The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 20: The Naughty Futa’s Punishment


The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Twenty: The Naughty Futa’s Punishment

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Athena Pearce

The helicopter landed on the flight line near my private jet.

My stewardesses were waiting for me. They were two twenty-year-old twins that I found through a modeling agency. They were German and as buxom as you could imagine. They wore slutty Bavarian outfits, those green skirts that barely covered their asses, the skirt’s waistband covering their stomachs. Suspender-like straps rose up to those shoulders. They should have white blouses on, but their tits were large and perky.

Just perfect.

“Fräulein,” Beata and Greta said to me as I reached the stairs. They had twinkles in their blonde eyes. “Guten Abend.”

“Evening.” I shuddered. “Which one of you is going to ride on my cock?”

“Is Greta’s turn,” Beata said, the one on the left. “I lick her pussy very good. Get her nice and juicy for you.”

I paused to lean in and kiss Beata, the youthful beauty, on the lips. I tasted something sweet. That lingering musk of a young twat. I shuddered, my futa-cock throbbing beneath my skirt. I broke the kiss and nodded my head.

“I can taste how ready your sister is.”

“Wunderbar!” Beata cooed.

I headed up the stairs and took my seat. It was plush and comfortable. My pilots were getting to work. They were men, the best money could hire. I wasn’t taking any chances. Greta came up to me and straddled my waist. She pushed up my skirt and fished out my hard girl-dick, my balls aching. She grinned.

“I love your girl-dick very hard,” she said. “Mmm, make mein Fötzchen feel sehr gut.”

I loved her mix of English and German. “Sehr gut, ja?”

She grinned at me and then impaled her cunt down my cock. I groaned as my secretaries boarded. I never went anywhere without Minako or Virginia. They both were so gorgeous. Virginia took the seat beside me, her large tits jiggling. She was a blonde and buxom hottie, too, but her tits were not au naturel like the twins.

“Governor Peterson will meet with you tomorrow at 9 AM,” she said. “We’ll land somewhere around 6 AM EST.”

“Then we should have that little slut wrapped up in a bow by lunch,” I said, leaning back. “Tell the pilots to get us in the air as fast as air traffic control and safety will let them.” I had to be careful. If I said as fast as possible. They would just go for the nearest runway and not bother with any clearance or safety checks.

I made that mistake two days ago. Luckily, I realized it. So much mind-controlling that day.

I closed my eyes and let Greta’s pussy work up and down my girl-dick. This was the best way to fly. I would soon have Sasha Ford delivered back to my mistress just where the little slut belonged for stealing those panties.

She wouldn’t get away with escaping to Miami.


Sasha Ford

Escaping to Miami was the best idea I had ever had. There was no way that Mildred and Chloe and their mind-controlled bitches could find us here. We were on the other side of the world. I would have so much fun.

“So, Dad, which one do you want?” I asked as I stared at the two women kneeling before us.

One was Tamara Duval, a trophy wife with big, fake tits that had a lovely plumpness to her. She had collagen-injected lips to give them that ripeness and bedroom eyes. She was gorgeous, her body all tan, her pussy shaved. She made my girl-dick throb and my pussy clench.

Beside her was Champagne Duval, the nineteen-year-old daughter. She had wavy brown hair and tits just as big as her mother and just as fake. They were like a matching set. Champagne, too, had a tan and lush body, though she was slenderer.

She was still delicious.

“Daughter,” Dad said, staring at the nineteen-year-old girl. “Your mother didn’t have tits that delicious when she was nineteen.”

“And still don’t,” I said. I looked over my shoulder at Mom and my sister. They were getting their pussies devoured by the maid and the cook, both Latina women that were sexy but held not a candle to the trophy wife and her beauty pageant daughter.

It was so wonderful to meet the neighbors.

“Mrs. Duval, on your hands and knees. You two, baby slut.”

“Yes, Ms. Sasha!” both of them moaned. They turned around and presented their rumps to us. In the corner, Mr. Duval watched. He was an older man, heavyset, wearing a silk kimono for a bathrobe. He had a greasy look to him.

I wanted him far away, but it was hot as he watched his wife wiggling her ass at me. Her butt-cheeks clapped together. They were so plump. There was no way this woman didn’t have ass implants, too. There was nothing real about her.

But it was fine fucking work.

I smacked my futa-cock from butt-cheek to butt-cheek, watching that perfection ripple. Mrs. Duval moaned, her back arching. Her boobs peeked into view as they swayed from side to side. My dick twitched and throbbed.

This was the life.

“Mr. Ford!” gasped Champagne. Dad went right to fucking the little slut.

I grinned at him. I was so glad Dad was back with the family. My parents’ divorce was undone. The misunderstanding caused by that cunt next door, Mrs. Solomon, had been resolved. I might be a lesbian, but I was also a tomboy.

Dad was just more fun to hang out with than Mom.

Though Mom was more fun to fuck. I only fucked with Dad. I never touched him in that way. My sister did, though. Fawn was a little slut moaning as she had the cook swabbing her tight cunt. Mom’s whimpers joined them as the maid ate that muff.

I slid my cock down to the trophy wife’s cunt. I glanced over at Mr. Duval. “How does it feel to know that I’m going to fuck your wife’s cunt?”

“Wonderful,” he moaned. “You’re amazing Chloe. If anyone deserves to fuck my wife, it’s you. Fuck her hard. Pound her. Better you than her Pilates instructor.”

“My yoga instructor,” purred Mrs. Duval.

“The pool boy.”

“Oh, he’s fun to fuck,” the slut-wife moaned. “And there are the gardeners. Hector, Juan, and Ramon know how to take care of my hedges.”

“That why you got a bald?” I asked.


I slammed into her pussy. I buried to the hilt in Mrs. Duval’s whore-cunt. I loved the feel of her tight and hot snatch squeezing about me. She might be fucking every guy she could behind her husband’s back, but none of them had dicks as big as me.

She moaned, her back arching as she felt my girth stretching her apart. Her hot, married cunt welcomed me in. I loved every moment of it. I savored filling up her cunt with my big dick. My balls smacked into her clit.

“Fuck, you’re hung for a girl!” the MILF moaned.

“And you’re tight for a whore,” I panted. “Fuck, yes, I’m going to make you explode.”

“Do it!”

She squeezed her cunt around me as I drew back. My small breasts quivered as I slammed back into her. I loved the feel of her hot cunt squeezing around me. That wonderful snatch held me tight. I would have such a huge explosion of cum. I would pump all that jizz into her. just flood her with spurt after spurt of my jizz.

I slammed into her, fucking her hard. Her butt-cheeks rippled. Her cunt gripped me. The pleasure flowed to my own pussy. My balls drank in the heat, growing tighter and tighter with my every thrust into her snatch.

“Fuck, yes!” Dad groaned. “Champagne, you little slut, you’re no stranger to dick.”

“That’s how I win!” she moaned. “You got to fuck the judges or you’ll never get them to vote for you. And then there’s the after-party. All those rich, older pervs wanting our barely legal cunts. Why do you think they donate?”

“Shit!” Dad groaned.

“I know!” I gasped, pumping away at the trophy wife’s cunt. “You whored your daughter out, didn’t you?”

“Yes!” Mrs. Duval moaned. “I was there the first time they popped her cherry. I held her hand while that fat judge fucked her hard. And she won. They crowned my baby girl the hottest in the Everglades. Her first sash.”

“Mother of the fucking year!” I groaned, pounding her cunt. I buried to the hilt in her. “Why did you marry her, Mr. Duval?”

“I knocked her up,” groaned Mr. Duval. “Cheaper to marry her. And she’s hot. Even after having Champagne. Didn’t know how much of a whore she was, though. But she’s your whore now, Miss Sasha.

“That’s fucking right!”

“I am your whore!” gasped the naughty MILF, her cunt clenching down on my girl-cock.

I fucked into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in the slut’s cunt. I reveled in her pussy gripping my cock. She felt amazing. This wonderful pussy brought me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. I would have such a huge one. I would just explode with ecstasy. It would be incredible. A great burst of rapture that would erupt from me.

My balls smacked into her flesh. They cracked into her as Dad’s cracked into the whore’s daughter. I loved this pleasure. This amazing bliss that surged down my cock. It felt absolutely amazing to fuck the trophy wife before her husband.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Mom moaned. “Oh, that’s so nice. Mmm, you’re going to make me cum.”

“Si, señora!” the woman moaned. “You cum. Very good.”

“Yes, I’ll cum so very fucking good!” Mom groaned. “Now get that tongue in me. Yes yes, just like that.”

“This is so hot,” moaned my little sister. Fawn let out a gasp. “I’m cumming. Drink it! Drink all my cream.”

Dad grunted beside me, his hands squeezing Champagne’s big tits. He kneaded them. Squeezed them. He massaged them while she groaned and gasped out in delight. The sounds she made were so hot to hear. They had my cunt melting with joy.

I would have such a huge orgasm. I would erupt into the slut-mother’s cunt. I slammed hard into the trophy wife, fucking her with such uncontrolled rapture. Her pussy squeezed around my dick. She held me tight. Her cunt gripped me with that sweet passion.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I groaned. “You ready for my jizz, whore?”

“I am!” Mrs. Duval moaned.

“Good!” I gasped and slammed to the hilt in her.

I erupted.

“Fuck!” Dad groaned. “Take it, you filthy, little slut!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Champagne moaned. “You’re cumming in me. Oh, yes, yes, you’re spurting all that spunk into me.”

“It’s amazing!” Mrs. Duval moaned as my seed pumped into her pussy. I buried porno all that jizz into her snatch. I flooded her with my hot and thick girl-spunk. “You’re flooding me!”

Her pussy spasmed around me. The trophy wife’s cunt milked my dick. She worked out drop after drop of my cum from my girl-cock. I shuddered, my eyes rolling back in my head. A shiver ran through my body. It was incredible.

“Yes!” I moaned. “Oh, god, yes! I love being a futa!”

“You’re the best,” Fawn cried.

“Love you, Sasha.”

Dad looked over at me, grinning. “You are amazing.”

I beamed at him as the trophy wife’s hot cunt worked out every drop of cum that I had in my girl-nuts. I shuddered, pussy cream running down my thighs. I stretched my back and glanced at the clock. It was approaching noon.

“Who wants to turn South Beach into a fucking paradise?” I asked.

My family, of course, cheered. They always wanted to do what I did. They were great that way.


Athena Pearce

The limousine pulled up at the governor’s mansion. I was jet-lagged but excited. Sasha Ford’s flight from Mildred’s justice ended today. I uncrossed my legs and gripped my crotchless panties tight in my hand. After four days, they were still just as soaked as when I first came in them.

I pushed up my glasses as my driver opened the door. She was a sexy, young woman wearing a tight skirt and bustier top, a tie around her bare throat and dangling between her tits. Her sunglasses gave her that delicious, mysterious vibe that had my cunt clenching.

“Ms. Pearce,” she murmured. “Enjoy.”

“Ms. Pearce,” a man said. He appeared out of the front door of the governor’s mansion, older and balding. “Governor Peterson’s waiting for you.”

“Wonderful,” I said. “It’s Hawke, yes. His chief of staff.”

“I’m afraid so,” he said and chuckled.

I held up my panties and wafted them about his face. He groaned as he fell under my powers. “Lead me to him.”

“Of course, Ms. Pearce,” he said and hurried up the stairs.

I followed after, my heart beating. Sasha Ford was down in Miami. She had to be caught as fast as possible. I passed the stately doors and followed the man through the ornately furnished rooms. It had antique furniture that looked to date back two hundred or more years. Paintings on the walls depicted various events in Florida’s history from the Seminole Indians to the Spanish Conquistadors to the Civil War.

In a sitting room, Governor Peterson rose from a couch. He wore a blue suit and adjusted his tie. He had gray hair, a bald spot in the middle of his head he didn’t bother hiding. He thrust his hand forward as I approached him.

“Ms. Pearce, I am delighted to talk to you about the opportunities Florida can provide for a…” His words trailed off as he felt the panties I pressed into his proffered hand.

He stared at them. His brow furrowed. Then his nostrils twitched. He brought them to his face and breathed in deeply of my controlling musk. I smiled as he fell under my spell. I snagged the panties from him.

“There are four people I needed apprehended immediately,” I said. “Minako has the files. They must be brought to me alive as soon as possible. They’re in Miami. I want my panties delivered to the state troopers sent to arrest them. They must all smell them before they head south.”

“Of course, Ms. Pearce,” he said. “Hawke, get Captain Donovan in here. I want his best team here within the hour to be briefed.”

I smiled. “Now, you have a daughter who is eighteen, yes?”

“I do,” he said.

“Is she home? I could use some tight, barely legal cunt on my dick.” I smiled. “And if you get me Sasha Ford before the day is out, you can fuck her, too. How does that sound?”

“Like I need to get my daughter,” he said with a big grin.

My futa-cock throbbed so hard. I leaned back in the chair, so thrilled that I could make all of Mildred’s dreams come true.


Sasha Ford

I stared out at the infamous South Beach, my futa-dick throbbing in my bikini bottoms. I wanted to start fucking all the hardbody beach babes. Just pounding them out on the sand. In the surf. I wanted them howling on my dick.

But there were some changes that had to be made. “Dad,” I said. “We need every other guy and ugly chick off the beach. I want only the hot ones. Naked and covered in tanning oil. Can you do that for me?”

“Of course I can,” he said and grabbed my boy shorts from my hands. Four days later, and they were still soaked in all my juices.

“Whores, set us up over there,” I said, pointing to the middle of the beach.

“Yes, Miss Sasha,” Mrs. Duval said. She and her daughter started carrying out the chaise lounges to unfold for us. I smiled. Dad was moving around the beach, a strong man putting everyone he came across under mind control. A stream of men and women who weren’t hot and sexy flowed by me. They all smiled at me, staring at me with such worship in their eyes.

Girls left their hotter friends behind, mothers their sexy daughters, and husbands their hot wives. My dick throbbed in my bikini bottom as Dad moved out along the beach. He was so efficient, sweeping the panties before their noses and then giving them orders.

Already, women were clustering around us. They unfurled their towels, stripped naked, and oiled their tits and asses. They began sunning themselves. Many had light patches on their perky boobs and curvy rumps. They needed to get rid of all those tan lines.

“Aren’t they hot?” I asked Mom and Fawn.

“God, yes,” my younger sister said. “Oh, you, I’ll help put that cream on those big mommy-tits.”

My sister went right for a MILF with big tits. She had a curvy body, mature but still hot. I trusted my dad’s eye for women. Fawn fell to her knees, took the tanning lotion, and then rubbed it on the women’s tits. The MILF gasped in shock.

“Relax,” I said. “Fawn can do whatever she wants to you.”

“Of course she can,” the MILF said, relaxing.

With a squeal of delight, my sister buried her face into those big and lush titties. She rubbed her head back and forth, moaning the entire time. I smiled in amusement at the wicked sounds my sister made. My cunt clenched in delight and my futa-cock throbbed.

“What about you, Mom?” I asked, nudging into her hip. “See anything you like?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, I do.” She fell to her knees before me and yanked down my bikini bottoms.

I groaned in delight as my futa-cock popped out before her. Mom licked the tip with hunger. A shiver ran down my cock to my cunt. I loved my mother’s enthusiasm to suck my dick. Her lips smooched all over it. This wasn’t what I meant, but I wasn’t going to complain.

I loved getting a Mommy blowjob.

Mom’s warm mouth slid over my cock. The heat of it rushed through my body. My pussy clenched as she polished my knob right then and there. She worked her mouth up and down my dick. This wonderful heat surged to my pussy. My cunt clenched, juices soaking my bush.

I popped off my top, freeing my small breasts to the kiss of the sun. It was time to get tan. Be a sexy, hardbody myself. A hard-futa-body just nailing girls on the beach with Dad. I smiled, savoring the life my family and I would have.

“That’s it, Mom,” I groaned, gripping her red hair. I clutched a fistful as she worked her lips down my shaft. Then she slid back up it. The heat rushed through my body. My pussy clenched at the delight rushing through me. “Ooh, that’s it. You know what you’re doing.”

She winked up at me.

“Yeah, you’re a good cock-sucker.”

“Have fun,” a guy said as he jogged by to exit the beach.

“You, too,” I said. “I’ll make sure I’ll nail your girlfriend and send her home with my cum dripping out of her snatch.”

He flashed me a thumbs up. “Awesome!”

I threw back my head and laughed my delight. My panties were amazing. They were the greatest thing in the world. I loved them so much. The power they gave. The freedom to get a blowjob from my mother on South Beach.

I stared out at Biscayne Bay, the surf washing up on the sand. I smiled at how clear that water was. How warm. How amazing this place was. Florida was always the place were crazy shit happened. It was time for me to make my mark.

I gripped the sides of my mother’s head and thrust my cock forward.

I slammed to the back of her throat, moaning, “That’s it, Mommy-slut. Mmm, you want to guzzle down all that cum, don’t you?”

She groaned around my dick.

“Yeah, you do.”

I pumped my hips, reveling in the heat of my mother’s mouth bobbing up and down my cock. She slid her lips down my shaft then sucked back up. My toes curled into the warm sand. My pussy clenched. Juices ran down my thighs.

This wonderful heat rushed through my body. My dick throbbed in her mouth. She nursed with all the passion that a girl could want to have on her futa-cock. My balls tightened. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I moaned as I pumped away at her mouth.

Mom’s hand cupped my pussy. She thrust a pair of digits into my twat. I shuddered in delight. My eyes opened wide. This amazing passion surged through me. I groaned at the feeling of my dick throbbing in her mouth as she fingered my twat.

“That’s it,” I panted. “Ooh, that’s it. Just suck on my dick and plunder my pussy. Yeah, you like my cunt squeezing down around your digits.”

Mom winked again and sucked hard. Her fingers curled.

“Dirty mom, you’re searching for my G-spot!” I groaned as her fingers slid along the top of my pussy. Her motherly touch knew just how to stroke me.

She found it.

I gasped and jump. My cock throbbed in her mouth. My head swayed from side to side. My orgasm built and built. My heart beat so loud, thudding to the distant thwop-thwop of a helicopter. My eyes stared out at the bay. The pleasure yachts and speedboats. The bright water.

“Fuck!” I moaned, pleasure bursting from my G-spot. My balls tightened. I came closer and closer to erupting. To firing all that spunk into my mother’s mouth. “That’s it, Mom.”

She rubbed harder. My pussy clenched around her digits. She sucked with all that might on my girl-cock. I shuddered and cried out in rapture. My cunt convulsed. Hot jizz fired out of my futa-dick into my mother’s hungry maw.

Mom gulped down my cum.

She swallowed it with greedy hunger. anime porno

“Fuck, yes!” I gasped, my eyes falling on all those hot, naked girls that were oiling each other’s bodies up. They were just so delicious to watch as I pumped my cum into my mother’s mouth.

The pleasure slammed into my mind. It burst from my cock and surged from my pussy. My balls emptied themselves. My flexing toes dug into the sand. I groaned, my body swaying. I loved it. I hit that peak of bliss.

Hovered there.

A girl gasped as Dad rammed his cock into her. The heat surged through me. It was time to have fun. So many girls that needed to be fucked by my futa-dick. How many could I get done today? I smiled. How many would I bring home to our new mansion?


Athena Pearce

“That’s it, honey,” the Governor of the State of Florida groaned as his naked daughter lowered her pussy to my cock. Eighteen and gorgeous. Slender, her brown hair falling down about her face. She had light-brown skin—her mother was Hispanic—and plump lips.

“That’s it, Esmeralda,” I cooed. “You’re going to pop that cherry while your dad jerks off.”

“Yes, yes, pop her cherry,” the governor groaned, his hand fisting his dick. “Take my baby girl’s cherry and make a woman out of her. I want to fuck her.”

“You hear that, honey, if your daddy makes me happy, you’ll get to fuck him. Don’t you want to do that?” I asked her.

“Do you want me to fuck him, Ms. Pearce?” she asked.

“Yes,” I told her. “Now pop that cherry on my dick.”

“Yes!” she squealed and impaled herself down my cock.

That sexy girl didn’t hold back. She slammed her cunt down on my girl-cock. I groaned. My toes curled. Then her cherry popped and her pussy slid down and down my cock. My body shuddered. Pleasure rushed through me.

She gasped out as her pussy impaled down my cock. She bucked, this look of shock crossing her face. She panted, her expression scrunching up. Her cunt squeezed about me. That untouched twat felt amazing about my dick.

A virgin. What a delight to finally deflower one.

“I can’t believe I did that!” she gasped.

“You’re a woman now, Esmeralda,” her father groaned. “I’m going to fuck you so hard. You’re going to squeal on my cock. But first, you have to make Ms. Pearce cum.”

“Yes, you do,” I purred. “Come on, you can do it.”

The girl nodded. She squeezed her twat around me. Then she slid her pussy up my cock. I groaned at the heat of her snatch gripping me. That wonderful cunt held my futa-dick tight. My balls tightened and my pussy grew hotter and hotter.

My assistants made out on the couch. I ordered Minako and Virginia to love each other. Now they were so happy to play with each other when I was busy. They had fingers in each other’s cunts and moaned as they worked them in and out.

Just the way Esmeralda worked my dick in and out of her cunt with her flexing thighs. The girl squealed as she rode me. She slid up and then plunged down my futa-cock over and over again. I groaned at the delight.

“Your daughter is tight!” I groaned. “Mmm, she had a virgin twat that was a treat to deflower.”

“I’m so glad that you broke her in, Ms. Pearce,” he panted, stroking his dick faster and faster.

“I’m going to pump so much cum into her. Might even breed her.”

“Wonderful,” he panted.

“Yes, yes, yes!” gasped the girl. “If that will make you happy, Ms. Pearce, then put a baby in me.”

I grabbed her ass, feeling her rump flexing as she rode my cock. The pressure built in my futa-balls. That load of futa-cum that might breed her. That would be hot. Like Chloe trying to breed every girl at her college, I wanted to knock up every woman. It was such a hot thing to do.

The girl gripped me with her pussy. She clung to me, that delicious twat working up and down my cock. It was amazing to experience. This wonderful bliss surged through me. I groaned, the ache swelling at the tip of my cock.

“That’s it,” I moaned. “Work that cunt. I want to feel it spasming around me. I want your naughty cunt just writhing around my girl-dick.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, Ms. Pearce, I want that, too. I want your cum firing into me. It’ll feel so good flooding me.”

“Yes, it will,” I panted. “Mmm, just keep riding me. Keep working that cunt up and down my futa-dick.”

“Make her cum,” moaned her father. “Make Ms. Pearce cum, Esmeralda, honey. We have to make her happy.”

“I will, Daddy!” She slammed her cunt down me. “She’s making me feel so happy. I love her cock in me. Ooh, fucking is so much fun. Better than masturbating.”

“Yes, it is,” I groaned. “Now work that cunt. I’m getting so close to cumming.” My fingers squeezed on her ass.

“Me, too!” she squealed.

The girl worked that pussy up and down my dick while her father groaned in the background. The slap of his hand into his crotch as he fisted his cock to his virgin daughter riding my futa-shaft mixed with the girl’s gasps and moans. She squeezed her snatch around me.

That hot, tight cunt was bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. That wonderful burst of frothy jizz that would fire from my futa-dick when my climax exploded in me. I groaned, loving every second of her tight, young cunt riding me.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I moaned, the heat rushing through me. “That’s incredible. Oh, yes, work that cunt.”

“Yes, yes, make her cum!” whimpered her father. The governor fisted himself hard and fast.

“I am, Daddy!” Esmeralda moaned. Her pussy clenched tight about me. “Oh, this dick is… is… amazing!”

Her snatch went wild about my dick. She slammed down my cock, taking every inch of my shaft in her twat. I groaned at that. The pleasure throbbed up my dick. My toes curled as her hungry snatch sucked at my futa-cock.

My balls tightened. They boiled over.

Hot cum erupted into her pussy.

“Oh, god, yes!” I gasped. “I’m flooding your daughter’s cunt, Governor Peterson!”

“Yes, Ms. Pearce!” he howled. “Oh, god, yes!”

I caught a glimpse of his cum firing from his dick while his daughter’s cunt worked out my jizz. My snatch writhed and spasmed, soaking my balls in my pussy cream. My tart scent mixed with the girl’s sweet delight. I shuddered, emptying everything I had into the governor’s daughter.

My pleasure surged towards that wild peak. I hit and hovered there, reveling in her pussy’s grip. My eyes squeezed shut as that amazing bliss blazed across my mind. I groaned, enjoying this heat melting through me.

“Oh, that’s amazing, Ms. Pearce,” the girl moaned as her tight, hot pussy clenched about me.

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. “Damn, that’s good.”


A knock at the door. “Ms. Pearce,” Hawke said, “the team has arrived at the home and are about to make their entry.”

I smiled.

But ten minutes later, Hawke returned to report, “The house is empty. Their stuff is there but not them.”

“No,” groaned the governor while his daughter sucked on my cock. He stared at her ass, wanting to fuck her. “They have to be somewhere.”

I closed my eyes. Where would a horny futa go in the middle of the day in Miami? I smiled. “Send the team to South Beach. She’s fucking all those hotties on the beach. That’s what I would be doing if I were her”

“You heard her,” panted Governor Peterson. “You have to find this girl. She needs to be found right away. It’s important. More important than anything.”


Sasha Ford

“Yes, yes, yes!” moaned the hottie, her asshole clenching about my dick. “That’s amazing. You’re so hard and thick and… and…”

Her words trailed off as the thwop-thwop of the helicopter grew louder and louder. I frowned and looked up to see four of them swooping over the bay and heading right for us. My brow furrowed while my head cocked to the side.

“Are those cop helicopters?” I asked as they came closer. “Oh, great. Five-oh has arrived. Wonderful. Where are my panties?”

The helicopters rushed right for the beach and started to descend for the orgy. I pulled out of the girl’s asshole while sand whipped up from the rotor wash. I gasped as it stung across my naked boy. I winced against it. Anger boiled through me.

“Where are my panties!” I screamed over the roar of the helicopters. I looked around and then spotted my mother waving them.

I rushed over to them as the helicopters settled down. I raised my hand before my face, warding against the howling air. Naked girls were shrieking as their poor, sexy bodies were lashed by the stinging sand that sprayed over them. I marched over, so angry right now.

I snatched the panties from my mother. “Pigs are going to pay!”

“Don’t be too mean to them,” Mom said. She was too kind.

I gripped my boy shorts as the helicopter rotor blades died down. Then men in black Nomex hopped out. I marched right up to the leader of them. He glanced down at something in his hand, a piece of paper that fluttered.

“That’s her!” he shouted. “Sasha Ford, you’re under—”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said, thrusting my panties at his face. “You will—”

He grabbed my arm. The world spun. Then I was on my back. He grabbed my panties from me and planted a boot on my back. I gasped in shock. He held my soaked panties. He had to smell them. Obey me and…

He knew my name.

He was looking for me, not for some orgy on the beach.

Mildred had sent them. She had found me already?

Fear washed through me.

I could only watch in horror as my family was grabbed by the police. My dad got hit in the face. Fawn cried as they pulled her off an oiled MILF. Mom stared at me in shock. She couldn’t believe this was happening. I controlled people.

Then I realized I was crying. Tears spilled down my cheeks. Terror flashed over me. What would Mildred do to me for stealing her panties? I sucked in wild breaths. I hyperventilated. I struggled to breathe as I verged on passing out.

They thrust me in the back of a helicopter and slapped plastic cuffs on my wrists. My family swiftly joined me. We were strapped into seats while the stunned women on the beach could only watch. Cops with guns sat impassively around us. One still had my panties in his grip. The helicopter took off.

We didn’t even get to live the Miami dream for a day.


Athena arap porno Pearce

“They’re fifteen minutes away with them,” said Hawke.

“Yes,” I groaned and erupted into Esmeralda’s mouth. The pleasure surged through me. The release at having served Mildred and completing her wish sent the ecstasy slamming into my mind. I groaned as the pleasure blazed through my thoughts. “Oh, god, yes!”

Esmeralda gulped down my cum. She swallowed it with hunger. She sucked with such passionate gulps. I groaned, loving every bit of it. The heat rushed through me, my pussy convulsing and spasming. Waves of celebratory bliss and jolts of exhilarating euphoria rushed through me.

They all met in my mind. My thoughts boiled.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my body trembling. “Oh, that’s amazing. Mildred!”

The governor’s daughter gulped down all my cum.

I panted on the couch, my body buzzing from all the rapture in the world. My eyes fluttered. I had to call her. I had to let her know that I’d done it. I had to hear her wonderful voice. I smiled, my toes curling from the bliss buzzing through me.

“Governor Peterson,” I said as his daughter slid her mouth off my dick, “enjoy her. Fuck your daughter whenever you want.” I stood up and headed to my assistants.

“Yes!” he groaned.

“Daddy!” the girl squealed as he just pounced on her. He rammed his cock into her and fucked her hard.

“Here you are, Ms. Pearce,” Minako said, handing over my phone. “It’s already ringing.”

I smiled, seeing that she had already called Mildred, the one I loved with all my heart. Mildred might have Kyra for her girlfriend, but I knew I was the futa she cared for the most. I was the one that gave her riches and power.

“Athena,” Mildred said, the only one permitted to use my name. Just hearing her speak it almost made me cum again.

“I have them,” I moaned. “We’ll be returning soon. It’ll be very late, but I’m bringing Sasha Ford and her panties back.”

“Good,” Mildred purred. “Mmm, I have to go. I have a virgin to deflower. Apparently, Chloe missed one at her college. She had been sick the day she took over. When she returned today, she’d found things quite a bit different.”

“Enjoy,” I said. “I had the privilege of deflowering the governor of Florida’s daughter.”

Mildred laughed. “Wonderful.”


Sasha Ford

The trip was harrowing.

Athena Pearce met us at the governor’s mansion. I didn’t even know who she was, but she was clearly one of Mildred’s futas. I should have stolen the other two pairs of panties, too, but I had just been thinking short term that day.

Not Mildred. She was getting the police under her power. Governors. I was such an idiot. I thought I could hide in Miami, or at the least take it over. They found me so fast. They must have been following us across the country.

“Mildred is soooo eager to see you, thief,” Ms. Pearce said with such malice in her voice.

I couldn’t help but swallow.

Soon after, we were packed onto a private jet, watched over by the Miami Police. My family was all scared, especially Fawn. Dad tried to keep up a brave face, but I could see the dread in the corners of his eyes and the paleness of his cheeks. He kept trying to demand to know what was happening. To let us go. Give us a lawyer.

I knew it was hopeless. Athena Pearce, who had everyone mind-controlled on the plane, just watched me with this wicked, even sinister grin. She was completely under Mildred’s power, willing to do anything to make the futa I’d stolen from happy.


Terror gripped me. I had grown so used to all the power I had. The ability to waft my panties in front of someone and put them under my spell. Now my panties were being toyed with by Athena. She stroked them with her hands, inhaling them and then laughing as they didn’t affect her.

God, she was a bitch.

I fell into a malaise of fear as we flew across America. I lay on the cabin floor listless. It all passed in a blur by the end. I was so exhausted. I just wanted this to be over with. I wanted it all to end while my imagination conjured so many terrible acts.

Whipped. Flogged. Beaten. Even killed. They all danced through my mind. I was so scared for myself, for my dad and sister, even for my mother. I didn’t want them to be hurt. This was all supposed to be fun.

Why couldn’t it still be fun?

As the plane descended, I snapped awake. My stomach sank. I could feel us descending down and down to our fate. Athena Pearce had such a huge smile on her face as she stared at me being hauled up by the police and stuffed into the chair.

The plane touched down safely. Was it too much to have a fiery wreck that could put me out of my misery and take the hateful Athena Pearce with me? Nope.

The doors opened. The stairs were wheeled up. Then I was descending down them to meet my fate. Mildred Dean waited for me at the bottom wearing a minx coat of silvery gray and nothing else. It was dark. We were landing in the middle of the night. She stood like a queen, her back straight, her dick thrusting out hard before her.

She was attended by another woman in another fur-coat, a normal woman. Two more women had thick collars around their necks and were naked, kneeling beside them. I swallowed as I was marched down to my fate.

“Sasha, Sasha, Sasha,” Mildred said, staring at me. “I’ve thought a lot about what I would do to you when I caught you. I was so angry. I wanted to spank you. To whip your ass red. You so infuriated me.”

“Let’s just get this over with,” I muttered. “Do what you want to me! I want it done, okay? Just don’t hurt my family. They didn’t have any choice.”

“I’m not cruel,” she said. “I’m not a tyrant. I figured out just the perfect punishment for you. Athena.”

“Here, Mildred,” Athena moaned. She rushed up with the panties, a look of ecstatic worship on her face. She thrust them out before her.

Mildred took them. She breathed in my musk, a smile crossing the brunette woman’s face. For a moment, I hoped she would fall under my power. She had never been mind-controlled by anyone. But that wasn’t how it worked. Chloe Quick’s panties had proven that on me.

Mildred then threw the panties into a portable barbecue. I blinked as I saw my flannel boy shorts lying on the bed of charcoal briquettes. One of the women, eighteen and with both her tits pierced, grabbed a bottle of lighter fluid and squirted it on my panties and the charcoal.

“NOOOOOOO!” I shouted as the other slave, who had dark-red hair cut in a pixyish bob, touched a wand lighter to the coals.


Flame shot out the end and caught the lighter fluid on fire. It burned to my panties in three seconds. Drenched in the flammable liquid, they went up. My knees buckled. Tears spilled down my cheeks as I watched the font of my power blazing away. I shook my head, my head swaying from the shock of this. I couldn’t control anyone ever again.

“Let them go,” Mildred said. She pointed to a car. A minivan. “There’s clothes, three thousand dollars, and a full tank of gas. Enjoy your life, Sasha.”

Mildred whirled around and marched off, Athena Pearce on one side of her and the woman in the fur coat on the other side. The two slaves in their collars rose and followed after while black smoke rose from my panties, filling the air with a sweet, charcoal musk.

I wept for a long, long time.

My sister hugged me. Then so did my mother. They held me as I sobbed. My sister’s hand fell on my cock. She stroked me. They still were under my powers? They still loved me? Mom rocked me. She made soothing sounds.

If my family was still under my power. Which meant all those women were, the Duval’s still were. There was hope. I couldn’t make anyone new, but I had those I had already controlled. They would worship me.

It was something.

My mouth tasting bitter, I rose with my family. “Let’s go home,” I said. “Back to Miami.”

I had paid the price for my theft. I had enjoyed those panties thoroughly. I had. I should have been smarter, though. I could see it now and knew what Mildred planned. She would use those panties to put more and more people in power under her domination. She would rise and rise, make herself a futa-queen.

I could have done that but I was an idiot left with next to nothing. I would have to be content with what scraps she left me.

At least I had my family. We would be together. I took in a deep breath and tried to smile. At least for them, I would be happy. I would fake it until I found it. Take joy in what little I had. That had to be enough.


Mildred Dean

“I am glad that is done,” I said as we drove away in the limousine.

“I think you should have done more to her, Mildred,” Athena said. She looked tired. She had been pushing herself so hard.

“No, no, this was the best. I can’t be a tyrant. She won’t get to make any more slaves. She’ll get to keep what she’s already claimed, which sounds like a large swath of those who go to South Beach. There’s a whole candlelight vigil there being led by someone named Tamara Duval.” I smiled at Athena. “You did well. What do you want.”

“Your love,” she said, licking her lips.

“Mmm, then slip to your knees and suck my cock,” I told her.

“Yes, yes, just suck on Mildred’s cock, Athena,” Kyra, the woman I loved and who was snuggled up to me, said.

“Thank you!” moaned Athena. My former boss needed nothing else. She worshiped me. I loved it. I closed my eyes as her mouth engulfed the tip of my dick. I sank into the pleasure and enjoyed every bit of her sucking.

How long until I could rule the US as its queen? Before I could rule the world? Maybe never. But with four pairs of mind-controlling panties, I could do a lot. I would let Chloe have her school year. She had such plans for her fellow students. That contest of hers sounded naughty.

But then I would put her to work. Her and Verónica Escamilla. In the meantime, I would have so much fun.

I was so glad that P had given me those panties. I don’t know why he had, but I would enjoy them to the fullest for as long as I had them.


The figure smiled.

This game had been a fun one, but it was coming to an end. The figure would stay in this reality for a little bit longer before moving to the next. There were so many to play in. An infinite number of universes for it to explore.

Maybe in the next one, it would give out belts.

To be continued…

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