Jenni’s Senseless Delight Ch. 03


Jenni’s Senseless Delight Part 9 [part 9 of 12]

We rejoin our two swapped couples; one in the Alps and one on the Mediterranean shore. A few photographic highlights before they return to their own spouses.

You recall that we left Jon and Lee engaged with breakfast at the naturist resort at Leucate Plage in the southwest of France. Jenni and Hook were preparing to make a private porn film at the Alpine chalet in Gap.

Jon & Lee

Jon had checked off yet another ‘I Never’ item when he discovered that he and Lee had made passionate love on the apartment sofa with her still wearing her ankle-strap sandals. The moment ended and they both headed for the shower to clean up for breakfast. They took their towels to breakfast in the café, otherwise nude, a new experience for Lee. She soon became accustomed to being totally exposed, as the café was moderately crowded with an assortment of likewise nude bodies of all ages, shapes, sizes, and nationalities. As she lost the last of her inhibitions, Lee realized how free and natural she felt; totally at ease with her own body and Jon’s, as they sat, ate, and chatted on a variety of topics. Lee was pleasantly surprised to find that Jon was highly educated, amusing, and articulate on many topics, a persona he seemed to hide when clothed. Eventually, their discussion evolved to the possibility of recording some aspect of their time together for their spouses’ and their own enjoyment after the vacation was ended.

After breakfast, they strolled hand in hand, with many adoring looks and an occasional light kiss, over to the registration building to see the manager. Luckily, Carol was free and ushered them into her spacious office. None of them remarked that all three were totally nude. Carol is well known for her massage techniques, and has even been known to enjoy a massage herself from a lucky guest or two. She also provides a somewhat lucrative photographic modelling service. A discrete inquiry revealed that nearly any form of photography could be accommodated, whereupon Jon proposed the following: “Madame Carol, je devrais être franc en expliquant que nous ne sommes pas mariés… entre eux — Madam Carol, I should be frank in explaining that we are not married…to each other.”

With a twinkle in her eye, Carol responded, “Thank you for speaking my native language, but perhaps we should remain with English so your…companion can understand what we say. Be assured that your personal lives and preferences do not concern me. All that is necessary is that you are not grouchy, are happy with each other, and have the utmost in service from my establishment. Now, what can I do for you today?”

Jon thanked her and continued, “We would like to leave with some photographic evidence of our stay in this wonderful resort. Especially, we wish to share with our true spouses some, comme on dit (how shall I say), des moments intimes (some intimate moments).”

“Ah, Monsieur Jon, you have come to the right person. I can offer you a variety of carefully chosen private or group photo experiences to satisfy the most demanding palate. What is it you have in mind?”

“You are most understanding,” Jon responded. “We want some of the usual discrete photography of our movements about the resort. I leave it to your staff to accomplish the details. However, we are also looking for specific experiences to record. I have never been photographed during the sex act, and Madame Lee has a trifecta in mind. That is, sex with 9-10 people watching her having sex with a man, including her use of a strap-on to bugger a male.”

“Hmmmm. I assume you would be the recipient of her passionate thrusts?” Acknowledged by a nod from both Lee and Jon. “This may take some time to set up. Can you wait a bit? I realise that you must leave tomorrow, so I will do my best to work you in to the schedule tonight.”

“Of course, Madame Carol, we will be at your disposal for tonight. Only inform us of the hour and the place.”

With these details settled, Jon and Lee returned to their apartment to assemble the few essentials they would carry to the beach for the day: sunscreen, towels, sandals, lip balm, wide brimmed hats, sunglasses, and liquid refreshment. Needless to say, the total freedom of being in the sun and water, free of any clothing barrier, was a unique and exhilarating experience for Lee. She was as playful as a young girl, enticing Jon into the waves time and again, racing him back to the lounges provided by the resort along the shore. Jon was so taken with her spirit that he joined in fully, cavorting like a schoolboy and even requiring the camouflage of his towel on occasion as Lee’s antics exposed those marvellous sexually unique areas he had so thoroughly plundered the night before. Jon was no newcomer to the naturist lifestyle, but this woman excited him beyond his limits to control. We suspect that Madame Carol’s photographers had some good material to record!

During their day in the sun, broken by a light lunch at the cabana café, and a short nap in their apartment, Jon şişli escort and Lee became acquainted with several of the couples without children. The conversation was light and friendly, and all agreed to meet at the club for drinks that evening. Nothing was mentioned about the photo session to come. Eventually, the sun became low enough to signal our two naturists to head for their apartment to wash off the oils and sand, and select some light clothing for the bar and restaurant. They were still in a frolicsome mood and several smacks of a towel on naked buttocks seemed to raise the intensity of the glances they exchanged on the way up the path from the sea.

At the appointed hour, Lee and Jon headed for the bar. Lee had on a loose green cotton blouse with long tails untucked and tied beneath her 36C breasts, unencumbered with a bra. The number of buttons open down the front afforded even the most nearsighted voyeur casual glimpses of her swelling tit flesh, even a turgid nipple on occasion. A calf-length tan skirt, with side slits to the hip, provided alluring views of Lee’s spectacular legs, with toned calves and thighs that did not need high heels to display perfectly. The discerning observer would have detected no panty line, although evidence of a thong or V-string would require closer inspection. Simple thong sandals completed her ensemble, highlighted by hoop earrings and a bandeau to hold her hair back. Jon wore a silk shirt with wide vee neckline, sleeves rolled twice up his muscular arms. A pair of Tommy Bahama shorts concealed the organ of interest, and sockless loafers completed the package. A gold chain hung about his neck, glowing against his tanned skin and sparse body hair.

Their friends from the beach were already established at a corner table and waved Lee and Jon over, calling for more drinks to be served. A large pitcher of Sangria stood in the center of the table and the mood was already quite merry. When Jon offered to pay for the next pitcher, the rest would have none of it. Instead, they switched language to English and said, “Let’s choose sides and play for drinks on that Rene Pierre LeChampion 2000 Foosball Table over there. It’s a genuine, professional table, with hand-painted Alpax Metal Players on telescopic rods, and a linoleum playfield. Score a goal and the other team buys a pitcher. Bonne chance, mes amis!”

Fortified with Sangria as they waited their turn, the group grabbed rods on opposite sides of the table and propelled the tiny foosball back and forth with vigorous exclamations in both French and English. Lee turned out to have a talent for the game and she and Jon collaborated to punch in the first goal. To shouts of “Vive les l’Anglais et l’Américain!” another pitcher was ordered and the table temporarily relinquished. More liquid thigh opener was consumed and all were soon demonstrating the sort of camaraderie that comes from long acquaintance, even to a bit of casual fondling when the opportunity was presented.

Into the midst of this happy group appeared the maître d’hôtel, who commanded their attention and announced, “Mesdames et messieurs, le directeur de ressource, Madame Carol demande le plaisir de votre compagnie à une partie privée en marche à la prochaine porte de pavillion. Votre facture de barre a été payée.” Cheers from the others greeted this announcement, but Jon and Lee looked at each other in consternation. “Jon,” she whispered, “what is going on? I thought this was to be a private shoot for us?”

“Patience, my dear, let’s just see where this leads. It may be unrelated to our request.” So saying, they arose and followed the group next door to the Pavillion, where a smiling Carol greeted them. They were ushered into a medium-sized room where a light repast was displayed on sideboards. A bartender manned a well-stocked bar and disco-style music issued from hidden speakers. Five or six newcomers were already in attendance. After a few moments, Carol pulled Jon and Lee aside and explained.

“It seemed natural, given the nature of your earlier request for a number of observers, that your newfound friends might be just familiar enough that you would feel more comfortable with them along with the strangers. Thus, I contacted them a bit earlier and they are all d’accord.”

“OMG Jon, I forgot about the condition to have more than eight people watching us make love. I’m not sure I can go through with this,” she said.

“Come now, old girl, it will be a lark. All of us are thoroughly soused already; can’t be many inhibitions left at this point. Let’s continue and trust Madam Carol to treat this as delicately as possible.” As he said this, they saw Carol reach up and unbutton her blouse, shrugging it off her shoulders and revealing her magnificent chest once again. This seemed to be the signal that clothing was now optional, and the assemblage lost no time in removing their confining textiles to continue partying au naturele.

As the group consumed more alcohol, they became more familiar with one another, subtly guided by Madam Carol’s example ist esc of a touch here, a squeeze there, and a busy tongue where warranted. She encouraged them to dance to the disco music, and some of the women put on quite a show. It would seem that the day spent in a naturist setting, without any sexual release, had allowed tensions to build to the point where, with Carol’s blessing, limits on behavior were seriously relaxed. At some point in the proceedings, assistants opened up a dividing wall, allowing access to a smaller room that was professionally but dimly lighted. Several video cameras were in evidence on tripods, but what drew the attention was the very large raised platform bed in the center of the room. It was covered with crisp white linens; several fluffy pillows were arranged casually and sprinkled with rose petals. A multitude of candles sparkled on small tables near the bed. The scene but awaited the actors.

Madam Carol approached Jon and Lee. Caressing them fondly, she lifted and molded Lee’s perfect, 36C breasts, leaning in to enclose each hardening nipple with a wet kiss and a bit of suction. Lee exclaimed, “Ohhh, Carol, I felt that right down to my toes!” She followed this up by wrapping her arms around Carol, pulling her nude body in tightly, and pressing her full lips to Carol’s mouth. As the two were engaged in this tongue tennis match, Carol reached down with one hand, grabbing Jon’s now very hard cock, and began to stroke him gently. Finally pulling away from Lee’s embrace, she dropped to her knees and drew Jon’s throbbing manly member into her mouth. Taking it far back in her orifice, she extended her abnormally long tongue and licked his ball sac as the head of his cock tickled her throat with his pre-cum. Swiveling back to Lee, she found the older blonde’s pussy leaking juices like a sieve. Her tongue paid appropriate homage to the culinary site, utterly disarranging all four sets of labia and obtaining copious samples of Lee’s lemony feminine essence by licking from perineum to clit. She then rose gracefully, kissed the two and said, “Now that you have exchanged fluids by my proxy, it is time to fulfill your desires. Come with me, just the two of you at first, to the other room.”

Almost shyly, the two were drawn by Madam Carol toward the waiting altar of love. Jon’s gaze was locked on Lee’s lovely body, lightly tanned from the day’s activities in the sun and sea. She seemed to glow with an inner fire, almost virginal in its purity. He thought to himself, ‘My god, I love my Jenni forever, but this woman could have me anytime she wants with a mere glance.” With this, his thoughts turned briefly to what his wife and Hook might be doing at this moment, but the thought was dispelled as they sat together on the bed. Lee, meanwhile, was having similar thoughts, but her excitement overrode whatever thoughts she might have had of Hook and Jenni. She gazed adoringly at this muscular, erudite, accomplished, and surprising man with whom she had already established a profound – and somewhat disconcerting – relationship. Of course she would return to America with Hook and their life would go on as before, but this time with Jon restored her youth, supercharged her hormones, and made her feel wanted more than she had felt in years.

“Now, mes enfants,” said Madam Carol, “merely continue what has been started. Celebrate the respect and love you have for each other. Allow the sexual harmony to flow between you, and others, as the time is right, as you have enjoyed the freedom of our textile-free resort; the sun and the wind, and the sea on you lovely naked bodies. Feel neither shame, doubt nor inhibition. Enjoy this evening together.”

As Carol withdrew to the edge of the room, the camera technicians continued to record the sensuous moment. Lighting was subtly changed to cast a warm glow over the bodies of the two lovers as they stretched out on the bed and embraced tenderly. Lee was softly stroking Jon’s face, running her fingers up into his full head of wavy hair as they offered each other their souls through their seeking mouths. Jon’s hands were engaged in feeling as much of Lee’s smooth skin as possible, running his palms up her legs, pausing to caress the soft spot behind her knees, then moving over her gently rounded hips to her concave waist, taut belly, and up to her ribcage. Then, withdrawing and turning, he repositioned on his knees above Lee’s head. As she reached for him, he bent to tease his tongue into her slightly open mouth in another upside-down kiss. Both their heart rates increased to aerobic levels from the sensations created by the tops of their tongues rubbing and sliding together. Jon’s hands went lower to cup her breasts, standing firmly away from her chest, the nipples extended 3 centimeters. Gently, he caressed the soft mounds of flesh that he had come to know as well as his Jenni’s. Nearly identical, Lee’s breasts had a different ripeness to them from having given suck to her children many years before.

The kiss went on and the other partygoers were silently ushered besiktas escort in to watch the moment. The tenderness of the scene was not lost on the standing couples, and juices began to flow from cocks and vaginas all over the room. Accompanied by roaming, groping hands and fingers, the sexual temperature in the room climbed higher until the pheromones had claimed all in the spell of Jon and Lee’s lovemaking. Succumbing to the overpowering aphrodisiac of the pervasive scents, Jon broke the mouth kiss with Lee and inched forward until his seriously leaking cock was brushing the same full lips his mouth had just relinquished. The movement allowed him several swipes with his tongue across Lee’s nipples, accompanied by low moans and inhaled breath from the lovely woman below him. As she opened her mouth to receive his rigid rod – he could not remember his cock feeling so full – he nibbled his way across her perfect abdomen to her newly shaved pubes. ‘Good lord,’ he thought, ‘I feel like I’m making love to a virgin again.’

Lee had his cock fully in her mouth now, letting it soak in her moist cavity, poking her cheeks outward as she manipulated the glans with her tongue. The sensations Jon was feeling were enhanced by her long nails scraping over the surface of his, also, newly shaved scrotum. The surface dimpled as his testicles started to rise. Lee, on the other hand, was having difficulty concentrating on giving Jon superb head as he blew hotly on her clit. She felt the nubbin begin to emerge and shivered slightly. Jon smiled to himself as he lightly closed his teeth around the tiny button, releasing quickly as Lee abruptly jerked her pelvis upward. Lee’s entire body shuddered and she took Jon’s cock deep into her throat, holding with one hand near the base to control the depth as she tried to concentrate on breathing and sucking at the same time. Jon’s fingers crept across the lovely creatures hips, inward to grasp her labia majora and draw them widely apart. This exposed the glistening folds of her inner lips and the deepening pinkness beyond. Jon thought he had never seen such an enticing picture as Lee’s feminine charms laid out before him like a butterfly at an epicurean feast. He felt his balls rise further with Lee’s rhythmic ministrations to his love pole and dipped his tongue deeply into her honey pot.

At this point, Madam Carol urged four of the watching couples forward to the bed. As though rehearsed, they took up positions alongside the couple, alternating male-female, four to a side. Taking small vials of fragrant oil from an assistant, they coated their hands and began to gently rub the nude flesh of the couple engaged in oral gratification. After a momentary pause by both Jon and Lee, they accepted the additional participants as they increased the pace of their own tongues and fingers. The background music changed to a deep throbbing beat as the lights changed intensity with it. That, with the stimulation of many hands soon provided the necessary additional stimulation to bring the two to the edge of orgasm. Both fought to hold off the sensory explosion as the other oiled hands began more intimate probing. Lee drew her knees up to facilitate Jon’s stimulation of her pussy and clit and as she took Jon’s quivering cock even deeper into her throat, the swallowing motion sent Jon’s seminal fluid boiling up out of his balls. He retained enough awareness to extend two fingers into Lee’s cunt, curling them under to massage her G-spot.

Two of the six ‘bit players’ poured more oil over their fingers and rubbed briskly around the pair’s anal rings. As they each inserted a digit into an anus, the volcano in Lee’s pussy erupted, squirting ‘molten’ ejaculate upward in a spray that coated Jon’s face. At her other end, Jon delivered an equally ‘molten’ offering straight down Lee’s throat to her stomach. So intense were the stimulations that Lee crested and rode the peak of her orgasmic wave for the first time in her life. She was no longer aware of the room or the participants, only feeling as though her body was filled with and expanding with pulsating energy. She felt vaguely that if she could just ride this wave long enough that her body would expand to accept the pleasure in every cell. Even Jon’s deflating cock slipping from between her lips did not interrupt her journey to nirvana. Her last thought before falling unconscious, was that she was at last completely fulfilled as a woman! Later, she would learn that she had been in this state for nearly an hour. Jon and the others, completely fascinated, had continued their ministrations, helping to keep her on the crest. For the short time she was senseless, Lee’s body was lovingly bathed with warm cloths, helping her skin to absorb the rubbing oils. When she awoke, all were struck by the radiance of her body and her wide smile.

Hook & Jenni When last we observed them, Hook had pushed two Ben Wa balls into Jenni’s vagina with his tongue. He said to her: “Knowing your puss as well as I do now, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble holding both balls in there all day. You can experiment finding the best spot in which to hold them. When you walk, they will not only roll together and produce delightful vibrations, but the tiny bells inside each will produce a faint tinkling sound and vibrations of their own.”

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