The Sect


I am… or was a normal 35 year old divorced heterosexual guy. One of the boys, a alpha type if you will, that liked sport, cars and girls. And maybe that was why they has chose me.

I say chose, what they actually did was abduct me.

The they I am referring to is a female paganesque fraternity that empowers womanhood with their rituals of separation when the lunar cycle creates the full moon.

The ritual of separation, is to give new devotees the rites of passage to the pagan fraternity via transition….a time of testing to prove their devotion and full commitment to the superior power of pagan womanhood over mortal man.

It also requires a sacrificial being for the transition ceremony…………I was abducted to be that.

The afternoon of that full moon I was taking my normal route to get the afternoon paper walking down the quiet country lane to the store and neared the brown panel van parked at the side of the road and a youngish female squatting, inspecting the front wheel, her back towards me.

I moved closer to offer assistance and as I came up to her offered a “can I be of any help?”. And suddenly felt the stab of a syringe in my shoulder. I whirled round, saw a ski masked covered face and then blacked out.

I came to consciousness to the crackling of firewood and the faint smell of wood smoke. I was on the ground and I felt the faint cool evening breeze. I opened my eyes, it was dark, I saw trees, I was outside in woodland.

I tried to gather my thoughts and also rise but as I moved to I could not. I was bound. I started to panic. What the hell is happening.

“Goddess Selene he is waking” I heard a womans voice.

“Good, raise the pious one”

I felt myself being raised. I could now feel the straps around my shoulders and each of my biceps, elbows and wrists, and the rope along my arms that they were attached to and which was being used to raise me. My arms were stretched out along the rope and it was being made taught between two trees so that my toes were several inches above the ground.

I looked around in shock. We were in a glade, darkness and trees all around. I am hung crucified on a rope with a silk like poncho or cape covering me. A large fire some fifteen feet away illuminating the area and I counted 9 figures. 7 of the figures wore white full length robes, one a more ornate full length robe, and one a poncho style cape similar to the one I had on but hers was shorter. They all also wore white life like plaster face masks covering their faces down to their mouths with holes for the eyes.

“What are you doing…why am I here….what are you doing with me?” I pleaded, fear in my voice.

I felt restraints around my ankles being pulled in the direction of the two trees and my legs were stretched fully extended and tied off.

Again I pleaded “ Please, why am I here….what are you doing to me”.

The one with the more ornate garb stepped forward, ignoring my plea and said “Disrobe the pious one”.

One of the followers pulled the covering off me.

I hung legs spread eagled apart completely naked and helpless before them.

She spoke again, and I assumed by the different dress that she was the Goddess Selena I heard spoken when I woke.

“Look at the feeble masculine hair on his body…. He requires preparing….SHEAR HIM sisters”.

Two of the sisters stepped up with cordless clippers and turned them on. They both placed the vibrating buzzing implements on my navel and started pushing upwards with me tensing my stomach in reaction. My chest hair started falling away.

They repeated the clipping and I tensed and struggled to no avail as the vibrating tools moved towards my nipples made hard from the cold.

“Please god no please no” I Fındıkzade Escort begged as the steel blades came towards my pink teats. I felt tears in my eyes from the pure fear of what was going to happen….thankfully they veered around my nipples, and I swallowed with relief. After my chest they moved to my scalp then my legs and groin, removing most of the hair that had grown on me my own life. And was a part of who I was as a being.

Once they were finished Goddess Selena Issued a second command.

“Shave him so he is as bare as the day he came out of a womans womb”

Another two of the sisters approached with a bucket of soapy water and sponges. They doused my body with the cold liquid and started shaving me. I tried to stay still as the blades went over my skin, but by the finish I had nicks from the razors all over me.

I hung there completely bald, without even eyebrows or bollock hair.

Goddess Selena turned to the one dressed similar to what I had worn. “Anoint your sacrifice sister”.

The one spoken to picked up a large bottle and moved to my now completely bare skinned body and started to anoint me with the fragrant stinging liquid from head to toe and every nick on my body burnt when the liquid touched it and I writhed in the agony it caused to me.

The Goddess looked at me. Inspecting me.

“Sisters, tie the pious ones scrotum so his testicles cannot retreat into his body…..the male sacrifice must be fully exposed for the use of our novitiate here “ she said gesturing to the one who anointed me.

One sister grabbed my ball sac and pulled my balls whilst a second tied cord around the base of my scrotum so when they released their hands my balls was visibly trapped within my ball bag and exposed.

“The wine” Goddess Selena commanded.

A sister brought a tray with silver goblets and a wine jug.

They took a goblet each.

Goddess Selena started speaking.

“Sisters, tonight we are initiating our novitiate Helena. Our sect is built on the true belief of our empowerment as the superior race and the emasculation of man. And Helena is here to demonstrate to us that her beliefs align truly with ours. Womanhood have been disempowered by men since adam. But our sect and others all over the world are waging a war of change.”

She gestured towards me hanging, limbs spread apart, completely hairless and naked.

“They, from the moment of birth have beaten down womankind. Tonight Novitiate Helen will do as we all have done to become a sister in this sect. She will prove her empowerment and strength as a sister over the maledom by emasculating that”

She gestured towards me once more. Then they raised their goblets and drank a toast to the emasculation of me!!!.

They finished their toast and the novitiate called Helena stepped forward and removed the cape like top to reveal her pert slim body. She had tiny boyish tits and small proud nipples. Her legs were slim and she wore tight white high cut panties outlining her vulva. Somehow I thought she could only be eighteen or so.

“Make us proud novitiate…emasculate that worthless thing…show us your contempt of their kind”

“Yes Goddess” the novitiate replied and I saw the smile on her face as she spoke. And the slightly softer “Happy to”.

That young girl approached me and raised her voice so the sect members could hear as she addressed me.

“You are about to succumb to the power of the sect of womanhood empowerment……….we who have cunts………I, as the channel of this holy sect today……. am going to demonstrate to my fellow sisters that I can willingly destroy your maleness, both physically and mentally. I am going to make you become all but a shell of a man.”

She continued Escort Bayan her address.

“What are you…200…220 pound?….that is twice what I weigh….but I have a cunt…that means I will destroy you”

Then softer to me.

“And I hope you try to resist…please resist”.

She swung her arm in a ark and slapped my face. The sound echoed in the glade. With her other hand she slapped my other cheek. And repeated the slaps, waiting after each one so as to get a good swing and impact.

After some twenty slaps my head was beginning to sway through the strain to my neck and my face red with the impacts.

She moved back and looked at my genitals.

“Look at these pathetic things sisters. Males are proud of their genitals. They think these make them the powerful race.”

Helena directed her words to me.

“ Tell me ………what purpose does your balls serve……TELL ME.”

“To produce sperm” I said quietly.

“ To produce sperm to make a woman pregnant…or your own pleasure?”

I replied quietly again “Both.”

“BOTH” There was an edge to Helena,s reply.

“Are your pathetic balls important to you?”

My face gave away the fear I had.


“Yes” I answered.

“Then I am going to destroy your precious balls to prove the weakness of man.”

She balanced herself and swung her leg up between my outstretched legs. Her instep hit the top of my groin and caught my ball sac.

I grunted at the impact.

She balanced again and snapped her kick upwards. The slap of the instep making contact with my tied scrotum rang out.

I let out a scream of agonising pain.

“Good” Goddess Selena said encouragingly.

Once again Helena readied her lithe young boyish body. I fearfully watched as she took aim. My groin totally exposed. My cock flopping down and my balls trapped in my tied scrotum with no where to go.

She kicked my balls hard.

“AAAAAaaaaagghhhh” I screamed. The pain excrutiangly shooting through my balls and groin. My stretched legs muscles trying to contract to protect my groin but unable to move because of the restraints.

“AAAAaaaaagggghhhhh” again I screamed as another kick landed squarely on my now bruising testicles making every blow magnified in pain.

Again and again Helena kicked my trapped ball sac. I wept….and screamed and screamed with pain as this young girl set about destroying my manhood.

After what seemed like an eternity of pain she stopped….. I hung there crying and sobbing like a baby as the members of the sect looked on. My balls throbbed painfully and I could sense the swollenness of my scrotum against the binding that imprisoned my testicles. Sweat and tears mixed on my body.

Goddess Selena moved forward to the near naked novitiate Helena and raised the staff in her hand.

The top of it had was decorated with a silver round curved form depicting a serpant wrapped around a rod in a barleycorn fashion. It was some 10inches long and 2 inches in diameter. She raised the smooth emblem.

“Sisters this symbol of fertility will be used on this male form to revenge their use of their manhoods on woman.”

She passed the rod to Helena and moved back .

Helena stepped forward to me and raised the rod for me to see. The silver glinted from the firelight.

“You use your pathetic cocks to penetrate women. You will now be penetrated by a woman” With that she stepped over the rope jack knifing my legs apart and behind me.

I knew what she was going to do. I felt the cold metal against my taught buttocks and arse cheek crack. Felt it push down towards my sphincter. My spread bound legs meant my arse muscles were partially stretched istanbul Escort apart already.

I felt the tip of the snake head at the entrance to my arse and the young woman started to penetrate me.

I was unable to do anything to prevent her violating my arse and felt her force the metal object of fertility on the end of the pole into my back passage, forcing my arse muscles to part and succumb to her..…raping my arse.

I screamed with pain as she pushed the symbolic serpant brutally into me until I was fully impailed, The agony was sickening and I screamed more as she positioned the base of the rod into the ground.

I was still suspended but now with almost 10inches of their phallic symbol inserted into me.

My cock had also become semi hard as my prostrate had been stimulated during the arse invasion.

This sect against masculinity saw my erection starting….the very symbol of what they hated …a male cock.

“Sister Helena” Goddess Selena said

“Look…the pious one is rejecting your dominance by displaying an erection.”

I saw a sneer on the part of Helena,s face visible below her mask.

“ I will allow him to ejaculate one last time… a few minutes Goddess………and he will see that the last sperm he produces will be red with blood because I have destroyed his balls.”

With that she again started kicking me exposed swollen ball sac.

“AAAAaaaaaaagggghhh” I screamed again and again as this young girl vengefully kicked my defenceless balls with the desire to ruin them.

She stopped.

“ Release his legs” the now sweating Helena ordered.

I felt the loosening of the ropes around my legs. My aching muscles now weren’t working from the prolonged strain as my legs lowered so my toes were still several inches above the ground and I felt the phallic symbol in my raped arse more intensely.

Helena raised her arms and began unbuckling the straps from my wrist, elbow and bicep of my right arm so only the shoulder strap remained.

Again she stepped back.

“ Make yourself hard before this sect” Helena ordered me.

“If you do not I will beat your balls till I can no longer stand”

“Wank your feeble cock for the sisters….make yourself hard. Savour your last orgasm as a man……or lose your balls without this one last opportunity to cum”

I started to wank myself impailed on the phallic symbol.

Helena bent forward removing her white panties and stood naked before me. The other siect members moved before me too as I wanked and they let their robes fall to the floor exposing themselves wearing just panties, tits exposed…and they all too removed their panties revealing their nakedness for me.

Goddess Selena spoke “ Enjoy your last orgasm from your genitals whilst admiring the naked sect members of womanhood,”

I wanked myself before them as commanded and felt the pain in my balls ease slightly as I got ready to cum.

Then I orgasmed……. and screamed as my cum started pumping from my savagely beaten partly destroyed balls.

My sperm pumped out and was pink with blood.

Goddess Selena stepped forward and handed a ornate handled blade to sister Helena.

Goddess spoke.” Sister Helena…it is time for you to emasculate him, and become a sister of the sect”

Helena knife in hand approached me whilst two sisters tied my freehand again to the rope.

She bent down and gripped my swollen trapped ball sac……and moved the blade down to castrate me.

Then torchlights began shining in the near distance and voices of men and dogs.

The sect members looked startled and within moments had fled the glade leaving me hanging impaled and still with my balls.

After a couple of weeks I was up and about. The doctor said there would be no lasting physical damage to my testicles thank god.

But everytime I see a girl with the sort of build that Helena was I shudder and wonder if I and my balls are on borrowed time.

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