Internet Lovers Ch. 01


I live in a fairly small town in the Midwest, not much going on, especially when it comes to any kind of social activities. Working at the local bank as a teller since I graduated high school two years earlier was becoming far too routine and boring. I’m 20, 5’7”, sandy blonde hair and have a great figure. I exercise not only to stay in shape but sometimes just to kill time. The other girls I worked with were always worrying over me about not having a boyfriend let alone a husband. I wasn’t ready to settle down, felt I hadn’t really experienced all that there was to experience. I hadn’t dated anyone since my high school days, most of the guys in my class had either moved away to larger towns, joined the service or a few had made it into college. A few customers at the bank would flirt with me a little when they came in. They were either married or just acting foolish. Spending my evenings and weekends at home was going to have to come to an end or else I’d end up a mental case. I had to do something to relieve all my pent up frustrations.

I surf the Internet quite a bit of an evening, catching up on the latest news and shopping online. Our little town didn’t have many places to shop unless you were involved in farming. Most everyone traveled about sixty miles to the state capital to hit the large malls and super-stores. I was familiar with going to the capital myself, sometimes driving there just to get away. One evening while reading my email an ad popped up on my screen for a chatroom. One of those, meet people in your area and get to know one another websites. With nothing else much better to do, I decided to see what the hell it was all about. It was a free site, probably paid for by all the sponsor ads that flooded the monitor’s screen. I had to sign up, pick a nickname and password so I could access one of the chatrooms. I figured a nickname that was somewhat provocative might get someone’s attention. I’m very, very shy so I wasn’t about to try and initiate a conversation with anyone online. I picked “Leather and Lace”, thought that kind of fit me since I love to wear leather skirts and slacks. Not really into lace but it seemed to go well for the name.

The Website had chatrooms divided into various categories by interests and locations. My state was listed, in fact several chatrooms listed within my state. I logged into one and the screen started scrolling with other chatter’s conversations. I just sat there and watched, noticing some of the provocative nicknames. Some were sexually explicit, some even made me grin. I sat in front of the monitor for about ten minutes, just watching, not typing anything. A window popped up with a “private message” typed in. Just a “hi, how are you?” At first, I just stared at it and then I replied to it. The person typed a message back and I again replied. We chitchatted for about fifteen minutes, he seemed quite nice. We were both fast typist so the conversation really started to flow. He asked me what I looked like or if I had a picture online. I didn’t have any pictures of myself except my old senior pictures; they were terrible so I just described myself to him. He sound I sounded very cute and described himself to me. From his description I figured he had an athletic build. He said he was about six feet tall and had played football in college. The more he talked about himself the more interested I became.

He asked me if I was near him. He lived in the state capital, I just told him I lived about sixty miles from him but I liked shopping in his city. He asked if I’d be interested in meeting him in person sometime. I was hesitant at first but I replied that I would be since I certainly wasn’t going to meet anyone in this dull little town. My answer seemed to please him, his typing increased as he told me he was definitely interested in meeting me. He suggested we meet at a restaurant, someplace open and public, unless I felt comfortable meeting him at his apartment. The more we chatted, the more comfortable with him I became. We discussed interests, work, likes and dislikes; we seemed to have quite a bit in common. He was older than me, twenty-five, şişli escort and seemed very mature. The subject hit on sex a couple of times. That didn’t alarm me since he didn’t seem like sex was all he was interested in. I did open up to him, telling him I was very inexperienced, having only been with one guy. He didn’t brag about his sexual prowess like I’d noticed some of the chatters doing.

He gave me his email address and asked for mine. I felt comfortable with giving it to him since I knew I could always block him out later if I had to. He wanted to send me a picture of himself. I thought that was pretty cool of him so I had him email it to me. I went to my email and opened up the message he’d sent along with his picture. I was really shocked to see he was a black guy, a very great looking black guy. He had a business suit on and he looked very professional. At first, I just froze, not knowing what to do. I saved his email message, not deleting it. I went back to the chatroom where he was waiting on my reply to his email. He asked me what I thought of his picture. I told him he was very handsome and looked great in the suit. He bluntly asked me if I liked black guys. I had to tell him that I hadn’t been around many black guys, coming from a small farming community. He must have gotten a good laugh at my reply. We kept chatting and I overcame my apprehension of him. We must have chatted online for a couple of hours.

We decided to call it an evening since it was getting late. Lawrence, aka HotLover4U, asked me if I’d be free this coming Saturday. Since I don’t have to work Saturdays, I told him I was free. He asked me to drive over to the capital so we could spend the day together. I thought of every excuse I could but nothing seemed like he’d accept it. I agreed to meet him, even went so far as to agree to meet him at his apartment. Lawrence lived in one of the upper income apartment complexes on the northeast side of the capital. He said he’d fix us lunch if I liked. I didn’t want him to go to any special trouble; we’d just play it by ear when I got there. He agreed we’d see how we hit it in person before making any further plans. I’ll have to admit, I was skeptical about meeting him. I even thought about what it would be to have sex with him. I inwardly laughed at the idea, saying to myself it would never happen. He might not care for me after meeting me in person, it works both ways.

Saturday morning I awoke and started to figure out what I was going to wear to meet Lawrence, aka HotLover4U. Something to accentuate my figure but not to sexy like some high priced hooker. I picked out a red leather skirt and matching jacket outfit. The skirt was short but not a mini. I was trying to look my best for Lawrence or at least what I thought he’d expect to see me wearing. I’d gotten my hair done the day before so it would look nice, one thing this little town does have is a decent beauty salon. The drive to the capital was pretty boring; just one farm field after another passes by. The traffic was pretty normal for a Saturday, a lot of people getting away from the small towns to look for a little excitement. I was still nervous about meeting this guy, a stranger who’d contacted me over the Internet but I wasn’t having any luck meeting anyone local.

Arrived at the apartment complex just a little before noon. It was really nice, lots of landscaping, not to mention some very expensive cars in the parking lot. I found Lawrence’s apartment number and parked in the space directly in front of it. Checked my make-up and hair in the visor mirror to make sure I looked my best. I took a deep breath, grabbed my purse and got out of the car. Proceeding up the walkway, the thought crossed my mind to turn and run but I was just a little too curious to find out what HotLover4U was really all about.

I knocked on the door to the apartment and heard someone approaching from inside the apartment. The door opened and I was greeted by a big friendly smile. Lawrence looked exactly like his picture, although he wasn’t wearing a business suit like in his picture. He was taksim escort dressed in nice form fitting slacks and dress shirt.

“Hi, please come in” he greeted.

“Hi, I’m Cheryl, you must me Lawrence” I replied.

“So happy you could make it. Have any problems finding me?” Lawrence quizzed.

“No, no problems at all. I’m fairly familiar with this city.” I informed him.

“Wow, must say you’re much more beautiful than you described yourself in the chatroom the other evening” Lawrence complimented.

Lawrence’s apartment was really nice and overlooked a small lake through the sliding glass patio doors. I commented on how beautiful his apartment was and the view was especially nice. He put his hand on my waist and I must have flinched a little at his touch. He apologized and I told him it was alright, just not used to having anyone touch me. He smiled and motioned me towards the couch. I sat down and he asked me if I’d like a drink or something. Not used to drinking much, just an occasional beer with my dad, I just asked for a soft drink of some kind if he had it available. He asked if I liked wine, he had a very nice wine chilled for us. Well I couldn’t refuse since he’d gone to the trouble so I agreed to the wine instead of the soft drink.

Lawrence brought us two glasses of red wine, sipping it slowly I had to comment on how great it tasted. My compliment brought another smile to his face and he mentioned the red wine along with my red leather skirt and jacket. I had a white blouse on underneath and it was also trimmed in red. Lawrence asked me about myself, my hometown, if I was happy. The wine helped me relax; I talked on and on about how dull my life was and how I was looking for something better. At least some excitement in my life. Lawrence refilled my glass with more wine and we strolled out onto the patio. Lawrence informed me he was recently divorced, was the co-owner of a nightclub in the downtown area, and was just looking for someone to have fun with, not a serious relationship. Not wanting a serious relationship was something we’d both agreed on. The more we talked, the more I liked Lawrence. He was not only great looking and well educated, he could carry a conversation without sounding stupid or opinionated.

We walked back into the apartment and I Lawrence told me had some snacks prepared for us. He was a great host, thought of everything I might like. I was a little hungry not having eaten anything since early morning. We indulged ourselves on gourmet meats and cheeses. Lawrence refilled our wine glasses again. I kept thinking to myself, I need to slow down a little on the wine, since I had to drive home later on. After fulfilling our appetites, we drifted back to the livingroom and the couch.

Lawrence sat down next to me on my right. I don’t usually smoke but Lawrence offered me one of his cigarettes and I accepted. I was totally relaxed and at ease with Lawrence sitting right next to me. I asked him about his chat nickname, HotLover4U. He laughed and said it would be better for him to show me than explain it to me. I didn’t react to his explanation or question him any further about it. I finished my cigarette and put it out in the ashtray.

“Would you mind if I kissed you” Lawrence asked.

“Sure, I’d like that” Don’t know if it was all the wine speaking or me.

Lawrence slipped his hand to my waist and pulled me in close for a kiss. His lips were full on mine pressing gently and passionately. It had been so long since I’d been kissed I didn’t want him to stop. He didn’t have any notion of stopping either. His lips moved all over mine flicking his tongue between my lips. I opened my mouth so he could slip it deeper. He plunged his tongue in my mouth and worked it rapidly in and out. His actions really turned me on; I could feel my body stiffen under his intense manipulations. I loved it and Lawrence realized he was exciting me beyond anything I’d experienced before.

Lawrence broke off the kiss, letting us both catch our breaths. I was a bit flushed. Lawrence put his hand under my fatih escort jacket and gently massaged my left breast. His hands were huge, probably twice the size of mine. I should have stopped him but his stimulation felt so good.

“Why don’t you take off your jacket and blouse so I can kiss your breasts. I‘ll bet they‘re spectacular,” he asked.

I froze at his comment but I leaned forward and slipped off my jacket. Lawrence helped remove the jacket. I couldn’t bring my hand up to unbutton my blouse, I just hesitated. Lawrence’s skillful hands pulled the blouse from the waistband of my leather skirt. I finally got my fingers to begin unbuttoning my blouse. Lawrence’s eyes focused on my chest as I slowly unbuttoned the blouse. When I got it unbuttoned, Lawrence slipped it off my shoulders and tossed it on the chair next to the couch with my jacket. I didn’t realize I was letting the situation get out of hand. I’d worn one of my best lacy bras. The big smile on Lawrence’s eyes showed his approval. I’m a 36C and the bra really accentuates my breasts. Lawrence massaged my breasts through the bra and I could feel my nipples growing erect. My breathing was growing deeper and deeper the more he stimulated me.

He leaned down to my breasts and kissed and nibbled on the exposed part of my breasts. The bra had the catch on the front and Lawrence wasted no time in undoing it. The bra popped open for him. My nipples grew even more erect as he gazed at them. His lips immediately clamped onto one of my nipples pulling it. I gasped as I felt his hard tongue flick over it. I grabbed the cushions of the couch. He put his mouth on my other nipple and tortured it the same way, his hand massaging the breast he’d first sucked on. My head rolled back onto the top of the couch as he worked my breasts over. His hands massaged and squeezed while his teeth and lips sucked on the hardened nipples. I felt myself surrendering to his masterful lovemaking skills. He knew I was loving what he was doing and he wasn’t going to deprive me of pleasure.

I relaxed the more he stimulated my breasts. I felt his right hand slid up under my skirt working it’s way towards my panties. I had to stop him before it was to late for me to regain control of the situation. I hadn’t really known Lawrence long enough or well enough to let him get this far. Even though I tried to clamp my legs together, Lawrence’s strength was too much. His hand reached my pussy as he pushed my legs farther apart. He worked a finger up and down the slit of my pussy through my panties. I gasped for breath.

“Stop, please stop” I gasped. Not really wanting him to but having second thoughts that I was getting in way over my head.

“OK, I’ll stop if you really want me to” Lawrence replied as he withdrew his hand from beneath my skirt. “I don’t want to make you mad”

“I’m not mad, don’t get me wrong. I just never planned on having sex with someone I don’t really know all that well. I guess I’m just a small town girl who hasn’t been around much”

Lawrence replied, “I understand, I don’t want to press you into something you’re not ready for.”

We sat there in silence not know what to say to each other next. I knew he was disappointed. He didn’t get mad or throw me out of the apartment. He was a gentleman and it showed. I reminded him that I’d only had sex with one other person and that was a couple years ago.

“I feel like I’m still a virgin,” I informed him, figuring he’d laugh at the remark. He didn’t. He just looked at me and said he understood. The effects of the wine were wearing off and I was slowly regaining control of my thinking. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and use the commode. My panties were very damp where Lawrence had stimulated my pussy. I checked my make-up and hair and walked back to the livingroom. Lawrence was still sitting on the couch.

“Cheryl, Hon, you alright” He asked.

“Yes, I’m fine, much better now” I replied.

Lawrence stood up and kissed me softly, his firm hands on my waist. I had to make a decision, best to leave and not look back I thought. I just didn’t want to make that decision and then regret it later. If I left, our friendship would end abruptly. Lawrence’s hands were still at my waist and I didn’t want him to remove them. My bared breasts pressed into his chest.

“Do you really want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Only if you want me to,” he replied.

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