The Knight and the Acolyte Book 10, Chapter 7: Breeding the Acolyte

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The Knight and the Acolyte
Book Ten: The Flaming Woman
Chapter Seven: Breeding the Acolyte
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Knave Angela – The Altar of Souls, The Princedoms of Zeutch

“Pater’s cock,” I breathed staring at my own dick.

I had a dick.

It had sprouted from my clit the same way Xera’s or Lady Delilah’s would. It was huge, a fleshy shaft throbbing against my stomach, the tip spongy and dark-red with excitement, the slit leaking clear precum that dribbled down to my belly. My pussy clenched about Lady Delilah’s girl-dick, the demigoddess over me, her breasts still heaving, flaming hair spilling about her shoulders, her face flushed with triumph.

“You have a cock, my Queen,” Sophia moaned, her head peering around Lady Delilah’s body, her lips sticky with our pussy juices. “Your clit turned into a cock.”

“As I promised,” Lady Delilah moaned. “A cock fit for the queen who rules the known world. The first human hermaphrodite.”

“Saphique’s feminine love,” Sophia breathed, her green eyes still wide. She moved around Lady Delilah, grasping my dick in her hand, stroking it. The lesbian acolyte stared at my girl-cock with such hunger, her small breasts jiggling. “You’re going to breed me, my Queen. I’ll bear your princesses.”

I shivered as her thumb slid across the crown of my cock. I had the sword. The birthright of my ancestor. And now a cock. Only men were fit to rule, in the image of our Holy Father, the god Pater. He ruled in Heaven, so men, the fathers of their nations, should rule upon the earth. Only in countries dominated by the freakish offsprings of the God Lust, beings with only one sex to their race, allowed females to rule. The degenerate Empire of Shizhuth to the east, the aberrant Queendom of Naith to the south.

But now…

I shivered as Sophia brought her finger to her lips, coated in my precum. She sucked it, eyes rolling back into my head. She was my concubine. She wanted me to be queen, to bear my children. I could have children with Sophia.

“Yes,” Lady Delilah purred, her cock withdrawing from my pussy. The sweet friction shot pleasure right to the tip of my cock. I groaned, the throbbing pressure aching. It was so immediate, so demanding that I satiate this turgid shaft, to relieve it and let it soften again by cumming. “You understand.”

“I guess,” I groaned. Lady Delilah wanted this, too. The surviving wife of my ancestor. And maybe my own wife… I squeezed my eyes shut. I needed to focus on my quest.

Kill the dragon Dominari and then…

What? Become High Queen of Hamilten just because I have the sword? It had power. That was undeniable. But to conquer the entire continent? To subdue the Princedoms of Zeutch, the Magery of Thosi, and the Kingdoms of Secare, Thlin, Valya, and Althos would take armies. And I’d have to conquer the free cities of the League of Seven, the city-states around the Nimborgoth. Even the orcs bent the knee to my ancestor, the dwarves gave tribute to him, and the elves signed treaties.

“You taste wonderful, my Queen,” Sophia moaned, her fingers popping out of her mouth and bringing me back to reality.

It was too much. I didn’t need to face that decision. I still had to survive Dominari. We were on the edge of the Desolation, near her lair. It could wait until after that and…

“Sophia,” I groaned as her hand stroked my cock, my dick throbbing. I had this wonderful gift to explore. My pussy clenched, Lady Delilah’s cum leaking out of my depths.

Licking her lips, Sophia purred, “Let me love you, my Queen. Worship you.”

“Yes,” I breathed.

She leaned down, her soft-brown hair spilling about her face. I groaned as she brought the tip of my dick to her descending lips. Her tongue flicked out. Pleasure coursed along my shaft. The merest brush of her tongue and her hard tongue stud sent pleasure sparking through me. My body convulsed. My pussy clenched. Such heat shot through me.

It was amazing. My pussy dripped with excitement. Tongue slid and swirled around my cock, the hard point of her tongue stud contrasting with the softer organ. My back arched. It was so incredible. There was so much sensation concentrated at the crown of my dick. Her mouth opened wide, sucking on it, engulfing the tip, her cheeks hollowing as she worshiped me.

My pussy clenched. “Sophia! You sweet, wonderful creature.”

Lady Delilah leaned on her side beside me, her breasts pillowing together, a soft smile on her lips. “Enjoy her,” she purred. “Breed her. Start a new dynasty. This time, Slata won’t triumph. She won’t destroy everything. Not with Saphique as our patron.”

“Yes,” I moaned, not caring what she said as my acolyte bobbed her mouth, sucking so hard on my dick.

My pussy clenched over and over. Every time she sucked, pleasure shot down my shaft right to my wet cunt. More and more jizz leaked out of me as I squirmed. It was incredible. Her hand stroked the base. And her other hand found my pussy.

I groaned as she stroked up and down my wet lips before sliding into my cum-filled depths. She pumped in and out. Her green eyes found mine, staring at me with such worship as she sucked and stroked and fingered me.

She was wonderful. Amazing. I loved her so much. These six months were worth it just for her. My disgrace, the fear, the pain. Worth it to have this loving woman. My submissive slave. I reached down, stroking through her brown hair as the pleasure built and built.

“That’s it,” I groaned. “You’re just a slut for my big cock now. Mmm, my slave loves my new dick. She wants my cum spurting into her mouth. Into her cunt. She wants to be bred.”

Sophia moaned about my dick. Her eyes fluttered, her cheeks hollowed as she sucked harder. Her fingers wiggled deeper into my pussy. She fucked them in and out of me, driving me wild. My pussy clenched about her digits, my body shivering, shaking, my hips thrusting up into her mouth, sliding my cock in and out of her warm depths.

Everything brought me closer and closer to exploding. A pressure built in my pussy’s depths. Her fingers caressed me in all the wonderful spots she knew so well. They wiggled and stroked while her tongue swirled and caressed. The tip of my dick throbbed as the round end of her tongue stud pressed into it, teasing me.

“Cum in her mouth,” moaned Lady Delilah, her eyes bright with passion. “Flood her. Enjoy your gift from Matar.”

“I am,” I groaned, my hips fucking up into my slave’s mouth. My lover’s hungry mouth. My pussy clenched on her fingers. The friction joined with her powerful suction. The pressure needed to explode out of me. “Pater’s cock!”

My body heaved. The pressure released. Cum flooded my acolyte’s mouth.

She moaned about my dick. She drank down my cum in mighty gulps. Her entire body shivered. She swallowed over and over. My cum poured down her throat. Her fingers plunged over and over into my spasming pussy, sending flutters of bliss through me.

“Yes! Gods, yes!” I panted as the rapture poured through me.

My body heaved with every blast. It was so different cumming with a cock than a pussy. The passion was immediate. The pleasure fired through my body. It didn’t ripple through me. It didn’t carry me on waves to new heights, it thrust me to them. I reached the peaks in moments, hung there, and then crashed into the gentler bliss washing out of my spasming pussy, mixing the two different climaxes.

“Mmm, yes,” Lady Delilah moaned, her hand lazily stroking her hard cock. “Now take her. Breed her. Give her what she truly wants.”

Sophia’s mouth popped off my cock. It was so sexy seeing the white stains of my jizz coating her lips, the glossy passion in her eyes. She pulled her fingers out of my pussy, bringing them to her hungry lips, sucking off the mix of my pussy cream and Delilah’s girl-cum.

“My Queen,” moaned Sophia after popping her fingers out of her mouth. “That was delicious. Ooh, I love girl-cum. It’s so amazing. Saphique has the right idea. This is what her followers need. Our daughters will rule the world and change the church.”

“Yes,” I moaned, caught up in the euphoria of my orgasm. My dick throbbed, still hard. I had to breed my concubine.

I moved, seizing Sophia. I wasn’t gentle as I pushed her down to the bedding, mounting her, too eager to fuck her to care about giving her any pleasure. She submitted to my lusts, her legs spreading, greedy hands grabbing my cock, guiding me to her pussy. She knew what I needed.

“Fuck me, my Queen,” she begged, pressing the crown of my dick against her fertile pussy.

“Yes!” I growled and thrust into my first cunt ever with my girl-dick.

My eyes widened at the rapture that greeted me. Her mouth had been wonderful, but her pussy…indescribable. Hot, wet, silky heat engulfed my cock. It slid against my sensitive crown and throbbing shaft. I drove deeper and deeper, her flesh clenching about my cock as she welcomed me into her depths.

The cutest moans escaped her lips. Her face contorted in pleasure as our breasts met. My large tits pressed into her small breasts. I had fucked her like this so many times with her dildo strapped to my waist. But this… This was so much better. So much more intimate. I was in her, united with her. I stared into her eyes, watching the pleasure my body gave her and not just the stone toy I wielded.

“My Queen,” she moaned, her body throaty with bliss as her thighs locked about my waist, her hips humping to meet my slow thrusts. “Yes, yes, breed me. Use me. I’m yours. Always yours.”

“Mine,” I groaned, savoring the word, savoring my ownership of her. It was such a precious gift to own someone, to receive their absolute surrender and trust. “Always mine.”

I wanted to pound her, to fuck her hard and cum in her depths, and yet I couldn’t. I wanted to take it slow, to make love to her. We were doing something more than fucking, we were about to create a new life together. So I savored the slow glide of my cock against her pussy, drinking in the rapture rushing down my cock to my wet pussy.

I kissed her. I claimed her lips and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She locked her arms around my neck, holding me, meeting my tongue with hers. Her tongue stud caressed me, that hard point that always felt amazing on my body.

Our nipples kissed and caressed. Our skin pressed tight, sliding past each other the same way her pussy slid past my dick. My ass clenched with every thrust, driving into her pussy. Juices leaked out of my cunt. They stained my thighs and had to dribble down my cock to mix with hers.

And the heat of her pussy… Magnificent.

My dick throbbed as I pumped away. Slowly, I moved faster and faster, Sophia matching the rhythm. We worked towards a common goal, xnxx heaving and groaning, eager to have our release, to share our essence. My girl-seed fertilizing her pussy.

“My Queen,” Sophia gasped, breaking our kiss, her eyes fluttering. “Oh, yes, my Queen. Breed me.”

“Yes,” I groaned, staring into her eyes. “I will. I am. You’re going to bear my daughters.”

“Yes!” Her pussy clenched so hard about my dick, writhing and shuddering as she spasmed beneath me. “I am!”

I groaned, realizing I made her cum. She didn’t ask for permission and I wasn’t angry. Not right now. This was too exciting. To magical. I drove into her spasming depths. It was heaven feeling her flesh convulse on my dick, hungry for my seed.

My pussy clenched. The pressure built again and again. I felt Lady Delilah’s eyes watching us. She stroked her cock faster, her breasts heaving as she licked her lips. She was eager for this moment. For me to breed her.

“Do it,” Lady Delilah whispered.

“Please, my Queen,” Sophia howled, her arms so tight about my neck, pulling me against her body. My breasts rubbed on hers, my nipples drinking in the silk of her small tits, brushing her hard nubs. Her tongue stud clacked against her teeth as she thrashed beneath me. “Cum in me!”

“Gods, yes!” I howled, burying my cock into her. “Pater’s cock, yes!”

The spurt of cum was powerful. My body convulsed as the jizz rushed out of the depths of my pussy. My cock throbbed. And then the cum burst into her body. I groaned at the first burst of fecund seed splashing into her fertile depths. I groaned, trembling, the ecstasy shooting and washing through my body as the dual pleasure of my orgasms rippled through me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sophia panted, her green eyes so wide with her excitement. She savored this moment, drinking in the magic of it. “That’s it. Flood me. Cum in me. Breed me.”

“Yes,” I moaned, stars dancing before my eyes.

I kissed Sophia hard, our bodies heaving together. We were both cumming. Her pussy milked my dick, massaging out every blast of cum. Juices flooded out of my cunt. I moaned into her mouth, holding her, savoring her. She was mine. She would be by my side as I…


Flashes of myself standing before armies, the majestic blade of the High King’s sword gripped in my hand, the silvery sword glowing with its power. Sophia and Delilah on either sides of me, wearing the circlets of my consorts, my queens. My other friends with me, my advisors: Faoril in black robes now, earning her spot as a Master Mage because of my decree; Chaun once more a Master Bard and serving in my court. My friends wouldn’t be hunted. They wouldn’t have to live out their lives as fugitives.

I could give them that gift.

And it all begin right now. At this magical moment. I knew I had bred Sophia. I could feel it. My seed had planted into her belly. My daughter came into existence at this magical moment of the union of our flesh.

A united continent. Just like my ancestor had dreamed.

I broke the kiss, staring into Sophia’s eyes. “You’ll be by my side,” I whispered. “Always.”

“My Queen,” she moaned, her pussy clenching. Then she grinned. “And you’re still hard. Want to go again?”

“Absolutely!” I licked my lips, a new hunger seizing me.


Acolyte Sophia

“My Queen,” I moaned as Angela parted my cum-filled pussy lips and buried her face into my sloppy snatch. She licked her own girl-jizz out of my depths. My hands rubbed my belly, trembling with excitement.

She had bred me. I felt it. There was this moment, and I just knew she had bred me. Her daughter grew even now inside me. Nine months from now, I would bear the first naturally-born human hermaphrodite. And not the last.

“My Queen, you spoil me,” I moaned as her tongue slid through my pussy. It was amazing. Having a girl-cock in me was better than a dildo. I had learned that from the plant monster in Castle Drakin and from Xera.

And Angela’s cock was even better.

And it was a woman’s cock. I could still love the feminine and have the satisfaction a huge shaft reaming my pussy. I could experience the full breadth of womanhood and carry the child of the woman I loved. I closed my eyes, moaning out Saphique’s name in thanksgiving as I humped against my Queen’s hungry mouth.

Her tongue licked and slid through my folds, driving me wild. I groaned, my clit throbbing as her lips brushed it. Her tongue shoved so deep into my folds, swirling around, drinking my cum that leaked out. My tongue stud clicked against the back of my teeth as I shuddered.

“That was beautiful,” Lady Delilah moaned.

My eyes fluttered open. The hermaphroditic demigoddess sat up beside me, kneeling, her cock thrust right at my lips. I opened my mouth, not hesitating to suck on another girl-cock. Saphique approved of this. I engulfed the thick tip of her cock, my tongue stud pressing into her spongy flesh as I licked and sucked.

Lady Delilah’s large breasts heaved over me, her fiery hair spilling about her face as her back arched. She moaned, running her hands up and down her sleek stomach while I sucked and bobbed my mouth, giving her the same pleasure our Queen gave me.

“This is amazing,” Angela moaned. “Oh, I taste sooooo good leaking out of you.”

“A treat you can enjoy whenever you will it,” moaned Lady Delilah. “Oh, my dear Angela, I am so proud of you for embracing your destiny.”

Just like the Lesbius Oracle prophesied: the Flaming Woman had changed my Queen’s destiny.

My cheeks hollowed as I sucked, moaning about the cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I pressed my tongue stud into the sensitive flesh, pleasuring her girl-dick just like I would a woman’s pussy and clit. At the same time, I shivered, my body trembling as the pleasure raced through me, Angela’s tongue licking and lapping through my body.

I humped against her, my breasts jiggling. Every swipe of her tongue sent pleasure shuddering through my body. My eyes grew so wide. My back arched. The bliss was incredible. It was amazing. Hot and juicy and making me tremble and ache. I wanted to scream out in rapture, but I couldn’t.

I had a girl-dick in my mouth.

But I moaned. I sucked and moaned and shuddered. My body trembled. This was so exciting. Everything about tonight. The sword was reforged. We would kill the dragon with ease. And then I would help Angela become Queen in truth.

The sphinx back in the Doge’s palace knew. She proclaimed I was a concubine fit for a queen.

Tears burned my eyes as my orgasm exploded through me. My thighs clamped about Angela’s head as I bucked, grinding my hot pussy on her lips. My cunt convulsed, juices flooding out into her hungry tongue. She lapped through my folds as the waves of pleasure washed through my body, carrying me higher and higher into the heights of ecstasy.

Stars fuzzed my vision. I moaned and sucked about Lady Delilah’s cock. My hands rubbed my pregnant belly. Angela’s tongue swiped through my spasming pussy. Teasing delight rippled through me, meeting the ecstasy burning so hot through my body.

“Yes,” Lady Delilah moaned.

Her cock spurted into my mouth. Hot, salty cum flooded me. I gulped it down, loving every moment of it as I spasmed and thrashed. Heat burned through my body. My heart hammered in my chest. It was amazing. The rapture was incredible. It burned so hot through me.

Peaked. I tried to hold onto the heights, but the pleasure grew softer. It buzzed through me as I swallowed the last blast of salty jizz from Lady Delilah. I gulped it down. The cream coated my throat. It made me shudder.

“Sophia,” groaned Angela, lifting her face from my pussy as I orgasmed.

“Thank you, my Queen,” I moaned, shivering as Lady Delilah’s cock retreated from my mouth. “That was amazing.”

“Yes, it was,” purred the hermaphroditic demigoddess. “Mmm, Angela, let’s share her.”

“Share me?” I asked, a grin crossing my lips.

“Double-team her.”

Angela licked her lips, coated in the combined mix of our fluids. “Yes.”

“Double-team me…” My eyes widened. “You mean you’ll both fuck me. One cock in my pussy and the other in my asshole.”

“Oh, yes,” Lady Delilah purred, her hand stroking along my cheek, gathering a line of her cum that head trickled out of my mouth. She held the pearly drop on her finger. “We’ll ravish you.”

“Yes!” I moaned in eager excitement as she sucked the cum into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she savored her own seed.

“You can have her asshole,” Angela grinned. “I want to make sure she’s bred by me.”

“I am,” I moaned, my pussy clenched. “I felt it.”

The lust in Angela’s blue eyes softened. “So did I.” Then it returned, her hand stroking her cock. “But I want to fuck your pussy over and over.”

“Yes, my Queen!” I squealed in delight.

We all moved on the tousled bedding. The air thick with the musk of hot pussy and salty cum. I savored it as they sandwiched me together. Two busty, redheaded hermaphrodites with huge cocks. My body trembled in excitement, my asshole tingling as they brought their cocks to my holes.

I felt so lucky, their pillowy tits pressing into my breasts and back. This would be my life. Angela would claim Lady Delilah. The immortal demigoddess would be Angela’s other consort. She would have two queens just like High King Peter.

It was amazing.

“Fuck me,” I moaned as their cocks pressed on my wet pussy and tingling asshole. “Ravish me.”

“Such an eager consort,” Lady Delilah purred. “Our evenings will be a treat with her, Angela.”

“They always are,” Angela grinned, her blue eyes burning with her desire. “And she’s just aching to be fucked.”

“I am, my Queen,” I moaned, savoring the feel of their two throbbing girl-dicks at my holes. I had been double-fucked by dildos, but I knew this would be better.

Oh, I couldn’t wait to show all the novices, acolytes, and priestesses at the Temple of Pure what their new Queen was packing. Even the Holy Virgin Vivian, the leader of our faith, would swoon to experience a huge girl-dick.

She would finally be proud of me as a servant of Saphique. She wouldn’t be exasperated by my laziness, forced to keep me in the temple because of the sizable donations my mother made to the church.

Gods, I used to be such a brat.

And then Angela and Delilah thrust, driving all those thoughts out of my mind.

“Saphique’s virgin pussy!” I screamed. “Slata’s nasty cunt!”

Two huge, throbbing dicks penetrated me. My pussy embraced Angela’s cock, friction burning through my silky depths. My asshole stretched and stretched around Lady Delilah’s mighty girth. Pain almost burned through my bowels.


But her precum and my spit lubed bakire porno the way as her cock buried into the depths of my asshole. I groaned, shuddering, both my holes clamping down on their huge cocks. I felt them filling me up. They were so deep in me, stuffing me. Pleasure burned hot from both holes, meeting together and mixing inside me as they drew back.

And rammed in again.

“Gods, you got tight, Sophia,” moaned Angela. “She’s stuffed your asshole, hasn’t she?”

“Yes, my Queen,” I moaned. “She’s huge.”

“I can feel you, Angela,” moaned Lady Delilah, her hips thrusting her cock faster and faster. “Oh, yes. This is so wonderful. Like when Peter and I would share Rose.”

My lips beamed. I was like Rose, the High King’s second wife and Angela’s ancestor. Enjoying two cocks in my marital bed. Only mine both belonged to women. So it was even better.

I rocked between them, their girl-cocks driving over and over into my holes, churning me up. I trembled, my orgasm swelling fast. Two dicks stirring me up brought me to my release even faster. I groaned, savoring them pumping away.

They didn’t fuck me with the same rhythm. Their cocks moved at different speeds. For several thrusts they’d bury into me at nearly the same moment, but then grow more and more out of sync. I loved it, savoring the different rates they filled me, my holes clenching onto them as the pressure built and built.

My nipples throbbed against Angela’s pillowy tits. My skin savored their bodies pressed against mine. It was so hot. Their hands stroked me. They moaned as they fucked me, receiving such pleasure from my body while they gave me such ecstasy.

“My Queen,” I moaned, my body aching and trembling. “I’m going to cum!”

“Do it,” Angela hissed, her dick slamming faster and faster into me. “You nasty slut. Cum on our cocks. Milk us. Please us.”

“Yes!” I moaned, savoring my permission.

Their dicks, almost synced up again, buried into my holes. The friction of both their shafts sliding through my wet pussy and burning asshole combined in my core. The swirling sensations detonated my orgasm.

My back arched into Delilah’s pillowy breasts and hard nipples. My pussy and asshole spasmed about their cocks. Rapture surged through me. I moaned and groaned, stars dancing before my eyes as the pleasure swept through my body.

“Slata’s hairy cunt!” I howled as my holes writhed about their thrusting shafts. “Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for using my body!”

“Your body exists to be used by me,” groaned Angela. “By us!”

“Yes,” snarled Lady Delilah, her hips thrusting so hard.

Their girl-dicks kept pumping in and out of me. They kept fucking me, slamming into me, driving me wild. I groaned, my eyes fluttering as the heat washed through me. I drank in the rapture of their cocks fucking me. I savored it as I thrashed between them. My body trembling.

Orgasm after orgasm rocked through my body. I kept thrashing and moaning. They kept fucking me. Pounding me. They rammed their shafts over and over into me. They drove me wild. The pleasure burned so hot through me.

“So good!” I howled. “Gods, this is amazing!”

“Yes!” groaned Angela. “Your pussy is going wild about my cock. Gods, I love having a cock!”

“I love your cock, too!”

Lady Delilah slammed her girl-dick faster and harder into my asshole. Our flesh smacked together as she rammed her dick into my depths. The heat burned hotter, increasing the strength of my orgasms. I rose higher and higher on ecstasy, the pleasure drowning out anything but their cocks sliding through me.

Big, thick clit-dicks fucking me. Pounding me.

Angela’s shaft slid into my spasming pussy. Her girth stretched me open. I groaned every time she buried into me. I shuddered and thrashed, my breasts rubbing against hers as her face contorted with pleasure.

“Cum in me!” I howled over and over.

And they did.

Their dicks rammed into me.

Hot cum spurted into both my pussy and asshole.

I felt every blast splashed against my body. I groaned, drinking it in as I convulsed. My eyes rolled back into my head. My body heaved and bucked between them. Their cum propelled my orgasms to new heights of rapture.

The darkness of ecstasy crashed over me.


Knave Angela

I held Sophia in my arms. She had passed out from our orgasms. Her head lay on my breasts as she trembled. I buzzed with pleasure. Having a cock was amazing. Every orgasm was so intense, an addition to my already amazing climaxes.

Lady Delilah nuzzled up against me. “Mmm, my Queen,” she purred, her voice thick with exhausted pleasure. “You’ll tame me with the sword. Sophia and I will be your concubines.”

I shivered, nodding my head. “I will. I’ll be your Queen. Everyone’s queen.”

I had the sword. It was my birthright. I had the last Queen of Hamilten at my side to give me legitimacy. And I could make the world better. I could unite all of humankind, and together we could exterminate all the monsters plaguing the world. Who lurked in the dark caves, in remote mountains, and ancient forests. My friends would not be hunted.

They would have the lives that they deserved. Lives they had sacrificed to help me slay a dragon.

I was so lucky to have them all in my life. But especially Sophia. She carried my child. And our daughter deserved to have the brightest future possible.



The clouds drifted away before dawn. I sat cross-legged on the edge of the hill, the silvery Altar of Souls behind me, my ears twitching as I watched the horizon grow pink over the jagged Despeir Mountains. They loomed over us, great spears thrust into the sky. We were close. Before me stretched the charred desolation, a land burned over and over by the cruel, rapacious whims of Dominari.

Her lair lurked in those peaks. We could reach them by the end of the day. Perhaps even find the Dragon. This could all be over by nightfall. I would be free to return to the forest, to finally hold my daughter in my arms, cradling her like I cradled the bulb I held against my belly.

I would plant the bulb in the forest like I promised the poor elf twisted into that plant monstrosity by Vebrin. Her daughter, like mine, would grow up happy and loved. Maybe Minx would even fit in. I couldn’t abandon her. And I couldn’t stop her from coming with me either way.

And maybe my wife would understand. Could even come to like Minx like I did. To love her.

And if Atharilesia rejected Minx… Who would I choose?

Minx’s face rose in my mind.

“What are we going to do about Delilah?”

My ears twitched, catching a hushed conversation from one of the tents. Normally, I filtered out my companions’ private conversations. They often forgot how keen my hearing was. But there was concern in Faoril’s voice.

“I don’t know,” Thrak said, his voice sounded groggy. They must have just awaken. “She’s mentioned in the Lesbius Oracle’s prophecy. She’s here to help us. To change Angela’s destiny.”

“Even if she’s lying about what she is?”

My ears twitched at that. Lady Delilah was lying. I rose, turning, my heart racing.

“Chaun and Minx lied about why they joined the party initially,” Thrak said.

“Because of her.” There was urgency in Faoril’s voice. “Delilah recruited them both. She’s secretive. You said yourself, her answers were all too perfect. She’s hiding something.”

“We all hide something.”

I moved to the tent and threw open the flap, startling Thrak and Faoril as they lay in their bedroll. Faoril looked so small compared to the brawny orc. “Xera?” Thrak asked, sitting up, his face appearing strange without all his bone piercings. I never realized he took them out while sleeping. “What is it?”

“What is Lady Delilah?” I asked. “What is she hiding from us?”


Aurora Xandra

I smiled every time I glanced at Angela riding between Sophia and Lady Delilah. The three had emerged so changed from their tent this morning, the trio so close. Something had occurred in there, uniting them.

It was like they were married. And while Luben only married a male to a female, I imagined he still gave his blessing to the trio. It made me smile seeing them hold hands or give each other ribald smiles or share quick kisses.

The sounds of passion from their tent last night had been very inspiring. Chaun had fucked me in a variety of disguises.

Now my heart was so giddy for Angela’s new-found love with Lady Delilah, glad that Sophia was happily apart of it. Our new companion was perfect. I knew we would overcome the dragon. Not even the horrible desolation we rode through wore down my spirits. The land was rough and rugged, folded by the mountains thrust up before us. They loomed larger and larger as we followed the remains of a road that, according to Lady Delilah, led into a mountain pass.

“This was a major trade highway to the lands of the east,” Lady Delilah had said when she led us to it. “Dominari’s lair is in the pass just off the road.”

“She made her lair in the pass?” Faoril had asked then. All morning she and Thrak had been stiff. “How do you know that?”

She kept asking such accusatory questions.

“I made it my business to know everything about Angela’s quest,” the fiery-haired hermaphrodite answered, unperturbed. “You forget, I had a thousand years to delve into all the prophecies. I knew where her road would take her. In Dominari’s lair, Angela shall find her true destiny.”

“You still don’t trust her, Faoril?” Angela asked. “Last night, she shared a great gift with me. She’s here to help us. I believe that. She’s satisfied all my doubts.”

“Yes, she did,” Sophia giggled wickedly.

Faoril glowered at that.

Well, I didn’t blame her. If I’d encountered this horrid Fireeyes and thought Lady Delilah was partly to blame for him, I’d be distrustful, too.

It was only when the road climbed up into the mountains, that nervous fear slowly devoured my giddy exhilaration. After riding all day through land blackened and scorched by the dragon’s fire, we climbed up into the pass. I could see it before us, the shoulders of two mountain peaks sloping together, a space between them. The dragon’s lair was in there.

We’d face her today.


Were we ready? Angela had the sword. It hung at her side in a scabbard prepared by Faoril’s magic, molding a leather saddlebag into a stiff sheath to fit the sword’s long blade. Its golden hilt gleamed even though it was overcast, like the sunlight pierced through the clouds to shine only on it. There was power in the sword.

And my elementals would ward us from heat. We bedava porno had Faoril’s impressive magics, Sophia’s divination spells, and each of us carried several healing potions. Chaun would perform songs of courage to keep fear from weighing down our hearts while Thrak, Minx, and Xera would fight with weapons enchanted by Sophia’s magic.

We were a powerful group. We defeated the Minotaur. We would overcome our last obstacle.

My hand touched my stomach. I knew my egg grew inside me. Chaun had fertilized me. In a few weeks, I would lay our egg in our nest and care for it until our son hatched. He would be born into a world without the dangerous dragon Dominari.

“What skills are you bringing to our fight with the dragon, Lady Delilah?” Faoril asked after we had rode deep into the pass. By now, I was trembling despite all my rationalizations that we would win.

“Right,” Angela said, shaking her head and glancing at her new lover. “We should have discussed this. We have a plan, but you weren’t included.”

“Unless she’s been spying on us and overheard our preparations,” Faoril said, her tone tight.

“I have not,” Lady Delilah answered with a smile. “I kept tabs on you, but I did not spy on you and listen in on your conversations.”

“Well?” Faoril asked, her arms crossed before her, stretching her red robes.

“I am curious,” Thrak grunted, walking up beside his wife.

“We should discuss this,” agreed Chaun. “If we are truly facing the dragon today.”

“We are.” Lady Delilah glanced up at the rocky cliffs over us. “Angela has the sword. Dominari will fall.”

“So we shouldn’t prepare at all?” Thrak asked with a grunt. “We should just let Angela ride in there and kill the dragon all on her own.”

“That monster roasted an entire army,” I gasped, my body trembling. “The sword won’t protect her from the fire, right?”

“Of course we’re going to prepare,” Angela said. “Sophia will enchant Lady Delilah’s sword. She’ll fight with us.”

“Will she?” Faoril asked. “I mean, it sounds like she expects you to do this all on your own, Angela. I know the sword is powerful, but that seems…idiotic. We all can contribute.”

“Of course prepare,” Delilah smiled, her head turning back to face Faoril. “It would be foolish to do anything else.”

“What is going on?” Angela demanded.

“Yes,” Chaun said, glancing at Faoril.

“You’re being very hostile to Lady Delilah,” Sophia said. “She’s Angela’s consort now.”

“I’m not…yet,” Lady Delilah said. “Speak, Faoril. Let us clear the air. You think I am untrustworthy, yes?”

“Because of the amulet?” Angela asked. “Lady Delilah explained that, Faoril. She didn’t send Fireeyes after us. I believe her.”

“No, she wouldn’t need to send Fireeyes after us to kill us,” Faoril agreed, her eyes narrow.

“What?” Angela shook her head. “What are you talking about, Faoril?”

“She’s a dragon,” Faoril said.

Xera nodded her head. “The fifth hermaphrodite race. They possess the element of fire. They were always few in number, Matar’s powers concentrated in them unlike the other four races, where the elemental powers are diluted by our sheer numbers. That power of fire allows them to be mutable, to change like flames which are always dancing. They are the only one of the hermaphroditic races who can control when they have their cocks.”

“Just like Lady Delilah can,” Minx gasp. “That’s how you do it. You’re a dragon.”

“No,” Angela shook her head.

“She can’t be a dragon,” I gasped. “Lady Delilah said she was unique.”

“She said there were none alive like her,” Thrak rumbled. “Beside Dominari, how many other dragons are there known to exist?”

“Well, there’s…” Sophia frowned. “I mean… They’re rare, right. Besides Dominari, they’ve been killed by knights over the years, driving the rest into hiding.”

“Or they’ve been driven extinct,” Faoril said, her voice tight.

“She could be a hermaphroditic demigoddess,” Angela protested. “They exist, right?”

“The devas,” Chaun said, “are born of Henta and Biaute. And the aoi si from a union of Rithi and Henta. And Henta is a hermaphroditic goddess. Matar’s own daughter.”

“Devas and aoi si not unique,” Faoril said. “They’re a race.”

“But surly there’s nothing precluding Matar or Henta or even Illth from mothering a hermaphroditic demigoddess,” Angela said. “So she can’t be…a dragon. That would make her Dominari.”

My stomach twisted. I stared at Lady Delilah. She sat on her warhorse, wearing armor identical to Angela’s, her fiery hair billowing about her head from the cold breeze howling through the pass. She just smiled, not defending herself. It was like she didn’t care that Faoril was accusing her of being the dragon Dominari.

“Why would she help us if she was Dominari?” Angela demanded. “Why would she let us reforge the High King’s sword? Why would she give me her gift last night?”

Sophia nodded her head. “Yes, Faoril, enlighten us on how Lady Delilah being Dominari makes any sense.”

“I said she was a dragon,” Faoril said, her face red. “Thrak agrees with me.”

He grunted, nodding his head, his hand holding his ax.

“I never said she was Dominari,” Faoril continued. “But she claims to be the only living member of her race, and we know Dominari lives. We saw her in all her flaming glory. And since her being a dragon explains everything about her shapechanging powers and why she can control when she has her cock. Well…she’s either lying about being the last member of her race or she is Dominari.”

I shivered at the memory of Dominari falling on the poor soldiers of Prince Gruber, enveloping him in flames.

“Exactly!” Sophia shouted, her face red, contrasting with her white robes. “If she were Dominari, and she knows we’re here to kill her, then why would she recruit us? Why would she help us? That’s idiotic. She’s a demigoddess, like she claims.” Sophia glanced at Lady Delilah. “Right?”

Lady Delilah stared at the acolyte, her face unruffled.

“What are you?” Angela asked, her hand creeping down to her sword. “You haven’t defended yourself one bit.”

“Faoril is correct,” Delilah said. The air rippled around her like heat dancing upon a mirage. “I am the last living member of my race. I am a dragon.”

Angela’s face went ashen. The High King’s sword hissed out of her scabbard. The silver blade shimmered with an aura of white light, a nimbus that surrounded the blade. She leveled it at Lady Delilah.

At the dragon Dominari.

We weren’t ready.

My hand shot to my pouch, fumbling to pull out my totem. My heart hammered in my chest. This couldn’t be happening. Lady Delilah couldn’t be the dragon Dominari. That made no sense. Sophia was right. She wouldn’t help us. Not if we were here to kill her.

I had to get my fire totem out. Because, if she were the dragon, then we were all dead. One fiery breath, and we would all roast. She killed a hundred men with a single exhalation. I shoved my hand into my pouch, trilling whimpers coming from my lips. I wanted to become a bird and fly away. I wanted to flee. To save my unhatched egg.

But I wouldn’t abandon my friends. Chaun.

My sweaty hands dug through my totems. Where was my fire totem? I kept brushing earth and water and wind, my heart hammering. Wood clunked against wood. Around me, my friends readied themselves. Faoril downed vials of cum. Sophia backed away, drawing her enchanted dagger. Minx pulled out alchemical bombs.

And Lady Delilah faced us all unconcerned.


Knave Angela


It couldn’t be true, and yet… She admitted it. She admitted to being a dragon. Which made her… Dominari. It didn’t seem possible. How could she be Dominari and the High King’s first wife? It was impossible for her to…

“You’re Dominari’s mother?” I blurted out in realization. “The High King didn’t kill you like the legends says.”

Delilah shook her head. An expression finally broke her smooth face. A mix of love and respect and awe. “Peter didn’t kill me. He could have. With his sword and the other gifts from his divine father, he defeated me. But instead of killing me, he tamed me.” She shivered. “He tamed the greatest dragon in the world. And together, we exterminated my wild kind. He showed me that there was a better way.

“He taught me about love.” Tears fell down her cheeks.

“Dominari’s already dead?” I said, my voice tight.

“Dominari never existed. I allowed rumors of her being my daughter to spread when I claimed the Despeir Mountains. When I butchered and laid waste to the desolation…” Her words were thick, raw. The tears smoked on her cheeks, boiling away before they could fall far. “I hated becoming a marauder again. So many died. But it was necessary. I swore to my husband to only kill when necessary.”

“I don’t understand?” I said. “You’re the monster that has terrorized the Princedom for five hundred years? You burned entire cities.”

She nodded her head. “Prepare if wish to face me, Angela,” she said, turning her horse and riding towards a small trail. “Do it now. Then tame me if you can, Angela. Tame me and make me yours. Because I can’t keep holding onto my word to my dead husband. It has been so hard without his presence. To not lose control. Killing Prince Gruber’s army almost broke me. It was so wonderful to burn again. To feast. Save me, Angela. Tame me and save me.

“Or I will rampage again! I will be wild. I need a Queen to serve. But she has to be strong! I will not serve weakness!”

Her words echoed through the mountain as she vanished down the trail. My heart hammered in my chest as her horse hooves echoed, growing fainter and fainter as she rode towards her lair. My entire body convulsed.

I spent the night with the most dangerous monster who has ever lived. A monster who loved me. A monster who needed me to save her from myself.

“My Queen,” Sophia asked, reaching out her hand to touch my arm. “What are you going to do?”

I blinked. “What?”

“Are you going to tame her or kill her?” Her voice creaked, croaked. “Because…if you had the dragon under your control. You could conquer the world.”

“No wonder the High King dominated so swiftly,” Thrak grunted. “If he had her as his queen.”

I blinked my eyes. I had no idea what I would do in her lair. Kill her or tame her. Slay a monster who butchered thousands and thousands, or use her to make myself queen? It shouldn’t be a choice at all, but the idea of being High Queen, of ruling like my ancestor had, wormed through my soul. Sophia nodded at me, supporting me.

Wanting me to choose the selfish option.

And, Gods, did I want to be selfish. After last night, after the gift Lady Delilah, Dominari, had shared with me…

“Start preparing,” I snarled, my heart hammering in my chest. I had questions needing answered. Either way, I would get them out of Dominari.

To be continued…

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