

But with most women, unless they are hookers or porn stars getting paid for their services, there was no chance in hell that they were going to EVER swallow for a man…NO FUCKING WAY!

What a fucked up way for someone to think Kristin pondered. No wonder men gave women so much shit the freshman hottie thought.

And what’s really funny is that if they so desired, a man could easily take down a woman and do as they pleased with her, but they don’t.

Yet a woman will push and taunt a man until he can’t stand it anymore and when that happens…guess what? The fucking bitch rats on his ass all as if she did nothing to him at all.

But with Kristin, she had learned, albeit a much harder way, that if you played your cards right, a girl could get a lot of nice things in life, including love.
She then focused on the tip of O’Reilly’s penis.

“Yes sir…I like looking at your penis sir..” she remembered to say. Her voice was shy and coy but also mysteriously seductive.

Grabbing her hair once again, the man brought her mouth to the tip of his penis.

“You will not call this a penis anymore, is that understood young lady?”

The priest, (ha! PRIEST!), painted the girls lips with his sex tool’s semen. Kristin instinctively stuck out her tongue, licked it’s tip clean and then swallowed.
With her mouth slightly open, she tilted her head slightly back and made eye contact with her powerful European blue eyes.

“What shall I call it sir…my master?”

The girl could see the man’s penis twitch in response to her words.

“Cock… You will call it a ‘cock’. Now say it bitch.”



There was ANOTHER word that turned Kristin on…’whore’.

So many times, while her mother was licking her vagina, did she call her a whore. What made it even hotter was the tone in which she said it to her…as if she was jealous of Kristin’s relationship with her father or something.

And by calling her dirty, nasty names it was the only way she could apparently fight back against her own frustrations..

Along with the name calling came the nibbling, the biting and ruthlessly vibing of her daughters clit…rarely allowing her to cum at a normal enjoyable rate. istanbul Escort Everything her mother did was deliberate and torturous.

“Again I said…you slut!” O’Reilly said. “Cock…say it!”

“Cock…cock” Kristin said as her mind snapped back to the present.

“Now…if I uncuff you…” the man began“…will you promise to not try and escape and do as I say?”

Kristin strategically paused to appear as if she was thinking. Of course she was going to promise to not escape.. If she didn’t she was going to cum at any moment, with her hands bound behind her back, which was the last thing she wanted to have happen.

“Yes sir…I promise…”

“Master… bitch!” the man said as he backhanded the girl knocking her flat to the couch.


“Call me MASTER!”

“I meant Master…I’m sorry master! Forgive me!” The girl clumsily pulled herself up off the couch and sat up straight.


The man then stepped forward and as he bent over the girls left shoulder, to unlock the handcuffs behind her, he shrewdly inserted his penis into her mouth.

“AARRRHHHGGG?” the teen gagged as the entire length of his penis slid down her esophagus.

“ARRRRGGGGHH!” the girl continued to gag.

“Where’s that darn hole for the key?” the man questioned out loud, fully aware of what was happening to Kristin’s throat.


“Oh…my goodness! My cock went into your mouth! I’m so sorry…”

As the priest pulled himself out of the girls throat, a long slimy strand of drool stretched to at least the length of a foot.

“BBWWAAA!” the girl coughed over and over again trying to catch her breath. “BWWWAAAA!”

But without remorse, the man reinserted his cock back into her mouth and continued to fumble with unlocking the cuffs.

“Ah! There we go!” the man said. “Finally your free!”

“BWAAA! BWAAA!” the girl continued to gag.

He then checked the girls wrists to see if there were any marks. That was the last thing both of them needed…proof…of something.

“Don’t worry Father…I don’t easily bruise, I’m used to it” Kristin began to explain.

“You can even be a bit rougher if you wish next time. I don’t mind…if that’s what you like.”

‘What the hell has this girl been through?’ the man wondered.

“Let’s not even go there about my past okay Father?” Kristin said as if she could read his mind.

“Suffice to say that my whole life I could said something but I didn’t nor will I ever. The fact of the matter is is we Kushnas think differently about the sexual role of a young girl and boy, a grown man and a woman. Although modern day laws make the two sexs equal, on paper, they’re not and were never meant to be.

O’Reilly listened intently. Finally someone thought the same way he did.

“And we DO understand why a girl can get pregnant in her pre-teens…” Kristin continued.

“Her body is ready sexually and can take it and so can mine. Besides, since the very beginning, although it’s hurt at times I’ve loved it. I guess you could say I’m a nymphomaniac.”

With a new understanding of the Kushna family, and a bit of new found compassion and admiration for this teen in front of him, the man bent over and attempted to gently wipe Kristin’s eyes clean from the smeared mascara. For a split second the two finally understood each other and their roles in this game…

“No Master…you must leave my mascara alone” the girl explained. “It is acknowledgement and proof, for me to see and acknowledge that I have been properly punished by you.”

“Remember, I am your slave…your whore…a little naughty girl that needs to be taught lessons, in many different ways to keep her in line…naughty nasty lessons.”

O’Reilly listened quietly to the words. This was all new to him, him having a willing slave and him her master.

“Now MASTER…what do you want me to do now?” Kristin blurted out hoping to snap the man’s obviously confused mind back into his new found fantasy, THEIR new found fantasy…

“Uh right…” the man paused as his eyes blinked himself to the situation at hand.

“Now…I want you to play with my scrotum and balls miss Kushna.” His tone wasn’t at the erotic level it was before her explanation but Kristin was confident things would flow much better now…now that they had a meeting of their minds.

Once again she looked up at her master so that he could see her black massacre horrifically smeared on her eye lids and cheeks, a sure sign her eyes were once filled with tears caused by pain and or some sort of discomfort.

Now that he truly understood the game, she could tell by his expression that he liked what he had done to her. Creating a fantasy by making him feel like a primal caveman, a warrior conquering a female enemy and then making her his sex slave was all a modern day man ever really wanted from his woman. Men were so easy to please Kristin thought. Once she had him conditioned properly, and with her ability to endure a little bit of temporary discomfort she would and could get what she wanted…

As she gently placed her palm upon the man’s scrotum and began to fondle his two testicles within, she could tell that he was close to cuming.

And how did she know this? Through the lessons taught her by her mother and her own hands on experience with her father.

In a natural unaroused state, a man’s scrotum is warm, soft and loose to the touch. Whenever her mother was out of town and Kristin found herself horny, she would quietly climb into his bed and spoon herself next to him; that is, she would snuggle up close to from behind.

From there she would then reach inside his boxer shorts, and fondle his warm, soft and loose ball sack.

But as she played and teased her father’s penis, she could feel, not only the soft sausage like organ harden and grow in length, but she would also feel his testicles begin to move and retract into his groin. She didn’t really know why this happened but she did know the circumstance that it occurred at.

And as his penis grew with every beat of his heart, so too would his soft and warm scrotum retract and harden. Once his penis was fully erect she found it hard but not impossible to fondle and suck on his balls with her hands and mouth, something her father loved to have her do..

As she looked into O’Reilly’s eyes she could see he too was close, just like her father always was.

The problem now was that instead of allowing him to cum in her mouth and her swallowing his semen, she wanted an old school baby rape fuck with her legs wide open on the couch. She wanted to hear his waist slapping hard against hers, building himself into an orgasm.

To rectify this, instead of pushing it any farther, she slowly backed off on her mouth and tongue pressure. Instead of actual physical contact, with her slimy mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft, she gently kissed the man’s shaft and opened up with more dialogue.

To help time it so she came at the same time he did she slid her free hand down inside her own panties and began her own preparations.

“Mmmmm…” Kristin moaned as she gently kissed the man’s cock, all-the-while caressed her own erect and rock hard clitoris with one hand and pinching and squeezing her tits and nipples with the other..

“Ohhhh fuck missssss Kushnaa…ohhh FUCK!”

“Am I hurting you my master?” the girl asked.

She knew very well that the priest had never experienced anything as good as her, not even from her own mother, as his moans were not moans of pain. But to settle a little matter of family competition she asked a few unusual questions…

“So…am I being a good little girl father?”

“Mmm hmm..” the man groaned in approval. “Yes…you…are. You are being a VERY good girl miss Kushna…”

“I like being your slave and whore Father O’Reilly.” The girl continued with her teasing.

“Am I good sexually Father? I mean…do I turn you on?”

“Oh god yes miss Kushna…”

The girl then took a long deep breath and ground her mouth and throat deep down onto the man’s cock. Yes, it was a dangerous move as it might very well set O’Reilly off but it was one risk worth taking.

Once her mouth was pressing against his pelvic bone she bobbed as hard and as best she could. This she did several times.

“Am I as good as my mother?” the girl then asked as she gasped for air.

Before he could answer she slammed herself down onto the man’s hard and swollen penis again.

“Fuck, your mother was nothing like this miss Kushna…”

That was all the girl had to hear. She pulled away from the man and pulled her dress up as far as it would go. From there she spread her legs as wide as possible.

As he starred at her crotch he could see a large wet stain from the girl’s well lubricated vagina.

As Kristen returned her stare she once again ran her hand down inside her panties. This time though, instead of rubbing her clitoris she inserted three of her fingers into her pink hole searching for something else.

“Jeeez…my vagina is sooo tight master” Kristin said

“Ahhhh…there it is…my cervix” she moaned. “Do you want to touch it….MASTER?”

The stress and tone on the word “MASTER” drew the priest closer…

“Pull my panties down master…” Kristin kindly ordered. The man did as he was told.

Now it was Kristin’s turn to give the orders. She was bound and determined not to have Father O’Reilly, or anything else for that matter, mess up her first and own wonderfully designed build up to a potentially perfect cum.

“Kiss me master…please.”

As the man drew closer to Kristin she gently guided him to her mouth. As they both French kissed she took the man’s right hand and placed it on her breast. With an animal like stare she took the same hand and forced him to squeeze hard.


The man suddenly dragged the girl into the floor where a soft imitation polar bear rug lay. As he knelt in from of the girl he positioned the tip of his penis slightly inside her wet outer swollen labia lips. As he ran the tip up and down the wet pink slit the teen looked the man straight in the eyes and moaned.

“Mmmm babyyyyyh. Oohh fuck. I’m ready Father…”

With her hands already above her head he placed his own hands on her wrists and held them tight.

“Please master…I’ve been a bad little girl my whole life…baby RAPE and BEAT this slut as she deserves to be punished.”

He could tell by her tone she wasn’t joking.

“FUCK ME MASTER! RAPE ME!” Kristin pleaded.


“BITCH!” the man suddenly screamed as he slammed himself into the girls womb as hard as he could.

For about a minute he held his penis as deep inside the girl and as still as possible.

“UUHHHH!” the girl gasped as the hard rod began slamming against her cervix.

He noticed the girls eyes starring emotion less at the ceiling, almost as if she were lifeless doll.

“UHHH…UUHH…UHHH…” she gasped in rhythm to his thrusts.

“UHH! UHH! UHH!” the man grunted back as he began his slave’s wish…to punish and rape her.

“YES! YES!” O’Reilly growled over and over in satisfaction.


“Uhh…uhhh…uhhh…” Kristin continued to gasp short little gasps. The man’s thrusts were both ruthless and relentless.

With the girls wrists pinned down, and the weight of the man one top of her, a weight she felt was a bit heavier than her father’s, she found it difficult to even move, let alone try to fight back; all the better to make the fantasy, THEIR fantasy complete and perfect.

“Please…pleee…pleee…please!” the girl cried with each slap of the man’s hips against her.

To her delight O’Reilly ignored her pleas and as a matter of fact he thrust himself even harder, as hard he could into his new slave’s cock hole.

“AHHH…AHHH…AHHH…” Kristin gasped until she could no longer stand it.


“ARRGGG!!!” OHHHHH!” the man screamed back.


As his penis pumped the last drops of semen into Kristin’s womb, the man collapsed on top of her.

Kristin then gave the man a loving reassuring kiss on his neck that he, no they did a great job.

“God Father…that was the greatest fuck I have EVER had…and I’ve had many…”

“Well miss Kushna” the man began as he pulled himself out of the teenagers well worked cock hole. “Do we still have a deal? I mean..was I good enough for you?”

“Good enough?” She then ever so gently caressed the man’s cheek and kissed him once again on the lips.
“What do you think…master?”

When Kristin was finally dressed, she opened O’Reilly’s from door to leave.

“By the way, nice thinking about sound proofing of the floor and office.”

She then bent over, pull her dress up and showed him her pussy oozing out his sperm laden semen…

As she looked between her legs she could see he was happy. And why shouldn’t he be…they were a good team.

“By the way…next week is my birthday. I’ll be expecting a wonderful present…my master.”

The priest contently smiled as he watched the door close.

“Better than the good ‘ol times…way better…” he sighed to himself.

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