The Devil’s Pact Chapter 43: The Hidden Place


Xiu and I were lying in Their rumpled bed, Divine Mark’s passion cooling inside me and Divine Mary’s passion covering Xiu’s face, when He proclaimed the First Commandment of the Theocracy: “You shall not make Pacts with Demons.” I wrote furiously on a notepad, then She gave the Second Commandment: “You shall place no Gods before us, for they are false.”
–The Gospel of April 41:51-52

Friday, November 8th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – Tacoma, WA

The door to the Matmown clanged shut.

It was cold in the room, the metal walls and floor icy to the touch. A table – cheap, the kind that could fold up and you’d see in a hotel’s convention hall – sat in the center. I sat at the head, and Mary sat across from me. All the sluts: Alison, Desiree, Violet, April, Jessica, Lillian, Xiu, and Korina, along with Willow, Sam, and Candy, took their seats. The people I most trusted. My wife, our sluts, our doctor, and our Vizier and her assistant.

My family. We were a strange group, but I loved them all, though I loved one far more than the others.

There was no electricity inside the Matmown, there could be no holes in the walls to run a wire. It would break the containment. The only opening was the door, designed to seal shut and be impregnable from the outside. Sam thought of everything: floor lamps, enchanted to glow without power, stood in the room’s corners; space heaters struggled to lessen the chill; and the chairs had built in seat warmers.

I don’t understand how she does it, her explanations always went over my head.

“Okay Mary, what have you been holding back?” I asked my wife, eager to finally find out her big secret. The last six weeks had been almost unbearable at times.

Mary took a deep breath. “Mark, we have started something terrible.”

Terrible? I knew Mary had some guilt over the way we treated people in the beginning. But terrible was a little much. “What do you mean?”

“Lucifer and the other demons are trapped in the Abyss, but their prison is weakening. Because of us.” I could see guilt in her emerald eyes. “As more and more people worship us as gods, the prison grows weaker. Maryam told me that you would kill Lilith, and that would be the final straw. Lucifer would be free.” She looked at me, her eyes pleading. “Free to wreak havoc on this world. Because of us. And it won’t just be the Devil. All the demons will be unleashed.

I could see looks of stunned disbelief on the sluts’ faces. They didn’t want to believe their masters would cause such a problem. Hell, I didn’t believe we could cause such a problem. “Are you saying that I’m causing the end of the world?”

“We are,” Mary corrected. “I’m just as culpable, Mark. You may have led, but I’ve willingly followed you.”

“Then why are we making people worship us?” I asked her. “And trying to rule the world, Mare? Shouldn’t we be telling people to stop worshiping us?” Could I really give that up though. That wonderful high as a thousand people cry out your name in worship?

“Maryam told me that the prison was weak enough. Getting more people to worship us isn’t going to change that? But if we unite the world, we might have the power to challenge the demons if they get out.” She swallowed. “And a confrontation with Lilith is inevitable.”

“It is interesting that killing Lilith is the trigger,” Sam said.

“What?” I asked her.

“Well, she was the first woman created, made of the dust of the earth just like Adam,” Sam explained. “She was the first Warlock. The first human soul condemned to the Abyss. She grew powerful after all those millennia imprisoned. Her death, her blood, would be very powerful. She is a mix of both worlds now.”

“So we don’t kill Lilith,” Violet said. “If she lives, Lucifer cannot be summoned.”

“That’s great!” Xiu exclaimed, her heavy tits jiggling. “We just have to capture her.”

It couldn’t be that simple, right?

“Capture Lilith?” Lillian snorted with derision. “Yeah, that’ll be easy.”

Violet blushed and looked down. Mary glared at Lillian. “You don’t need to talk to your fellow slut that way,” my wife snapped. “Tonight, you will report to me for your spanking.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lillian answered, looking contrite, but a small smile played on her lips. Xiu wasn’t the only slut that enjoyed Mary’s spankings. “I’m sorry, Violet. Do you still love me?”

Violet rolled her eyes as Lillian fluttered her eyelashes at her. “I do.”

“So, how do we capture her?” Willow asked.

“Isn’t that what the Legion is for?” Jessica asked. “We know she’s in Seattle. Let’s send in the troops. They’re supposed to be gifted with certain advantages in fighting monsters because of the Ragily bond.”

“But what if something goes wrong,” Mary objected. “What if she accidentally gets killed?”

“Do we have an alternative, mi Reina?”

“No,” Mary stated. “But the Mother Superior hinted that there was a way to trap Lucifer when he first crosses over. She said the answer lies in Qumran.”

“What’s Kumrum?” April asked. “It sounds like a drink.”

“A dirty drink,” Lillian giggled. “Cum-rum. Mmh, sounds delicious!” Lillian threw her arm around April’s shoulder. “Me, you, and your cute girlfriend should find a hunky guy and give it try.”

April flushed, glancing at Violet, who shifted nervously. April has a girlfriend? Who was she? “We’re pregnant, Lillian,” April pointed out.

“Right,” Lillian sheepishly grinned. “So I’ll enjoy the rum and you can enjoy the cum!”

“Sure,” April sighed.

“We’ll have so much fun!” Lillian declared.

“Khirbet Qumran,” Sam interrupted testily, “is a series of caves in the West Bank where the dead sea scrolls were found. Many of the texts predate the New Testament and not all have been released to the public. The traditional view is that they were penned and stored by the Essenes, who…”

“Yeah, that’s what the Mother Superior said,” Mary interrupted before Sam could get into one of her long lectures. “The Creator safeguarded the knowledge at Qumran.”

Candy sighed and looked at Sam. “I guess we have more traveling to do. Hopefully, no monster will try and eat us this time!” There was a bitter, almost accusatory tone to her voice; Sam shot her a warning look.

“We’ll send you some protection,” I reassured her. We should have given them a few of the bodyguards on their first mission, but Mary thought keeping it low-key would let them fly under the radar. “It’ll take a few days to arrange things with the Israelis. Right, that’s where Qumran is?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah, the West Bank. Though the scrolls are housed at the Museum of Jerusalem in a specially created…”

“So we need to capture Lilith, and quickly,” I said, heading off her long-winded explanation. “Hell, if we can capture her and lock her up somewhere, we can avoid the entire problem.”

“It’s bold, I like it,” Alison smiled. “She killed Karen, I say we lock the bitch up in a tiny cell for the rest of her life!”

“You could pierce her nipples, attach a leash to the piercings, and walk her like a dog,” Xiu sighed, tugging at her own nipple piercings. I had a feeling that’s something Xiu would like.

“That’s how you broke Karen, Master,” Korina nodded. “Shove that dog-tailed butt plug up her ass, and treat her like the bitch she is!”

“That would be very satisfying to see, mi Rey!”

“I would love to watch Mistress spank her bottom,” Jessica added. “I love watching you paddle a naughty slut’s ass and make it glow red.”

“Make that ass black and blue,” Lillian laughed. “Don’t go easy on her! And we should piss on her! Make her sleep in the puddle like the piece of filth she is!”

“No! We should tie her up and let the entire Legion fuck her cunt!” Violet declared with more force than I’ve ever heard the shy girl use. “She hates men; I say, let every man in the world fuck her! For Karen!”

Tears glistened on Violet’s face and everyone fell silent, remembering our short time with Karen. April reached over and grabbed Violet’s hand, giving her a comforting squeeze. Once Karen had submitted to us, she had been a perfect, loving slut. And it was my fault she was dead. I didn’t hesitate to give her to Lilith.

I learned the hard way to never trust a demon. My hand hurt, and I unclenched my fist to see bloody nail marks in my palm. One day, I would make Lilith pay for Karen.

“It’s risky, Mark,” Mary said, breaking the silence.

“Well, it needs to be done. She’s already sent the Dimme to kill me and the Alukah to kill Sam. She needs to be dealt with.” Fear gripped me; what if she sends her next monster after you, Mary? I couldn’t risk that. Lilith had to be neutralized.

“Seattle is her base of support,” Willow said. “What if we took that away from her?”

“I bet that Lamia woman we’ve seen with the Mayor of Seattle is her,” Jessica interjected. “Think about it; he’s gay and then this absolutely gorgeous woman appears, and he falls for her. I feel like this is Lilith.”

“We definitely need the Legion,” Korina said. “Master, you are powerful, but you’ll need soldiers to occupy the city.”

“Aren’t we moving too quickly?” Mary objected. “We haven’t learned how to deal with Lucifer if something goes wrong.”

“That could take a while,” Sam responded. “I mean, there is a lot of material found at Qumran. Some of it hasn’t even been made public. It could take me months to sift through it.”

“Then we should wait months,” Mary concluded.

I frowned at my wife. “But Lilith is already causing problems. We need to go into Seattle, and at least find where she’s keeping those monstrous daughters of hers.”

“How, Master?” Jessica asked. “We summoned Karen, and she couldn’t help us. Lilith has her location warded somehow.”

Xiu snapped her fingers; realization had a smile playing on her lips. “I bet the answers are in city hall. She needs to control the mayor for some reason. I bet there are city records that could point to where they’re hiding. They probably need a big building.”

“Of course. The City owns hundreds of buildings.” Jessica’s caramel face shown with excitement.

“Right!” April exclaimed. “And the government keeps records on everything!”

“Let’s send the Legion in and flush the bitch out!” Alison exclaimed. “She tried to kill Master.”

Next to Alison, Desiree pounded her fist on the table. “Let’s exterminate her entire verminous brood.”

“Sounds great, I say we do that.” I looked at my wife. “We’ll capture Lilith, and put down her foul children.”

“It’s too risky,” Mary objected, heat in her voice. “You’re being brash, Mark. The stakes are too high to afford a mistake.”

“We’ll be careful,” I told her, taken aback by her objections. “Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, it’s just…” she trailed-off, a helpless look on her face.

“You just don’t think I can do this?” A bitter feeling spread through my stomach.

“It just too important to take chances. Please Mark, reconsider.”

“She tried to kill me,” I pointed out, my anger bubbling back up. Why couldn’t she see how simple this was? “She killed Karen, and you just want to let her live. Don’t you care?”

She slammed her hand down on the table and glared at me. “Of course I care! I loved Karen just as much as you did! She was ours, and that bitch took her away! But the World, Mark. All those lives. What if something goes wrong?”

“That’s why we’ll be careful. But we have to do this. She’s growing too powerful. It may be too hard to dislodge her in a few months.”

“I say we wait,” Mary stubbornly said. “It’s stupid to rush this.”

“So I’m being stupid?” I demanded, frustrated with my wife. Why was she being so blind? Lilith needed to be neutralized as soon as possible.

“I porno izle didn’t say that, Mark,” she spat. “But you’re being a pigheaded fool!”

I grit my teeth. “Now what?”

“Let’s vote,” she declared. “Everyone give your honest opinion. Who says we wait?”

Jessica quickly shot her hand up, and gave me a guilty glance. Sam and Willow’s hands joined her. Sam looked at Candy and gaped that her toy had a different opinion. “That Alukah almost killed us both,” Candy answered. “I’m with Alison and Desiree! Let’s capture the bitch and piss on her and stuff her in a cage!” Violet chewed on her lip, glancing back and forth between Mary and me, then raised her hand, not looking at me.

Counting Mary, five wanted to wait. The remaining eight of us wanted to attack. “I guess I’m not the only pigheaded fool here, Mary,” I retorted. I knew it was going too far as soon as I said it; Mary flinched in hurt anger.

“Fine,” she said flatly, tossed her auburn hair and stalked away. “It’s only the World!”

“Wait, Mistress,” Jessica said, and followed Mary out the door.

Everyone else sat with stunned silence. I knew I should go after her. I really should. Frustration and exhaustion seethed within me though. “Close the door,” I barked. Xiu scurried to close the door and sat down.

“We…um… should get General Brooks in here,” Xiu suggested uncomfortably. General Brooks commanded the Legion, the 10,000 soldiers bound to me by the Ragily prayer.

I nodded my head. “This afternoon. Is there anything else?”

Sam shifted in her seat. “Well, um, there is the matter of tracking Warlocks. But, maybe we should wait on Mary?”

“No,” I said, still seething. I really should go after her and apologize. Even if I was right.

Candy pulled a few items from a bag: a map of the USA that she spread over the table, a few small weights to keep the map unfurled, and a plumb bob, a pointed weight dangling from a white string. She held it above the map by the end of the string, the pointed weight swaying lazily. She flicked her wrist, and sent the plumb bob spinning at the end of the string, the metal point hovering just above the map as it swung in a circle.

“Candy is concentrating on Warlocks,” Sam explained. “The bob is enchanted with a divining spell.” Suddenly Candy let go of the bob and it stuck into the map of the US right on the city of Paris, Texas. “See, she’s detected the Ghost of Paris,” Sam explained. Candy took up the plumb bob and sent it spinning again. “This is an old dowsing technique to find water and wells. I modified it to detect the resonance of a Warlock’s soul. As you know, souls have different resonances, which you and Mary perceive as colors. Silver for a normal person, Gold for a Nun, Black for a Thrall, Red for a Warlock, etc.”

The plumb bob came down in Philadelphia. Then St. Paul, San Francisco, Tulsa, Sioux Falls, Charleston, Tallahassee, El Paso, Memphis. Dozens more cities. And not just in the US. Sometimes the bob fell in Canada or Mexico. Once it fell on Cuba.

“We need to do something about this,” I said in stunned horror. She kept finding more and more, Violet writing each down on a notepad. And this was just North America.

“Let me and Desiree take care of this, Master,” Alison volunteered. “Give us a couple of platoons of special forces from the Legion and we’ll start hunting them down. Most can’t be that dangerous. We’ll call for Mistress if they have people bound with the Zimmah spell.”

“Please, mi Rey?” There was anger and pain in Desiree’s brown eyes. “We need to do this. Warlocks are filthy beasts that need to be put down.”

Alison nodded vigorously. “We’ll make them all pay, Master!”

I chewed my lip. Mary should be present for the decision. I almost said yes anyways, but my anger had faded enough. “I’ll discuss it with Mary.”

“Thank you, mi Rey,” Desiree said, hatred shining in her eyes. Ever since Brandon had raped her, she’s had a fierce hatred of Warlocks, and Alison seemed to burn with an even more intense fury than her wife.

“Let’s call it a wrap,” I yawned. “I think we all could use some sleep.”

Upstairs, the bodyguards wouldn’t let me into my suite. “Mistress said not to,” she apologized.

“Out of the way,” I ordered and they froze. Conflicting orders would do that. I sighed and rescinded my command.


Mary Glassner

I was furious at Mark.

It was bad enough that he wouldn’t listen to sense, but to taunt me at the end? I wanted to scream in frustration. Couldn’t he see how dangerous this was? The World was at stake! We had to go slow! We had to be careful! I stalked to the elevator, and jabbed the up button.

“Come on!” I snarled at the elevator, mashing the button in the vain hope that it would make the damned thing move faster.

“Mistress,” Jessica said as she stepped up next to me.

“What?” I wearily asked. On top of my anger, I was tired. I only had a few hours of sleep, and spending all day healing was exhausting.

“You look tense, Mistress. I could give you a massage.”

I glanced at Jessica, a caring smile on her caramel face. I reached out and stroked her honey-brown hair. She was so beautiful, exotic. Her mix of racial heritage gave her such unusual features. “I think I’d like that.”

We rode up the elevator in silence and I gazed at her. She was naked. Well, almost naked. She wore a gold choker with her name written with sapphires. Her breasts were small, full, with brown nipples. My eyes followed the line of her side down to her shapely hips, smooth thighs, and gorgeous calves.

The elevator dinged; we had reached the top floor where our suite was. Two bodyguards saluted me. “Do not let Mark in,” I ordered them. “He’s in the doghouse.”

“I…um…yes, ma’am,” the Black bodyguard stammered.

They opened the door to the suite. I led Jessica through the main room, to our bedroom. Once inside, I stretched, walked to my dresser, and opened my jewelry box. I took off my silver locket, diamond stud earrings, and a ruby bracelet, leaving only my bronze amulet and wedding ring on. Jessica unzipped my dress and I let it fall to the floor. I looked down at my belly, and stroked my baby bump; my mood improved a bit thinking about my unborn child.

“Shall I start, Mistress?” Jessica asked, returning from the bathroom with a bottle of baby oil in her hand.

“Hmm?” I asked, frowning at her. “Oh, right, the massage.”

Yawning, I walked to the bed and laid down on my belly. The mattress dipped as Jessica crawled onto it. She straddled my legs, right below my butt. I jumped and shrieked as the cold baby oil dripped onto my back.

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“It’s okay,” I muttered.

Her fingers kneaded the muscles of my neck and shoulders, driving the tension away with her gentle, yet firm, pressure. I sighed, closing my eyes and enjoying her touch. Her thumbs pressed into the my flesh, moving in slow circles, driving all the anger at Mark away, and I let myself drift into contentment.

She worked lower and lower, hands flanking my spine. Her body shifted down my legs as she worked closer to my buttocks. Her hair tickled as it brushed my plump butt as her fingers rubbed the strain out of my lower back—the pregnancy was starting to give me backaches. Her lips were cool as she placed a kiss on my right butt-cheek before her oily hands slid down and gave each globe a good squeeze. Her fingers dipped into my crack, brushing my asshole and teasing me under the guise of her massage.

With firm pressure, she rubbed down my right leg, working my thigh and calf. Lifting my foot up, her tongue teased my toes and shivers of pleasure ran up my leg to moisten my pussy. My breath quickened, and soft sighs escaped my lips as her tongue explored my toes and her fingers massaged my foot.

After repeating her wonderful service on my left leg, she told me to roll over. I could see the desire in her deep, brown eyes. “So beautiful,” she whispered, running her hand across my pregnant stomach, between my breasts, and up to my neck. Her hair brushed my cheek as she knelt above me, her breasts hanging down, her nipples inches from brushing my flesh.

Her kiss was gentle at first, lightly nibbling on my lower lip. I turned my head, sliding my tongue out to brush her lips, to taste her sweetness. As my tongue invaded her mouth, our lust grew, and Jessica settled her weight upon me. Our nipples kissed, two hard nubs striking against each other like flint on steel, and sparks of pleasure ignited the passion inside me. I wasn’t so pregnant that I had to worry about someone being on top of me. My hands stroked her back, down to her firm ass, pulling her between my spread legs, until our pussies touched and electricity sparked between us.

Her ass flexed beneath my hands, pushing her clit up through my slit and nudging my pearl. Again and again her ass flexed; every kiss of her clit on mine brought a burst of passion inside me. Her fingers stroked my cheeks as she kissed me harder, fiercer. Our hips found a rhythm, fucking each other slowly, savoring the pleasure.

I had to be on top. I held her tightly, and rolled us over. Her thighs parted and I settled my cunt against hers. Sitting up on my elbows, our nipples just brushing, I writhed my hips, driving my clit through her pussy. A moan, low and throaty, escaped her lips. Her hands rubbed up and down my back and sides, trailing fire wherever she touched.

“Yes,” she purred. “Pleasure me, Mistress! Your beautiful pussy feels like wet silk!”

My hips moved faster. Memories of the afternoon when I had a cock flooded my mind. This would feel so much better if I had dick; a hard shaft plunging in and out of her velvet-wet cunt. That glorious ache, that need to spill my seed, building in my loins. I loved being a woman, I loved the powerful, encompassing orgasms that filled my entire groin. But that urgent need of a man, the way all the pleasure built up at one point—the head of your cock. Building and building until it erupted out of you had been a wonderful feeling. I understood just how desperate a guy could get to fuck a woman.

“Fuck me!” Jessica panted. “Yes, yes! I love it! Make me cum, Mistress!”

I could do it. I just had to bring us both to orgasm while tribbing her. I just had to utter Shophkah as we both shudder in ecstasy. I would gain my very own cock I could summon or dismiss at will.

What about Mark?

I rubbed faster against Jessica. I burned to have a cock. I didn’t care if he would find it disgusting, find me disgusting. I needed to have it. I really ground into her, ignoring the objecting voice in my mind. After Mark’s petty comment, it would serve him right. The anger fueled my hips; I growled like an animal, slamming my cunt into hers, not caring if I was bruising her, bruising me. I had to cum, I had to have my cock.

*Mare, I’m sorry,* Mark’s thought suddenly filled my mind.

I ignored him, and kept tribbing Jessica. I was almost there, almost to the pinnacle of my passion. “Cum with me,” I growled like a hungry tiger at Jessica. “Cum my little slut! I want to feel your cunt flooding me with your passion.”

*It was stupid of me to taunt you. I was just frustrated. It seemed so clear what we should do and I was surprised you didn’t see it! C’mon, talk to me.*

I was about to cum, about to have my cock. Jessica convulsed beneath me, her orgasm writhing through her. I drew my clit back, rubbed it up her slit, up to her little button. I nudged our pearls together, and the passion exploded throughout my body.

I opened my mouth to say that one word that would change everything.

*I love you, Mare.* I could feel the depth of his love, the depth of his guilt, in his thought.

I amatör porno couldn’t jeopardize that just for the thrill of having a cock.

I collapsed atop Jessica, shaking as my orgasm quaked through me. Breathing heavily, I rolled off of her, staring up at the ceiling. God, what did I almost do? Is this why Lilith told us about the Magicks of the Witch of Endor? One last trap? One last temptation for me?

*Let’s talk,* I sent back. *I’m in our bedroom.*

*The…um…guards won’t let me in. I don’t want to, you know, hurt them.*

Jessica glanced at me with a contented smile on her face. “Mark’s outside the suite; tell the bodyguards to let him in, then you can go.”

“At once, Mistress.”

Mark entered the room looking as contrite as a young boy about to be scolded. He walked over to the bed and knelt down, grasping my arm. I almost pulled away from him; I was still just a little angry at him.

“I shouldn’t have snapped at you or taunted you,” Mark admitted. “Lilith scares me. I’m afraid she’s going to hurt you. I couldn’t bear that.” There were tears in his eyes. “I would do anything to protect you, risk anything.”

My heart softened; I grasped his face, pulled him down, and kissed him. “I forgive you.”

He relaxed, tension melting out of his shoulders and face, and I pulled him up into bed with me; we hugged. “I really think we need to neutralize her power. And kill her daughters. I’m not sure we can wait that long.”

He was right. I sighed, “I know.”

“We’ll be careful, move slowly. Take no risks.”

“We shouldn’t be talking about this here,” I reminded him. I snuggled closer to him. I opened my mouth, wanting to tell him about my desire, then snapped it shut. I could still remember the disgust in his eyes the first time he saw Lilith conjure her cock, and the relief he felt when I lied and said I wasn’t interested.

“What?” he asked, a little wary.

“Nothing,” I sighed.

He pressed, stroking my cheek. “What, Mare?”

I bit my lip, took a deep breath. “I was thinking about the day Lilith gave me a cock.”

Mark stiffened for a moment. “Okay,” he carefully said. I could feel the tension ratcheting his body tight.

“Sometimes…” I took a deep breath. “Sometimes I think about having one again.”

He looked at me, his mind whirling. “I…I don’t know what to say.”

“It would make you uncomfortable, wouldn’t it?”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “It’s kinda hot watching Sam, but…”

“It’s weird.”

He nodded. “If it’s something you really want… I guess I could adjust.”

I smiled at him. “No, it’s not something I really want. I just think about it sometimes.”

He relaxed. “I would still love you,” he whispered. “Nothing could change that.”

But would you still desire me? I didn’t want to find out. “Kiss me,” I told him, my hand reaching down to stroke his cock.

He hesitated until my thumb brushed the head of his cock, and then his lips glued to mine and I lost myself in the the feel of his lips, the scratch of his whiskers, his musk. Why ruin this? I threw my arms around his neck, pulling him on top of me. I may have wanted to be on top when tribbing Jessica, but it was so much more pleasant to be on the bottom to get fucked by Mark, feeling his comforting weight on top of me.

I would have to enjoy this as much as possible. Once my belly grew too big, we’d have to find other positions to use to make love.

My legs parted, and I guided him into me. Glorious pleasure coursed through me as his cock sank into my wet depths. My nipples rubbed on his muscular chest as he gently made love to me. His cock drove away my dark fantasy as it pumped inside me. How could I want my own dick when I enjoyed Mark’s filling me up so damned much?

I slid a hand down to his ass, gave him a squeeze. My husband picked up the pace. My hips rotated, driving up to meet his thrusts. His hand caressed my thigh, moving up to brush my baby bump, then I sighed as he found my breast; his fingers tenderly played with my nipple. The pleasure radiated out, mingled with the fire burning in my cunt.

My orgasm was long, gentle, and I shuddered as my husband kept spearing me. I moaned into his lips, and savored the power of his thrusts. His strokes grew harder, churning me up as his pleasure mounted. I couldn’t wait to feel his cum filling me. Another orgasm quickly built within me as my clit mashed into his groin, sparking pleasure throughout my body.

His butt flexed beneath my hand as I inched my fingers down his crack. I found his asshole, teased it gently. His thrusts grew more urgent as I slipped a finger inside his ass, questing for his prostrate. I found it, massaged, and Mark slammed hard into my cunt, his body going rigid above me; I reveled in that fantastic feeling of his cum squirting into me. My pussy clamped down on his cock as my second orgasm exploded hard through me.

“Umm, that was delicious,” I purred, nuzzling his neck.

“I love you,” he whispered, rolling off me.

I smiled, snuggling into him. “Will you hold me while I sleep? I don’t want to have any nightmares, my love.” I placed my head on his chest, taking comfort from his heartbeat, his breathing.

His strong arms wrapped around me, holding me, protecting me.

Loving me.


Monday, November 11th, 2013 – Mark Glassner – Tacoma, WA

It was eerie watching Predator drone footage of Seattle. It was IR, white on black, and all the people seemed black smears against bright streets. A green box was centered on one woman – Lamia, who appeared to be controlling the Mayor of Seattle, Craig Erikson, for the last two months – walking into a dilapidated warehouse in the industrial part of Seattle near the port.

To think finding Lilith would be so simple. The warehouse was warded with spells, and Lamia took a circuitous route to it, checking carefully for tails. All it took to follow her was a remotely piloted aircraft orbiting high above Seattle, almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. It didn’t matter how careful she was, the drone had her in its sight, the software on board capable of recognizing her face and tracking her across the entire city.

Lamia, a beautiful, otherworldly beauty. We were pretty sure she was Lilith.

“We’ve seen her go to this warehouse twice, my Lord,” Colonel Abbey, the G3, or operations officer, for the Legion stated. “We’ve parked a drone over the warehouse, and women have been streaming in and out of it all weekend. There are sentries posted on the roof, and others guarding the entrances. We didn’t see any weapons in evidence.”

“They’ll be Lilith’s daughters,” Sam supplied. “They are weapons. All of them will be extremely dangerous. Even with the Legion’s blessings from Mark, your men will have a tough battle.”

“My men can handle it,” General Brooks, the commander of my Legion, stated with confidence.

We were all seated in the Matmown. Mary and I, our sluts and advisers, and General Brooks and his staff, watching a TV that had been set up. Because the room was made of iron, radio signals inside here were spotty at best. No wires could be run through the walls for fear of compromising the integrity of the room, so we couldn’t watch any live Predator drone feeds. The TV itself was powered off a ‘Baghdad Battery’ as Sam dubbed her latest invention she had created over the weekend. It put out the power of a small generator, without filling the room up with carbon monoxide and killing us all.

It was also a lot quieter than a generator. Which was a blessing given that we were in an iron box.

“Is your plan ready, General?” I asked.

“Yes, my Lord. Colonel.” The General motioned to Abbey.

Colonel Abbey rolled out a map, quickly unfurling it. He placed weights on the corners to hold it down. It was a detailed map of King County, and there were numerous markings and lines drawn around the city of Seattle that seemed to indicate troop movements. And ship movements. There were markings in the Puget Sound and Lake Washington. The City of Seattle sat on an isthmus with Puget Sound and Elliot Bay on its west side and Lake Washington on its east side.

He ran through the plan in a few minutes. It was really simple. Units would be deployed to cut off Seattle along Highway 405 in the south and Highway 104 in the north. Other units would guard the two floating bridges that crossed Lake Washington while the Navy would blockade the Port of Seattle. Other units would occupy the city itself, taking key points: the Mayor’s house, City Hall, Seattle P.D. precincts, and the warehouse.

“Make sure your men know whom they’re shooting at,” I ordered. “Lilith must not be killed. Any extraordinarily beautiful women should be captured, no matter the cost.”

“Of course, my Lord,” Colonel Abbey nodded.

I glanced at Mary; I could tell she still wasn’t happy about attacking so early, but she nodded her head. “How soon can we attack? Tonight?” I asked.

“We’re ready for that, my Lord,” General Brook answered.

“Won’t Lilith spot the troops getting ready?” Jessica asked.

“We’ve been doing training operations,” Colonel Abbey responded, “to mask our readiness preparations. The planning itself was done in the HP, and our officers will be briefed this afternoon in it.”

“HP?” I asked.

“It’s what the military call a Matmown. You know, ‘hidden place’, HP.” Sam explained. When building the Matmown in our hotel room, Sam had duplicate metal panels made, just in case. The extras were used to assemble one at I Corp headquarters on JBLM.

A smile creased General Brooks grizzled face. “We do love our acronyms.”

“Who is going to govern Seattle once Mayor Erikson is removed?” Xiu asked.

“Someone we can trust,” I put in.

“How about Jessica,” Korina suggested. “She knows Seattle, and has contacts from her days as a reporter.”

Lillian grinned. “She’s the best slut for the job.”

“I’ll do it, Master,” Jessica nodded.

I looked at her. “You sure? It will be dangerous.”

“Korina is right, I do know the city.”

“Give her a group of soldiers to guard her,” Mary said.

“A platoon of Rangers?” Colonel Abbey suggested.

“Do it,” Mary commanded.

I looked at Sam. “Is your trip all arranged?”

“Yeah, the Prime Ministers of Israel has been very helpful in arranging things with the Museum of Jerusalem. Candy and I’ll leave tomorrow around noon.”

“With that platoon of soldiers you promised,” Candy interjected.

I nodded. “It’s all taken care of.”

“Is there any other business?” Mary asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Alison interjected. “Desiree and I have selected our first Warlocks to track down.”


Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 – Lilith – Seattle, WA

The damned soldiers were continuing their exercises past midnight.

I watched the bustle of activity at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, hoping to find some clue to Mark and Mary’s plan. They spent the weekend doing drills. And spent all day today showing no sign of stopping. Their damned military was always training! How could I tell if they were mobilizing to attack me, or doing another stupid exercise?

This was pointless! No army could attack at night! So I gave up watching for the day and retired to my body. I was stiff when I returned to myself. I had spent hours in the Shadows watching today, and my body protested at the inactivity. I stretched, pushing away from my desk, and walked out of my office in the warehouse.

At least Mark couldn’t know about this place. It was carefully prepared with spells to keep out his ghosts. The protections weren’t as powerful as a Matmown, but they anal porno would keep Mark from using necromancy to find us.

“My Goddess,” Chantelle yawned, rubbing her eyes as she stood up from the secretary’s chair.

“Has Lamia returned?” I asked. Lamia was my favorite daughter, the most beautiful and enchanting of all of them.

“Yes, my Goddess,” Chantelle murmured. “She awaits in your bedchamber.”

“And that foolish man is being watched?” I could see the hint of annoyance in Chantelle’s eyes. I asked this question every time Lamia was away from the mayor of Seattle. I didn’t want any sloppy mistakes.

“Fiona is watching him, my Goddess.”

“Good, good, you may retire for the night.”

Chantelle bowed, smiling. “Thank you.”

“I’m sure your wife will take care of that,” I said as I swept past. I could smell Chantelle’s lust, and feel her cock harden as she summoned it.

I walked through the halls; even this late at night it bustled with activity. My daughters bowed to me: Lani, barely visible as she crouched in the shadowed corner; Basu’s forked tongue flickering out with affection; Agas, her left eye bulging yellow; the air about Haka alive with static energy; gaunt Vera, who looked on death’s door; beautiful Jeh, almost as beautiful as Lamia, almost; Tir’s tawny hair, nestled with black, vulture feathers; and many more. Their mothers fell to their knees as I passed. I paid them no heed. They birthed my children; I had no further use for most of them.

Young Crystal, the daughter of Babylon, knelt before my bedroom door. She was my chambermaid for the night, and she carefully removed all my jewelry, then gently undressed me, and finally combed my silvery hair. All the while, Lamia stretched out in my bed, her ripe breasts rising from her supine form. She toyed with her purple hair, her legs parted just enough to hint at the promise of her pussy—teasing me.

I rose, summoning my cock and Lamia’s eyes fell hungrily on it. “Umm, is that for me, Mother?”

It was my reward, how I controlled my daughters. They knew the ecstasy of my touch awaited them from the moment they were born—so long as they pleased me. And they would do anything to experience my embrace. They were as faithful as my other daughters, drowned Eons ago when the the Creator unleashed his Flood. So much death, to wipe my progeny from the earth.

Lamia shuddered as I brushed her nipple with a finger. “Fuck me!” she begged. “I burn for you, Mother! Fuck me!”

I bent down and captured her nipple, sucking on it, and let my Lust ooze into her body. She bucked and writhed as orgasm after mind-numbing orgasm rolled through her. She was incoherent as I mounted her, and drove my cock into the ripe depths of her cunt. She felt wonderful. Lamia almost had my ecstatic touch, and her pussy felt divine, like heaven, on my hard cock.

Her cunt rippled on my cock as I savored her passion. I bent down, our round breasts touching, and I captured my daughter’s mouth in a sweet kiss. Lamia hugged me, raked her fingers down my back, the pain urging me to fuck her harder. She never stopped cumming. Her cunt was delight made flesh, my cock reveling in her moist depths.

I rose up, pulling her legs up and hooking her ankles over my shoulder. I pounded her hard, my breasts rising up and down. My ovaries frothed with passion, bursting with my seed. I slammed in again and again, watching my daughter’s breasts heave with her never-ending orgasm. One more time, and then that explosive release; my cum flooded her infertile womb.

“Mother,” Lamia finally gasped as I pulled out of her.

I was still hard. I rolled her over, spreading the cheeks of her ass. She was tight and rough and screamed her pleasure as I violated her bowels. I leaned over her, my breasts pillowing on her back, and fucked her hard. I could feel my weariness fade, my exhaustion wiped away by the ecstasy of sex.

I was Lilith. I did not need sleep. I just needed passion. Lust.

I grunted, my cum pouring into her tight ass. “Oh yes!” I purred. “Drink my lust!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped. “Oh, Mother, yes!”

Black seed leaked out of her ass when I pulled my cock out. Lamia spun about and engulfed my cock, sucking me into her warm mouth. I gripped her purple hair, and stared down at her mouth obscenely sucking my cock clean. I loved it! Reveled in how depraved it was as I fucked her face. Her fingers wormed into my cunt, duel sensations trembling through me.

“My wonderful daughter! Take it all!” I moaned, shoving my cock roughly down her throat, pressing her nose and lips into my silvery bush.

She moaned, cumming over and over as my Lust flooded her, deliciously vibrating my cock with her passion. Her fingers pumped faster and faster inside me, igniting a fire in my pussy that boiled my ovaries. I pulled my cock out, and sprayed black pitch on her heaving breasts. I admired my gorgeous daughter’s near perfect body – only falling short of perfection when compared to mine – covered in my seed, a radiant smile on her face. Her legs spread; more pitch oozed from her cunt. I mounted her, driving my cock into her sheath.

I fucked my daughter for hours. When she tired, I blessed Crystal with my ecstasy, until the mortal girl was near exhaustion, and then I pounced on my Lamia. I came in every hole she had, fucked her in every position known to woman. My seed oozed black out of her, and more of my pitch stained her skin in ropey strands.

“My Goddess,” a voice whispered urgently.

“What?” I asked, my cock buried in Lamia’s cunt again. Lana knelt beside my bed. When had she arrived?

“Mark’s soldiers are encircling the city, they…”

Zuzu’s loud, piercing screech filled the night from her perch on the roof.

“They are here,” I said calmly, despite my heart hammering in my chest. “You know what to do?”


Mark Glassner – Special Forces Compound, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

“I’m going, Mark,” my wife declared, her emerald eyes iron with determination.

“It’s not safe, Mare,” I objected. “You’re pregnant. Think about our child.”

“If you’re going, I’m going,” she firmly said. “If you die, so does our child, so it hardly matters.”

I threw my arms up in frustration. “The soldiers are going to need my abilities. They’ll be fighting Lilith’s daughters.”

“And that’s why I should be there! I’ve been practicing my magic.” She reached out and stroked my face. “Please. I can’t just sit here and wait. Not when you’ll be out there in danger.”


“It’s settled,” she said, tossing her auburn ponytail. “I’m going, so just accept it.”

“Fine,” I sighed, not wanting another fight with her. “But you stay back.”

“I’ll be fine! I have this stab vest on.” A black vest that looked like a cop’s body armor covered her torso, stitched with angular symbols. “Sam says it’s as effective as your armor.”

“My armor covers more places,” I muttered.

“I’m glad that’s settled,” she said, and kissed me on the lips. “Besides, you’ll be there to protect me.” Then she whispered in my ear, “Last time I saw you fight, I got so excited! My pussy’s dripping just thinking about watching you fight. When we’re done, I’ll fuck your brains out.”

I felt my cock stir in my black fatigues. “Really?”

“Umm, you have no idea how hot you were when you fought Molech,” she purred.

There was a knock on the door. “Sir,” 51’s voice muffled voice said through the door, “General Brooks says it’s time.”

“Summon your armor,” Mary smiled. “Look impressive for your troops.”

The gold armor materialized out of thin air, settling about my body. Outside, Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Rangers Regiment stood assembled in their battle dress, floodlights illuminating the parade ground. The soldiers looked bulky in their khaki uniforms, body armor, helmets, night vision goggles, belts festooned with grenades, ammo clips, and rifles slung across their chests. I glanced at my watch. It was nearly four AM.

By now the 3rd Combat Brigade (Stryker) would have Seattle surrounded, and would start taking strategic sites in the city by 0430 hours. The other companies of the 2/75 Rangers would be deployed by Black Hawk helicopters at the same time around the city, capturing key locations.

The rangers saluted sharply as I approached the podium. I was nervous, not sure what I should say. “Men!” I shouted. “A grave threat has been festering in the city of Seattle. The demoness Lilith has nested there, birthing a brood of foul monsters. They are stronger than a normal human, faster, with lethal abilities that only your darkest nightmares could birth.

“But do not fear! This is why you swore your service, your honor, and your fidelity to me. I have gifted you with weapons that can hurt these abominations, gifted you with greater strength and reflexes. Tonight, we shall crush Lilith’s monsters, capture the foul bitch, and free the people of Seattle, my people, from her bondage!

“This is America, not some demon’s playpen!” Only a false God’s, I thought, suppressing a stab of guilt. It’s for the greater good.

A cheer went up from the soldiers, and someone shouted, “Rangers lead the way!” and the entire company shouted back, “All the way! Hooah!”

I pulled out my bronze knife and stabbed it into thin air, muttering, “Pasaq!” The tip of the knife seemed to disappear as it sank into the veil between life and death, and I drew a portal to the Shadows. Next to me, Mary did the same thing. This spell wasn’t found in the Magicks of the Witch of Endor. We learned it from the Patriot that had tried to kill me in Washington D.C. last month. I had been disturbed to learn that there were at least three other books – grimoires as Sam called them – that had working spells in them that weren’t contained in the Magicks.

“Stay close!” I shouted, as the Rangers glanced hesitantly at each other, then poured through the portals.

It was misty on the other side. Chasity and the other dead bodyguards formed up around us. They were always lurking in the Shadows around Mary and me, protecting us from the Patriots. Three times, according to Chasity, they had sent their people into the Shadows to assassinate us.

Distances were different in the Shadows. After only fifteen minutes of marching through the never-ending, gray mists, we reached Seattle and the warehouse. The company knew their orders, splitting off into four groups, surrounding the warehouse. At 0430, we would assault.

It was surreal in the Shadows. The warehouse was as long as two football fields, yet the four groups were practically standing next to each other, waiting for Mary and me to draw the portals. Lieutenants and sergeants were surveying the scene, giving their men last minute instructions on the assault. There was a nervous energy in the air; everyone was unsettled by the swirling, gray mists and the ever-present chill.

My watch’s alarm went off.

I drew the southwest corner portal as Mary started the northeast. It was easier to draw the portal on this side. It took almost no effort. “Human’s don’t belong in the Shadows,” Sam had explained, “therefore it is easier to escape it then to enter it.” I moved to the southeast corner and drew the second portal, then raced to my wife at the northwest corner.

The first soldiers streamed through, weapons readied, and night vision goggles switched on. Mary pulled on a pair of enchanted sunglasses that would let her see as if it was noon. She looked fierce in her body armor, black fatigue pants, and dark sunglasses, with her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail. Fierce and sexy. I pulled on my own pair of sunglasses. Sam did great work; I could see everything clearly as I followed the rangers through the portal, trailed by Mary.

A piercing screech filled the night.

For a moment, everything was silent, and then Lilith’s daughters attacked.

To be continued…

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