The Cheater Vol 2 – Caught in the Act

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The Cheater: Vol 2—Caught in the Act

The whole story realistically starts at the end of Sarah’s college years. About a month after she’d left she was married to her husband Tony. He had only ever been after one thing from the start. Sex. Her verbal and social attractions meant nothing to him. He had sex with her on their first date. He got close to forcing her to give him a blow job. From then on she had to give him oral and then ride him while he just lay back. She had stayed with him because the little devil on her left shoulder reminded her that he was fantastically rich. They had a large dethatched house on one of the nicest streets in town. He refused to let her work, and he drained her savings account and put all of her money into his. Meaning if she left him, she’d have nothing. Divorce was not an option. Then their one sided sex sessions became less and less frequent until, after three months of marriage, they were having literally no sex what so ever. So Sarah was left at home cooking and cleaning. Tony would come home eat the dinner, and then go and watch TV with some beers. Sarah had made up her mind; she was going to cheat on her husband.
She’d already had one steamy sex session with her lover Daniel
But she didn’t plan to stop there.

Daniel had a decent amount of money, he’d said to her if she ever needed a place to stay he’d be there for her. He had a house in a street of terraces in the outer suburbs. This meant that Sarah could do what she liked and it would hardly matter. She knew her husband watched porn, she knew it all too well. He spent a good couple of hours every day watching all of the new videos and masturbating. So she planned to make a little video of her own and upload it straight to his favourite porn site.

She had a nice body as Daniel pointed out to her, and since they weren’t in a proper relationship she thought it didn’t count as cheating on him, just cheating on her husband. She had put on a short tight red dress with shoulder straps, black panties, and black strappy high heels. She sat at the end of her bed and placed a camera in front of her. She didn’t want to pull Daniel into it so she thought a strip should be enough. She took the remote in on hand and pressed record. She waited the three seconds before it actually began and started her video. She sat cross legged at the end of her bed and stroked her exposed legs. She worked her left hand over the leg on top, stroking up to the hem of the dress and down to as far as she could go without bending over. She stroked her right hand over her right thigh; she flicked her long straight blond hair out of the way to expose more of her cleavage. She continued stroking her legs, putting as much emphasis on them as she could. She opened her legs, the skirt slid up her legs and her underwear was visible, and she stroked Çapa Escort the insides of her thighs, moving all the way to her knee and along to the top of her leg, right up her skirt. She carried on for some time before standing up and she began stroking the back of her thighs, pulling up her skirt and exposing the lower part of her ass. She pulled it up a little more to show all of it for just a second. She turned sideways to the camera and stroked the side of her thighs and pulled her skirt up, not quite making the panties. She stroked her breasts, and then moved all the way down to her knee. She played with her breasts some more. She stood up, bent over, and waved her ass for the camera, the skirt rising just shy of her ass once more. She stroked it, her ass filling the lens now. She knelt down on the bed and stroked from the back of her knee up to her ass, now exposing the whole thing as she lifted the skirt. Still kneeling on the bed, she turned back round to face the camera; she flicked the hair from her chest. Sarah began to stroke and massage her breasts some more. She took the strap of her right shoulder and gently pushed it down her arm, then the same with her left. She pulled the dress down slowly and carefully, her breasts would’ve been fully exposed if she hadn’t put an arm in front of them as the other pulled down the dress further. She changed arms as she slipped off the strap of her right arm completely. With the dress around her waist she slowly moved her hands away, as she stroked her breasts the whole time. Sarah ran a hand across them both as the other pulled down the dress a little more. The camera zoomed out and she cupped one breast in each hand and rubbed them, squeezing the nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She squeezed and rubbed both breasts simultaneously, her pleasure mounting all the time. She squeezed them against each other and then rubbed them around in a circular motion. She stood up again and her hips and waist came into full view, she slipped the dress down her thighs, all the camera could see was the red fabric sliding away to reveal the silky black beneath. Sarah stepped out of the dress and bent over once more, waving her ass for the camera. She moved her ass around and around, not caring how long she was taking. She sat down at the foot of the bed, and then lay down, and slipped off the remaining item of underwear, she stuck her legs in the air and extended her arms to slide the black cloth of completely. She felt a thrill of lying in front of a camera wearing nothing but black high heels. She had never shown her pussy to anyone before except Tony and of course Daniel last weekend. She knew what to do next and sat up; she bent one leg so her foot was on the bed with her and put the other on its side, putting her pussy in full view. She ran a hand down from her breast Escort Bayan to her pussy and gently rubbed it, and then she rubbed it harder and harder. She introduced a second hand, pulling her pussy up and down at the same time. She stuck a finger in and forced it in and out, making as much effort to give herself an orgasm. She shoved a second finger in, desperately trying to stimulate her clitoris. She began to moan with pleasure, and then the moans got louder, and louder. She closed her eyes and when she opened them she looked up into the smiling face of Daniel. He was wearing a short sleeved shirt and jeans, his shirt was open and she could see his ripped torso underneath. She was on the verge of orgasm, she didn’t know what it was like and had obviously never experienced it with the likes of Tony, but now Daniel was here it was obvious he meant business. He slipped off his shirt and started towards her. Sarah wasn’t sure if the camera was still on but she didn’t care. Daniel took off his shirt and sat down beside her, he slipped his tongue into her mouth, and he massaged her breasts and rubbed them gently as they kissed. She rubbed his incredible muscles, moving down his chest until she reached his jeans, which she undid. His fully erect penis launched itself at her, it was easily bigger then Tony’s and she loved it. She took his cock in her hand, curling her fingers around it.
Daniel brought his tongue out of her mouth and their faces were just centimetres away in the most intimate moment Sarah had ever experienced “how much did you see?” She whispered
“Everything” He murmured in reply
“Did you like it?” Her voice was still quiet, barely audible
“You had me hard from the beginning”
Daniel moved down to her right breast and began lightly sucking on it. Sarah jacked Daniel off as fast as her arm would allow, being a woman of considerable physical fitness that was very fast. Daniel moved onto her left breast and sucked on it, playing with the soft flesh. Sarah could feel his cock throbbing as she moved up and down from head to shaft. He continued sucking on her left breast, swirling his tongue around the nipple. The simultaneous hand and chest jobs continued for a while, Sarah loving the feeling of Daniel’s huge cock throbbing away in her hand and the feeling of Daniel planting kisses all over her chest area in random places. They remained sitting on the end of the bed for some time like that. Just jerking and sucking, it was almost peaceful had it not been so exhilarating for both parties. Daniel moved his head up her torso and his lips found hers, she never stopped jerking him off for one moment. As they kissed, with their tongues probing each other’s mouths, Daniel’s right hand found the remote, he pressed the recording button and the small red light on the camera went out. She stood up, Sarah istanbul Escort was reluctant to let go of his cock, but she rose and moved the tripod to the right so it was looking at Daniel’s half naked body side on. She pressed record once more and walked back over to him. He was standing up wondering what she was doing, and then she knelt down and kissed him once more, her tongue rubbing against his, her right hand rubbing up and down his cock and her left hand pulling down his jeans. She pulled them over his knees and down his legs; she got them off his feet she’d gone to adjust the camera. She held the head close to her torso, when she could feel him about to come she stopped and allowed it to come out normally, she gave a flirty smile as she straddle him, Daniel was still sitting up but she didn’t care and she put her knees on the bed, one either side of Daniel’s cock. She was sitting up with her and continued jerking and kissing. She added an extra hand to the hand job, moving them up and down together. She released her left hand but jerked even faster, his cock resumed the throbbing it had lost when she went to adjust the camera. Sarah and then lowered herself into his cock; it entered her from beneath, slowly sliding into her pussy. She gave a long deep breath out as she felt the glorious sensation once more of a cock inside her. She began to slowly move her hips backwards and forwards, the cock moved in and out of her pussy. She was moaning again, riding his groin. The cock moving in and out much faster now. Sarah pressed her body against his, and Daniel resumed kissing her breasts. She rode Daniel on as hard as she could; she pulled Daniel’s face from her torso and pulled their faces together. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and moved her face back in a circular motion backwards and forwards, almost like she was riding his face. She rolled her tongue around his mouth, and his cock around her pussy, moving her hips faster and faster, his cock throbbing frantically. She was on the verge of orgasm, Daniel was about to come. Sarah threw her hair back and moaned loudly to the ceiling. Daniel copied as he felt the come leaving his body, the wonderful feeling of it pumping up his shaft riddled through his body. Sarah’s orgasm was like no other she felt a tingling sensation run through her body exciting her even further. Both of them became a little breathless, the coming and the orgasm were incredible. Daniel’s come was like water from the fountain of youth to Sarah, as it was pumped into her she felt alive, combined they were the most incredible experience she had ever had and probably ever would. Finally after the orgasm and come died down Daniel lay down and Sarah followed him, lying on top, their genitals lightly rubbed one and other and Sarah felt a shiver go down her spine at the incredible pleasure the orgasm had given her. The pair of them lay there on the bed, her legs gently pressed against his.
Her second cheat had gone well ‘This is too easy; I’ve got to start experimenting’


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