What Are Friends For?_(2)

Big Tits

Michael and Chris are my two best friends. We’ve been buddies since high school and nothing sexual has ever happened between any of us before, so when we decided to get away for a long weekend I thought nothing of it. We were all just friends.

We had been sitting around all morning drinking mimosas and talking and I guess the alcohol was starting to get to me, because I told them how horny I was getting and it was a shame that we were just friends and not lovers. “Oh well.” I said. “Maybe I’ll just go out later and see if I can pick someone up. Right now I need to lie down.” And I staggered Küçükköy Escort over to the beach chair and collapsed. Before too long, I felt a hand caressing my back. I rolled over and looked up at Michael. “What are you doing?” I slurred.

“We’re just helping you out with your need.” He said. “You’re horny. We’re here. If you can’t depend on your best friends for help, then who can you depend on?” With that, he unbuttoned my shirt and lifted my breast to his mouth. It felt so good. The sensations traveled right down to my pussy and my hand automatically found it’s way there Escort Bayan and I began rubbing myself. Michael soon replaced my hand with his. “I think this pussy needs some attention,” he said, and slid my bathing suit over and began teasing me with his tongue. By this time I was wondering where Chris was, but my question was soon answered as he bent over me and gave me the most wonderful kiss. I returned the favor by pulling off his shorts and taking his hard cock into my mouth. The more Michael licked my clit, the deeper I sucked on Chris. I was never so turned on in my life.

I got istanbul Escort up off the chair, Michael lay down and I climbed on top of him. I was riding his cock hard. Giving myself orgasm after orgasm while Chris’ dick was stretching my mouth. I could feel Chris getting close. His throbbing cock was gagging me, but I kept sucking. Finally he exploded, filling my mouth with his hot cum and I swallowed every drop. I took his cock from my mouth and gently kissed the head. Then Michael flipped me over and began ramming his cock into me hard and fast. I loved every minute of it.

They didn’t let me rest all afternoon. Either one or both was fucking me somewhere at all times. I certainly got my satisfaction and my horniness taken care of. After all if your best friends can’t help a girl out…who can?

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