The park


I came home early in the evening on a Saturday night. Me and my friends had met at a café in the city but the party mood wasn’t there so everyone decided to call it a day and went home.

There I was, at home around 1am. As usual we had done some lines of coke during the evening and this always make me feel very horny.

I had some more at home and I thought of having a night of browsing some porn sites while finishing the leftover.

This hornyness is always more in my head and I usually need more time to get hard. But the thoughts and sexual fantasies are triggering me so hard that at one point porn isn’t enough anymore.

So, after an hour or so, I’m feeling a bit unsatisfied with visual stimulations so this crazy idea popped into my head that I wanted to go out and could go to the main park of the city. That park is pretty known for being a cruising spot for men.

I used to live next to that park a couple of years before and I had an encounter before when I was going home from a party. That night I was a bit drunk and bold and I crossed the park that night in stead of going around. At one point I was approached by a guy who said: “I don’t want to scare you but I want to ask you something. Don’t feel offended, ok?” I said: “Sure don’t worry” And he asked if he could give me a blowjob, and he said that he didn’t want anything I return. I had (as you can read in my other stories) some male contact before, even though I identify myself as hetero, but I’ve never had this anonymous kinda experience before. I was of course very triggered and curious so I let him blow me in the bushes. And that was it.

Back to present day, so I arrived there and this park has some zones, there is this fake grotto where most of the men hang out but there is also an open air amphitheater. It doesn’t have real benches or build stage, just a grassy slope and some border stones marking off the stage area. It was very quiet and deserted.

It was a warm summer night, and I love to challenge myself unto unknown territory, Just for the kick, so I stripped completely naked, gerçek porno hid my clothes in the bushes and started to walk around a bit. First on that grassy ‘stage’, still in the vicinity of the bush where my clothes were hidden.

Suddenly I saw someone approaching in the dark, and the adrenaline was raging through my body. He came closer and I was exposing myself on this stone surface.

He touched my body all over, I touched him back. I unbuttoned his trousers and dropped down to my knees and took his member into my mouth. I sucked him for a while and he made some intentions to turn me around.

Luckily I was still sober enough to ask him to put on a condom and then I let him have me. I bent over a big stone and he pushed himself into me. This wasn’t very difficult, I’ve had done that before and I’ve used some toys on me too, so I know how it feels.

Unfortunately he hadn’t a big (I mean bigger than my 18cm) dick. That’s still on my bucket list: a big one.

Anyway, he went on for a bit and I liked it.

Then he stopped fucking me and guided me back to suck him off. I eagerly complied and took him back into my mouth. He started cumming a lot and I loved it big time. I have less fear of getting a STD while giving oral so I loved tasting him al lot.

After he finished he said his first words: “That was nice” and he pulled his trousers and he left…

I sat down a bit and after a couple of minutes I dared myself to start walking around, through the park, leaving my clothes behind and I walked deeper into the park. I managed to reach the other end of the park, without being seen.

The adrenaline was raging, I was so exited. This was so crazy and I loved it so much.

I started to walk back to my startpoint and suddenly I saw to silhouettes in the dark. Then this fear gripped me, I realised that they could be up to no good. There were some stories that sometimes there were guys going to this park just to beat off ‘gays’ for fun, macho reasons or maybe even religious.

I tried to find a hiding gay porno spot. I ran in an arc around their position and laid myself flat on my belly in the leafs on a slope. I heard them talk to each other: “He can’t be far… he must be around… you look over there, I’ll look here.”

My heart was pounding. I was really afraid and I cursing myself.

I hold my breath for minutes… and I waited… waited…

After like 15 minutes, I thought the coast was clear, so I started to move and made my way to my clothes.

A couple of meters away from the spot where they were hidden, I suddenly heard 2 guys laughing… they caught me big time.

I froze. They came up to me in seconds and grabbed me before I could say a word.

I realised there was no way out. I knew I didn’t have a change fighting them off, so I thought that it would be safer to cooperate and give what they wanted.

Luckily they were also just horny and searching and had no intentions of beating me up.

I was still wet and also horny, so I saw some naughtiness in the situation too.

They had both their hands on me. On guy grabbed my arms to restrain me and pushed me on my knees. His friend unzipped his trousers and pushed his limb cock into my face. I jerked my right arm free from the other guy’s grip to touch the cock and took it into my mouth. That probably gave them enough confidence that I wasn’t going to be a problem. The guy behind me loosened his grip and started caressing my back.

I sucked the guy in front of me for a couple of minutes and I enjoyed the idea of satisfying him. The guy behind me, touched my balls, my cock, my ass… he pushed his finger into my ass and probably realised that I still didn’t object. He dropped his trousers and pointed his cock to my hole, and pushed… it went in pretty easily and I tried not to worry about the fact that he took me unprotected. I loved the thrill, I enjoyed the craziness of the moment. They were enjoying themselves a lot and I wanted to please them.

The guy fucking me, started to make a lot of noises evli porno and I knew he was nearly cumming. I upped my actions and pushed harder back into his cock. I squeezed his dick and drove him crazy. He came inside my ass with a big grunt and he lost his balance and felt next to me in the leafs. He lay there panting on his back. His friend took his cock from my mouth and moved behind me. And while he started penetrating me, I reached out to his friend on his back and started jerking his limb member. He was a bit shy now and trying to excuse himself for being spended, but I sushed him and caressed his body and started sucking him. His friend was going nuts on my ass and he was enjoying himself too.

The guy on his back was getting hard again and I turned my head to the guy behind and said: “Come, let’s move a bit”. I positioned myself over the guy on his back and they got the hint. I guided the dick of the guy on his back into my asshole and then I pulled the other guy’s dick too. Slowly he managed to get his member inside me too and they started to move in rhythm. They probably never had rub their dicks against each other because they were giggling a bit and wondering out loud about what was happening. At that point I realised I was in control and was probably more crazy than them.

I noticed that the guy on his back was about to come so I started to talk dirty to him and pushed him over the edge.

The guy behind me didn’t seem to be coming soon so I suggested him that I would suck him off again. He liked that idea and I took him in my mouth again.

But now I was more bold and used to sucking him off that I grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into my throat. I gagged a bit at first but I wasn’t worried anymore if I would throw up or not. So, I swallowed his dick deep… (for what is was, still waiting for that huge dick though). He couldn’t hold back anymore and came with a huge dump inside my throat. I liked him clean and he and his friend pulled their trousers back up and mumbled some goodbye’s and left.

After a while I came to my senses and got my clothes back and went home. I started to worry about what happened but I didn’t wanted to regret the moment so got myself tested to be sure. All came out good, so now I’m even more happy with this experience.

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