Jump Starting Love, Bangkok Style


The tap at the door was so soft that it was hardly audible, but David and Mabel shuddered. They exchanged embarrassed glances.

“Come in,” David said after a delay. The door opened and a young man stood at the door. The man had the unmistakable features of a Thai, but was better built than the average for his countrymen. The girl like most Thai young women was small and pretty. There was silence for a while; then Mabel spoke.

“Please come in and take a seat.” The man thanked and they sat on the double sofa opposite where the other couple sat.

“I am Niran and my wife is Suchin.”

“Niran? Thai names I thought were more complicated,” said David.

“Our surnames are. Given names generally are short. Niran means eternal.”

“And Suchin?”

“Suchin means beautiful thought.”

“Not thought only I should say,” said David. “I am David and this is my wife Mabel. We are from Canada. Do you often meet people from Canada?”

“We mostly meet people from Western Europe and the States,” said Niran, “but we do meet Canadians. My first clients were Canadians.”

“Today is our silver wedding anniversary,” said David. The visitors congratulated the couple on the achievement. “We want to celebrate in style,” he continued. The Thais bowed. Again there was silence.

“Have you ever been invited to wedding anniversary celebrations?” asked Mabel.

“Many times,” said the girl. She spoke English with difficulty.


“Silver, and more too. Once it was golden.”

“Golden?” Mabel was surprised.

“Many come to Bangkok to celebrate their wedding anniversaries, and they are kind enough to invite us to join in the celebrations,” said the young man. He spoke fluent English, but with a distinct accent. Silence again reigned. Considering that the two very respectable middle class Canadians have invited the Thais for a love making session this was not surprising.


Though to friends and relatives David and Mabel were a model couple they had problems on the sexual side of their relationship. It is often so by the time the silver wedding anniversary arrives. David was a monogamist who was actively interested in sex; Mabel belonged to that large category of women who seem to lose interest in sex when the children have grown up. All that Mabel was willing to do now was to spread for the five minutes her husband needed to ejaculate. But he wanted a little more.

‘Even harlots would not agree to what you demand,’ Mabel would say.

‘Harlots may not, but wives do.’

‘Not I,’ she would say with finality. David’s menu was not extravagant. All he wanted was the lights to be on and the windows open while they made love.

‘You want the world to watch us having sex?’ she would say.

‘No neighbour can see us even if he wants to unless he has powerful binoculars.’ ‘If they cannot see why do you want it anyway?’

‘The thought that they can makes it exciting. I get a proper erection only when I am that excited.’

‘Sorry I cannot.’

Early in the marriage he had angled for blow jobs, but she, an inexperienced eighteen year old bride, could not tolerate even the taste of precum. Sex soon became less and less interesting till it became events to mark their wedding anniversary and his birthday. But Mabel loved her man, a caring person who hardly ever spoke a hard word to anyone. When she found him sad she assumed that she was the reason. She thought about it and soon came to a decision.

It was one evening after dinner three months before their silver wedding anniversary that Mabel made the move.

‘Darling, I have a suggestion.’

‘About what?’

‘About our silver wedding anniversary. We should go to an exotic location.’

‘Wonderful. Where?’


‘The sex city?’




‘What for?’

‘To enjoy, of course.’

‘You have to explain,’ he said. He was not too keen on the sights and sounds of strange places however exotic.

‘David I have been reading books on sex written by women; serious writers all of them. They are all unanimously of the opinion that sex life of women does not end when the nest is empty. They say the second phase actually starts then, and it is often better than the honeymoon part. I feel that I am depriving myself, yes myself, as well as you of normal pleasures. I want to make a new start, and what better place to do so than Bangkok?’

‘How do you know about that place?’

‘The Internet of course. We do not go for the more florid things, but would you be shocked if I tell you what I am proposing?’

‘Of course not.’

‘We book into a hotel and get the services of a couple. We spend some time with them, and then ask them to make love in our presence.’

‘And then we return the compliment?’

‘Possibly not, but we proceed as our mood leads us.’

‘Indeed,’ said David. He rolled his eyes upwards; his lips moved in prayer possibly, and then he stood up and whooped.


David and Mabel looked at each other and smiled sheepishly. Escort Ankara The long periods of silences were getting very embarrassing.

“Shall I tell you about my first experience?” Niran said, “That often breaks the ice.”

“Please do,” said David eagerly. He was wondering if their adventure was becoming a non-starter.

“First about how I come to be doing this job. I was in my first year of civil engineering diploma when I got into this. I am a physical fitness addict and I never miss workouts in the gym every day. One evening as I was getting out of the gym one man approached me. He said he wanted to talk to me on a very serous matter that would lead to fortune. He offered a hundred dollar bill just to demonstrate his sincerity. I met him the next day in a room in a posh hotel. I was dressed, as he had asked me to, in my Sunday best. ‘Please do not ask any questions now,’ he said, ‘but just do as requested. Soon I would clear every doubt of yours.’ He handed over another hundred dollar bill. He directed me to a doctor’s office where the senior consultant examined me thoroughly.

“When I met the agent two days later he told me that he was selecting me for the job. He then explained the job. I was so surprised that you could have knocked me down with a feather. I was to offer sex to visitors in some of the famous hotels of the city. Not by soliciting but on invitation. I liked the job of course; who wouldn’t. He gave me a booklet explaining the customs and habits of Westerners who would be the bulk of my clients. There was a long list of dos and don’ts, and a warning that if I lapse in any way I would lose the job.

“The day after I took up the job I had a call at my new residence, a flat in a posh suburb. I went to the hotel, and straight to the room. I tapped; an authoritative male voice invited me in. The couple were both relatively young, the woman in the late thirties and the man about forty. The man was tall and athletic and had the confident bearing of an army man. But his wife appeared timid, and did not seem to look forward to my company. She was small and slim, and pretty, very pretty. In my nervousness I stood as if on parade and introduced myself in a style drill sergeants had taught in school cadet corps. The man introduced himself and his wife. He said they were from Canada. Their English accent seemed to suggest that they were French Canadians.

“I darted a glance at her. She was doing the same. She immediately turned away blushing. Though only a small part of one cheek was visible I could make out that she was smiling. Shy thing, but full of mischief.

“The man offered coffee. His wife went to the kitchenette and prepared coffee in the microwave oven. We sipped. When it was over the man spoke. He made the first of the three statements that was to stun me that night.

“‘Make love to my wife,’ he said. It sounded like an order. I said nothing. Even the sharpest witted man could not have come out with a satisfactory response to that statement. I must have stared with eyes open in incredulity. ‘Make love to my wife,’ he said again this time softly, and as if to give weight to what he said he moved over to the single seat of the sofa thus making room for me by the side of his wife.

“‘Pretend I am not here,’ he said.

“I moved over. My heart was racing and my hands were trembling. The man must have noted the tremor.

“‘Don’t fear, I am unarmed,’ he said and laughed. ‘I’ll make myself very clear, fuck her. Please let me assure you that there is no greater turn-on for a man than to see another man fuck his wife.’

“Later when I recollected the event I could see that making love to married women was what my job was about. I wondered why I had to confront the fact before realising it.

“Still hesitant I touched her shoulder. She averted her face. I held her chin and turned her face towards me. I kissed her on the cheek and then I kissed her on the lip. Her lips pouted slightly. Thus encouraged I embraced her and as I held her I unzipped her frock a couple of inches. She held me too, but not tightly. We held for a while and then I loosened my hold, and as I removed my hands I fully unzipped her frock and catching the edges I pulled it forwards. Very helpfully she stretched out her arms and then pulled her arms off the sleeves, and then in one swift movement she removed the skirt altogether. She was now in her bra and knickers.

“I undid her bra hooks and released her breasts. For one of her slimness they were grand. I gently fondled. Then I bent down and sucked. She placed her hand under the breast and gently lifted it up. I bit her nipple; she made moaning noises. I pulled down her knickers; she helpfully moved her legs to enable me to remove it. She was now seated with her slightly parted legs fully stretched on the sofa, totally nude, and displaying the densest brush I have ever seen before or since.

“‘You seem not to like the brush,’ said her husband. It was indeed so. Now he uttered the second of the statements that was to surprise me that day.

“‘Shave her,’ Ankara Escort he said. I hesitated for a moment, and then I took her by the hand to the bathroom. The man with forethought had laid out shaving kit and a plastic chair on which she could sit. She sat and spread out helpfully. I soaped her and then I shaved her with great concentration. I did the mons first, and then the major lips, and then the minor lips. I parted the lips and removed hair from every cranny. I washed and dried her pussy. I shone. Her inner lips were thin and the clit hood was prominent. I liked the look of that pussy.

“‘Good job,’ said the husband. I kissed her pussy for I was now quite hot, and then I licked her clit. She was hot too for her pussy was getting wetter by the second. She responded magnificently. Soon she was vibrating and then I pulled the trigger by slowing down and licking her in wide swathes. She screamed softly and then she spoke for the first, and as it turned out, the last time. ‘Fuck me,’ she said.

“I carried her and placed her on the bed. I climbed up and I was over her when the husband spoke his third stunner.

‘I’ll insert your cock into my wife,’ he said. He did so deftly, and so hot were both of us that soon we had orgasms in unison and then she had I do not know how many. We lay embracing each other. The husband shook me gently by the shoulder.

“‘It’s my turn now.’ I got up and stood by as he entered her. I thought she would be exhausted, but apparently she was not. She had another cascade of orgasms. The husband turned to me and said. “Thanks for jump starting our fuck. Please take the envelope on the table. Close the door but do not lock it.’

“I rushed to my room and drank half a jug of water for I was immensely thirsty. I then lay on the cot and reviewed my experience of the night. I just could not understand why such a virile man should need someone to kick start his fuck. The next day I was less perplexed. During my college days I was an avid browser of voyeur sites. In these sites amateurs under conditions of anonymity published photographs of women in various stages of undress. Most photos were of their wives. The sender, often the husband, openly offered sex with his wife. Now I know that many of these were physically normal men and respectable citizens who are just bold enough to give vent to their innermost urges.

“Two days later I met this couple in the shopping mall. I avoided them as instructed in the booklet. I observed them discretely. I assure you that no one who did not know what I knew would consider them as anything but normal well adjusted married people.”

“Interesting,” said David. “I think your job is far and away the best in the world. Do you agree?”

“I do, but for reasons different from what you expect it would be.”

“What are your reasons if it is not the obvious one?”

“Well, I never have sex, professionally that is, with women who were less than ten years my senior in age. That is what makes this a superlative job. I’ll explain this paradox. You have to see the happiness on the faces of these women to appreciate the wonder of what I am doing. Everything I do gives pleasure. What more can one want from a job? Many of these women have not had orgasm for years, and some experience it for the very first time. Women who give the impression of being models of pure womanhood are the prime victims of civilisation’s one-man-one-woman concept. All of them, even the purest, harbour not sexual fantasies, but attainable sexual desires that are beyond their reach. After the first fuck with someone not their husband they feel as librated as a prisoner let off from Devil Island. Their spouses are happy too to see their wives enjoy themselves. It is the perfect demonstration of marital bliss. I say with certainty that a husband who brandishes his hand gun if his wife has sex with another man, and a wife who sues for divorce because her husband has another woman have both reached the lowest state man and woman can reach.” Niran spoke with emotion. He then calmed down. “Now that the ice is broken,” said Niran with a broad grin, “we can indulge in some activity.”


“Certainly, you have not invited us to tell stories on the night of your silver wedding anniversary?”

“Of course not.”

“With your permission my wife and I would get behind the curtain to change into something more reasonable.”


Suchin reappeared wearing mid-thigh length brownish red sarong of very thin material, and a loose top of the same material but of a darker colour. It was clear that she did not have anything under those garments. She smiled broadly and asked David if he liked her dress. It was hardly necessary to ask for David was goggling. Soon Niran appeared dressed in loose pyjamas and with chest bare. His visits to the gym were to some purpose for he has magnificent pectoral muscles, and the shoulder muscles and biceps could have done a middle-weight boxer proud.

They undressed each other, and then they kissed, and as Niran fondled Suchin stroked his hard and Ankara Escort Bayan large organ. Then he held her by the hips and bodily lifted her with no apparent effort. She was in the inverted position, but she grabbed his organ with her hands and thrust it into her mouth. Her thighs were resting on his shoulder; her pussy was level with is mouth, and he licked with fury.

Then he laid her on the cot face up. Suchin flexed her hips so completely that her thighs touched the mattress with feet in the air. She would sway up and down and then suddenly her feet would rest on the mattress and she would lift her body a good six inches, and this went on in cycles. And then it happened. She lifted her body even higher and gestured to the visitors to support her. David on one side and Mabel held her body up as she had a massive orgasm. ‘Thanks,’ she murmured to them and then to Niran she said ‘Quick, I am ready.’ Niran entered, and soon they climaxed. They rested for a short while, and then they washed. They came out naked and put on their dresses as David and Mabel watched.

Suchin held David by the hand and made him sit beside her on the sofa opposite, and Niran sat beside Mabel. Niran removed the centre table. ‘We would need a lot of leg room,’ he said. The Thai couple, judging that the older couple were sufficiently primed but not experienced enough to take the lead, now took charge.


“Madam,” said Suchin.

“Call me Mabel please. I want to feel young.” Suchin laughed.

“Mabel, I suggest that you and, and…


“David put on something more reasonable.” Mabel turned towards her husband, and both nodded.

“Want our assistance?”

“Why not.”

When they emerged Mabel was in a thin skirt and tops with nothing underneath, and David was in pyjamas, but not having muscles to display he wore a thin loose shirt. They were soon at action stations.

“Niran, David’s hand has disappeared under Suchin blouse. He must be fondling. No Niran, don’t, I am feeling ticklish.” But soon that feeling was gone. Under Niran’s expert handling Mabel was swaying with eyes partly closed. He was kissing her on the neck. Mabel did not know that the side of her neck under the ear was a sensitive spot.

“Mine is a sagging breast,” said Mabel deprecatingly.

“I like it sagging. All men like it sagging. The purpose of fondling is to make the breasts sag.” Niran spoke with such vehemence that Mabel let it go. He gently rubbed one tit, and then he held it between his thumb and index and ever so softly kneaded it.

“Shall I suck, Mabel?”

“I would love it.” He removed her tops. She was now bare above the waist.

“Funny isn’t that I who was so shy even to wear bathing costume should become so daring. I wonder what David thinks of it.”

“Please turn round and see for yourself.”

Suchin was on David’s lap. Her tops and skirt were on but her hips were fully flexed, and her shaved pussy was on display. David’s fingers were marching up and down the cleft, and at the clit they did not do a simple about turn but lingered till the girl moaned with pleasure.

‘I don’t know how it is happening. If a few hours ago I had seen David kissing a girl I would have exploded. Now I watch him play with her pussy and I am just thrilled; yes thrilled. The same must be happening to David. Both of us doing things in clear sight of each other must be making it acceptable.”

“I think so too. It is doing behind the back that annoys. No one likes to be cheated. During my bachelor days most of my clients were married men wanting me for a MFM where the F was their wives.”

“I do not know if the noxious air of Bangkok is a contributing factor.”


“Correction. Balmy air, undoubtedly. My line of thinking has to broaden.”

“My mind broadening took place under circumstances somewhat different. Ours was an arranged match. Suchin is a distant relative. For honeymoon we went to Puchket, the traditional wedding gift of our hotels to its employees. On the third night I had a call. ‘Would my wife and I be willing for a swing with an Australian couple?’ The problem was that Suchin did not know what my profession was. She knew I worked in the hotel, and from the way I spent money she must have assumed that I was one of the top men in the hotel. How will she take it if she knows that her husband is nothing more glorious than a sex worker? I had to tell her anyway; I decided that this was as good an opportunity to do so as any other. She took it remarkably well, and to my surprise and great annoyance she agreed, with a glitter in the eyes, to the swing offer too. That Australian was a super performer, and when I saw Suchin, my bride of three days, matching him move for move my heart swelled with pride.

Niran was on his knees, and with Mabel bending forward he was working on the sagging breasts. Niran was right. The sagging breasts of Mabel did look lovely. Soon she was clicking with pleasure and then she did something that thrilled David who was constantly darting eyes at what was happening at his wife’s place. She took a hand of her companion, and lifting up both her feet on to the sofa she exposed her wet pussy and placed his hand on the clit. Then she intertwined the fingers of both hands on Niran’s hair and gently pushed his head down to the clit.

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