Jim and Diane


It was a beautiful spring day. I was busy working on my house. Being single and free, I had managed to save up and get this great home in an upscale neighborhood. It had been a bargain due to the previous owners had gotten a divorce and needed to sell it quickly to get things settled between them.

My bank had lent me the money at a good interest rate and my payments were actually lower than the apartment I had been renting before. I spent most of my free time working on the house, fixing it up. I had installed a hot tub and Jacuzzi bathtub. A great big tile shower in the master bathroom, and a nice deck in back.

Right now my project was the building of a brick barbeque that rose up from the ground and had the grill at waist height on my deck. I was putting on the finishing touches and getting ready for a party to break it in.

My work keeps me very busy most of the time. I have a small business consulting in the computer field, more precisely, in the networking and large company networks field. It pays well and I had quite a few contracts for steady work since I am very good at what I do.

I have fourteen people working for me and had invited them all to my place for the barbeque. I was hoping that they all showed up. My freezer was full of steaks and shrimp. My refrigerator full of beer and wine. I wanted to have it be a little company party and housewarming party combination.

Having neighbors on each side of me, on one side were an older couple, Bill and Kate. He was in banking and she was an interior decorator. Matter of fact they had both helped me to get and fix up my house.

Bill had handled the loan and Kate had given me some great ideas on my additions. We shared a few get-togethers from time to time. I had invited them over for this party but they were going to be out of town so couldn’t make it.

My other neighbor was a single woman who kept to herself. She had a large swimming pool, and spent quite a bit of time next to it sunning herself and reading books. I was not sure what she did since I had not been around to talk to very much.

I had seen her in a bikini one time. My jaw dropped when I realized it was her. Usually she was dressed kind of frumpy but in that bikini she had revealed one hot body. I had watched her the whole time she had been out by her pool that day.

I think she knew I had been watching her too. She would look over her sunglasses once in a while as I ‘worked’ on my deck. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done that day. I also had an erection that actually hurt.

I fired up the barbeque and was testing it to see if it was going to draft right, when she came out on her back deck. I looked over and saw she was in her bikini again and I almost burnt my hand not paying attention to what I was doing. God, she looked hot. I really wanted to invite her over for the party, but didn’t know how to go about it without looking stupid. I fiddled around with the barbeque for quite some time before I got up the nerve to walk over to the fence and ask her if she would like to come to my barbeque.

“Hi. Say, I’m having a barbeque to break in my grill tomorrow and wondered if you would like to come over for a steak and a beer or wine? I’m having some of my friends over, and I would like to get to know you. After all, you are my neighbor.”

She looked at me over her sunglasses. She didn’t say anything at first, then after a hesitation, she stood up and walked over to where I was standing.

“I’m being invited to your barbeque party tomorrow? What time?”

“Um, well I told everyone that it would start about one o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Since it is a Saturday and all, I figured that would be a good time.”

“Oh, that’s too bad, I have some business to attend to at one, across town. I will be tied up with that until probably around three at the earliest.”

“Heh, well if I know my friends, the party will just be getting going about then.”

“Well, if it’s convenient for you, yes, I would love to come. I will have to be late though.”

“I’ll just say you are going to be fashionably late how’s that?”

“That’ll be good. Thank you for inviting me too, by the way.”

“My pleasure . . . umm . . . maybe I should know your name too. I’m Jim. Jim Anderson.”

“Oh, yes that might be good, Jim Anderson. I am Diane. Diane . . . Fields.”

“Pleasure to meet you Diane. Diane . . . Fields.”

We laughed together about her hesitation to tell me her last name. I figured she was just as nervous as I was about the whole thing and let it go as that. We chit chatted for a bit then I had to leave to get some more items for another project I was beginning.

As I drove across town, I felt elated and more than a bit fortunate that she had accepted my invitation. I was not so sure that she may be out of my league, but she had actually warmed up to me rather nicely after the initial ice breaking.

I got my things and headed home. My cell phone rang as I drove and not being one to drive and talk like most people do, I pulled Escort Ankara over to answer it. It was my secretary. She was calling to affirm that her and her husband would be at the party. I mentioned to her about my neighbor and she started to tease me a bit. You see, she had been trying to fix me up with some of her friends and none of them had worked out very well. I guess that they were not ready for such a young man to be the owner of a business like I was.

Most of the girls Shiana set me up with had been younger than I and that had led to some interesting dates. Some of them couldn’t get over the fact that I was very sedate and, well, adult. They were looking for party guys in most cases and I was not interested in partying like that. I had already been there and done that too much.

I got home and noticed that Diane was still on her lounger next to the pool. I looked at her for a while through my kitchen window. I couldn’t get over how good-looking she was and what a great body she had too. I decided at that point that I was going to pursue her far more seriously.

The next morning I woke up to rain. It was raining hard and I knew that the party was going to be bust unless it stopped pretty soon. I waited for hours and about eleven I decided that it wasn’t going to stop so I called everyone and canceled out. I told them that we would have it next weekend for sure.

I sat in my kitchen watching the rain. About two o’clock it finally quit and I went out to wipe down the pentagon shaped picnic table. I liked to keep it clean as possible, knowing that a bit of neglect would lead to warping and twisting of the wood. I had built it with my own hands and was quite proud of it.

I had my back to Diane’s house when I heard her come out into her yard. I hadn’t been able to get a hold of her to inform her of the cancelled party. She came up to the gate in the fence and I ran down to open it for her.

“I’m sorry. The rain this morning . . . at eleven I called everyone to cancel. I didn’t think it was going to quit. But it’s nice now. If you want, I can still fire up the grill and we could get to know each other.”

“Oh dear. There won’t be anyone else here then?”

“No. That isn’t a problem is it? I mean, Heh, I don’t bite or anything. Honest!”

Laughing, she looked into my eyes with a smile that went deep inside. My heart shook a bit with that look. She had a way of looking at me that seemed to bare my soul to her. It was kind of unnerving.

“Oh no, that’s not a problem. Perhaps you should be afraid of me instead.”

I laughed at her joke, half wondering if maybe I should be afraid of her. She had a confidence in her that I didn’t see in many women and she seemed to be quite in charge of her life. Her words were strongly spoken, no hesitation or cowering there.

“Shall we then Diane?”

I opened the gate and offered her my arm. I walked her up to the table I had just wiped off, glad that I had done just that a few minutes ago. At least her seat would be dry. I got her a drink and then went to my kitchen to get the steaks and other food for our dinner.

As I started to cook the steaks she came to stand by me and we talked. I found out that she was an independent businesswoman and did quite well with her business. She mentioned that she was in the entertainment field. I figured that meant she was an agent or something. Her clothes and matter of fact, her house and everything about her was upscale.

We ate and visited some more. I found her to be a great person and fun and intelligent too. We talked about many things and after cleaning up from our dinner I showed her my house and all I had done to it. She seemed impressed at my skills and taste.

I was thanking the Gods that Kate had been nice enough to give me a hand on my decorating. Diane left that night parting company with me at the gate. We looked at each other for a bit, then because I thought it felt right, I leaned in to kiss her. She held off with just a bit of hesitation, then lightly kissed my lips. With that she was gone.

I went in my house in such a good mood. I had actually found out that I liked my neighbor far more than I had thought I would. We had even kissed. Okay, it was a very small kiss and could have been one of those ‘just friends’ kisses, but it was what I thought to be a great start.

The next morning, I got up early and did my yard work. I never saw Diane at all. I figured she was either sleeping in or that she had gone to church. I finished up my yard work and then went in to do my housework.

I liked to keep a clean house, mainly because my mom had ingrained it in me. She used to tell me . . . ‘You never know who may stop by Jim, so keep your house clean.’ She had also used a lot of other mother to son sayings, but that one stayed with me for some reason.

I spent the day cleaning and then that evening I just sat out on my deck and enjoyed the sunset. I saw lights on in Diane’s house so I knew she was home. I sat there and thought about her and Ankara Escort how much I wanted to get to know her better. Far better. I only hoped that she felt the same way about me.

Over the next week I was busy with work and didn’t have much time for any projects at home. I pretty much would go to work, come home, eat and then go to bed. On that Friday, I made plans to try the barbeque again. Everyone said they would be there and I went over to Diane’s to invite her too.

Once at her door I was a bit nervous. ‘After all,’ I told myself, ‘we have only really just met. What if she was just being nice to her neighbor?’ I almost chickened out, but at the last minute, she opened her door. She had seen me walking up her sidewalk. “Jim! What a surprise. How have you been?”

“Hi Diane. I’ve been good, busy, but good. Um . . . I was coming over to invite you to the barbeque tomorrow afternoon. I’m going to try it again. Hope it doesn’t rain.”

“Oh, darn. I have to go out of town tonight and won’t be back until Sunday night. I really wish I could be there though. I liked the other day . . . quite a bit as a matter of fact.”

“That’s too bad. I was kind of, well, I really wanted you to come over. I . . . I liked our time together last weekend a lot too. I had hoped that . . . well, I mean to say . . . you are so . . .”

I was getting flustered. I felt like a grade-school boy asking a girl out for the very first time. It was embarrassing and the more I faltered, the more I stumbled. Diane rescued me though. It was like she knew I was sinking fast and not knowing how to extricate myself from my own mess.

“You really liked our time together? Good. I have been thinking about that day and I was kind of hoping you would want to see me again. I like you quite a bit. Not only are you handsome, but you’re nice too. I can see you’re also very good with your hands. Not many guys can say they built their own barbeque grill and the other things you have done with your house too.”

“Thank you. Heh, good with my hands, poor with talking. Not sure why I am so nervous at the moment. Diane, I really would like to take you out to dinner some time soon. What would be a good night for you?”

“How about next Tuesday? I have a break in business then and I’ll be free.”

“Tuesday night it is then. I’ll pick you up around . . . six?”

“Six would be great Jim. What should I wear?”

“Oh, umm . . . semiformal. I was thinking Damian’s down on the river. They don’t require formal wear, but it is slightly upscale.”

“I’ve been there. That’s a great place to eat at. Six o’clock then. I’ll be ready.”

I went home, a bit disappointed that she wouldn’t meet my friends, but happy we had another date coming. I felt like a superman at that moment.

My barbeque turned out great. My friends were impressed with all I had done to the house and we all had a great time. Everything went smoothly too. At one point Shiana started to talk to me about this girl she knew that was interested in me. I mentioned that I had a date on Tuesday.

Everyone wanted to know about Diane. Shiana started to call her my mystery woman. I never told them that Diane lived right next door. I described her and how our barbeque went on last Saturday. I got teased quite a bit for canceling the party and then having Diane over instead. Sunday I spent working on my new project for the first time in a week. I got a lot done on it and was hoping that I could finish it next week. I was putting in a rock pool under a tree that was in the back yard. It had started out to be about three feet high, but by the time I got into it, I had gone up about eight feet.

It was shaping up pretty well too. I had the water and filter system plumbed in and the rock face work done. All I really had left were the hookups and some greenery added here and there. I was still in my back yard when Diane got home. She came over and looked at my creation.

“I’m impressed Jim. For an IT person you seem to know a lot about construction and building.”

“Yeah, well, I put myself through college working for a contractor. He built homes and specialized projects. I learned most of what I know working for him. I even stayed working for him until I got my business up off the ground. That alone took three years before I could rely on it.”

“I think you are an amazing man. Not many can do half of what you do, and most of them that do work with their hands like this are a bit, well crude too.”

“Yeah, there are those. Not near as many as there were years ago though.”

We chatted for a while then she left to go home. I watched her walk away, wishing I was much closer to her. I really was developing a thing for her. I hoped that nothing came along and ruined it now. I could even picture us being married in my mind. Something that had not crossed my mind before. She seemed to fill a vague hole in my life somehow.

On Tuesday our dinner date went wonderfully. After we ate, I took her out to a dance club and we danced for a Ankara Escort Bayan while. She could really dance well. We had a great time. She looked so sexy and beautiful too. Many men stared at her at dinner and at the club too. I felt so lucky to have her on my arm.

That night, I walked her to her door and she invited me in for a cup of coffee. We talked far into the night. I was loving the whole night, especially when she stepped up close to me as I was getting ready to leave. She was so close to me I could smell her hair.

I leaned in just a bit and she took my head in her hands and put her lips hard on mine. Our tongues intertwined as we held each other close. Her arms went around my body and I put mine around hers.

We kissed for a long time. I knew that I really wanted her, and I was certain that she wanted me too. I broke the kiss first. We caught our breath and then she leaned in and we kissed yet again.

I was getting worked up, and even though I wanted to go much farther, I also didn’t want to go too far and lose her either. I went home in a daze. I had really had a great time tonight. Diane was so beautiful and friendly. A real first class kisser too. I laid in bed that night and thought about her for several hours.

The next day I drug into work and Shiana teased me all day about my hot date. She was impressed that I had gone out a second time with Diane. I had never done that very often. Usually my dates didn’t turn out good for one reason or another. Shiana was curious about Diane and wanted to know everything I could tell her.

I realized that I didn’t know much about Diane. She had been skillfully leading the talk around me and my business and family. All I really knew about Diane was that she was in the entertainment field and that she was beautiful, and a damn good kisser.

I decided that on the next date with her I was going to try to find out more about Diane. I was developing a serious intent with her in a very big hurry. The feelings I had were making me unsettled and I had never experienced anything like this before. I had to have this woman in my life.

Diane and I saw each other several times over the next two weeks. Each time our kissing got hotter and hotter. The last time I had actually slipped my hand down from her shoulder to her breasts and she hadn’t done anything to stop me. I had a feeling that on our next date we would be in bed together. I had some condoms in my dresser in my room, and I checked them to make sure they were not outdated.

I was torn about taking some with me on the date or leaving them in the dresser in case we came to my place after our date. I finally decided to take two with me and put them in my jacket pocket. Better safe than sorry I figured.

Our date was at a local theater and the movie was an old classic with Humphrey Bogart. We had a good time and went out for a snack at a local diner. Nothing fancy, just dinner and a movie. I pulled into my driveway and invited her in for a cup of coffee.

Diane was dressed in a short dress that was low cut in front and back. She was also not wearing a bra, the dress’s cut precluded that. I had more than glanced at her chest throughout the night. She had caught me staring twice that I was aware of too. I had been embarrassed and my face had turned red both times. She had laughed at my discomfort both times. Even teasing me the last time.

“See anything you’d like to eat?”


“Well, you’ve been staring at my chest for the last minute or so and licking your lips. I figure you must want a taste or something.”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry. I . . . I . . .”

Laughing at my discomfort, she let me off the hook.

“Hey, you should know that I dressed this way so I’d get your attention. I like it when you look at me like you have been. It makes me . . . hot. I’m tingling all over right now. Not wearing a bra makes me feel free too.”

I was relieved that she was being so good about it. I was also wondering if she wanted me as bad as I wanted her. I guess that I was going to find out at some point tonight. I could feel it. As we walked up to my front door, she hooked her arm through mine and stayed close to my body.

Going into my house I held the door, guiding her inside. Her hand touched mine for just a second. An electric feeling and a tingle coursed through my body. I looked into her eyes and the next thing I knew we were hugging and kissing each other in hot passion.

Our tongues were linked together and dancing with each other as I held her close to me. I felt her hand slip down my body and lightly caress the front of my pants. I could tell she felt my erection and soon I felt her grip on my cock through my pants.

My hands went down her back and I was feeling her hot skin. I took one hand and ran it around to her front, slipping it right in between her breasts. As my fingers searched out her nipples, her hand moved to my zipper and I felt her undoing it.

My breath was hot on her neck and my fingers had found a nipple. I was rolling it between them, relishing the touch and texture of her magnificent breasts. My cock was so hard it actually hurt. I almost shot off as I felt her hand slip into my underwear and grasp my cock skin to skin. Her touch was hot and silky smooth at the same time.

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