The Exchange Student

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The Exchange Student
Her thick moist lips tightened around my shaft as I exploded deep in her mouth while I worked frantically over her clit with the tip of my tongue to……
Ah yes there it was, her trade mark gush of lady jizz, I took in as much as I could trying to follow the movements of her convulsing body so as not to waste a drop.
“Time to get ready for school B” Trina smiled.
What a way to greet the day, surely I was the luckiest man alive. Trina and I showered, dressed and drove to school together. At one time I would have been disappointed to think of Trina doing anything less than enjoying a life of stardom as a TV chef as I had envisioned for her. But it was awesome having her on staff at school. We worked well together and despite the hallways being filled with hundreds of young, horny female students, not one of them could compare to the spectacle of my beautiful Trina, my pride and joy, my wife. 5.2 tall, curves to die for, dark Asian skin tone and hair down to her butt.
It had been 5 years since that night and every day I walked into the room it felt like just yesterday that my Filipino beauty queen and I had ravaged each other’s bodies.
It was soon Trina’s birthday and Trina and I had become accustomed to getting each other gifts that in some way related to our sex life as it was a favourite hobby of both of ours. I am not talking anything to kinky just a toy, an outfit or a night in a nice hotel, that kind of thing. As I watched her work with the exchange student suddenly it dawned on me. I would get her a massage for her birthday. We had talked about getting one together but with the busyness of school had never gotten around to it. Oh and to explain where the thought had came from, Stef, our Swedish exchange student in her last year of school was trained in the art of both traditional and not so traditional massage, if you know what I mean. Of course I had only heard rumours about the “not so traditional” bit, but teenage boys did tend to exaggerate. Anyhow, this would not be obviously sexual but would be pleasant for my Asian goddess and would prime her body for a more personal working over from me later on. Anyway I arranged it with Stef to pop in to our place after school while I finished off some things at school and when I got home I would take my bride out to dinner and stay in the city for the night. I couldn’t wait.
The evening was going to plan. I got home at 5 as Stef was leaving and I greeted them both who oddly seemed a little startled. Trina looked relaxed, all was good.
“How was your present Hun?”I asked expecting an “awesome” or at least “great” but got the reply
“Not bad thanks, what time do we need to be at the restaurant?”
“Um – 6 babe, don’t forget to pack stuff for the pool” Geez I wouldn’t be using Stef for a massage again with that reaction. Anyway we had dinner and went up to the room where I was all geared up for my “thankyou”. I wrapped my arms around Trina from behind and kissed her soft smooth neck.
“I’m going for a swim B, you coming?” she said.
“Uh, yeah ok, I’ll just grab my stuff” My wife was well and truly worth the wait and oooh what I would have in store for me I was thinking to myself.
We had a swim and then a spa back in the room before settling in front of the TV where I knew I would get lucky. I put my arm around my wife half expecting her to head to make its way down to my lap but to my surprise she burst into tears.
“Aw hey babe, what’s wrong sweetness?”
“Um nothing, just a long day. And a lot going on at school. But tonight has been very nice thank you B. I might grab an early one. You enjoy the room and I’ll see you when you come to bed ok Hun”
“Um ok, if that’s what you want” Wow was I confused, and for the first time a little disappointed. Still I was grateful to find some not to cheesy porn to relieve myself to before heading off to bed. We didn’t talk about it that much, Trina reassured me she was fine and I tried to pay a bit more attention to her. We had another busy week at school then Trina surprised me with
“I have booked Stef for another massage for Friday night. Oh do you have to work back?”
“Yeah sorry babe but things should be quieter next week”
“Ok” she replied
Weird. What was all that about? This happened again the next week and I was so intrigued by the strangeness that I decided to investigate. I conveniently didn’t remind Trina I would be home on time and got home shortly after her. Stef was sex izle already there. I made my way in quietly and hearing noise coming from the guest room figured they had set up there. I snuck through the two way bath room into the large walk in wardrobe adjoining the guest room where the slightly ajar door gave me full view of the massage table and all that was going on. So far, nothing unexpected, apart from the bulge in my pants at the sight of my gorgeous little oriental masterpiece of a bride lying nude face down with a towel over her amazing butt. The fact that she was in there with a student was kind of hot while kind of ironic. Stef began to massage oil into Trina’s back using large full circular movements to Trina’s apparent delight indicated by the moans of pleasure. Now the bulge in my pants was beginning to evolve into a raging boner. You see Stef was beautiful yet still a distant second to Trina, blonde, long athletic legs contributing to her 6 foot frame, with small perky breasts that she loved to show off in tight t-shirts on casual days at school. The sight and sounds of her causing my Trina such pleasure was getting really hot. Stef worked her shoulders and back a while longer and then worked her way from Trina’s feet and legs to her magnificent butt. Stef removed the towel and Trina didn’t flinch. I was proud of her but only for a while as the pain building in my cock reminded me I needed relief at some point soon. Everything up to now I had expected but what came next……………
Stef tugged at Trina’s right shoulder to get her to roll over and as she was doing so applied more oil to her hands. She then drizzled some across Trina’s perfect flat stomach making her gasp at the coldness. Stef used deep firm rolling motions on Trina’s stomach and then her legs. I struggled not to come as Stef grabbed handfuls of Trina’s glorious tits and kneaded them, squeezed, pushed and pulled them. Trina’s breathing grew heavy, I undid my pants, I just had to free my engorged member or it would surely burst. Then to my amazement using my own signature move, Stef pushed Trina’s tits together, bent down and took both nipples into her mouth at once. Trina’s body started to spasm, Stef placed her hand in front of Trina’s pussy and as that glorious stream erupted she deflected my wife’s lady juice over her stomach and chest. I came, splats of cum hitting the wall, the clothes that were hanging and anything else in front of me. Stef slowly and skilfully massaged Trina’s throbbing pussy using her own juices then stopped, slipped off her own clothes and climbed on top of my wife in the prettiest 69 you will ever see. Who? What? How? I mean what exactly was going on here? Trina began kissing and nibbling at Stef who was now circling my wife’s swollen lips with the tip of her tongue. She then started open mouth kissing Trina and exploring the depths of her remarkable pussy with her tongue occasionally sucking on her clit to Trina’s exquisite satisfaction. Trina’s head started thrashing from side to side. But my wife was well up to this challenge and she would make this girl cum at her will which appeared to be her plan. She placed her hands on Stef’s incredible ass and pulled herself up into Stef’s cunt and started tongue fucking her furiously. She rubbed Stef’s ballooning clit with tip of one finger and then pushed a finger half way into her pussy drawing a gasp from the gorgeous student. Stef continued to lap at my wife’s cunt while Trina upped the ante by slipping two then three digits into Stef’s now sopping wet pussy.
“Make me cum” Trina ordered
At her command Stef used both her fingers and tongue working overtime on my wife’s lips and clit. Then In one quick motion, As Trina’s eyes bugged nearly out of her head she rolled over changing spots with Stef, spun around on top of her and held Stef’s reddened pussy open with 2 fingers. Trina, now working her own pussy let out groan and came, directing her stream of liquid gold at the entrance to Stef’s canal. Trina now pinched Stef’s nipples causing a yelp and worked skilfully using her tongue down the student’s body until she was probing Stef’s cunt with her tongue. She began devouring Stef furiously then went back to fingering her as before only this time she would take Stef all the way. Trina reached up and grabbed Stef’s breast and steadied her upper body as she slipped the fourth finger and yes her thumb into her expectant cunt, which she did easily as she herself had provided so alt yazılı porno much lubricant to aid the process. Stef removed the pillow from under her head, placed it over her face and bit down hard as my wife slowly but firmly pushed her fist into this poor little girl’s pussy. She started moving it in and out, deeper with every thrust. Now Trina let Stef up. Stef propped herself up on her elbows so she could see what was happening to her beloved pussy.
“Fuuuuuuuuuck” she wailed “fuck yes” “fuck me Mrs B”
And with that my wife placed her lips up against Stef’s clit and sucked hard as she plunged her tiny arm all the way up to her elbow into this tall student’s stomach. Stef let out an almighty squeal as she came, which I was grateful for as it covered my grunting as my cock exploded once again spurting over the wall. My wife cleaned her up, kissing and licking every drop of juice from the student’s body as they were expecting me home soon and started to finish up.
Oh shit! I had better get out of here. But…..the mess. Oh well I would have to make up a story later. I scrambled through the wardrobe and bathroom and around to the front door. I opened and shut it and yelled
“Girls, I’m home. Are you decent?” Ah shit, was I determined to give myself away? Idiot!
“Finished I mean?” I might get away with that.
“Um just finishing up Mr B” Stef replied.
Trina saw Stef out and when she returned headed straight in for a shower. Great this gave me the chance to clean the mess in the wardrobe up and think about dinner. I poked my head into the bathroom and said
“I thought I might take my beautiful bride out to dinner that ok with you Hun?”
“Sure Hun” was the only response I got.
I understood now that my baby had been struggling with her situation. After all, neither of us had ever been unfaithful or even discussed the possibility for that matter. I didn’t want my doll hurting, hell I didn’t yet know how I felt about all this. I decided to not think anything, thinking would make my head hurt. Instead we would discuss it and find out what this meant to Trina, what it meant to me and what it meant for us. And I had just the plan to do it. We went out to dinner, had a pleasant evening and in an attempt to ease some of Trina’s guilt I kissed her softly on the top of her head then looked her straight in the eyes. She ducked out of it looking down but I put a finger under her chin and made sure she was looking at me as I said
“Baby, there is not a single thing you could ever do to make me stop loving you”
She looked into my eyes for what seemed an eternity then melted, threw her arms around me and said
“I love you B” And I knew she understood.
A week later I said to her
“Hun, Stef is going home in week so I have booked you in for a final massage on Friday before she leaves”
No response came. I knew this would cause some temporary turmoil for her but I had an awesome plan in place to bring stuff out into the open. I was even looking forward to it.
Friday night came and Trina was leaving school
“You coming?” she asked
“Sure am” I replied.
A look of panic crossed her face. Just then my phone rang (which I had set up). I answered it and Trina waited outside my office for me.
“Aw Hun, I am so sorry I have to meet someone. It should only take an hour or so. Oh and if Stef leaves before I get home please wish her my best?”
“Um that’s fine; I’ll see you at home later”
Oh yes she would.
When she was out of sight I raced to the car and took the fastest way home. I parked in the garage because Trina never went in my ‘man cave’ then raced in and prepared. I waited until heard first Trina and then Stef arrive and make their way to the guest room. Once they had started I made my way through to my hiding spot. Trina removed her clothes revealing her magnificent body. Her nipples were already hard with anticipation. My cock for that matter had never been this hard since that night in the classroom. Stef had Trina lay on her stomach to start facing the window and instructed Trina to close her eyes. As I entered the room Stef smiled and stepped back. I opened my hands and Stef poured oil into them. Using the same strong large circular movements I had seen Stef use just days before I worked my way up and down my altyazılı sex izle wife’s glorious body. I stepped back and removed my clothes as Stef asked Trina to please keep her eyes shut. Even after all this time my wife’s form sent shivers down my spine. I felt like a perverted schoolboy every time I saw her body. I began kneading her perfect tits and after a while motioned for Stef to climb in between her legs. Trina felt the gentle lapping at her pussy and me fondling her breasts and realising there were 3 people in the room gasped and opened her eyes. When she saw me she sat up with tears welling in her eyes. I moved in and held her close and putting my finger under her chin as I had only days before I looked her in the eyes and she read my mind. I didn’t have to say a word. Her tears, guilt and fear subsided as she slid off the table. She pushed against my chest willing me to lie down. Trina had noticed Stef ogling my rock hard member and ordered her to swallow it. A smile came across Stef’s face as she moved into position between my legs and began servicing my bloated prick. Trina kissed me long hard and deep but we were not just kissing but communicating. Expressing a world of forgiveness, gratitude, understanding and immeasurable undying love. I turned Trina around and lifted her over and above my head setting her down above my face and began licking her moist clean shaven slit. Trina instructed Stef to climb aboard and within moments I had a beautiful blonde 16 year old Swedish exchange student bouncing up and down on my rock hard cock and my spectacular Filipino goddess writhing in ecstasy on my face. Meanwhile Trina and Stef were kissing and exploring each other’s breasts desperately. I felt Stef’s already taut pussy contract around my shaft driving me to swallow as much of my wife’s delicious cunt as I could, bringing them to orgasm together. Trina drenched my face and chest with her lady juice and then lowered her mouth over my glistening shaft that had slid out of Stef’s post orgasmic pussy, taking in the entire length making my ball sack tighten. Trina withdrew holding my pulsating cock in her hand as it erupted like a volcano spurting hot white lava again and again high into the air. The girls bobbed left and right trying to catch as much of my scrumptious custard as they could. Stef licked my body clean end lubricated my shaft in preparation for my beautiful brides turn at riding the pony pole.

Instead of lining up her pussy Trina inserted the head of my cock into her petite poop chute and closed her eyes as she slid down my slippery shaft. She paused briefly and then bounced a few times to settle my cock into her ass. She then took Stef’s hand and guided it to her pussy and without a word Stef knew exactly what was required. She prepared Trina’s pussy using her tongue and fingers then one by one slipped her greasy digits in my wife’s tiny box. Again Trina closed her eyes and bit her lip as I gave the order.
Stef gave a forceful push and slid her fist up my wife’s cunt. Trina’s body began to spasm as she on a rare occasion lost control and came terrifically coating Stef’s hand, my cock and balls in liquid gold. Together we prepared for round 2, Trina started bouncing slowly up and down my length as Stef started slowly fist fucking my precious doll. Stef put her free hand behind Trina’s neck and kissed her passionately. I could not stand it. The site of this (my) tiny Asian goddess with her ass being rammed by my engorged member and her pussy being stuffed with the fist of this gorgeous blonde Swedish teenager, her magnificent breasts rising and falling with the ride. I was gone.
“Shit I’m cumming. Aw baby I’m cumming”
For the 3rd time in my life, in exactly the same tone, the tone that melted me every time without fail came the words
“I love you B”
As her eyes locked with mine. And as if by will Trina came, we came together. It was beautiful, it was precious. We included Stef in an embrace and then started showering and dressing.
Stef stayed in the guest room that night. We had dinner together drank wine enjoyed each other’s company and continued to explore each other’s bodies deep into the night. We didn’t speak of the morality of our encounters. We didn’t need to. Trina and i loved one another and Stef, like us was a person that adored sex.
In the morning we both drove Stef to the airport. Wished her all the best and said goodbye to Stef and to closed another chapter in the story that was – The sexual encounters of Mr and Mrs B.

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