The Highschooler



The High Schooler
Chapter one

Another day…Fuck… It is not like I’m not good at school because i am, straight A student, parents pride, kid of the year…screw all of it! I was to fucking smart, I was trapped by it. I walked in a cloud of nothing all day nothing really mattered.. i absorbed and gave back all information passed my way, but did not feel anything acting and most of the time just sat there wishing i was in collage or something.
“i need something to numb my mind again. I have learned guitar and played in a band, that was good at the time but now I’m finished with that…nothing i haven’t already thought of really.” i thought to myself during third period. It wasn’t that hard for me i was on the soccer team the football team and the basketball team. I had my assignments done the night i got them had most of the weeks done actual. I was board. And had to piss.
“Miss Jakline, yeah i got to go. So ill be back before the bell goes off.” i didn’t wait for the response i knew she would be, ” go ahead”, then i would leave. I just skipped a step is all. The halls were empty as i walk all i could think was what i would not do to give myself something to do to occupy my time. I entered the men’s room and stood in front of the urinal i was frustrated and it took a long time to start pissing mainly because i was so upset. I know poor rokettube me. You have it so good I can hear some of you say, well life without a little challenge is fucking boring. It takes no mind stimulation, I hate it.
I noticed a sound coming from down the other end of the bathroom. Anthony and his girlfriend were fucking in plain sight. He was clothed with his fly open enough to let out his cock. She had her shirt off and her bra was on the floor letting her breast flap back and forth with her master’s pounding. Her breasts were not pride worthy but they were very nice, nipples puffy and a rose coloring. She still had her short skirt on and her white cotton panties apparently soaked to the core were pulled to the side so as to allow his cock to enter her.. He had a strong rhythm going with a very demanding performance, she was whimpering in both pain and pleasure with each thrust. I was finished pissing but had not moved, he slowed his speed a little and had begun to stroke her breasts messaging each in turn playing other emotions to make her climax sooner. She was now uttering a full moan and had her eyes were shut enjoying the feeling. I had begun to grow noticeably and was unsure what to do, i did not want to be seen but st the same time i was enjoying the sight, then he looked over in my direction. I quickly looked away, but it was to late for that. I had just moved asyalı porno to the sinks and washed my hands when he spoke up.
“Hey Buddy, Get over here!” he said pulling out and walking closer to me. Great now he is going to be a dick and try to beat me up..i really hate confrontation.
“Yeah? What u want?” i said back across the room. I could and would easily break any number of bones in this guys body if i wanted. But to my surprise he did not want to fight.
“You want to ride her with me?” he said and looked back at her. I was astounded with his question. He apparently was open to giving her treats to keep her near him, or something. I honesty was not really comfortable with the idea but it was better then trigonometry which was so easy and stupid a form of math. I walk closer to her she was a little nervous but a lot hornier so I reached down and put my fingertips in her passage. She was warm and wet. And hugged my fingers. Her vagina’s lips kissed and caressed my knuckles as i pulled out and look to her boyfriend.. he gave a node and i was ready to go. I pulled out my dick which was i thought normal
sized. Bigger then my friend here but i knew smaller then others. I pushed in and felt hot. All over my body she had just reached a mini orgasm and i was going to give her more. I began to set up a light rhythm, and she began to rock azeri porno her hips back into me. She moaned and reached for his cock which was limper but still twitching. She hungrily began to eat it.. sucking viciously.
She began to wine, and i knew she was close because her sucking became more intense. Her rocking back and forth was now random. Then with a muffled shriek she came, her juices ran down my shaft as i slowly pulled out. She was finish but i wasn’t and i didn’t know what next.
“Stick it in me, come in side me fuck me hard!” she said with both lust and pleading in her voice. So i pushed in and pounded violently against her beautiful ass. She came again and then again almost collapsing on the last one. I lifted her and flipped her so she was hanging on my neck and i pounded ever harder. Then i felt it as i thrust deep inside her and i came furiously three separate loads. She was breathing deeply as i set her on the bench. My jeans were wet with her cum and I just so happened to have a pair of pants, so I changed my jeans, which were covered in her sweet cum. She walked shyly up to me asked for my number in a whisper. I had no want of a girlfriend so i said instead that she should thank her boyfriend that he had planed this whole thing as a surprise for her. Lies or not she went and kissed him hard and gave him a tweak on his relaxing junk and left. I stood there and washed my hands again. I had ten more minutes of trigonometry and that was going to be boring already did it all. Maybe ill make this into a hobby. Now that is an idea i could think of..

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