Jeremy’s Journal: The Cottage


When I awoke, I found myself in the passenger seat of my car. Candy had already pulled up to the cottage and shifting into park. I was a little groggy, so at first I didn’t realize that after our road stop sex break, neither of us had put back on our clothes. Candy didn’t realize that I was coming to so she reached over and started to rub my balls and stroke my cock. The sun was setting and the closest neighbour was at least a kilometer away so I kissed her while she jacked me off for a while.

Naked as the day we were born, we both stepped out of the car and I stretched a little before grabbing the keys to cottage from the car, I grabbed my carry on and Candy’s little suitcase and walked to the door. The cottage was such a small cozy little place and I remembered going so many times in the past with all the members of the family during the summer. Now with everyone living abroad or working all the time we all just booked the cottage as our time allowed. I switched the lights on and walked up the staircase where all the bedrooms were located. There were three rooms and just one big bathroom upstairs so I told Candy that we could have any room she wanted. She smiled at me and mentioned she was sure she would be in all of them before the night was over. I laughed and agreed with her.

It was a long day and my uncle told me he had put in a hot tub in the back so after a quick stop at the restroom and an even quicker shower. Candy and I grabbed our drinks of choice and headed over Escort Ankara to the hot tub. The air was so cool and gentle, it danced around our nude bodies…it seemed that the air felt horny as well because for some reason the air around our genitals seemed to grope us. The heat and the bubbles were so relaxing and enjoyable after the long but pleasurable drive. We sat in silence just staring at the stars and enjoying the sounds of the countryside.

It didn’t take very long before Candy moved from sitting beside me to straddling me, I adjusted my hips so my dick would be against her pussy. I grabbed a handful of her buttocks and we started kissing. Her breasts were above the water level and the exposure to the air had hardened her nipples which was too sexy for me to ignore so I moved my hands to her breasts and massages them while remembering to lightly tweak her nipples every now and again. She reached between her legs and grabbed my cock and adjusted it to slide into her hot wet slit and she bounced on my shaft. She had to have been really horny because she had an orgasm really quickly but I wasn’t ready to end our romp yet.

I held on to her and hugged her tightly until she had come down from her orgasm high. We started kissing again as our tongues massaged each other. She was trembling a little and shaking so we both got out of the tub and went inside the cottage. As Candy was drying off, I took a few logs and put them in the fireplace. I know it was summer Ankara Escort and it really wouldn’t be necessary to do so but I was just trying to keep the mood romantic. Candy walked in the room with that smile of hers that made me want to be with her. I don’t think I ever mentioned it before but she had a really great smile. When she smiled, her whole face did. She was happy and I was happy to be with her as well. She was wearing a big T-shirt and as she lay down on the rug beside me I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

We lay on the rug, she curled up next to me running her fingers on my chest and we both were staring at the fire and listening to the crackling sound. Candy continued to run her fingers down my chest and abs and then with a flat palm slid down her hand until she got to my dick. Holding it in her hand she began to stroke me but I stopped her. I made her switch places with me. I pulled her T-shirt up to her neck and mimicked what she had been doing before. She smiled and closed her eyes and as slowly and gently as I could licked and sucked her now erect nipples. Making sure to attend to both as I licked and sucked one nipple I was lightly touching the other with my fingers, I made sure to slowly and carefully massage her breast as well. As her breathing changed, I ran my fingers down to her pussy. She was really wet…she was soaked actually. So I used my fingers to masturbate her. She tried to reach for my cock but I moved her both hands behind her head Ankara Escort Bayan and told her to relax.

I began to kiss her stomach while still using my finger to play with her g spot and kept kissing lower and lower until I got to her glorious pussy. She had shaved it and I loved her scent when she was aroused. The entire mons were swollen so I dragged my tongue over every part of it without going straight to her pussy lips. I kept my finger inside her but was now just finger fucking her. Nine short strokes in and finally one deep. She pulled her legs up and now I was able to give her pussy those long and heavy tongue drags from end to end. Every time I started at the base of her moist cunt I stuck my tongue deeper inside her. My finger kept getting in way so I pulled it out and just concentrated on seeing how deep I could get my tongue inside her. Dragging my tongue from perineum to clitoral hood as slowly as I could. Candy to pulled her legs up towards her breasts even closer and she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me almost inside her.

I covered her mons with my whole mouth and sucked the entire area and slid my finger into her open pussy again but this time I used my index finger and pressed down towards her anus. I then began to flick the tip of my tongue on her clit. Slowly pushing my finger in and out of her while licking her clit. She let out a guttural moan and then screamed as her vagina tightened up on my finger. She was panting and I was happy to make her cum so hard. Her breathing returned to normal but she was just lying there so I put my head down next to her and hugged her as we both fell asleep. Her introduction to the cottage was a great one and I was looking forward to the rest of time there with her.

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