Your Heart In My Chest Chapter 1


Across the hall, I saw her going out from the door at the other end. We were done with the classes, the school was almost empty. I was confused because I had never seen her so late here. She always comes when the first class is about to start, and leaves as soon as the bell rings.

Naturally I was curious, and why wouldn’t I be when she’s the girl who took my heart the first day she stepped into the class. She was different and odd and silent. I loved the mystery I loved the way she walked the way she talked, wait, my mistake, she doesn’t talk. She has been here in my class for like a week now and I have never seen her talk to anybody. She just sits there and stares at the board. And once or twice, the teacher asked her a question or two, but the stare she gave them, they quickly decided not to mess with her.

So I did the unthinkable and followed her. I moved like a little ninja, stepping on the tips of my toes, making no noise whatsoever. But of course I wasn’t a ninja and I was making a lot of noise and I found that out as soon as I turned the next corner. Boom! Something hit me on my cheek, and I realised later that it wasn’t something, it was someone’s knuckles that crashed the skin on my cheek against the bone underneath. The shock of the unexpected was enough to bring me to the ground. I put my hand onto my rotten cheek and tried to look up. There was sunlight coming from the nearby window, it dazzled my eyes. Though after a few seconds of utter confusion , i managed to find out the source of my pain, and to my horror, it was the girl, the girl that I was following.

I was caught red handed, and by the same person that I was following. The person that I’ve been thinking about the whole week, I made her hate me by doing something that I never thought I’d do. There was pain on my face, excruciating pain, but that pain was suppressed by the sadness that suddenly grasped me. For such a long time, I have been waiting for someone, and when that someone finally came, I threw it away, I hit my own foot with my axe. Tears formed within my eyes, I couldn’t meet her gaze, I just lowers my gaze and muttered ” sorry ” under my breathe.

” Pathetic “

And with that, she turned around, and went away.

My life as I knew it, was over now. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. I was weak now, weaker than I’ve ever been. Many a times, I broke down, and I’ve never broken down before. Life was a routine now, and I just followed it on without joy or hate. School went on. I stopped caring about stuff. All my emotions, my feelings were suppressed; suppressed by what happened that day. It’s been three days, and I hadn’t seen ” my heart thief ” since then. She didn’t come to school. And that did worry me.

I wasn’t angry at her. Not even a little. After all I shouldn’t have done what I did. Pretending to be a ninja isn’t awesome every time. And to be honest, the bruise that I got from her punch, I sort of cherished it, because I knew that this was the only touch that I was ever gonna get from her. She really had taken my everything ~

My mom was worried when she saw my swollen cheek. I told her I slipped from the stairs, I didn’t want her to worry about my problems. When I was at home, I smiled while talking to Merter Escort her, I wanted to assure her that I was happy. My heart was raining tears from the inside though.

Everyday while walking towards school, I was afraid. I kept wondering as to how I was going to face her. What would she think of me? She’ll just look at me like I’m some weird creep. I didn’t care as to how other people think of me. I wasn’t like that always, in fact, only three days ago, I was so conscious of people looking at me. But since the fateful day, the day she started hating me, everything else stopped mattering. The only thing that I cared about now was what she would think of me..

The fourth day, I was late from the class. When I got to the door, the teacher was already inside. I asked for permission to enter, and started walking towards my seat, I looked up towards the last seat in the left row, the one that had been empty for the last three days, and stopped dead in my tacks. She was there, and she was looking at me. Her leg was moving slowly, she was wearing a dark cloak like dress, black mascara on her lashes.. My heart skipped a beat. The state of shock that her beauty had put me in, it was replaced in an instant by feelings of guilt, sadness, feelings of hopelessness. I lowered my gaze, turned around and went out of the class without saying another word.

I had never done anything like this before. I was in awe, I couldn’t believe what I just did. Walking out of the class like that, I wouldn’t have done that in my dreams 4 days ago. It’s funny how minor things can impact a persons life in such a major way.

I walked to my special place. It was an old classroom. There were a few broken tables there, and dust, a lot of dust. I went there sometimes when the bus was running late. And right now, I just needed to be somewhere silent and secret. The only thing on my mind was that girl, the thief. What would she be thinking right now? How mad would she be at me? How would I ever be able to face her again..

” what’s your problem? ” a voice soft but firm reached my ears. Although I was sitting facing away from the door, I knew who was at the door. Goosebumps! I felt blood gushing through my veins faster, my heart sped up, I turned around slowly, she was standing there, right in front of me.

I couldn’t speak. I wanted to say sorry, I wanted to keep saying stuff till she would forgive me and give me a hug and never leave my side ever. Words were stuck in my throat. So instead of saying something, I just sat there like a duck and looked at her.

” You have no right to be angry at me, what you did, you should be sorry about it.” she said again staring at me, melting me down with her words.

She was taking my silence as anger. She thought I left the class because I was angry at her. No that is not the case at all. She was misreading my intentions. How do I explain this to her. I need to clarify myself. I need to tell her, that I indeed am sorry. I wanted her to look at me, and to discern this from the tears that were rapidly forming in my eyes. I still couldn’t speak.

She turned away, and sped out of the room.

” Wait! don’t go please listen to me “

I Escort Bayan didn’t expect her to stop, but stop she did. I walked up to her, mustering up all the courage that I could.

” I’m sorry, there’s no place for anger in my heart for you. What I did was shameful, and I’m ashamed of that. Yet somehow, I believe that I’m being punished more than I deserve. Forgive me, as being hated by you is the last thing that I ever want.”

She looked into my eyes, I lowered my gaze, and took a few steps back. She turned around and started walking away. I looked up, she looked back ” I’m over reacted, I should say sorry as well.” With that she sped away. And it could just be my imagination, but I swear I saw her smile, though it was a faint one. My eyes shone, my stomach tightened, I smiled and left for the next class..

Boys in school, they are morons. All they need is an excuse to belittle others. I thought everything was going to be fine now. I didn’t know that things were going to take a wrong turn so fast.

The day that I left the class, apparently she ” the girl of my dreams, whose name I don’t know ” also left the class right behind me. And so everyone in the class found out that something was going on between us.

When I came to school the next day, everybody was mumbling stuff behind my back. I could feel it, I could feel the people staring at me. I wasn’t the only target of this gossip. They were after her as well. I could handle all the criticism, but I felt bad for putting her into the limelight.

She was a silent girl. She didn’t mess with anybody, nobody messed with her. But now, the school had something on her, they were curious, making up weird stories, pointing at her. And although she seemed to be unaffected externally, I knew she wouldn’t be able to handle this properly.

In order to not cause her any trouble, I stayed away from her. I just thought that people would forget about it soon. I was so wrong. When the classes were over, I went outside. And there right in front of the parking lot, I saw her sitting on a bench. And there was a bunch of boys and girls in front of her laughing and throwing weird comments at her.

No this wasn’t happening. O god what have I done. I never wanted to cause her trouble. What have I done. The centre of the crowd was Jake, the popular rich kid, and his spoiled girl friend Jenna. And they were surrounded by their rich friends. They were at school just for the fun of it. They didn’t study, disrespected teachers, and bullied kids. That’s all they did. And although I hated them for doing all that, I couldn’t see them hurting her.

She left. I walked up to Jake. His friends had left as well. He we sitting with Jenna. They were still laughing. I felt like stretching out his face so that he’d never be able to close his mouth again. I kept my calm though. I knew I was no match for him.

” hey Jake. ” I said

” look who’s here, little Johnny boy” he said to Jenna.

I was burning up from the inside. Of course I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to look calm, though my heart was killing me from the inside.

” Can you please stop saying istanbul Escort stuff about her? ” I said.

To my surprise, he looked sorry ” I’m sorry i crossed my line. Don’t worry.”

I didn’t believe him, as he was a heartless person, but it lessened my worry a bit. I went home.

My night was restless. Because my mind wasn’t mine. It was hers now. The way she smiled that day, her voice kept touching my ears. All I could think about was her.

I woke up early, my mom knew something was different about me. Normally she had to start a war to wake me up. Lately though, I’d get up myself, even before my mom does. And when she would come to make breakfast, I’d already been sitting in the kitchen drinking tea, lost in thoughts.

I walked to the school, entered the class, sat down. I noticed that everyone was looking at me. And I looked up. All the walls of the classroom were filled with edited photos of “her”. Photos with her wearing skimpy clothes, and they were tagged as ” the silent killer “.

I stood up, my legs started shaking. And then she came in, looked around at the walls. I looked at her. She turned around and ran away. The whole class started laughing. I was in tears. What have I done …

I got out of the class. I didn’t know where she went, and yet somehow I knew where she would’ve gone. I looked back in the class, Jake was standing in the centre, everyone was looking at him like he had done something that would save the world, rid it of all the evil.

I ran towards the old classroom, I slowed down as I reached the door. And what I saw shook me to the core. She was sitting in a corner, broken, I could hear her sobs. It stabbed me, I just stood there not knowing what to do. I felt so bad. I slowly walked up to her. Sat down on the ground with her. Looking at her, I realised that I would never be able to forgive myself. And although all this was not my fault, not my intention, I still blamed myself..

And all of a sudden I felt anger, anger at those who had made her cry. I was boiling from the inside. I stood up, and ran. I had a feeling that she looked at me and wanted me to stop, but I had to do this. As soon as i entered the class, I shouted,

” Jake you coward, you’re nothing but a pathetic insecure child.”


The whole class just looked at me, they were in shock as to what I just did. I looked at Jake, for a second I felt like he was confused as well. But he quickly regained his normal attitude back, and walked towards me. I was waiting for him to mock me, but instead a got a swift kick in my stomach. I hit the wall and fell down. It hurt, it hurt really bad. But I stood up again.

” you little cry baby, what happened. ” Jake said in his sarcastic tone.

I wanted to hit him so hard, I wanted him to realise what he had done. But unfortunately I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was, and he didn’t care at all. I ran towards him, got punched again. After that it was a blur. All I remember was the fact that I managed to land one good punch onto his nose.

Blackout ~


Thats it folks. The end of the first chapter. If you have stayed with me till here then i think this story isn’t that bad. Comments, suggestions, feedback welcome!

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