The Conference





“Got it.”

“Flash drive?”

“Shit. Thanks. Almost forgot it.” I rushed to the desk drawer and grabbed the flash drive with my PowerPoint on it.

My wife and I had a tradition of this checklist run-through every time I traveled for a conference. It was created out of necessity because I never had my head on straight and would invariably call from the destination whining about forgetting one important thing or another.

“How long are you going to be gone this time?” my wife asked.

“I’ll be back in three days. It’s just a weekend conference. No big deal,” I assured her.

I was a 3rd year in a doctoral statistics program, which meant much of my time was spent sweating over some presentation, or flying to a random conference to talk to a small group of like-minded folks when we just as well could have emailed each other.

My wife, Dina, was so used to this routine she took my absence in stride. That’s what four years of marriage will give you. The benign neglect of companionship. Not that I’m complaining too much. At 30 years old, Dina was every bit a beauty as when we met when we were 24. She was 5’4”, with dirty-blonde hair, tan skin, and a tight body. She worked as a personal trainer at a posh gym, so her arms were that sexy mix of slender and fit that every suburban house mom and celebrity was dying to get. And, I thank the lord every day, her fitness had spared her incredible C cup tits. The sex was still great, and she hadn’t yet tired of blowing me now and then. But, 4 years married and 6 years together meant that she was allowed to be relieved to have me out of her hair for a couple of days.

I gave her a kiss goodbye, slapped her ass (as is tradition), and went downstairs to grab a cab to the airport.


Once through security, I rush to find my gate. In my head, I’m George Clooney in Up in The Air, sliding effortlessly through the airport. In reality, I’m a slightly disheveled mess, frantically searching for my gate because my flight has been boarding for ten minutes already. I finally spot it, and get on to find my seat. I plop down in a huff.

“Morning Rob. What the hell took you so long.”

My friend Jessica, also in the doctoral program, hands me a coffee. We’ve traveled to a few conferences together and were pretty good friends, so there was an earned ease between us. This was undercut only slightly by the weird tension that often exists between opposite sex classmates. You know, the kind of the tension begs the questions- “Are we supposed to fuck at some point? We are, right? Why haven’t we?” But we’ve never made a move. My wife has at times called her my “school wife.” Not that I would mind in some ways.

Jessica was about 5’0”, if that, with a healthy body, and a face that was pretty but also had “character” in the form of a bit too large nose. She also happened to have the most massive tits I’ve ever seen on a girl her size. Is size H a thing, cuz that’s what she would have. The tits, and her extreme openness, were what made the tension for me. But like I said, nothings ever happened. I try to be a good guy and won’t let anything go past flirting.

A little after take off, Jessica takes off one of my earbuds and does that loud whisper thing you have to do on a plane. “Oh man, I can’t wait to get some nerdy dick at this conference. It’s been a while.” – Like I said. She’s very open.

“You always do pretty well,” I joked.

She teased back. “Hey, why don’t we make sure to get rooms next to each other so you can at least give yourself some action while hearing me fuck. Or, you can finally bring that camera over you are always using and take some pictures to bring back home. Is Dina into amateur porn?”

“Shhh. I’m trying to enjoy this shitty rom-com,” I said, pointing at my screen. I put my earbud back in and tried to focus on Katherine Heigl’s terrible acting.

With the camera comment Jessica was referring to my photography hobby. I loved to shoot people, but as I was never brave enough to have anyone model, I stuck to trying to capture candid moments. I’ve definitely never shot an amateur porn like she was recruiting me to do. One day…..

We touched down in Houston where the conference was being held. By the time we checked in to our hotel room I was exhausted. Jessica and I, by chance, did get rooms next to each other and I knew I’d be hearing her pound against the walls all night. I cycled through my memories of packing to see if I remembered noise cancelling ear buds.


The next morning I am woken up by the sound of pounding on the adjoining room door. The pounding perfectly matches the pounding going on inside my head. Everything feels hazy.

“What the hell happened?” I say to myself. I start to tick through what I could remember in my head. The conference was the usual boring affair. I went to a few talks, and even gave a short presentation myself. I ambled around the poster presentations asking questions and appearing interested. Nothing out of the ordinary. That night, Jessica and I hit the hotel bar as we usually do, talking and getting drunk… thats all I can remember.

*Boom Boom* The pounding on the door continues. Purely out of a desire to make it stop and not out of any desire to actually attempt to wake up, I drag myself to the door.

I yank it open, and Jessica is standing there looking fresh-faced and rejuvenated with two coffees. “Good morning sleepyhead!” she yelled. Or whispered. I’m so hungover it all sounds the same. I recognized this version of her. This is what she was always like the morning after getting laid.

“And nice to see you again, Mr. Thickness!”

“Mr. Thickness?” I had no idea where this nickname came from until I focused on her and saw that her eyes were looking straight down at my crotch. Hanging out for for the world to see was my thick cock, at about half-mast owing to morning mood. I must have fallen asleep before I could actually got into any pajamas. I rushed to get a pillow to cover myself.

Jessica handed me a coffee as her words echoed in my head. “Nice to see you again?” Worry gripped me as I considered what might have happened. Here Jessica was, clearly having had sex the night before and she is talking to my penis like they are old friends.

“Oh god. Did we…” I managed to stammer.

“Fuck like rabbits?” she says with narrow eyes. “You mean you don’t remember?”

“No. Shit! I can’t believe it.”

Jessica gets up and grabs my camera from the table, pops out the memory card and puts it into my laptop.

“Well you documented the whole thing. Let’s refresh your memory.” The TV turns on and my computer screen is visible. We always bring an Appletv to conferences so we can project up our slides and practice our presentations on the hotel room TVs.

Jessica pulls up the images from my camera. She clicks through the first couple. Candid shots of people in the airport and the hotel. Then stops at one I must have taken in her room.

In the photo, Jessica is seated in her room with a glass of something strong in her hand. She looks at the camera seductively but obviously a little drunk. In the next shot, she is standing, mock-modeling for me. She’s still wearing her conference skirt and blazer, but gone is the shirt underneath. The blazer is buttoned so that the lapels drape over her massive breasts, trying their best to contain them, but letting on nipple peak through slightly. Jessica clicks through a series of her posing with the blazer, stopping on one where she has her blazer off, with her bare back to the camera, as she looks over her shoulder. Her tits are so big, the sides of them can be seen even from behind.

“Jessica, I’m sorry. I was so drunk I must have blacked out. I don’t remember this at all. I mean, I know we have always had this sexual tension between us, but I never meant to act on it.”

Jessica was looking at me with a hurt face that suddenly cracked into a smile, then devolved into full out laughter.

“Jess? What’s going on?”

Once she was done laughing and making me feel sufficiently bad, she said, “Relax Rob. We didn’t exactly hook up. We got drunk and somehow got on the topic of your photography. You mentioned how you had always wanted to take pictures of people modeling rather than candids, but you never had the guts. So, being the amazing woman I am, I modeled for you.

“Oh thank god. So we didn’t hook up? I mobil porno don’t know what I would have said to Dina.”

Jessica looked a little hesitant. “Well…we didn’t hook up per se. Just keep watching. You were shooting the whole time.”

She clicked through the next photos and the memories started coming back.


I remembered taking the photos of Jessica. She was a great model as her body’s curves and her distinctive face gave me a ton to work with. Plus, she basically has no shame and was open to everything. She did her best, for my sake, to cover nipples, but occasionally she would let her hand slip and I’d get an eyeful of her large areolas and hard nipples. The pictures shifted around the room. Some at the table, some at the window. The window pictures were the sexiest, but the most arousing were the shots of her on all fours, still in her skirt, with her gigantic tits drooping down.

Eventually there was a knock at the door. Jessica put her blazer back on, but left it unbuttoned so her tits were still almost fully visible. She opened the door and said “Oh finally. Get in here.” Even in my drunken state I recognized the man who walked in the room. Dr. Steven Wilks was one of the most respected scholars at this conference. Everyone looked up to him because of his brilliance, but also because he was basically a celebrity level stud. Dr. Wilks was a tall black man, with a shaved head that contrasted with his trimmed but grown out dark beard. His skin was a dark brown which made his hazel eyes and bright smile pop. I’ve literally heard Jessica swoon during his lectures.

From the way he walked in, he appeared to be about as drunk as we were. He didn’t register me until Jessica said, “You remember Rob from the bar, right? He’s a big fan of your work.”

“And the camera?” Dr. Wilks asked.

“Don’t worry about that. I just wanted something to remember you by. Rob, you’re free to take whatever photos you like.” When Dr. Wilks started to protest, Jess just opened her blazer to let one of her massive tits fully fall free. He stopped talking immediately and swooped in to devour her nipple. Jessica threw her head back, enjoying his mouth on her breasts. She shot me a look and did the little “take pictures” symbol with her hand.

I shot away as Dr. Wilks stripped off her blazer and spent a while roaming over each of her gigantic breasts. Jessica unbuttoned his shirt and yanked it off, revealing a chiseled body. His dark skin was smooth, and he clearly spent as much time in the gym as he did in the library. Jessica roamed her hands over his chest and down his rippled abs. She undid his belt rapidly, like she was unwrapping a gift on Christmas she had been eager to receive.

I remember this so well, not because of the picture I got, but because this is the point that I recall becoming aware of my dick straining so hard against my pants. Watching her tits flail and her wrapped in desire was too much. When not shooting, I fondled my cock from outside my pants.

Jessica undid Dr. Wilks’ pants and pulled his boxer briefs down at the same time. His cock sprung forward and out; an extremely thick 9 inches of black steel. Jessica groped and stroked it. About to get on her knees, Dr. Wilks stopped her, and took his time to pull down her skirt. He gripped her healthy ass, and explored her body with his mouth. Jessica pulled him down, and they fell together onto the bed. Their bodies were wrapped up together, as Dr. Wilks started to kiss her neck and travel down. Again he spent plenty of time, licking and sucking her breasts. He then lifted up on his knees and shoved his cock in between them. With tits like Jessica’s, I imagine they are impossible to not want to fuck.

Watching his strong body thrust that cock between her tits pushed me past a barrier and I slowed down with the pictures and undid my own belt. I dropped my pants to the floor and unleashed my cock so I had easy access when I needed to stroke it. Jessica must have heard my pants hit the floor, and while her body was ravaged she looked over to smile and bite her lip at the sight of my cock. I stroked for her and wanted so badly to join in; for her to suck my cock while he fucked her tits, but I didn’t dare. Somehow even in my drunken horny state, I knew there was a line I couldn’t yet cross.

Dr. Wilks then shifted down, and steadying his cock with one hand while holding Jessica’s knee with the other, shoved himself into her. Jessica’s body arched and she moaned with pleasure. I somehow was able to capture the exact moment, showing her eyes wide with intense surprise and pleasure. His cock had to have been filling her to the brim. Dr. Wilks fucked Jessica hard, while she went to work on her clit. I watched as her pounded into her, her tits bouncing, one massive globed pushed over by her arm that descended down to rub her clit. Soon enough, her knees seems to want to snap shut, her body shook, and she let out an intense scream of pleasure as she climaxed.

Dr. Wilks only slowed slightly while she came. When Jessica relaxed a bit, he refused to relent, and with a deft hand, flipped her over to fuck her from behind. Jessica yelped with surprised and pleasure and buried her face into the bed. The photo I got from that was of an incredible arch in her back, with her ass high in the air, and Dr. Wilks turned so you could see the full flex of his muscles as he fucked her hard. Jessica’s PAWG ass rippled and waved with each pound, and she yelled with pleasure. Dr. Wilks began to moan, no doubt getting close to the edge himself.

Hearing this, Jessica moved off of him and assumed a position on her knees. She begged Dr. Wilks to cum on her face and tits, and he was happy to oblige. Jessica looked at me, and ushered me to come closer. “I want your cum as well.”

I set the DSLR camera to record video and placed it on the nightstand. In a trance, watching her amazing tits, I stood side by side with Dr. Wilks and rapidly stroked my dick. I had no idea Jessica was such a cum slut. She looked up at us both, making eye contact and keeping her mouth wide open. I came hard and ropes of jizz shot across her face and into her mouth. Jessica closed her eyes, and a thick glob fell onto her eyelashes. As she moved her tongue in a circle to wipe cum from around her mouth, Dr. Wilks began to shoot his load as well.

By the end, Jessica’s face was thick with cum, and her breasts were heaving from exertion and shining with semen. We stood panting and the camera shut off, presumably from running out of room. My memories were hazy after this, but I must have made it back to my room and passed out.


Having clicked off the video, Jessica looked over to me and said with a smile, “See, we didn’t hook up. We didn’t even touch.”

“Are you joking?” I replied. Guilt had rushed in for breaking my sacred vow and was confusingly mixed with incredibly arousal. Since I was blacked out, half remembering and half watching last night unfold made it feel like I was living it all over again.

“You need to relax, Rob. I’ve watched you at these conferences for a while. You’re such a boring boy scout, but I can tell you have so much pent-up inside. If you were any of these other stats nerds you would have made a move on me ages ago.”

“I’ve got a wife, Jessica. What am I supposed to tell Dina?”

“Nothing,” she said, looking shocked I would even suggest something like that. You have to realize these conferences are completely set apart from the real world. Think of it like entering an alternative reality. You think Dr. Wilks is worried about what his wife thinks. Do you think I am worried about rushing home and telling my boyfriend? Half the guys I hook up with here have a family back home. Conferences are an escape. I know you’ve felt that too.”

She wasn’t wrong. These short trips away had started to feel like a completely parallel universe to the one back home. I loved my wife, but there was a little bit of a thrill – a charged energy – with stepping out on my own in some weird city. Or of spending 99% of my trip at times in the cloistered hotel environment. You meet people, develop friendships, and rhythms become familiar extremely fast. And then once you are back home, all that is dropped completely. I felt a little calmer as I thought this over.

“Alright, I”m not jumping to tell her. God knows she won’t see it this way. And I doubt she’ll let us stay friends if she knew I had plastered alman porno your face with my cum.”

“Mmmm, that was so hot. Thank you for that by the way.”

“Shut up, jeez. I need some breakfast, and something to drink to take the edge off all this and to bring down my hangover. I’m going to shower, so I’ll meet you in the lobby.”

“Are you sure you don’t want me to join you in the shower?” Jessica grabbed her tits and moved them around in an exaggerated way, clearly mocking me.

“Fuck you, go get ready,” I shot back.


Feeling a lot better after a shower and a mimosa, Jessica and I headed to the conference. If you thought attending stats lectures was fun, try doing it while still nursing a hungover. Hoot and a half.

The highlight came when we attended a lecture given by Dr. Wilks and watched him stumble through an answer to a question that Jessica put to him during the Q and A. I laughed until I remembered that I had been in the room with them last night too. It was strange how Jess could go from my cum target to my conference buddy in just a few hours. The guilt was still palpable but there really was something about being away that made it feel separate from my real life. What happens at the conference stays at the conference, I guess.

Following the lecture, Jess and I were walking to the grand hall when suddenly someone close by said, “Great question Jess. You’d never guess you’ve swallowed his semen from how professional you were.”

We turned around and Jess laughed and gave the girl a huge hug. As soon as I saw her, I knew I was in deep shit.

Jessica said, “Rob, remember Stacy? We all hung out for a bit after the conference in New York last year? I texted her almost all of the details about my escapade last night.” Jessica had emphasized the word “almost” for my benefit, likely to signal that she hadn’t told Stacy about my involvement.

“Hi. Yea I think I remember you.”

This was a gross understatement. I not only remembered Stacy, I had been thinking about her on and off since we last met. I was struck so much by how beautiful she was that I would even think of her when fucking my wife sometimes.

Stacy was about 5’2”, with red hair cut short into almost a pixie cut. Her skin was very fair, and brushed over by freckles on her cheeks. Her eyes were green, which sat against her fair skin and red hair so majestically. Her lips a light red that would slide easily into an adorable smile. She was like a fantasy character brought to life, glowing aura and all.

Stacy’s body was slender and her limbs were long that for some reason reminded me of a 70’s starlet. This was helped by her penchant for high waisted jeans that made her ass stick out in a way that begged to be grabbed. Her tits matched her slender body, and I am betting hovered somewhere between and A and a B in size.

At that convention in NY she and I had hit it off and, with Jessica, had hung around each other for the whole weekend. If I hadn’t been married I would have tried something for sure. Something told me that had I tried she would have welcomed it as well.

“Hey Rob. I caught your talk. Interesting stuff,” Stacy said, with a smile.

Jessica interrupted with, “Yes, yes. All very interesting. Just one more breakout group session, and we are free for the night. Stacy, are you going to join us again? I’ve missed you, and I know Rob would love to bore you with the behind the scenes details of his talk.”

“Yea, sounds fun,” she said laughing.

After she left, Jessica and I walked to the next room for our session.

“If you don’t fuck her, I’m going to scream. I didn’t say anything last time, but there’s obvious tension between you two.”

“Jessica, calm down. Just give me some time to acclimate to this whole fantasy island thing you are onto with conferences and time away before we start talking about fucking people.”

Jessica smiled a smug smile. “The fact that you didn’t just break down or completely shut me up is a good sign I’m right. You want that little tittied skinny girl so bad.”

I hate it when she’s right.


That night we met at the hotel bar, and familiar patterns set in. We drank, talked about the day, and ate bad bar food. Jessica was off talking to Dr. Wilks and I knew where that was going. After we drank our fill, Stacy and I decided to walk around and get away from the bar noise. Everything felt so smooth as if we picked right up from the last conference. Eventually, the topic turned to hobbies and I mentioned my photography.

“I love it. I’ve been taking candids of people while I’m here,” I said.

“So people have no idea you are taking pictures of them?” she asked.

“Yea. I know it’s weird. I catch them when its natural. I did want to get better at shooting people who are modeling, but I’ve been too scared to approach anyone.” As I said this, images of me shooting pictures and loads of cum on Jessica flashed in my mind.

“Well, I’d love to see your work anyway.”

I let the words come out of my mouth knowing full well what it might lead to. “Sure. I have my camera here. Want to have a look now?” I felt a pit in my stomach, both from the acknowledgment that I set in motion something I couldn’t take back, but also from the anticipation of her answer.

Stacy looked at me, her green eyes large, and smiled. “Yea, show me.”

We walked back to my room. Once inside, Stacy put her blazer on the chair. Like Jessica, she had been wearing a button up and blazer, but instead of a skirt, she wore long dress pants. On her slender body it made her look stylish. I think something else that made me gravitate towards her was that I was dying to photograph her. I knew she would look so good through my lens.

She sat on my bed and I sat next to her with my laptop. Like before, I projected the images from my laptop onto the TV. My heart skipped a beat before I remembered I had closed out the pictures that Jessica had projected up earlier. I flipped her through some of my work, all the while enjoying the fact that I was sitting on a bed with her.

“These are really good. I can’t believe how intimate you can make a candid picture taken at a distance be.”

“Thanks. Hold on. I think I actually have one of you from that conference in New York.” I searched back to that time and found the photo.

“Oh!” Stacy was taken aback. In the photo she was seated at a table, wearing those sexy high waisted jeans and had a simple short sleeved shirt tucked in tightly. She was laughing to someone off camera, and her torso was slightly turned to make the shirt cling to her breasts, making them pop. The picture was light, joyous and with a hint of sexiness all at once.

“Shit. I’m sorry. I haven’t really shown anyone their own photo before. Never really get the chance. This must seem like a huge invasion of privacy or personal space or something…” I stammered, worried I ruined the whole night.

“No. That’s not it at all. The picture is great. I’m thankful you took it. I’ve just never seen myself like this.”

“You like it?”

“I love it. You’re really good.” Stacy looked excited and was looking right into my eyes. I wanted to lean in, to make something happen. But she popped off the bed.

“Where can we set up?” she asked, looking around the room.

“Huh?” I was thoroughly confused.

“Set up for a photoshoot. You have your camera and you’re too scared to ask anyone, so let’s just go for it.

How could I say no. She was so eager, and I was definitely feeling eager in a multitude of ways.

“Umm, sure. I mean we could just take the comforter off the bed and use that as a platform.”

Stacy shot me a mock scandalized look, but got busy taking the comforter off. “So how do want me to stand.”

“Just stand up on the bed and try and act natural.”

Stacy got on the bed and stood awkwardly for the first few shots. Even not knowing what to do and with shitty hotel room lights, she was incredibly stunning.

“Let me fix some lights.” I adjusted the stand up lamps so her face was lit more. “Now just, I dunno, give me some laughs.” She lit up the room with her smiles, and I kept shooting.

“I think I’m going to need some more booze if you want me loose.”

I broke out the little drinks from the minibar and handed her one. “Uh. I’m not drinking alone. You too,” she chided. We both gulped down alexis texas porno mini-bottles of whiskey.

Stacy started to mime models she must have seen on TV. She moved her back to me, and gave me an over the shoulder look. She jumped on the bed a few times. She held her hands to her hips. I clicked away and she laughed.

“Ok, let’s get serious. How about this?” she said, as she started to unbutton her shirt.

“That’s good,” I encouraged. Not wanting to be too eager, I added, “why don’t you go slow on each button, so I can get a good one.”

Stacy slowly undid each of her buttons and untucked her shirt. She let it hang there, and behind my camera I could see her silky white skin and a lacy black bra. She moved her body slowly, occasionally moving her shirt aside to reveal more skin.

“Really sexy, keep going,” is all I could muster. If she were paying attention, she’d see the beginnings of my cock straining against my pants.

Stacy pulled her shirt off and tossed it to the side. Her alabaster skin on her torso, like her cheeks, were flecked with freckles. With just long pants on and only a bra, her body looked all the more elegant and sexy. I wanted to trace my finger tips over her body and hold her.

She stopped posing and looked at me. “Hey, I know how this works. It makes the model more comfortable if everyone in the room is just as naked as they are.”

It was obvious what she was doing, but it worked. I put my camera down, and looking at her, pulled my shirt over my head. Stacy looked approvingly at my body. I kept in shape, so I felt confident standing there. I picked up my camera again and asked “should we keep going?”

Stacy made a few more poses, and with a little more liquid courage, started to unbutton her pants. Gone was the subtly, and she let her pants drop to the bed and kicked it to the floor. I kept taking pictures but it was getting harder to focus. She was so sexy and exactly how I had pictured so many nights in my mind. Her pale skin was glowing against her red hair. Her ass a decent bubble against her slender frame. Although not tall, her slender body made her legs and arms seem long and graceful. Her breasts were small mounds in the lacy bra and fit her perfectly.

“Hey! No fair. You’re supposed to take those pants off,” Stacy reminded me. I obliged, revealing an extremely hard dick straining to get out of its constraints. Stacy’s eyes widened.

I picked up my camera to keep shooting and not wanting to end our game. Stacy moved a little to model, but then laughed.

“Rob, are you going to drop the camera and come fuck me or what?”

I needed no further invitation. I placed the camera on the bedside table and joined Stacy on the bed. We connected with a kiss and I felt so much built anticipation pass between us. I kissed her deeply, and she snaked her tongue around mine. We groped at each other for a while, and I finally laid down and pulled her on top of me. We kissed as she ground her panty clad pussy onto my hard cock. The silkiness of her panties rubbing me felt like heaven. She moaned with pleasure and pressed down hard on my dick.

I reached around and unhooked her bra. Stacy stood back to throw it to one side, giving me a glorious view of her tits. Perfect small mounds, with tiny hard nipples. I lifted myself up to devour each of them, giving soft nibbles occasionally.

I place my hands on her amble ass and turned her over so she was on the bed. I kissed her body down, and lifted her ass with my hands to remove her panties. I moved my head down to her completely bald slit and began to explore her with my tongue. Stacy lifted herself up in pleasure as my tongue entered her then moved up to her clit. Her slender legs were draped over my shoulders and would press in on me as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy.

After some time, Stacy pulled me up and kissed me, getting a taste of her own juices. As we kissed she reached down and pulled my dick from my briefs. She stroked me hard. “Stand up, so I can return the favor,” she purred. I stood up at the edge of the bed and removed my boxers completely as I watched her crawl on all fours to my dick. Grabbing the base, she licked the shaft and circled her tongue around my tip. The feeling of her mouth was indescribable and I wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of her mouth envelope me. Granting my unspoken wish, she took me in and to my surprise, immediately took my entire length.

“HHHoly fuck,” I groaned as she deep throated my cock. It was no effort at all for her, and she smiled each time she lifted off. She then began suck me off while making eye contact. She smiled with my dick in her mouth and got a mischievous look in her eye as she lightly dragged her teeth over my shaft. The sensation was shocking and intense and I instinctively put my hand on her head. This made her smile more, and she began sucking me off hard. Her body bent over in front of me, and her ass sticking out was an amazing thing to see. I was so turned on and could have just bust my load right there, but I had to fuck her.

When I thought I was getting too close, I pulled her off, and intuiting what I wanted, Stacy laid back. Her slender body was beginning to become flushed with red desire, and her pink slit was open for me. I grabbed my shaft and aimed it toward her, teasing her pussy with my head. Stacy moaned with delight and looked at me pleadingly. After I circled her clit a few times, I began to push myself into her. Her tightness was incredible. As I entered, she bit her lip and began to grab at her own small breasts. “Fuck me please,” she begged. I pushed in hard and filled her with my whole length. She screamed in pleasure and arched her back. “Harder, harder!” she demanded. I did not disappoint and began to pound into her over and over. “Yes!” she screamed and I felt the warmth and wetness of her pussy soak us both.

As I fucked her I watched her face with her eyes closed contort in pleasure. I lifted both her slender legs up and held them with one hand, continuing to rhythmically thrust into her. I kissed and nibbled her calves, then spread her legs so each one was on one of my shoulders. The taste of her skin in my mouth was delicious and slightly salty from her sweat.

Her eyes suddenly opened in rapturous panic. “I’m close. So close. Please, Rob, will you fuck my ass?” Her eyes looking at me desperately, as if there was any way I would turn her down. “Do it now. Fuck my ass hard.”

I turned her over, not giving it a second thought. She bent over, waving her delicious ass in my face, its twin pale moons split in the middle with a slightly red crease. Her pussy was soaking wet and her asshole sat puckered but ready. Stacy reached back and took some of her own wetness and dipped her finger into her asshole, then wiped more onto my cock. I had only done this once before; a wedding present from Dina.

I edged myself up to her puckered hole and slowly brought myself in. Stacy winced and moaned, but pushed back to help. I moved inch by inch into her, admiring her peach and the dimples above her ass. When I was halfway in I began thrusting in an out, pushing me even deeper with each effort. We both moaned with ecstasy. The tightness of her ass around my cock was incredible.

Once I had my rhythm, Stacy moved her hand to rub her clit. She buried her face into a pillow and worked herself hard. She then lifted her head and commanded me to fill her up as she came. I quickened my pace and the tightness of her pushed me to the edge. I tried to hold back but as soon as Stacy began screaming and moaning with the intense pleasure of orgasm, I couldn’t stop. I pushed myself deep into her and let loose my load. I had never cum like this before. It felt as if my entire being was being poured into her.

Stacy collapsed and I followed right on top of her. She panted and gave soft moans while my dick twitched and shrank inside of her. Eventually I collapsed next to her, and we kissed and stroked each other’s sweaty bodies affectionately.

I felt fully present with her. Thoughts of my wife were nowhere as our relationship didn’t exist in this room. Here, I could be and do whatever I desired.

Our bliss was interrupted only by the sound of my text message. When I opened my phone I was presented with an image of Jessica, a face covered in cum, smirking with a thumbs up and over each shoulder was a cock. I thought I recognized one of them as Dr. Wilks’. It was captioned, “Sounds like you had a good night! Too late to join?”

Jeez. She’s crazy, I thought. But after remembering everything new thats happened, I texted back, “I’ll check with Stacy…”

I can’t wait for the next conference

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